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NEC #30 - Machiventa Melchizedek -  Intentions of The Islamic State - Sep 19, 2014 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #30 – Collapse of Civilizations; Islamic State; Self-determination – Sep. 19, 2014
Teacher:  Machiventa Melchizedek


  1. Status of Monjoronson’s Preparations
  2. The Plans for Monjoronson and the Correcting Time
  3. The Cataclysms Are upon Us and Will Increase
  4. The Selection of 144 Creative Mortals Who Could Change Our World
  5. The Cataclysms Give Opportunity for Reconstructions Programs
  6. The Collapse of the Mayan and Anasazi Civilizations
  7. Adaptability to Changing Conditions Is Essential
  8. Over-population Was Also a Factor in Their Demise
  9. How Does the Collapse of the Mayans Compare to Our Failures?
  10. Urantia’s Population Problem Is Now past Five Standard Deviations
  11. The Necessity for Christ Michael’s Plans at this Time
  12. How to Ask for Celestial Help
  13. Clarity on the Role of the Mortal Consultant in Design Teams
  14. The Islamic State:  What Is Their Intent?
  15. Examples of Other Countries
  16. Who Is the Light of the World?
  17. What Needs to Happen with the Islamic State?
  18. The Right of Self-determination Is the Foundation
  19. The Right of Self-determination Can Also Work Against Sustainability
  20. Controlling Population Growth after the Decimation
  21. Closing Words from Machiventa


TR:  Daniel Raphael

Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews, Susan Bryner and Michael McCray.
September 19, 2014

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Christ Michael, and Nebadonia, we give thanks for your presence and the opportunities you have given us to serve.  Guide us in this discussion, our questions, our thoughts, our responses that we may serve well, that we may serve this mission, this group, the Correcting Time and our brothers and sisters both today and in the future.  Amen.

Status of Monjoronson’s preparations

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa.  It is a pleasure to be with you once again.  You may have wondered why you have not heard from your friend and mine, Monjoronson.  Monjoronson has completed a great deal of his work already, and now it is our turn to begin the material, pragmatic, effective approach to invoking his plans.  We have reached a plateau recently, within the last two weeks, where we can provide you with a higher degree of assurance of what will occur in the next year, to two, to three years.  I am not at liberty to disclose what that event was, but it was a nexus of several influences that came together that provide us with a high probability that our plans will be successful.

 We had been in preparation for this nexus for many years, approximately eighteen years.  We are pleased to report that it has occurred, and we can now move forward with tremendous assurance that in all probability that what we have perceived and have planned will come to fruition.  For those readers who are unaware of what this nexus was, this may seem nebulous, it may seem “airy fairy” and very tenuous.  We apologize for that but we are not able to reveal this due to the privacy of mortals, who have not provided their permission to reveal this at this time.  We can say, however, that when this becomes open to you, you will realize what the nexus was all about.

 The plans for Monjoronson and the Correcting Time

 As you may surmise, the approach of Monjoronson was known in Paradise many thousands of earth years ago, and that there was this preparation for the probability of the Correcting Time, even then.  As there is a necessity to wait for mortals to make their decisions, some of which are often very fickle, those decisions can change the course and development of what occurs later.  A broad format of options was developed long ago, which is now being emplaced materially.  Monjoronson’s work is fairly well complete at this time.  We are now setting the stage for the healing of your civilization of your world, which will be the preparation needed for his arrival, and then after that, the arrival of Christ Michael.  Whether this is one decade or one millennium depends on the decisions of the mortals involved.

 The cataclysms are upon us and will increase

 As you are seeing on your news, the cataclysms have begun with great gusto.  You are now experiencing tremendous weather problems and other situations that have developed on your world.  Volcanism has not gotten thoroughly underway yet, and earthquakes have yet to reveal their intensity in your world.  These will create a crescendo of natural phenomena and will have a tremendous impact upon your world, not the least of which are the probable pandemic or two or three that may occur in succession.  Thus, you are seeing now, the beginning of these cataclysms that were predicted by Monjoronson several years ago.

 Again, the decisions of mortals as they face these situations that will determine how and when—the actual “when” of the developments that Christ Michael, Monjoronson and myself, (Machiventa,) and the Managers in Uversa have planned.

If you have questions, you are most welcome to engage them now.

