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NEC #32 - Monjoronson - Ebola; Repairing DNA; Overpopulation - Oct 20, 2014 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

Teacher:  Monjoronson, Magisterial Son


  1. Beginning the Pragmatic Approach of this New Era
  2. The Magisterial Mission Is Long-term
  3. The Early Phases of the Cataclysms Have Already Begun
  4. These Plans of Implementation Will Be Co-creative
  5. The Violent Islamic States Movement
  6. The Public Fear of Spread of the Ebola Virus
  7. The Infrastructures of Nations Are Inadequate to Address Ebola
  8. The Fear of Ebola Is Contagious
  9. Ebola and the Plagues of past Centuries
  10. Cooperation Is Necessary to Survive
  11. Preparation for the Threat of a Pandemic
  12. Ebola Is Not a New Virus
  13. Early Detection Is Necessary for Containment of a Pandemic
  14. The Effect of the Luciferian Rebellion on Our Dna
  15. The Decline of Homo Sapiens Because of Defective Genes
  16. Repairing Dna
  17. Too Much Personal Freedom Is Detrimental to Individuals and Societies
  18. Overpopulation Burdens Individuals and Societies
  19. Pandemics and Cataclysms Are Opportunities
  20. The Middle East Hopelessness Breeds Violence
  21. Meditation Is Essential to Reach Life’s Potential

TR:  Daniel Raphael

Team Members Present:  Roxanne Andrews, Susan Bryner and Michael McCray
October 20, 2014

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, those of the Triumvirate and our honored guests, we are glad to have you here with us today for another session of New Era Conversations.  We thank you for your participation and we look forward to participating with you today in helping clear up the many problems through the Correcting Time.  Thank you very much.  Amen

Beginning the pragmatic approach of this New Era

MONJORONSON:  Good morning, this is Monjoronson.  It is good to be here with you once again.  I have, of course, been following all of your work with the greatest of interest and with Charles, Machiventa and Christ Michael’s participation as well.  I come to you today to let you know that having celebrated the birthday of Christ Michael as Jesus this last August, approximately two months ago, that we have inaugurated a new development in this New Era.  This is the beginning of the pragmatic approach; it is the beginning of implementing those designs that will eventually bring about social stability and social sustainability.

I did not say “peace,” as peace will develop singularly with nations as they begin to downstep their aggression and their hostilities.  Some nations will not see the advantage of peace until many decades have passed.  All the work heretofore, The Urantia Book, which provided a wonderful and accurate, but only partial, database of the universe’s existence and God’s relationship to you and to this world, and to the Creator Sons who brought their local inhabited worlds into being, and then the Teaching Mission, which provided the moral and ethical and socially conscious living habits into being, to teach individuals in societies and groups, how to live within those boundaries.

The work of the Magisterial Mission is the development of pragmatic approaches to bring about moral and ethical living by families, communities, societies and nations.  It is the tedious and long-enduring process of bringing nations into peace, stability and social sustainability.  It is a matter of bending cultures away from the cultures of violence to the cultures of peace, harmony and compassion.  It is the mission to bring about the alignment of nations with each other, so that they act within the family of nations to be more conciliatory, friendly and unified in their moral and ethical position, and the treatment of their citizens.

The Magisterial Mission is long-term

As you might predict on your own from having read The Urantia Book, this Magisterial Mission will be a process that will take a number of centuries to accomplish.  We can, however, make serious inroads into bending the violent cultures of your world towards more peaceful accommodation of relationships between nations through the development of the inevitable decimation, which I have spoken of before.  You are already in the midst of the beginning of the cataclysms, and these will continue on.

The early phases of the cataclysms have already begun

As Charles has indicated before, these cataclysms, these early problems of weather, and so on, are much like the artillery barrages that took place on the beaches for the Normandy Invasion, and which are used in other military actions.  This, however, was not initiated by any of us—of the Triumvirate, or by God—it is simply a consequence of the physical nature of your world, and the development of humankind and the change of weather, which humankind has caused.  This will be an ongoing influence for many decades, even after the cataclysms cease.  Settling the mass and thermal inertia of weather change takes time for a planet to reconcile.  It is done through the increased heating of the surface of the planet, and also of the waters of the world.  Your world is remarkable in that it does have this “heat sink” of the oceans, which helps to moderate weather influences.  Other planets, which have sentient beings that are either invested with the Father Fragment, Spirit Fragment or the Son Fragment, some do not have these masses of water, so that the changes of weather can be quite extreme from one season to another, and over the centuries.

