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NEC #19 - with Charles, Mighty Messenger - World Political Situations and Various Other Subjects -  Apr 04, 2014 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations #19 – Crimea; Syria; US Politics – Apr. 4, 2014
Teacher: Charles, Administrative Assistant to the Triumvirate


  1. Recognition of the 11:11 Progress Group
  2. Reason our new NEC format is not a design team
  3. The celestial position on the situation in the Crimea Region
  4. The celestial opinion of the situation in Syria
  5. Building bridges of integration
  6. Anticipating the New Era of social evolution
  7. See the larger perspective of the celestial’s task
  8. Russia is a quasi-democracy in name only
  9. Opinion on the advisability of raising the minimum wage
  10. Resistance of social evolution at all levels
  11. The public outcry and upheavals to come
  12. Result of modern warfare is total destruction
  13. The human toll of war
  14. The myopia of Congress and State Legislatures
  15. Money controls politics—how do we change that?
  16. Frustration at the lack of progress
  17. Remain faithful and steadfast to the mission
  18. The purpose of the NEC team

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews, Susan Bryner and Michael McCray
April 4, 2014

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, Monjoronson, Machiventa and all the others who have gathered here, we welcome you and thank you for coming.  We are here this morning to discuss our future, and we sincerely thank you for this opportunity.  Amen.

Recognition of the 11:11 Progress Group

CHARLES:  Good morning, this is Charles.  It is a pleasure to be here with you today.  Your welcome is always refreshing to us; your appreciation for our presence is something that is rare on your planet, though we hope that the appreciation will become wider and wider, and broader and deeper as time goes by.  And we give our thanks to the 11:11 group for helping those individuals who see the 1111 prompt, or the 222, or 444, or whatever number that keeps showing up in their lives as a recognition that those mortals who see that [know] they are accompanied by us, and that it is an invitation for them to acknowledge this and to establish an ongoing conscious relationship with us, so we give thanks to that recognition.

Please initiate a question if you have one.   You know that we are without a moderator now, so it will require some listening on your part and some telephonic etiquette to allow each of you to speak and initiate that question or that statement on your own.  Take your time and let us proceed.

Reason our new NEC format is not a design team

Susan:  Charles, I have a question regarding something said at our last discussion—I wasn’t present, but you were asked about the design team format for this NEC forum we have here, and your answer was, no, that isn’t what was needed.  I was wondering, could you elaborate on a format for specifics that would help us meet the needs of this mission better as a team?

CHARLES:  For all of us, both mortals and celestials, this is an exchange of information.  It is a common-ground meeting place where there is not any particular issue or problem to be overcome, but simply an information exchange to raise the level of awareness so that we are on the same page.  The mission of this group, the purpose of the mortals in this group is to be the receptors, the receivers of this information, and for you to interpret this to our audience.  Through your questions and our answers and your statements, the audience comes to understand our work on this planet and the various programs that Christ Michael has initiated underneath the Correcting program.

We are not a design team simply because we are not physically present in a group, you are not present in a group—this is a telephonic group—and that there is not a common problem that you wish to overcome, or a new social organization you wish to design using the three core values and the schematic of sustainability, the team and the team roles and the team process.  This forum that we have here is vastly different than that.  To think of this in terms of a design team would be to frustrate the efforts and participation of everyone.  Your roles are to be those competent, capable, cogent and careful inquiring members who ask questions on behalf of the audience.  You have questions for yourself, but we ask you to empathize with your audience, to anticipate what questions they might have.  The audience has been quite silent for some time, as there is nothing exciting going on other than the maintenance of the flow and the slow, grinding evolution of the Correcting program.  This will change, of course, as you know, and when that occurs we anticipate many questions from the audience.

Have I answered your question so far, Susan?

Susan:  Yes, you have.  I’m interested in the fact that you had mentioned that you would like to see more members in this group.  There are four of us now; you had mentioned maybe 5 or 7 would better serve our needs.  Would you speak to that?