MMc:  Yes.  Regarding the nexus that you speak of, can we say that this nexus has to do with certain “cultural creatives” becoming aware of the work that we are doing?

 The selection of 144 creative mortals who could change our world

 MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  Let me go farther than that.  I can reveal much about the content, but not about whom it relates to.  I can say that from that nexus of individuals, and during a session with myself, it was revealed to the mortals that approximately 150 years ago that there was preliminary work done by the Triumvirate that gave authority to subordinates to select families from whom would be selected 144 individuals who would have the capacity to change the course of society and civilization.  Those individuals began to appear approximately 100 years ago—and when I say “approximately,” that could mean give-or-take two decades.  Then of the 144 individuals who have come into existence, 5 of whom were immediately ruled out of selection, and from the remaining 139 there have been several who have succumbed to death by various reasons.  Of those who remain, some are global figures, who you would recognize immediately; there are some, who are more obscure, and there are some whose names and importance in the scheme of the development of the Correcting Time has not been revealed yet.  They are present on your world now and their identity for some will become known, others will never be known.

 The nexus involved several mortals, who came together for a meeting within the last two weeks, and there was a conjoint sharing of information between the mortals and us, and the tentative agreements to move forward.

I will rest from this answer now and let you produce your next questions.

MMc:  Do you want to be more specific about your answer to this nexus question, or do you want to move on?

 The cataclysms give opportunity for reconstructions programs

 MACHIVENTA:  One moment.  Yes, I will engage it slightly more so.  What was revealed was the development of social sustainability and the necessity, due to the cataclysms, to develop viable designs for engaging or implementing—not remedial programs, but creating programs—for the era after the cataclysms have completed themselves.  You can imagine then that there must be much preparation now among these mortals to begin engaging hundreds of design teams throughout the world, and that there is a plan that has been offered for their training.  What is not apparent to you is that these many influences that we brought together in this nexus are still operating as individual, separate and disparate groups.  We will provide a means to bring them all together in the near future.

The collapse of the Mayan and Anasazi civilizations

 MMc:  Thank you.  I’m going to move to some questions that I have been given by our readers.  When we look back to the history of our species, according to anthropologists, most of the decisions for where our societies have been placed, and how long they have lasted were material concerns.  The fall of the Mayan civilization appears to be caused by over population and environmental changes, forcing the Mayans to abandon the area where they lived.  The same, I think, can be said for the Anasazi, whose homelands were in the Southwest United States, became too dry to support their civilizations.  My question is:  We are saying that no civilization in Urantia’s past has been sustainable, and that the reason they have not been sustainable is because these civilizations were not planned, utilizing the three core values to endure hundreds or thousands of years, yet, if we look at what the experts tell us, of the causes of each of these civilizations failures, we will see only material causes.  Can you explain this for us, please?

 MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  As you know, your species has sustained itself for many tens of thousands of years due to the invested three core values into your DNA, which moves individuals forward to seek, to fulfill their interpretations of quality of life, growth and equality.  These values are not invested in organizations.  What is not evident in the archaeological detritus are the organizations that existed then.  There is in the Mayan literature, evidence of chiefs and councils and other leaders, yet there is no evidence of their organizational documents, organizational structure.  Organizations, as we have said, have not been invested with these three core values.  The one element that is not obvious within the three core values lies within the value of growth.

Adaptability to changing conditions is essential

 Growth, to be a contributing factor for civilizations, governments, organizations and nations, must also include the capacity to adapt to changing conditions.  This adaptability must be built into the documents, structures, decision-making processes of those organizations and nation’s government and administrative processes.  What was absent also, besides the three core values, was the capacity to adapt.  Adaptability engages the process of learning; learning from past experiences and keeping a record of those experiences, both for the successes and the failures.  In other words, within the value of growth, organizations must not only embed the three core values, but they must become learning organizations, as Chris Argyris and Robert Putnam have provided in their book, “Action Science,” in order to adapt to an ever-changing social environment.

Over-population was also a factor in their demise

 Those organizations were neither adaptable, nor were they learning organizations, thus, they failed.  They failed to take into account their geology; they failed to take into account their agricultural resources and development; they failed to take into account their over-population and changing weather conditions.  It is not hard for a civilization of 10 million people to collapse within ten years when there are neither sufficient food stuffs and natural resources to support 10 million people, but only enough to support one million people.  A huge die-off always follows and occurs very promptly in those years.

