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Beloved One - Take Time To Turn Within - Jan 04, 2014 - Illawarra, AU

Urantia, January 4, 2014 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Listening Between Words.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is by deliberately opening up to Me and by your willingness to ‘hear’ My words that I can instruct you. There needs to be a readiness on your part to take time out on your busy days for you to turn within and let the cares of the moment slide from your shoulders. Come to Me like a little child that is eager to learn. I have much to teach you, and every time you hear My voice, your interest is peaked although you don’t know what to expect. It is best not to anticipate anything, and yet expect everything, because I know everything since I am part of God.

“Be not easily swayed by mortals who seemingly know it all, and like to sound impressive with scholarly religious speeches, which do not touch the heart. Likewise it is important that you speak only words of truth which will set off vibrations to resonate in someone’s heart. Be always mindful when you unexpectedly ‘land in situations’ where all of a sudden the conversation takes a turn to a higher level. Call on Me when truth needs to be spoken, and I will speak for you. In this way the listener will perchance glean a morsel of hope and good cheer from the conversation, to take to heart, and so these words may be remembered anew and comfort be derived therefrom.

“Often, the less said, and the more it is to the point, the more valuable the words become. Too many words spoken on this planet are useless, empty and meaningless, as they don’t come from a loving and open heart. Become more discerning in conversations about with whom you speak, and what their soul-needs are.

“Yes, I hear you say, ‘how do I do this?’ It is simply a matter of observation, and ‘listening between the words’, so to speak.

“Humans have become very adept at hiding their true selves, mainly out of fear, because they have been hurt in the past, which made their hearts close down. You can see this in their posture as they tend to hunch forward when they stand and walk because of a ‘collapsed chest’ to protect the heart, Be very gentle and thoughtful in your conversations, so you can take time to look into their hearts, and perchance lighten their burden somewhat.

“Let us begin following the example of Jesus, who went about doing good, spreading hope and good cheer wherever He went as He walked this earth some 2000 years ago. Do stand tall and straight in the full glory of being, and know that you are a child of a loving God.”

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