CHARLES:  Thank you for your question.  We were hoping to anticipate that question.  Yes, what you have found when there were only two of you, meaning Roxanne and Michael, is that the perspective of questions becomes very narrow, and that there was not the repartee of question asking going on between the two of them.  Then we had three and four and five.  Eventually, we will have minimally 5.  What happens when you have 5 members, four of which are asking questions as the TR tends not to ask questions, is that you have a rebounding effect between each other, and an opportunity while you were listening to the question and listening to the answer to develop another sideways question that helps to open up the topic in another way.  You become much more facile; you become much more adaptive and flexible and much more creative.  It is essential that you be curious.  If you have no curious members on your design team in your community, then you will have a design team that will eventually die and will not fulfill its purpose or intent.  

So, your curiosity of wanting more information about another member’s question and the answers that comes through sparks a deeper exploration of the topics.  It is not that the members had been inadequate to do this; it is simply that you are not able to think in multiple ways simultaneously.  Your minds are not structured that way.  Your scientists, neurologists and cognitive therapists have come to the conclusion through their research that multi-tasking is truly not capable in the human mind.  You may be able to do several tasks in rotation, but you cannot do several thinking tasks simultaneously.  Therefore, when you are in stillness, listening to the question and then the answer, you have the opportunity to actually, through the four or five of you, to grasp the capacity of the morontial mind.  Through your group you develop the capacity to think in the myriad ways simultaneously as a developed morontial mind.  Thank you for your question.

Roxie:  That was very interesting; thank you, Charles.

CHARLES:  You are welcome.

The celestial position on the situation in the Crimea Region

Roxie:  Charles, one of our audience members was interested in your viewpoint about the situation in the Crimea.

CHARLES:  Yes, I would like to speak to that; we have hoped that someone would anticipate this situation.  What is occurring in the Crimean area peninsula is what you will see occur far more frequently in the future.  The world powers already saw ahead of time that the Russian invasion of the Crimean peninsula was a forgone conclusion, that military invasion, military intrusion or reaction would be fruitless and would serve no immediate repair for the Crimea.  The alternatives then are diplomatic, but there must be some means of leverage that enables and empowers those nations, who are standing by watching this difficult situation unfold, to join together through their economic means to bring leverage and power and difficulties to Russia to resolve this situation diplomatically.

This is a foretaste of the diplomatic efforts that will occur—that do occur—in a much more evolved political and military world.  You are beginning to see the three pillars of the structure of a society, the political and economic functionality work together.  When one of these is out of kilter, then there must be pressure brought to bear upon the other two supports of that society, to amend its ways.

The celestial opinion of the situation in Syria

You see the incapable process that occurred in Syria.  That situation devolved into. . . [as an aside for us, viewing this situation is far more than horrific or terrible or catastrophic;] the willful starving of a nation’s population by its leader is evil to the point of being a rebel of the universe.  This is a despicable act by any individual at any level, whether mortal or otherwise.  That regime was supported by Russia and some other nations, militarily and for their petroleum supplies and for foodstuffs.  This would have collapsed long ago had everyone been working together.  When you have a renegade nation or two supporting such horrendous acts against humanity as the Syrian regime, then you will see the perpetuation of that despicable situation.

However, as you have seen in the Crimea, the aggressor is Russia that moved into an area where it felt it was invited by former Russian citizens living in that area who identified with the Russian culture and language, and its associations in the past.  Russia’s involvement in Syria, however, was by invitation of the national leader.  Economic leverage can be applied in either case.  The exercise of these evolving diplomatic leverages comes with the unification of the world.  There are costs, of course, to the unification of a world on all fronts, and that is independence.