 I will take a rest now and ask you, have I sufficiently answered your question?

 MMc:  Yes, I believe you have.  Basically, I asked the question in order to provide some information to those who would put up the argument, “Well, our anthropologists say that the reasons these civilizations have failed are basically because of material concerns, and the answer to that is a, “Yes, that’s true, but they don’t have the staying power of the three core values built into their systems so that they might weather these material concerns.”

 How does the collapse of the Mayans compare to our failures?

 MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it is obvious in the archaeological detritus that the reason for the demise of those populations was due to external, material circumstances.  The internal reasons are not evident.

 Now, I will turn the question back to you:  What is the difference between the Maya’s situation and your own now in this civilization on this planet?  Absolutely none!  Your organizations, your populations are going to be decimated due to the ignorance of leaders and the population and your philosophers and scientists to include in your organizations, the three core values of social sustainability, to become adaptable and to learn from the history of the past as the Mayans and Anasazi give example, plus many other civilizations and dynasties give example.

 Your world, your people, your consciousness is now such that you are observing yourself killing yourselves.  We have given you the high probability that there will be a major decimation of your global population in the next 20 years.  The evidence of that is being completely ignored, even when your scientists have done their own research to examine the reasons that may cause this die-off.  When your scientists, social anthropologists and the statistical-minded individuals look at the numbers and development of burgeoning populations and the decrease of natural resources, and the intense need for material improvements in lifestyle, for not just hundreds of millions of people, but now several billion people, you know that the end is coming.  Yet, your leaders forget—and when I say “leaders,” I mean cultural leaders, cultural creatives, political leaders, economic leaders and social leaders—forget these facts, or ignore them, for whatever reasons.  Their shortsightedness will assure the end of your civilization.

Urantia’s population problem is now past five standard deviations

 The same reasons that caused the end of all the dynasties in China and in Europe, in Asia and South America, give reason to examine your own civilization today.  The same reasons for their failure will be the same reasons for your failure.  And what should be of even more concern to you now, is that this process is unstoppable!  The probability of your population demise on Urantia is now past the fifth standard deviation.  That is why we are here now to co-creatively begin designing sustainable organizations, governments, corporations, businesses, foundations, and other organizations to assist your nations, as they will be constituted after the decimation, to reconstruct themselves into sustainable organizations.  What will become very evident after the cataclysms is that:  1) You knew the evidence, but did not prepare; 2) That you did nothing about it; and, 3) It will be obvious the past paradigm and designs of your organizations were failing, with many organizations oblivious to that failing, and those that knew it were in denial of it.

The necessity for Christ Michael’s plans at this time

 So you see, the necessity of us being here now.  It is not in the interests of Nebadon and of Urantia, and of all other planets that your planet fails.  Christ Michael has said several things:  1) that he will return.  What he has not said publicly, but has said to us and to you, is that he will not stint on any resources to begin the healing process of this world.  You can be assured that when he comes back to visit this planet your civilization will be well on its way to being healed, and well on its way to the days of light and life.  This will be a testament to his foresight, his compassion and his willingness to assist mortals in the most intimate way—and personally—to heal the ills of this world from the personal level to the organizational level, to the planetary level.

 You are needed in Paradise; people with tremendous experience are needed in the Corps of Finality.  Those people who engage us positively, co-creatively, willingly and “will” to co-create with us will be of immense value in the Corps of Finality.  You will have many stories to tell and much to teach.

 MMc:  It is unfortunate that we are not going into this blind, but we can’t do anything about the train wreck that we are about to take part in.  It’s unfortunate.

 I wonder if you would go through again for us, how we might best access the abundance of help that Christ Michael is extending to us?  As individuals invest as groups of individuals?

How to ask for celestial help

MACHIVENTA:  Thank you for your question.  The process is very simple:  If you see that something needs to be done, something that would help uplift your world, you have only to ask your celestial teachers, angels, Melchizedeks, celestial teachers and others, if they would help you, or if they are willing to work on this project with you.  Or simply, if you see something that needs to be done and you know you do not have the capability or opportunity to guide the process, then you simply ask them to do that as well.  Principally, ask them if they are willing to agree to work on this project—that is the first question.  If they say, “Yes,” then you ask them if they would be willing to use their wisdom and guidance to fulfill and satisfy this project.  When they give their assent to work on it, then you say, “Please move ahead to do that.”

