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Patrick - The Lessons of Patrick Part 9 - Emotional Balance - Aug 05, 2014 - Pittsburgh Area Mission

Pittsburgh Area Mission
Teacher: Patrick; Abraham: G'sTA
The Lessons of Patrick Part 9
Subject: Emotional Balance
T/R Greg Marino
August 5,2014

Thought Adjuster:  Today’s lesson considers the ability to maintain emotional balance through the vicissitudes of the daily challenge of the spiritual life.

Emotional balance is so subjective that there might not be a correct definition for this skill set. There could be a recommended emotional equilibrium that might be optimal for the challenging times ahead. As one advances through the Morontial worlds, a stability of sorts is absorbed by the individual consciousness by osmosis. Greater knowledge of who you are, where you come from, and where you are going gives to the ascending soul a serenity not necessarily accessible to the human in the state of becoming.

On Urantia we see an appalling number of your inhabitants with no sense of themselves emotionally. This of course is understandable given the lack of Celestial guidance available to the rank and file at large.  This will change in the future as we gravitate towards the Life and Light era of your planet. As we speak now, a disheartening number of you even try for the state of balance we hope to see in our teams for the soon to be Mission. Our dear Father Abraham wishes to discourse on this very subject , as he is in charge of many of the teams forming now for this event.

I wish to thank Patrick for graciously granting me the floor for the purpose of this discussion which concerns me to the effect that our opinion on how this might be managed in the high times. ( Time of great challenge and stress)  Highs and lows emotionally do no one much good. We do understand that many of you have underdeveloped emotional control and hoping to head off some of the confusion that might occur as a result of this is our goal tonight. Adrenalin in the system is released when the flight or fight mechanisms are activated through stress caused by calamitous events. The heart pounds, the temples throb, a headache occurs , insomnia is prevalent.

How does one maintain oneself and be a leader when all about you is chaos.  How does one T/R when your heart races and sweat pours from your forehead.  Good questions?  Has anyone of you thought about this? Breath techniques are one possible option. Will that be enough?  I doubt it.

I need my teams to start to think in these terms.  I can't come down and do it for you. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we will see how much we can depend on you when these times are a now. I would like to recommend a more intense meditation effort on all your parts.

If possible an effort to calibrate your emotions to a middle point.  Keep the highs and lows to a minimum.  How does one control your emotional responses you say?  As best you can I say. Not letting yourself get too excited or too depressed is a start. This isn't a cure all, but a workable technique to introduce to yourself and develop it as best you can for the times of stress.   I understand that you have a genetic pattern from your ancestors DNA. I don't expect you to be perfect in this or anything else for that matter.  Your human of course so it's not possible.  Getting it into your consciousness is the first step in having some ability developed in this regard.  That is the purpose of this lesson.   Think, ponder, meditate.   Good night to my ascending souls.