Building bridges of integration

We strive through the Correcting Time to build bridges of integration, rather than blowing them up causing separation between nations, people, cultures and ethnic groups.  Therefore, as you see, in the integration of your world, it is an exorable process of social evolution that brings about the eventual maturation of diplomacy, which eventually will affect all the other relationships that nations have with each other.  We use this Crimean example and that of Syria to help teach you that you are truly in an evolving world, where the efforts of Christ Michael in the Correcting Time plans is to bring nations together.  If there is eventually one common language, there will be one common culture; and, yes, there will still be ethnic and language groups, but there will be a unified global government and process of exchange just as there is here in the United States.  This is the future of the world.  There are those who are isolationists, those who wish to maintain their xenophobic orientations to others.  Xenophobia is antithetical to the eventual achievement of the days of light and life; therefore, there is no support for that in our working with you.  This is an untenable form of bigotry against all others and other countries, yet you see through the three core values of social sustainability, that you are all in common; that you all have something in common, and that is the desire to improve your quality of life, to grow and that you wish to express and enjoy the same equal advantage to grow and to improve your quality of life.

Anticipating the New Era of social evolution

We are speaking of social evolution in terms of centuries.  Yet you, in this generation, have chosen to be here; your Thought Adjusters have prepared the ground for you to engage your generation, your life constructively.  Some of you sit back and twiddle your thumbs, wondering what to do, but you can be good supporters.  There is just one percent of you who are true cultural leaders, and we are working with these individuals.  Not everyone wants to be exiled from his or her culture or society, which is what happens in the beginning of social evolution.  You, now, living in this generation, and for the next twenty years, will see an explosion of culture as you have never seen before, perhaps excepting the Age of Enlightenment and the Renaissance.  You are the ones who form the future; you are not selfish, even though you are “baby boomers” or you are in the “X” generations, you ‘one percents’ see that you are the progenitors of social and cultural continuity.

Though you may not be enjoying the prosperity of those who have hoarded away much wealth during their lifetime and careers, you provide the rest of the world with the path to move forward.  It is difficult; we recognize that.  It is difficult to be in a community and to begin a design team, to be a cultural and political, social, economic leader in your community.  The fruits of your investment will not be seen for some time, yet you will ultimately be recognized in your lifetime as having been a tremendously forward-thinking citizen, and appreciated for that.  Meanwhile, you will be seen as quite an exception to the norm in your world.  Yes, millions of people think that everything is fine, that this is just the way the world is, but common opinion does not necessarily reflect the reality that exists in your world.

See the larger perspective of the celestial’s task

You live in a micro-speck of time, yet through your vision, your view of the Crimea and of Syria, you see how influential these new social, political and economic dynamics can be.  We wish you to think in large ways, even in this small speck of time, just as two germinal cells unite to create a zygote, you are in that immediate “zygotic explosion” that is occurring in your world now, through your co-creative participation with us.  Your energy and our guidance will reveal the new way of your world, and this work that you are seeing with Crimea and the economic and social leverages that are being played out by the rest of the nations will prove to be effective.  Know that we are sitting with those boards of directors, the United Nations Central Security Council and NATO councils, to help guide the development of this leverage in constructive ways.  We surely do not want the Crimea to devolve into another explosive keg of black powder.  The opportunities to use this as an exemplary situation for future similar situations is too powerful, too important and too useful to Christ Michael to let it go otherwise, except we will not thwart the self-willed decisions of individuals who choose to not go along with these plans.

Is there any aspect of this that you do not understand, or that you have questions about, please?

 MMc:  With the situation in the Crimea, Russia is the aggressor who has actively annexed the Crimea.  Speaking with one of my friends, he made the analogy of Hitler, prior to World War II, about annexing the Sudetenland, etc., and Neville Chamberlain’s inability to stop that from happening, and he looked at NATO and the United Nations as basically taking up the same position as Neville Chamberlain did prior to World War II.  I’m not sure what he would have suggested; I’m not sure what I would suggest, as far as a solution to this.  Will Russia relinquish the Crimea if they receive enough negotiation and economic pressure from the rest of the world?  What do you think, Charles?