I am here today to tell you of this change in your world, that we have begun to implement our plans with mortals, and that these plans will become known to you and evident before long.  You, in fact, will be quite surprised at some of the developments that occur, as you will think that this is extremely fortuitous, and for those individuals who are not aware of the Correcting Time programs, they will be quite amazed at some of the developments, even in the midst of these cataclysms.

These plans of implementation will be co-creative

These plans that are now being implemented will give rise to opportunities for mortals to participate with us.  It is an opportunity to get your hands dirty with us in the co-creative process of realigning societies with that which works.  Spiritual development of stable societies is incredibly important to what follows.  You will see the beginning of your societies moving from this, your ancient patterns of violence, into the very earliest stages of peaceful relationships.  This perhaps sounds quite incredible, given that you are now aware of the marauding hoards in the Middle East, who are pillaging those cities and populations.  They are living by the sword and of course, they will die by the sword.

The violent Islamic States movement

The Islamic States movement is violent, it is extremely hurtful and harmful, but it is no different than which has occurred in centuries past, through other marauding hoards throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.  It is a matter of “swarming,” so to speak, of humans who can use pillaging and marauding to support themselves from the benefits of farming and sedentary occupations that people have in cities and surrounding areas.  It only lasts a very short period of time, as it is immensely unsustainable; it is violent, even in those areas which they will eventually occupy, their way of life is unsustainable; it can only continue to pillage and maraud over the populations to increase their bounty.  This has been done many, many times in the past on your world, and they always come to no good end.

I would be open for questions if you have any.  You may direct those questions to me, which you may have prepared for Charles or for Machiventa.

The public fear of spread of the Ebola virus

Susan:  Thank you, Monjoronson.  Regarding the cataclysms, right now our world faces the spread of the Ebola virus, and the public fear of the spread of this virus has heightened tremendously these past weeks.  From the standpoint of an observer, it doesn’t appear that our medical and governmental organizations are well prepared to respond to this threat.  Would you speak to this for us and what opportunities may be presented to us within this threat?

The infrastructures of nations are inadequate to address Ebola

MONJORONSON:  Certainly.  You are quite correct in your observations that your governments and your healthcare facilities and infrastructure within the nations are inadequate to address this problem.  What is remarkable is that they are confident in their ability in preparation for its arrival, but they are not.  This is a very dangerous virus, and you can be quite assured that this virus will, in fact, mutate again within the next year or so.  While there are preventative measures that can be developed, those measures will not be able to address those new viral variations, those mutations.

What is to be learned?  This is an immensely important lesson that this disease provides, and that is cooperation and coordination and preparation between nations.  Countries that are wealthy and well prepared in some ways can be of greater assistance to those other nations at a distance, so that the home nation is protected.  This provides a much different perspective of foreign aid than has been projected in years past.  This provides an opportunity for cooperation as I have said, and coordination.  It begins to bring about the value of individuals as intrinsically the same as anyone else; if two people have Ebola and one is worth 5 billion dollars, and one is only worth 50 cents in their physical assets and financial assets, truly they are equal because they are equally dangerous as carriers of this virus.  They are equally valuable also as individuals who could carry this pathogen forward, and so their treatment must be equal.  You would give the rich man the same treatment as you would the poor man, as they both can become carriers of this disease in their social environments.  The wealthy person may carry this into their social milieu, and therefore infect those who are very wealthy, and those who are very powerful and famous, with the same ease of destruction as that of the poor man where he lives within the social context of his life.  The quality of life of both will be the same; it will be quite miserable with their life held in balance and questionable.

They must grow through this to survive, and your societies and your medical infrastructures must as well grow through this to assist the populations to survive.  Thus, you see the equality of all is imminent; it is very evident as well.  The three core values of social sustainability continue to play out in every regard concerning this disease and the healing of your populations.  Yes, there is much to be learned here – fear will have no good outcome for you as individuals and for societies.  The same fear that is instilled in those indigenous populations in Africa could be the same fears of your indigenous people in the United States.  The fear of this disease may cause others not to go to the hospital, but to remain at home, at which they will then duplicate the same type of pathogens and epidemic as that in Africa.  So, you see, when it comes to the basic fears and beliefs and personal value of oneself, there is no difference between the indigenous people of Africa, or the indigenous people of the Americas.  You are both capable of making the same identical mistakes, whether you are rich or poor.