 You see, you are “creators;” you have the capacity as Jean Luc Piccard said on Star Trek, “Make it so, Number 1!”  This is not past the realm of understanding of how the First Source and Center and Christ Michael create.  They create first by the initiation of their Will, and by the direction of their authority to subordinates to fulfill the “Will command.”  It is important that you do not make this request with any consideration or subconscious or conscious expectation for a return to your self-aggrandizement, ego, or to you materially.  If that is part of the equation, then you can expect that the spiritual guides will not move forward with this.  You can condition your request with the statement that you wish this to be done according to God’s Will, without any return or appreciation for your request for doing so.

 Many of you have a situation in mind right now; you are saying, “How can I make this request when I don’t hear their response?”  The response is not necessary in most times, in most requests or situations.  You simply have faith that you are being heard, and you have faith that they will fulfill this according to God’s Will, and Christ Michael’s Will, for the “highest and greatest good of all concerned.”  It is important for you to realize that you have the authority of a creator to create, but you do not know the Will of God.  You have the capacity to engage creation, to right wrongs, to put order into process and to right development.  This is the co-creative process; this is the co-creative equation and result.  It is a learning process for you.  We see so clearly what needs to be done on your planet and for you individually, but we do not move forward to do that without your authority.  There are many things that we can do to guide the process; we can provide your mind with options for developments and opportunities, but we cannot make the decision to affect them—that is your territory; that is your part of this equation.  This process is one where you become an intimate partner with us, with spirit, to fulfill Christ Michael’s work, his plans for the Correcting Time.  I hope this provides you with answers to your question.

 MMc:  It answers my question and provides me with tremendous hope.  Thank you.

Clarity on the role of the mortal consultant in design teams

 I am told that some people are having difficulty understanding the role of the consultant in design teams.  There are actually two types of consultants:  Those design teams that have a TR, and the consultant is a Melchizedek or other teacher; and in the second situation, the celestial teachers for the design team do not have access through a TR, and the consultant is human.  Would you tell us more about the role of the human consultant in design teams?

 MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  I would like to make it clear that there are “spiritually infused design teams,” and there are “secular teams.”  Not everyone is able to accept the fact that we exist and that we are actively involved in the rehabilitation of your world through the minds of individuals, whom we speak through.  In the secular design team, the consultant is a mortal who uses their own wisdom, their own foresightedness to see the long course of social sustainability and how the work of their immediate design team fits into that.  The consultant is the backup for the facilitator; it helps to separate this one aspect of facilitation into the role of the consultant.

 As you know, the facilitator facilitates the social environment and facilitates the work progress and work process.  The consultant’s role is very singular, but very important.  They listen and watch and even participate in asking questions and in the development of topics, but all the while they have this observation going on to see if the progress and forward motion of the team is consistent with the long-term goals of social sustainability.  Every act of the team, every design of the team must be able to contribute to the end result of a society that is improving, growing and engaging social sustainability factually and actually into its operation.  They are the verbal reminder to team members that they provide the criteria for long-term foresight to the project they are working on.

 Sometimes teams will branch off, and branch off, and branch off into subsections and context of answering the design, or coming up with the design, and completely get lost.  The facilitator engages in that process, but is oftentimes caught up in the process itself and loses track of the final direction of the work that the team is doing.  That is when the consultant comes into play and brings member’s attention to the fact that they have gone astray, or asks them the question, “How does this apply to the development of a society, or a community or a family, or an individual to their future, to the future of themselves, their family, their community and society?”  Does this help clarify?

 MMc:  Yes, it does.  Thank you.  There was some question about the consultant standing aloof from the process, so that he might have this vision of the total process over a length of time.

 MACHIVENTA:  Yes, you are correct.  When we suggest that the consultant must remain aloof, it is that they must remain objective; they must be self-observing not to get caught up in the emotional and project fray of their work, and that must be and act as a more removed observer—aloof, not emotionally engaged in it so that they lose themselves as well.  When a facilitator and the consultant become totally engrossed and engaged in the topic, and it has taken itself off course, then the work of the team is lost and they will become quite frustrated.  Some member then must wake up to the fact that they have lost the path and are lost in the woods, so to speak.

The Islamic State:  What is their intent?