Russia is a quasi-democracy in name only

CHARLES:  Russia will not relinquish the Crimea.  What the economic leverage and diplomatic leverage is all about now is to prevent another active appeasement as for Hitler, and that is to create the pressure and the pain so deep in the involved that Russia will not invade the rest of Crimea.  It is important that Russia realizes that there is a cost to doing business in this equation.  The other nations who are involved must also realize that there is a cost and a pain to them too, that they are willing to engage this pain and this sacrifice in order to prevent a further horrendous disaster.  You could quickly see that all nations that were in the Russian Federation before 1989 could become again under the Russian influence.  This would set back those populations politically and economically and culturally decades, as Russia is not a sustainable regime, as it exists now.  It is somewhat of a quasi-democracy in name only.  You are seeing your friend’s analogy is quite correct; the behavior and swagger of the Russian President and Hitler are very similar.  They are inadequate men in their mentality and their emotional structure, and truly at the core of them they feel inadequate as men.  This is most unfortunate to see that occur.  What you are seeing is that these men knew that and know that, and that they use their power and influence to compensate for their deficiencies in their personality.  Once again, you see that self-observation and self-correction are necessary to the evolution of self-correcting societies, and that it begins with the individual and eventually you see that personality express at the national level, which is occurring now in Russia and did occur in Germany.

MMc:  Thank you, Charles.

Opinion on the advisability of raising the minimum wage

There’s a discussion going on in Congress at the moment concerning the advisability of raising the minimum wage.  One of the reports mentioned that there are only subjective opinions about what the results will be to raising the minimum wage.  Would applying the three core values to this situation offer more of an objective solution?

CHARLES:  Yes, it would.  Using the three core values of social sustainability and the schematic in a team process—or many teams working on this problem—would definitely assist the process of becoming more objective.  It is measurable how an increase in wages assists the quality of life of individuals.  As you know, there are many millions of people who are at the minimum wage level now who are on food stamps as well.  The individuals are being compensated one way or another to improve their quality of life.  It is one of the habits of legislatures and congress to know these things, to see a total equation, yet try to keep them completely separate.  But yes, you are correct that the three core values would assist the process to become much more rational, though you might not anticipate that to occur at that level of political discussion.

Resistance of social evolution at all levels

What you are seeing in this situation is the resistance of social evolution at the economic, political and social levels.  You are seeing the exercise of power to keep these three necessities of human existence for individuals and as societies separate, and this is most destructive.  You will see continued resistance along the way during your lifetimes as you see the principles of social sustainability come to the forefront of economic, social and political discussion.  We again say that the cataclysms that are now developing and worse to come, will give cause to thinking more seriously about survival, let alone social existence and social stability and sustainability.  When the very roots of society’s survival are challenged, then individuals will begin to think—and desire to think—in new ways about their society and living, not for only themselves, but for others as well.  The acts of congresses in societies and those in power, authority and control is much like a mentally ill person who has compartmentalized different aspects of their thinking in their life, so that they can deal with them separately and make sense to maintain power, control and authority.  Yet as a whole, it is very schizophrenic and very irrational, and is highly unproductive and will eventually lead to the demise of that individual or that society.

The public outcry and upheavals to come

You are only beginning now to think in terms of social sustainability and its development and the integrative processes that it provides to create a holism in your society.  Many of you have not thought about the incredible clamor and public outcry and congressional and legislative upheavals that will occur because of these three core values and their discussion in public and social forums, political forums and economic forums.  You will almost be on the position place of revolt—not revolution, but revolt—by the populace who comes to understand the principles of social sustainability, appreciates them and wants them included in their political, social and economic processes.  Those who are in the places of power, control and authority will be in great upheaval in their thinking and will not know how to react to that constructively.  What we anticipate is the development of grassroots economic, social and political groups that seek a holism in their communities and their societies, and at the national economic, political and social levels.  There is a balancing to occur.  Just as your global and national leaders see that the war in Crimea would destroy that nation again, as occurred in the Crimean War of 1853-56, as [the] war(s) in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have totally destroyed those nations, economically, socially and politically.  Invading the Crimean peninsula would also destroy that nation.  It is finally dawning upon those in power, control and authority that “might does not make right,” but might simply just destroys everything.  Control over a territory is not the “winner takes the spoils,” but the winner takes the “destroyed nation and dispirited populations” as well.

Result of modern warfare is total destruction

MMc:  Yes.  Wars result in total destruction.

