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NEC #35 - Machiventa Melchizedek - Vectors of Probability - Dec 01, 2014 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #35 – Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek


  1. Vectors of probability and nexus of actuality
  2. Update on this three-month period of time
  3. The purpose of these Gaiam[TV] interviews
  4. Validation of messages between groups
  5. TRs must live their truth and let go of personal agendas
  6. New TRs are needed
  7. Psychics that bring messages from deceased loved ones
  8. Edgar Cayce was a trance-channel
  9. Conversations between mortals and celestials

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews and Michael McCray
December 1, 2014

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Michael and Nebadonia, we thank you for this opportunity to be your “hands and feet on the ground,” to assist in the Correcting Time program.  It is an honor to work with divine beings in co-creation as we aid in lifting our world in thought, word and deed.  May we be worthy of the trust you have placed in us.  Amen.

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Manager.  Today’s session will be quite brief as I would like us all to reconvene next Monday, the 8th, to review what occurred in the one hour interview on Thursday, December 4th between Regina Meredith, the interviewer for, and This One.  This will have a major echoing effect into the future as vectors of probability spark-off from this event.

Vectors of probability and nexus of actuality

I wish to provide you with a metaphor to explain what is happening during this era, right now.  This “era,” meaning the middle of November through the middle of February and beyond.  Imagine you are in space and you are stationary, and you are observing the point at which the earth rotates left to right, as the sunlight begins to move across from east to west.  The dark side provides the place, or resident location of many lines of probability, the vectors of probability.  We have anticipated, expected points of nexus where many lines of probability will engage each other.  These have been planned and also foreseen for this three-month era.  As the days march on, there will be many of these nexus of potentiality, become nexus of actuality, meaning that they have been established, that the anticipated results have occurred—or not occurred.  If they do not occur then the vectors continue on without effect, later perhaps, to join with other vectors of probability in another nexus.

Update on this three-month period of time

What you will be seeing during this three-month era is the rapid occurrence of many of these nexus of probabilities moving into states of actuality.  We have speculated what will occur then, but we cannot know fully as mortals who are affected by these nexus of actualities react in different ways and make different decisions, sometimes unexpectedly, and sometimes unexpectedly profitable for our work.  It is at that time when the move into the nexus of actuality that we can project forward to where these new vectors will meet again, or meet in a new nexus.  So, what we will be watching for on the 4th is the development of new vectors of probability that emanate from that point and that time.  These will occur in succession, as this will be the first event recorded, and then published later on, and as people call up this video on the Gaiam TV.  They will be affected by what they see in this recording, and new vectors of probability will continue to emanate from the viewing of this recording into the future, until there becomes less and less interest in it.

The purpose of these Gaiam interviews

We are hopeful to anticipate that there will be a succession of these interviews, so that I can explain the situation of earth in the universe, and the universe to the mortals here—these inhabitants—and also to provide your people for the reasons for their existence, and this planet, what is anticipated, and how they may participate in the co-creative development of the future, whether they are religious, spiritual or secular in nature.  Agnostics and atheists even play an important part in the actualization of this planet’s movement toward heightened eras of civilization.

Historically, one of our compatriots here said that this “civilization of earth” was an ‘oxymoron,’ and so, it is our attempt to move the culture of earth, of Urantia, into the New Era of social enlightenment, social evolution and progress—progress with lessening amounts of destructive events and attitudes, thoughts and behaviors.

Do you have questions regarding what I have stated so far?

MMc:  No, not really.

Roxie:  No, I understand.

MACHIVENTA:  Then I am open to your questions, and when your questions are through, we will close this session and reconvene next week.  Please proceed.

MMc:  I don’t have any questions, thank you.

Validation of messages between groups

Roxie:  Machiventa, you spoke to us in the last session about the validation of messages, and this has been discussed in many past sessions as well.  One of the reasons that mortals have a difficult time of believing in these messages is due to conflicting information between the various groups receiving messages from the same celestial being.  For example, the 11:11 Progress Group in Australia shows validation of our messages at times, but two other groups give conflicting information.  Is there some way for celestial beings to correct these inconsistencies by correcting the mortal TR at the time this happens, so that these errors do not make it into the transcripts?

MACHIVENTA:  We do not take action such as that; that is “reactive.”  What we do proceed with is active contact with the TR beforehand, so that they have a means of “seeing” what is ahead in the agenda for the session.  It is a time for reflection.  The point of initiating contact for correction must come from the TR.  We do not “slap hands” or “smack you with a ruler,” to have you pay attention to your own participation and involvement in the message.  It is incumbent upon the TR to set their time apart before the session, to assess their conscious participation of their own thoughts that may intervene in the messages that are provided.  We have often seen that TRs will be involved in a message, and will realize that they have skewed the message.  Then it is too late.