 MMc:  I would like to ask you some questions about the Islamic State.  First of all, who are these people?

 MACHIVENTA:  That is a question you must answer.

 MMc:  The next question would be, what do they want?  What is their intent?

 MACHIVENTA:  That is a question you also must answer, but does it not seem self-evident what they want?  They have told you what they want.

 MMc:  What is it?  A return to Fundamentalism, or…

 MACHIVENTA:  No, global domination!

 MMc:  Are we revisiting again the Islamic dream of total domination of the world?


[This is Daniel:  Come on, Michael, you can do it.  You are just about to get there.

MMc:  I’m not sure that anybody that I’ve read has been willing to say these words in exactly this form.  There is a great fear among some people who may be realizing that this is the situation.  So I’m hem hawing around…

Daniel:  Ask him if he would be willing to guide you through this.  There’s no limit to what you can ask this guy.]

 MMc:  Would you be willing to guide me through the understanding of what’s going on with the Islamic State?  What they want and where they intend to take this?  Basically, what should our reaction be?

 MACHIVENTA:  You have really asked two questions, one is “Who are these people and what is this about,” and the second question is “How do we deal with them?”  “How should they be dealt with?”

 Let us answer the first question.  I will give you a deeper insight into the three core values of your species.  Now, you have already forgotten that the three core values are operational all the time, 24/7, in all individuals no matter what religion, what culture, what ethnic group, what race or what nation they belong to.  So, your question must become, "How is it that these individuals take these actions motivated by the three core values of social sustainability?  The answer is this:  They are operating on their interpretation of those values.  Now, quality of life is dominant in its expression.  It is interpreted.  What you are forgetting is that these values express themselves through the interpretations of each individual and collectively as cultures, whether that is a religious culture or an ethic culture—or a combination of both.  Based on that, they believe that the quality of life of the world would be improved if everyone was Muslim, and obeyed Sharia.  [An assumption.]  They feel motivated to do this through their interpretation of their leader, Mohammed, their prophet and his writings in the Koran.  Once again, it does not matter what religion you adhere to.  There are always individual interpretations with an eagerness to blindside themselves to the full message that was provided by the founder of that religion.  This is “selective interpretation.”

 Examples of other countries

 What you are seeing through this movement, which was typical of the Germans through the Nazi Era, is the interpretation of the quality of life—domination of the world.  It expresses through the individual as ego-aggrandizement or fear.  This interpretation expresses through authority, control and power.  These may express in some organizations as benevolence, seeking to assist the individual in their self-determination to improve the quality of their life, without jeopardizing others, but through the self-righteousness of individuals as they interpret the quality of life.  From their philosophical, spiritual, religious and cultural foundations they see this as a domination of others to cleanse the world of infidels—or anyone who is not an Aryan, for example.  What they are doing is nothing new to this world.  There is clear evidence in this century, and in this decade, of what has gone on in your world for tens of thousands of years.  Until your world comes to the conclusion that “we are one,” regardless of your race, your nation, your religion, your culture, your ethnicity or gender you will have divisions.

 You saw a grand example of good thinking through the voting of the Scots yesterday.  Social sustainability is augmented through cohesion, through oneness, rather than division and separation.  That was not in the minds of the voters at the time, but that is one of the principles of social sustainability, that division creates separation and isolation and deterioration for all social structures.  

 Now, what to do about these organizations, is what did you do about the Nazis?  And so, it takes very resolute leaders who understand sometimes what it takes to settle an argument that has been raised without having been a participant in it.

 What you are seeing in this decade is the collapse of your social systems, societies and your cultures.  What you are seeing in Africa is the beginning of its populations being decimated.  We have seen the probability of Africa becoming essentially an empty continent.  This has begun.  If it runs its course, then it will have a tremendous impact throughout the world.  If the Islamic State continues on, then they will dominate the world, and you will have wreckage throughout.  We have also told you that the region of the Middle East will become decimated, very disorganized and suffer great social disintegration.  You are even now seeing the disintegration of whole nations, and the deprivation of many millions of people who have had to move.  They are only being kept alive through the largess of other nations.  Were you not so compassionate, these people would have succumbed to death by starvation and dehydration.  What is eventual in the Middle East is not very desirable for anyone.