The fear of Ebola is contagious

Susan:  Thank you.  There doesn’t seem to be a consensus within the medical community about how Ebola spreads.  Machiventa stated earlier that it seeks to find the weakest elements of a population and exploit them.  I was thinking that it exploits fear as well, as you were just stating.  People are afraid and the fear itself is contagious.  I can see how the fear can disrupt our social and economic structures; people keeping their kids away from school, starting not to show up at work.  I can see how this could just snowball.  How can we combat the spread of fear, as well as combat the virus?

MONJORONSON:  For the present state of human emotional social development there is not any good antidote to the fear factor; it is as deeply ingrained as is the ego factor of individuals.  Of course, when you combine the fear and potential loss of ones life, ego and fear work together to make it an extremely powerful problem for society.  There truly is no antidote for the fear and ego combination that you mention, and yes, this will have an immensely detrimental effect upon the commerce of the world.  These nations, which are now undergoing the Ebola epidemic, are having great problems with this in their economy as it slows everything.  It points to the factor, which we have stated repeatedly throughout these many years of these conversations, that is the common element of all human activities is the individual.  This must be taken into account whether it is in society, government or economy.  And of course, the loss of individuals and the fear of the spread of this disease will have a highly detrimental effect upon all three of those sectors of society, government and economics.

You have only begun to see the first evidence of this.  When individuals are quarantined in well-developed nations, they become irritable and cranky.  And when you have a large section of a city that is in lockdown and quarantined, you will see the development of social movements and violence unlike you have ever seen before, even during the greatest racial strife in your nations in the decades past.  This will be a most difficult situation for a society, and it will bring out both the very best of humankind’s ennobling values and character, and that which is despicable and despised.

Ebola and the plagues of past Centuries

This is the quotient, or the product of these interactions between disease and societies, individuals and families; it will not be given its true value and interpretation until years after this has occurred, and only upon reflection by historians and social psychologists and anthropologists who have witnessed what occurred and how they interpret that, and what it means for your nations, communities and your whole global civilization.  This will be one of the most remarkable developments in the history of your world, even though the “black plague,” as it was called in the past, has now come to your world in the 21st Century.  What now would be most remarkable about it is that it will be accurately identified and the social, economic and political repercussions will be well documented.  This will have a huge affect on your world and the nations after it has passed.

Cooperation is necessary to survive

Now, you have just begun to see the beginning of it; this will, in effect, change the consciousness of humanity for centuries to come.  The great change from the plagues of the past to the plague of the present is that there is an awareness of thinking, there is a consciousness and awareness of your lives as you process this information, knowing where it is, what it does, what it can do and what it has done.  This will change the consciousness of humanity and the benefit of this—if there is one for humanity—is that cooperation is necessary to survive.  Cooperation that is widespread is necessary for social stability and social sustainability.  As you think about this larger picture, this macro-view of this disease, we have already taken into account the repercussions that will develop.  It now remains for your species to think about itself as being so vulnerable, and what it can do to insure its survival, its existence, its stability and its sustainability.  These questions, these factors must be in the forefront of all thinking people, socially, politically, and economically.

Preparation for the threat of a pandemic

Susan:  What you are saying is that cooperation is necessary to survive, and yet as I watch this playing out, I see the potential to create isolationists as well, so that seems to be the challenge that is in front of us.  Would you speak to how we, as individuals, those of us reading these conversations, might best prepare for the threat of the pandemic?

MONJORONSON:  Yes, I would be glad to.  Preparation for any adverse condition, and even those that are highly beneficial, must occur in the mind of the individual.  And the individual provides in some ways, a microcosm of the perspective in thinking and attitudes of the larger society.  As individuals, you can have great control over your life and of the conduct of your life with your family.  It is important that you accept that this is a true threat.  It is important that you accept that there is a true possibility that you may become infected with this disease, and it is even more important that you not rest in fear when and if these events should occur.