CHARLES:  Yes, and the results of more modern wars is even more total destruction.  You are seeing in those nations that have been despoiled by war multiple generations of dysfunction.  Trans-generational dysfunction will occur and occur and occur; the healing of a war-torn nation literally takes centuries.  Simple benevolence, simple provisions to prevent poverty are not sufficient to overcome that social, spiritual and cultural destruction.  It is awful; it is simply egregious to see the harm done to the minds of children and to those adults who have suffered.  You are now seeing reports where up to twenty percent of all military people who have been through those wars recently are now suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, and that they are now mentally unbalanced and cause the destruction that you see on the military posts and in the communities and their families.

The human toll of war

Think of the high percentage of those in those despoiled war-torn nations, where over eighty percent of the individuals are suffering now from PTSD, who are emotionally out of balance, and who are incapable of much more than just simple survival.  This is perhaps the worst development that Caligastia could have ever wrought upon your world, and he perhaps would be gleeful to see this destruction against Christ Michael’s plans for a healed and holy world.  You see what we have to work with, even as we work with your world in the Correcting Time to bring about these developments of reconstructing your planet, you are seeing the despoiling of nations, whole nations at a time through the efforts of mortals, individuals who have agendas for those nations.  Just as Christ Michael has a plan to recover your world through the Correcting Time, so too are we developing in you, a plan for you to help in healing your world after its cataclysms and destruction.  The parallels are tremendously similar and tremendously positive.  The plan that Christ Michael has to heal the destruction of the rebellion on your world is similar in ways to the healing that we are doing co-creatively through you, to heal your world.

It may appear to those who are not believers that your world is on a fast burning hay wagon that is on fire, going down a hill, and that it will lead to destruction and total loss of life, yet it is this horrendous difficulty that you are going through that will cause those sleeping mortals who are unaware and unconscious to wake up and to pay attention.  We say these things at this time because you are truly on the cusp of great destruction, but at the cusp of great hope.  One of many reasons for the initiation of the Correcting Time is to give believers hope that there is a plan from God, their Creator, to bring their world back into peace and harmony.  It may not be apparent, but to you of this small group of believers in the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission and Urantia Movement, you know that God is in charge and that he has a plan, and it is now being wrought or worked out in your time and your place.

MMc:  I want to go back to my last question and ask, the three levels, you mentioned the political, social and economic levels, is the reason that the people in Congress and in other places want to keep these separate, because they are involved in linear thinking, versus systemic thinking?

The myopia of Congress and State Legislatures

CHARLES:  Your question begs for a simple answer, but there are no simple answers.  There are many answers to that question.  The myopia of Congress and your State Legislatures begins long before the discussions on the floor of those places.  Yes, there is linear thinking; there is a definite cause and effect operating in the linear thinking of those who are elected.  Very, very few of these individuals think in systemic terms.  Even those who do think in systemic terms must work through the linear process that leads to a degradation of social processes.  There is such an egregious separation of powers in the thinking of those individuals that they are truly ineffectual.

As we were saying, for an individual in those elected offices to come to the floor and talk about the integration of systems and services would be politically anathema; they would be rejected, they would be exiled and their supporters would withdraw their financial support for their re-election.  They would be an outcast, exiled from the power groups that exist there.  Your question will hopefully, to listeners and readers, reveal the incapacity of positions of power in the contemporary situation, and that is one other reason why we have begun to work with individuals at the grassroots, the local level, seeking though that one percent of individuals, those cultural creatives who will come forward and initiate action.  Thank you for your question.

Money controls politics—how do we change that?

Roxie:  Charles, in your answer to Michael previously, you alluded to this, but do you have anything more to say on the fact that our political parties are pretty nearly split down the middle, and our Supreme Court is likewise split.  Do you have any comments about where we go from here and how we get the control by money out of our political system?

CHARLES:  (Chuckling.)  You have certainly gotten to the core of the problem have you not, Roxanne?

Roxie:  (Laughing.)  Oh yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while.