 You are seeing the cataclysms of whole nations, cataclysms of societies, economies and political regimes.  Disintegration of a nation does not involve just one aspect, but it always involves the three pillars that support a society, a nation — the social, political and the economic/financial.  When one of them goes extreme, or is eliminated, then the other two pillars begin to falter and collapse, and when they collapse, then the social structures in society begin to disintegrate and the lives and survival of individuals is dependent upon their individual capacity to care for themselves.  Do not be blind to what is occurring in your world.  We have told you this is coming, and now it is here.

 What will be horrifying to you is to see the continued disruption of whole societies, whole nations and the violence that will come out of that.  You are seeing in the Islamic State the rise of marauders, who wish to do what all marauders have done before.  What happened to Europe and to Asia and Near Asia when hordes of Ostrogoths came out of the Steppes and invaded those nations?  They eventually brought about the total collapse of the Roman Empire, did they not?  You are seeing a reenactment of that now in your world with the Islamic State and the dithering of democratic nations.  It is also nettlesome to see other leaders in other nations, which are not fully democratic, invading their neighbors and taking advantage of the situation.  Everyone will suffer due to this.

 Who is the Light of the World?

 Who is the Light of the World?  You are!  If you are reading this, if you are hearing this, then this is something that you must attend to.  You may not think you are a leader, but all you have to say is, “I do not accept the darkness that is here.”  Edmund Burke said,  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Do not allow evil to triumph. Do not do sit by and do nothing.”  Thank you for your question.

What needs to happen with the Islamic State?

 Susan:  I have a question and could use some clarity:  Machiventa, in answering the question about the Islamic State and world domination, you had likened it to the interpretation of the three core values, similar to that of the Nazis, in that we would basically need to take care of it as we did before—at least that’s what I understood.  We went to war with the Nazis to take care of it, so I’m questioning is that going to happen again?  Is that what needs to happen again?

 MACHIVENTA:  Thank you for your thoughtful question, and it does present what needs to be answered.  We abhor war; we abhor aggression; we promote oneness, wholeness, peace, love, acceptance, tolerance, patience and forgiveness.  To go to war is a last resort, because it destroys the victor as much as it destroys the vanquished.  We do not suggest that you go to war; we do not recommend that you go to war.  Those decisions are mortally based of the necessity that mortals, leaders and strategists determine.  A parallel between the Islamic State, or nation, and the Nazi regime as they interpret the three core values that are innate to their DNA is almost identical.  They both wanted a pure race; one wants a pure religion and one wanted a pure race of people and whole world domination.  Both of these are very similar.

 What has evolved in the years since the Nazi regime was crushed is that leaders have begun to find that economic sanctions, economic leverage, provides a much more peaceful process to those aggressors, who are susceptible to that leverage.  For those who seem to be not susceptible to the leverage, as the Islamic State, then there must be physical confrontation with them.  As you know, they are uncompromising, they refuse to compromise, they refuse to negotiate, they video-graph their executions and promote others in other nations to do the same.  This is evil on the scale of the Nazi regime.  What will occur is that your national leaders know these facts, know these parallels very well, yet they do not want to commit to the necessary actions—[they] will not necessarily be divided—but they will definitely not be united.

Just as Ebola is threatening the existence of nations, and there is growing assistance to thwart that threat, there is also the situation of the Islamic State, which is raising the attention of nations to increase their leverage, militarily, politically, and economically.  You are seeing in these similar developments the immature state of oneness that is necessary in transnational and global governance.  The division of mindedness, the sovereignty of nations works against the threat of enemies, whether that is a pathogen or whether those are madmen with rifles and military equipment.  Your global and national governments have evolved, but they are still in their infancy for working towards oneness and wholeness.

 The presentation of the three core values to you at this time is not premature, it is not late but very timely.  The threat of Ebola is not through the will of some group of marauders, but is simply a pathogen that seeks to find the weakest elements of a population and exploit it.  The Islamic Nations are doing the same.  Because they are so united in their philosophy and their vision, they are effective and they are seeking out the weakness of nations.  The fact that nations cannot unite, [the Islamic Nations] are exploiting the weakness of local nations, communities and religion, where individuals will not come together to fight those who are killing them.  They are afraid of succumbing to the domination; therefore they do not work against it.  This is the fulfillment of Blake’s quote to its fullest.  What will occur in those Middle Eastern nations is that they will be destroyed.  The economic empires that exist there through petroleum exploration will be their undoing.  What is not apparent in those prosperous nations is the immense hostility within them from [those] who do not experience that prosperity.  The gradient between those who have and those who do not is extreme.  You will see even more the rise of the unempowered into positions of empowerment, even if that is militarily and even if it costs their lives.