You, as individuals have more control over your life than you realize.  We have said before that you are not your body; we have also said that you are not your mind, and that you must not believe everything that you think.  This may seem humorous, but it is one of the most pragmatic factors in finding peace in your life.  Peace is important, because peace in your thinking brings peace to your family, and to those around you.  It is important that in peace and peaceful thinking, that you have rational thinking, that you can plan accordingly, appropriately, whereas if you are in fear, then you will do something quite radical and irrational and perhaps even cause your own personal death.  It is simply taking precautions and preparations for the future, is insuring that you cover your mouth with a hanky or tissue when you sneeze, and then you cleanse your hands.  As you cleanse your hands, think of cleansing your mind of fear thoughts, of selfishness, and so on.

Your mind is a field that is fertile to produce good and harm.  You are responsible for what you think.  You as a willed creature have this separate capacity of will to guide how you act, and how you think and what you think.  It is important not to move into fear, because fear corrodes all beliefs of stability and rationality and relationships with others.  Your relationship with yourself is a primary factor in your life and living.  You are seeing through this threat of Ebola that you can do much to prepare yourself spiritually, that you begin to think about your thinking, and to choose the thoughts that you have, and to guide your mind to think positive thoughts, and in those positive thoughts, you are empowered, you become confident, you are able to act out in confidence helping others who may be in fear.

This is not idealistic; it is one of the most pragmatic elements of civilized living.  Your psychiatrists and psychiatric and clinical psychologists have much work yet to do to teach you “how to think” and “what to think” and how to manage your thinking.  Those of you who were raised in dysfunctional families have the greater challenge to overcome, as you must rise to this higher challenge for your life and living.

I know that I have gone astray from your question, but the fuller answer is important for your own piece of mind.

Susan:  Oh no, Monjoronson, your words have been wonderfully helpful, thank you.

Ebola is not a new virus

MMc:  We tend to think that viruses, such as AIDS and Ebola are recent problems, but what you are saying is the Black Death, the Black Plague of the past has come into the 21st Century, and is now being identified for what it truly is.  Are you saying that some of the plagues of past centuries are caused by hemorrhagic fevers, such as Ebola?

MONJORONSON:  Yes. The Ebola virus is not a new virus.  It has only become “discovered” because of your sciences have become more technically proficient.  The plagues of the past have been assigned to Bubonic Plague, which stems from the parasites of rats, and so on, but there has also been hemorrhagic fevers, viruses caused by importation from other places in the world.  The Romans have suffered from hemorrhagic fevers, and so on, and so have other populated nations, which have traveled afar and brought back the viruses.  This is not new, and were your scientists able to study the RNA history of that virus, they would find that it is many thousands of years old.

MMc:  Several years ago, I was involved with a discussion among several physicians looking at AIDS and the Spanish Flu virus, the situation they… the consensus at that point among us was that CDC knew what they were talking about, but for the most part, most hospitals were not up to the level that they needed to be to contain the Spanish Flu, which is the one that we were talking about.  The Spanish Flu, as you know, created a great deal of problems in both Europe and the United States during the First World War.  So, the comment was… the comment that I’m making is I don’t think that they moved at the local level… I don’t think they moved very much further in containing epidemic-like problems, such as the Spanish Flu or Ebola.  So again, I agree with you.

Early detection is necessary for containment of a pandemic

MONJORONSON:  May I comment, please?  The primary means of containing any epidemic or pandemic is early detection.  Your scientific technologies have not improved enough to the point where they can identify the precursors of an Ebola infection, where those cells have received the virus, but have not yet begun to replicate rapidly enough to show evidence in fevers, bleeding and so on.  As your scientific community develops new advanced technologies that can be hand-held and test many thousands of people per day, these viruses and such contagions will continue to ravage your population.  Your scientific medical community has made great progress, but in many ways it is still quite primitive, compared to other worlds.

The effect of the Luciferian Rebellion on our DNA

There is an inherent problem with your species, post Luciferian Rebellion, that is interfering with the natural course of the development of human DNA.  Your species is weakened and those weaknesses are replicating through each generation.  Your species truly is not sustainable as it exists now; it will require the self-discipline of millions of people to identify their genetic flaws and then refrain from reproducing themselves with their children, or having their gamete’s DNA changed so that they are healthy.  Were your species to continue for another 10,000 years, you would find that there are very few [people] left; there would be isolated populations.  Therefore it is important for us to have initiated this Correcting Time program by the initiation of Christ Michael with the assistance of Uversa and Havona Authorities.  It is essential that this species be eventually cleansed of its DNA errors in coding and that this world become occupied by a more sustainable species, who would be your grandchildren and great-grandchildren and future generations.  This is one of the greatest hurdles of humankind that is necessary to be overcome for its world to survive.