CHARLES:  As you know from our previous discussion, we are not in the process of fixing broken processes or systems.  It is more [about] the systems that you have, rather than integrative processes.  The issue of the money, the difficulty of the money goes hand-in-hand with the difficulties in your Congress, Legislatures and even the Supreme Court.  Actually, we see this as an opportunity for us to do our work in peace and in quiet, and with little interference from those power centers.  If they were bored and had nothing to do and everything was hunky-dory and peaceful for them, then they might be meddling in our affairs and trying to thwart what we have initiated, even at this small level.  It is our hope and our intention to develop this rapidly into a full-blown program that engages tens of thousands and tens of millions of people rapidly and very soon, so that the grassroots level can become a formidable and well-rooted process, though there will be many organizations.  We are seeking like-mindedness among all those groups that will spring up.  There are many, many dozens of social problems that can engage the design team process and the three core values.  We are not necessarily concerned with fixing your Congress, or the difficulties of money that have arisen.

On the other hand, we are definitely involved in those processes, striving to be of influence to those individuals who are now in those legislative and congressional places of power and authority.  You see what is occurring and you see the lack of it, is that the “Y” and “Millennial” generations of individuals have not come forward to occupy those positions of influence and power.  They are already cynical and already realists in that cynicism, knowing that they cannot be effective to achieve the outcomes that they desire.  Yet, there are individuals in those generations who aspire to the values that we are speaking of, and have spoken of, for the last seven years.  They are individuals who will come forward when the time is right, when the political environment encourages them to come into positions where they think they can be of influence to bring about a holism in their society.

The old generations of linear thinking, the masculine-minded men and women who occupy those positions of power will pass; they do pass, they do die, they do move on, they fail to win elections and so on.  What is needed now is a program, a cultural program that is holistic in nature that wants to integrate the social, political and economic supports of society.  They simply need to have a legitimate and validated system of supports and values that agrees with them, one that is wholly rational, one that is integrative and makes sense for all spheres of social, political and financial economic interaction.  As we have said before, what is ahead of you is surrealistic compared to what you have now.  You, in many ways are living as a two-dimensional organism and faced with [the] irrational proposition that there are three-dimensions—and even four-dimensions!  And so, the two-dimensional organisms go left and right, back and forth, but do not see up or down in their lives.

What we have described to you is surreal to those who think this current situation is the only reality that exists and that they must become the most powerful in that playing field to dominate and to be of influence.  There are many surprises for many people ahead, our friends, and we simply wish your support for those ideas, those concepts, those legislative bills that make sense for the future.  You will find in ten to fifteen years, what is proposed on the floors of your legislatures and your congress would be wildly argued against—vehemently—in public and through your media today.  In the future, those bills, those ideas, those concepts of organization for a new society’s democracy and economies will make imminent sense, and you will have a means of proving and disproving the validity of those legislative pieces, even before they come to the floor to be voted on.

Roxie:  Thank you very much, Charles.

CHARLES:  Are there further questions?

Frustration at the lack of progress

Susan:  I don’t necessarily have a question, but it’s a thought that has been growing within me and I’m thinking I might represent how some other people have felt as they have followed these discussions and attempted to create some programs in their own communities.  I’ve been having a bit of a crisis—I’ll call it a crisis of faith, though that is not truly what it is—it’s more a crisis of faith in where I’m at, the community that I’m in.  I’ve been energized and my creativity has been energized by the Correcting Time and the discussions that have come out of these transcripts, the ideas and the information.  It all makes so much sense to me, and I have turned to the community that I’m in and have tried to apply it.  I’ve pulled together a team and I have had some minimal successes—I’ve had some great successes, actually!  But, you spoke earlier about these times, these current times of the plodding, slow growth, the interim period in which things appear to us to be moving very slowly, and that struck me.  Perhaps that’s what I’m actually feeling, rather then a crisis of faith in where I’m at.  Let me be more specific:  I’ve been thinking I am in a community, in a place, in a region that has no potential.  I have felt at times like I’ve been tilling a field that has no potential for bearing fruit.  I guess I would just like you to comment on that because I might be representative of other people out there that might be feeling the same way.