 Daily, you are watching the destruction of your world on the news.  You are seeing the cataclysms in their initial phases.  There is yet to become the middle phase and the last phase, if you want to divide it in thirds.  But it is occurring, it is visible, it is measurable and it is being documented.  Now, will you learn anything from this?  That is a question we have for you.  What will you do about these situations for the future members of your civilization who remain?  Will you go back to devising similar governments? similar societies? similar healthcare situations? similar educational processes?  You know that would be self-destructive because what is built upon failed social designs will become unsustainable and collapse again.  You see, there are many variations to unsustainability.

The right of self-determination is the foundation

 Your world has witnessed hundreds of those expressions, but there is only one true expression of sustainability that works, and that is to allow for self-determination to the individual, to the family, to the communities, to the cities, to the states, to the nations, and that is respected by everyone.  The right of self-determination is the foundation upon which liberty and freedom is enjoyed, it is the foundation for the establishment of democracies.  Continued respect for self-determination allows for those democratic institutions to evolve and to adapt to changing environments, to learn from mistakes and become more sustainable.

You talk, think about and observe the rise of the Islamic State.  That scenario has been played out thousands of times, whether it was in the metaphor of Cain and Abel or Russia and the Ukraine.  The rise of the Islamic State is a historic and tragic reenactment that fulfills the personal need of leaders for self-aggrandizement, for power, for authority and control, and for the sequestering of money and preferred social status, but it is totally unsustainable.  The way to the days of light and life are through decisions by individuals who accept patience, tolerance, forgiveness, love and so on.  The expression of all those wonderful values brings about personal peace, family peace, community peace and global peace.  Only then will your world have the possibility of becoming sustainable.

 You are now seeing in your own nation the difficulty of your democracy, which was established two and a quarter centuries ago.  That establishment and the founding documents fit the needs of the society and the population at that time, but it has not progressed, it has not evolved, it has not adapted to the growing, changing needs of its citizens.  It has failed to adapt and accept the growing capability of citizens to participate effectively in the process of determining the course of their societies, cities, states and their nation.  It, too, will have a crisis in hand very soon.

 There will be those who see the way forward, and those are the people we are striving to engage.  It is our hope that they would be spiritually minded and seek oneness and wholeness and completeness, not by eliminating everyone else, but by inclusion of everyone else.  Social sustainability allows for the satisfaction of fulfillment of the three core values on an individual basis with the proviso that it does not violate the three core values and self-determination of anyone else.

 You watch movies and they oftentimes have previews or “trailers,” as they call them.  You are now observing the trailer of your world’s cataclysms.  What you see now is just the preview of what is to come, and to come in more complete form and fashion.

 Roxie:  Machiventa, you were just talking about the right of self-determination.  I see that that is going to be one of our major problems in keeping our population down so there is sustainability of our natural resources.  Do you see that as a particularly difficult thing for our world to achieve?

 The right of self-determination can also work against sustainability

 MACHIVENTA:  Yes, of course.  The right of self-determination will work against as well as it can work for social sustainability.  Humans are uniquely—almost solely uniquely—so selfish as to exclude anyone else from enjoying the benefits of self-determination as well.  To be told that you can only have three children per procreative couple flies against tradition and the history of all humankind.  Yet, what people who hold that opinion do not realize is that they are condemning their own 4, 8, or 10 children to a life in the future of diminished resources and social opportunities.  The selfishness of a couple to have so many children does not take into consideration that they would have far more resources available to their children if they had only 2 or 3.

 Right now, at this time, your economic statisticians report that it takes approximately $280,000 to raise a child to their [age of] leaving home, and that does not include their college fare, which could add anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000+ to the total of raising a child.  If a family is unable to assist its children to go to college, to unlock their potential and to develop a fulfilling life, they are being extremely selfish.  To have more children than is necessary to replace them, causes tremendous disparity between the generations now, and future generations.  It is selfishly and historically blind to the future life that those children will have.  There is such an ingrained right of self-determination in humans that it works against their own survival.  Yes, we are asking humanity, the totality of all people that exist on this world to begin to operate as “one,” to take into consideration that all of their decisions must support the good of others, as well as themselves and their children.  Think of the extreme case where families of moderate means take on the aspect of trying to raise 6 to 7 children.  How is that possible?  It simply not, is it?  It may be wonderful to the minds of the parents who have 6 or 7 children, that they are doing this wonderful thing to bring these people into the world, or give them parenthood where the children have lost parenthood, but it in fact condemns those children to less than a sustainable and survivable life in the future.