I emphasize this now because your world has the capacity to provide such immense character benefits to the Corps of Finality.  Your world is in the throws of immense growth and trauma, from which souls of immense character development can take hold and make major contributions to God the Supreme, and to the settlement of even the Grand Universe.  What Christ Michael has begun is an important step, truly for the whole Universe, and its repercussions will be felt for many billions of years.

MMc:  Did I hear you say that our present species over the next few hundred or few thousand years will decline so that there are very few individuals left?

The decline of Homo sapiens because of defective genes

MONJORONSON:  Yes, it has already declined in its character and in its health, generally.  There has been the promiscuous integration or joining of individuals who have defective genes, and these are replicated in their children.  You can find this in families that have strains of schizophrenia, have ALS disease, Tourette’s syndrome, psychosis, bi-polar disorders and many others.  Your gene structure literally has quite a zoo of bizarre individuals who have different character flaws in their physiology, and in their mental capacities, emotional capacities and their sociability.  This is most unfortunate and it must be addressed very directly and very strongly in this immediate future, for the rest of this century.  This must be brought to the forefront of national and global policies so that future generations do not squander such a legacy of wealth and power and resources through maintenance of health problems, which could be eliminated.

The emphasis on the future is also the sustainability of all resources.  This also means decreasing use of resources in wasteful activities.  Healthcare is perhaps one of the most wasteful activities in your nations now, as it is treating problems that can be fundamentally eliminated within two generations.  That would require an immense amount of self-restraint and self-discipline by individuals and by societies.  This is something that your nations and communities will be eminently faced with, as the costs of maintaining and ill health will jeopardize the economic well being of your nations.

Repairing DNA

MMc:  Is there anything that individuals can do to repair or reconstruct their own DNA?

MONJORONSON:  There is a great deal that they can do.  As perhaps you may know—or may not—is that DNA is sensitive to thought.  It is sensitive to patterns of behavior.  Your DNA is continually under amendment during your lifetime.  It is also under amendment on the quantum level, as well through the thoughts and energies of others, where you live and in your world.  When we speak about the race consciousness of humanity, we truly mean that the race consciousness of humanity has an effect on the individual, and reciprocally the individual has an effect on the consciousness of humanity through this quantum interaction at the DNA level.  This might seem like it is quite unbelievable, but you know already that those attributes of one generation can pass on to the next and usually show up with the grandchildren, and so on.  Yes, you can do much to amend your health, and that is through positive thinking, thinking that is without fear, that is dauntless and confident, but yet not foolish and stupid.  The balance of life is held in your mind and your thinking, and how it out-forms in your life as well.

MMc:  So there is a place for positive thinking here, regarding prayer both by the individual and by other individuals on behalf of the individual?

MONJORONSON:  Most definitely.  This is no small part of human existence.  The attitudes and behaviors and thinking of individuals has a huge effect, and in fact is the dominant cause of good outworking and negative outworking.

MMc:  Is there anything else that can be done to mitigate or reverse the changes these rebels have done to our DNA?

Too much personal freedom is detrimental to individuals and societies

MONJORONSON:  Yes, as I have already spoken about, it is a matter of choosing what you think, and ridding yourself of negative thoughts and instilling positive thoughts in their stead.  It is also more fully rewarded by good parenting; parenting that allows for the greatest freedom of the child, yet while living in the restraints of social conduct that is necessary in such a densely populated world.  Parenting skills will go a long way in helping generate future generations that are positive, that have less fear and who are courageous and live appropriate lives.

Again, your world is spending far too much of its resources on correcting behavior of individuals from illicit, incapable and incompetent parenting.  The level of responsibility of your societies and the relationship of social responsibility between the individual and the community and society are more directly connected than you may realize.  In future decades and centuries your societies and individuals will come into common agreement that the incredible freedom of behavior and irresponsible behavior by individuals and by societies with the individual is unconscionable.  The freedom that you see in past generations within your economy, you have the robber barons, you have in the industrial revolution where children were forced to work 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day.  That kind of freedom is highly detrimental to the formation of good family character and patterns.