CHARLES:  Yes, thank you very much.  Your statement reminds me of a metaphor:  You are the only rose in a field of daffodils.  You are the black gosling or a cygnet in a clutch of fourteen white cygnets or goslings.  In many ways, you feel special, but you also feel out of the fold.  You feel as though you are way ahead of your group and not a part of them.  Imagine yourself as one person, of one hundred, and that you saw yourself differently from others, that you felt differently from others, you saw your world around you differently than others and the other ninety-nine are seeing their life situations as difficult, as not acceptable, but they have no sense of empowerment or sense of capacity or capability—let alone ability—to affect changes in their lives or their community.

You are truly at that point of grinding through the days, but seeing very little progress.  You are part of the forward group who is prepared.  You are much like a fireman in the fire hall: you have gone through literally months and months of training and preparation, and you stand by waiting.  You are waiting for the alarm to ring and for you to put on your gear and jump on the truck and go to the fire, or to rescue a child who is drowning in the lake.  You are part of our Reserve Corps, who is in preparation for what is to come.  I must say, dear one, that we have lost many, many, many good people of good faith simply because they did not have the patience, the tolerance and forbearance to persevere and to continue on in their faith, even in an inactive basis; they became disheartened and believed that what they saw around them was the reality of their religious experience, that this was not to be enacted in the temporal realm.

Remain faithful and steadfast to the mission

We encourage you to remain of faith, to not be too invested in an opinion about what is occurring, but to hold this loosely in your palm as responsibility that here you are a child who is carrying this coin to the market, given to you by your mother to fetch a loaf of bread and a quart of milk.  Here you have in your hand, one coin that is equivalent to two weeks of your father’s salary.  This is your situation; this is your responsibility.  You have been called, you have responded, you have learned, you have gone through training, you have invested your life, your being, your faith and your trust in this proposition that you can effect an outcome in your community.  Now, we ask you to hold this loosely in your hand, though faithfully, to carry your mission forward in the eventuality of time.  You have yet, in this metaphor, to go to the store, to lay the coin on the counter to receive the bread and milk and your change, and go back home with the change and the foodstuffs that your mother has requested.  You have been called into service, you have responded; now you must as diligently, faithfully remain vigilant to the opportunity that will be calling you to come forward in times ahead.

Yes, this is very difficult and there are many good, believing people who have lost faith and lost hope, and have lost trust, but there is a plan to heal their world and to engage them in this work.  This is very unfortunate to the program; it does not affect their worth, their soul growth or their personal reception in the mansion worlds, though they will have a loss of experience that would make a significant contribution to God the Supreme.  Your patience, your forbearance and your perseverance to tolerate this inaction are primary to your work as a contribution to your world, to your soul growth and to God the Supreme—and to eventuality of your world.  Many, many people are called forward to be Reservists, to be members of the Reserve Corps of Destiny on your world, but many have lost patience, and when the opportunity comes, they actually turn away from this opportunity.  You have not!  We ask you to stay the course.

Susan:  Thank you! That was very much needed.  I won’t say more; I will hold that metaphor close to my heart and I hope others can do the same.  Thank you, Charles.

CHARLES:  You are most welcome.

Last call for questions or requests for a statement.  (None.)

The purpose of the NEC team

We thank you for holding this forum for us to engage you.  You see through today’s varied efforts the purpose, meaning and intention of this group, why you have asked for it, why you have been called forward, and why you participate.  You offer us a means to give voice to the plans of Christ Michael and the development and unfolding of those plans.  You are representative of your fellow brothers and sisters in the audience, whether they are alive now or alive in the future, whether they will be here or not when the time comes.  Many will awaken again to the fact that they can be of service in these exciting times.  It is quite boring to sit on the bench, watching the game on the floor or field, when you have so much knowledge, ability and capability to participate.  Know that you will be called forward when the time is right and opportunities arise to engage you with great purpose.  This is more like a reserve fireman’s corps, rather than a team on the soccer field.  We will need many participants when the time comes.  Thank you for today and we wish you well, and we praise you for your patience and tolerance and perseverance.  Good day.

Group:  Thanks Charles and Daniel.