 Does this help to answer your question?

 Controlling population growth after the decimation

 Roxie:  Yes, it has always been a concern of mine as to how we are going to keep our population from ballooning again after the decimation.

 MACHIVENTA:  That will become apparent.  What is missing from your social milieu is transparency.  There must be willingness—eagerness, even—to talk about all issues that have been closeted in your culture.  There are topics that are outside of open conversation in almost all societies.  It is important for social sustainability and the sustainability of individuals at the local and global level that there be complete transparency about the production of children and how they come into existence.  There must be complete transparency, plus the offer of low/free cost of medications, procedures and devices to limit procreation.  Further, there must be an intentional effort to educate and train all reproductively capable individuals how to use and prevent pregnancies.  And, that this education be freely available to all pre-sexual individuals—which means pre-teens and even younger—so that when they become older and join in reproduction with a partner that they educate their own children in these processes.

 The arrival of children at the most opportune time, and in the development of a couples’ process of developing family is extremely important.  It is important to the parents and it is important to the child, that this child be intentional, that this child be planned and this child has all the resources necessary to grow into their fullness, and to explore—and exploit—their potential, for the good of themselves, their future family, and their society.  You are going to—almost all of you here today—see and hear and know about this process; it will be shocking to many of your conservative religions that so adamantly feel that they have the “right answers” for everyone.  It will also be very shocking to many others, as well.  Do you see the factors that are necessary to answer your question pragmatically and effectively in the future years?

 Roxie:  Yes, I do.  I just think it’s going to be a hard sell for most of our population, to limit themselves to three children, but it needs to be done.

 MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it will be a hard sell.

MMc:  Machiventa, do you have any closing words for us?

Closing words from Machiventa

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  When I said that you were the “light of the world,” and you are the ones who will decide how your planet proceeds, I truly meant that.  That statement truly emanates and is a part of Christ Michael and Monjoronson and myself.  If you look at the relationship we have with you, it is totally co-creative.  If you look at this partnership of co-creativity, between ourselves and mortals, we offer everything and the many resources that you do not see.  We offer you options if you are willing to look at them.  We offer you options even if you are not willing to look at them, but we do not obligate you to any of those options.  The option-development, choice-making and action-taking is your business.  But if you look at the partnership, we offer everything.  What do you offer as representatives of your humanity on this planet, what do you offer?

 Many of you have offered 100% of yourselves totally and have “willed” yourself to fulfill as much as possible within your lifetimes to assist Christ Michael in this Correcting Time program.  There are many of you who read this, and hear these messages, who commit hardly anything.  And there are many throughout the world that are unaware of this and uncommitted to anything other than to survival.  So, when I say, “You are the light of the world,” you truly are.  Do you realize that there are less than 10,000 people throughout the world who will determine the course of your world in the next 50 years?  If you look at a two-column chart, you will find one column that represents [celestials] 50%, has the column completely colored in.  And if you look at the column opposite it, which represents humanity, you find that the representation is paper-thin:  That represents those 10,000 people of whom the 139 were and are part.

 Do you want to be the light of the world?  Christ Michael, as Jesus, said, “I AM the Light of the World.”  Any statement that begins with I AM and is positive and supportive of Christ Michael’s and God’s plans for the universe are God-creative in nature.  When you say, “I AM the Light of the world,” you are saying, “I AM a creator of peace.”  “I AM a creator of sustainability,” and “I AM a contributing creator to the eventual days of light and life of this world.  Consider your decisions well; they can come as detrimental, as neutral, as peaceful individuals as Edmund Burke had said, and they can be highly contributory, positive and totally committed.  I hope that you are totally committed, though we do not require that of you—that is your personal decision and we have no judgment or opinion about it if you choose otherwise.  I wish you a good day.  There will be many good days ahead.  Enjoy your life and see it as blooming and fulfilling.  Thank you for being here.  Good day.