TRs must live their truth and let go of personal agendas

Comparing different group’s messages with each other is a “destructive” process of validation that first must come from the living truth of the TR in their own life, as they engage spirit every day, many times a day, in the process of living their life.  Through this process, they can validate and determine their own level of credibility as a TR.  If the only time they are speaking with spirit is in the TR sessions that are days, or weeks, or months apart, then the validation of what comes through the session can be exceedingly low.  The process of being an effective TR is to live your truth, live spirit’s truth in your life, to release your agendas, to let go of those opaque agendas which you do not see yourself and which you project to others, and of which, of course, will be deeply involved in your TR session.

New TRs are needed

You hit upon a very important aspect of this work, as effective TRs are needed, but effective TRs are those who live with us on a daily basis, communicating with us numerous times during the day, and even speculating or projecting what is to occur, whether that is to validate whether their Aunt Betsy may arrive unexpectedly to visit the TR and his/or family.  This has a psychic connotation to it, which is involved in much of the work of an effective TR.  Effective TRs also have a psychic-intuitive component wherein they can “see” the metaphors that are being given by the spiritual being.  They can see somewhat of a syllabus of the topics that are going to be spoken about during the session, then release it during the session, and seeing afterwards how this syllabus was described in the verbatim TR session.  This is not a “head only” activity; this is not an intellectual activity, and it is not a “heart only” activity; it is the combination of those with the permission of the spiritual entity, a morontial or spiritual being, to access the open and unfettered consciousness of the TR.

The conscious mind must not be engaged in the flow of material through their consciousness.  This may seem confusing, but it is its greatest simplicity by thinking of the TR and his/her conscious mind figuratively being a part of the audience, as they listen to what is coming through.  That conscious, mindal identity has no participation or involvement—even thinking about what is coming through, but simply maintains an open channel for the message that traverses through his/her consciousness.

Roxie:  Thank you.  Concerning psychics that you mentioned, there are some psychics on TV bringing through messages from departed ones.  Can you comment on that, please?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, I can comment on this topic.  What is your question?

Psychics that bring messages from deceased loved ones

Roxie:  Concerning the psychics that bring through messages from departed loved ones for others.  Is that valid?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it can be valid.  This is not a new activity; it is quite ancient; it is a part of most indigenous cultures, that there is a shaman or other in the community who can communicate with those who are deceased, those who are passed.  There is a reality to this however; it has also been debunked by professionals who have known that the channel or psychic intuitive is a fraud.  There is as much fraud involved in this process, as there is reality.  Yes, it is possible to speak with the deceased, and it is possible for them to also initiate the communication with the mortal.  We know this violates everything that Urantia Book readers know about this field of activity, however, it does occur.  Once again, it is necessary for the channel that is speaking with the departed entity to validate that their conscious mind is separate from this communication.  The efficacious TR, and the efficacious psychic-intuitive channel of the deceased must regard this topic with the same fidelity as that of the most renowned trance-channels that you are aware of.

Edgar Cayce was a trance-channel

Edgar Cayce was a trance-channel whose material has been validated many thousands of times.  He spoke with spirit, he spoke with deceased, he spoke with Celestial Artisans and Universe Architects, and those who were involved in the laboratories of the Life Carriers.  His material has been validated many times over.  However, he was a trance-channel and was totally unaware of the communication that was coming through him; he could not recall what was said and that is why there was always a stenographer or someone who was taking the sessions as dictation, to be recorded and transcribed as visual text on a typewriter.

I have covered the spectrum of this topic; I hope this is helpful to you.  As you can see with the trance-channel, the individual is completely absent of the communications coming through.  In the psychic channel of deceased beings, they must adhere to the same levels of authenticity as a trusted and effective TR, whose messages come from celestial, morontial, spiritual and even deities.  Thank you for your question.

Roxie:  That was very informative and helps a great deal.  Thank you, Machiventa.

Conversations between mortals and celestials

In a past session, you spoke of having mortals be more conversational with celestials.  What can mortals who do not “hear” directly do to be involved in this process?

MACHIVENTA:  The conversation takes a different form.  You live your life and you make verbal contact with us, though you do not hear what we say in response.  You have a request for something in your life, for your life-course to fulfill itself during the years of your life, whether it is to assist in the process where your children are placed in great schools, or that your husband, friend or neighbor spontaneously brings you something you need for a recipe that you are making.  These can be your validations that your communications reach and that we have responded.  Those who do not actually hear us in their mind can “hear” us through the actions that they observe as fulfillment of their requests.  These requests must not be selfish in nature, but must be attuned and in alignment with the highest divine development of their lives, and those of their loved ones and others.  Self-interest, arrogance, selfishness, and egoism in prayer, meditation and reflection are of no use and worthless.

Roxie:  Thank you very much.  Those are all the questions that I have for today.

MACHIVENTA:  Thank you for your participation today.  We are as eagerly awaiting the developments that come out of this Thursday’s interview as you are.  We look forward to the renewal of these new vectors of probability with everyone who views the recording from this source.  Thank you for your participation today; we look forward to seeing you next week.  Good day.