Overpopulation burdens individuals and societies

You are seeing in retrospect in those past centuries and decades, behavior that will be seen in the same way for your own lifestyles now.  There is a symbiosis of social responsibility between the individual and society that must be much more exact and must be much more accountable.  What the individual does has an effect upon society.  As example, when a family has 10 children, there are 7 children who have taken away from the resources of the other 3.  Those other 7 children have taken away from other children in the community, and in society, and in the nation and world.  The freedom of overpopulating your world is unconscionable, it is no longer tolerable to have families of such dimension and such size.  The costs are immense on other people.

Few parents realize the cost and expense that their children cause to other families in the community.  It creates a tremendous burden upon schools, upon healthcare, upon social services, upon employment.  It causes the depression of wages, for example.  Too many children cause immense problems in that and in future generations.  It is, as has been explained a number of times before, exponentially unacceptable to have such freedom and license of reproduction.  Rather than seen as an inherent right that is not even questioned in these generations, it will be something where individuals will be held accountable for their reproduction.

You may sense that this will cause a violation of personal rights.  Yet, the rights of survival of society are eminently much more important than the survival of the individual.  If societies do not prosper, neither do individuals.  Societies provide the context for social development of individuals.  Where prosperity provides a quality of life to individuals, it is unobtainable in societies that are overpopulated.  Selfishness through religious or political or personal interests of having so many children will have to be amended.  It will become a question that will have to be decided upon by the population of the world in new economic and political processes, almost in the immediate future.

Pandemics and cataclysms are opportunities

These pandemics, these cataclysms are an opportunity for reformatting, as you might say with your computers, to reboot societies with a new operating system.  Same digits, same zeros and ones, but put in a different order of command.  When we say that your world is unsustainable as it exists, we truly mean that.  And we truly mean and want you to give importance to the fact that there will be a huge decimation of your world population before 2030 and ultimately without question before 2050.  You are even now seeing the repercussions of overpopulation in the cities of the nations that are now infected with Ebola.

The Middle East hopelessness breeds violence

You are seeing the consequences of overpopulation in the Middle East, with the rise of the marauders who have taken advantage of the collapse of those societies, economically, politically and socially.  They are the “locusts” that are ravaging your societies, and they will do the same in this nation—not “if” but “when”—there are not precautions made to assist individuals to improve the quality of their life.  Hope is essential in all people to grow.  When there is no hope, then there is desperation; and when there is desperation, then there is violence.  It is necessary for the future of your world to have peaceful nations; to have peaceful people thinking peaceful thoughts and considering their impact upon the lives of others, and the peace of others.  Each of you listening to and reading this, have a direct impact upon the rest of your world.  You are not inconsequential!  God has told you this; Christ Michael has told you this.  You have read this many times, that each of you is a significant partner in your world and in the universe.  You are needed!  But we need you to grow fully into your capability, hopefully and confidently, and to do so fearlessly.

MMc:  Thank you!  There are no more questions for today.  Do you have any closing words for us, Monjoronson?

Meditation is essential to reach life’s potential

MONJORONSON:  Yes.  I invite you—we all invite you—to go within, to sit in peace with the Father, to be in meditation.  To be in Oneness with the Father Fragment within you, and to enjoy and appreciate and know the peace that passes all understanding.  Through this process, you become greater as you engage with the Infinite, the Eternal and the Divine.  You would not be given this invitation did you not have the capacity to become that and express all the potential within you to become “like God,” “as God,” “in God” and “with God.”  You are loved; you are loved so much that you have been given this opportunity to be in Oneness with us in the Eternity of Time.  You must come to the self-discipline to learn to meditate, to be within that Oneness, to guide your higher self to the great good of your life’s potential.

You have heard the words, “Be all that you can become;” it is still true, no matter who sells it.  And to become all that you can become, you need to have the self-discipline to know what is right and then to do it, not only for yourself, but for others and for the benefit of your world—and the benefit of your universe.  You are needed!  Have hope that you can do this; we know that you can.  Good day.

[Group gives much appreciation for this wise counsel.]