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NEC #5 - Monjoronson - The Cyclical Nature of History - Work To Train Transmitters - Jul 26, 2013 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado


  • What Does the New Era Entail in its Significance Toward Light and Life?
  • The Cyclical Nature of Our History
  • The Third Turning, or the “Unraveling”
  • The Timing of the Inception of the Correcting Time
  • The Beginning of this Crisis Period
  • The Interaction of Society and Human Consciousness
  • The End of One Era and the Beginning of Another
  • Speculation Can Lead to Confusion
  • The Work of Training More Transmitter/receivers
  • Nailing down the Definition of “Resources”
  • What Is the Social Mechanism for Achieving Sustainability?
  • The Opportunities for Growth in the New Economy
  • The Reason Our Current Economy Is Unsustainable
  • The Exploitation of Others’ Resources Will Self-destruct
  • The Confusion May Last for Several Years
  • We Are Being Offered Hope for the Future
  • The Limits of Growth

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Moderator:  Michael McCray
July 26, 2013

Prayer:  Good Morning, Heavenly Father.  We greet you this fine morning from the beautiful planet of Urantia.  We are most thankful for your everlasting love and acceptance as your children.  We ask that our parents, Christ Michael and Nebadonia join us as we commune with Monjoronson and his staff to learn about the new era that we are entering for our world.  We are sincerely grateful to be given this opportunity to help lead our world toward enlightenment and to be of service.  Amen.

MONJORONSON:  Good morning, this is Monjoronson.  It is good to be with you to engage this new era of Urantia’s evolutionary and developmental progress.  Please begin.

MMc:  Would you like to share more with us about what the new era entails and its significance in Urantia’s progress towards light and life?

What does the new era entail in its significance toward light and life?

MONJORONSON:  As Charles has told you it entails the very pragmatic cooperation between us and mortals to engage in actual social and operational programs to uplift your planet.  This is a slow process, one that will take decades upon decades to engage more completely, and then there will be pockets within Urantia, even after centuries that will be resistant and still be quite primitive.  The new era takes your cooperation with us to a much higher level of activity, one that is akin to you, things that you can do with us at our suggestions and recommendations to assist our programs to evolve.  Many of you may wonder what these look like, but they are very similar in some form to all other programs and projects of corporations and social agencies that have development on their mind, and that extend their reach and their influence into various areas.

Ours will not be much different, but the intentions will be quite evolved and different from what a corporation or a government agency might have in mind.  We know that you are waiting to see what this looks like, and so we are looking forward to our first demonstration projects that will become visible to you.  I will not reveal those now, but let them be revealed as they come into existence and develop.  We will point these out to you as they come into existence, and as they develop, and we will be discussing their intentions and purposes and how this contributes to the Correcting Time and the evolution of your world.

The cyclical nature of our history

MMc:  There has been much talk, both positive and negative about your predictions of our crisis, but when I researched the topic I found many authorities with similar predictions as early as 1960.  I have recently read a book, “The Fourth Turning.”*  I find that such crises have affected our world every 80-100 years or so, throughout recorded history.  Would you like to speak about this cyclic nature of our history?

MONJORONSON:  Yes, certainly.  From our perspective, these cycles are very evident.  When you are in existence, when you have lived for more than five millennia, you become aware of the cyclicity of social evolution and development.  This has been known to us, of course, for millions of years as we have watched other worlds and civilizations evolve.  It is something that is natural to the social structure of inhabited planets, particularly decimal planets that have experimental social programs, among other things that are experimental.  On Urantia, your world has been observed very carefully ever since the default so many hundreds of millennia ago.  You are aware that your world has progressed in some ways, and that even as a mortal you can read the historic tomes of philosophers and historians who have reflected upon the changes in your world and its civilizations.  For us, however, we have a much clearer perspective of the happenings and developments of Urantian civilizations, and yes, they are very cyclical.

The third turning, or the “unraveling”

The Western civilization is the dominant civilization, even though it is smaller than the populations of China, India and the Indonesian Archipelago, so it has tremendous influence because of its various political and economic and expansionary policies over the last two centuries.  We are here to influence that cyclical nature.  As you read the cycles of a civilization, particularly the Western civilization, yes, there are cycles of approximately 80 years, and the authors of “The Fourth Turning,” accurately reflect on these cycles.  What we have observed and have projected ahead of time is that this cycle that you are in now, which is called the “third turning or the unraveling,” is now leading immediately into the turning called “crises,” and this is where there will be major political, social, economic, military changes occur in your world, which will be quite catastrophic.  The Correcting Time was inaugurated to influence this last turning, the crises, because your world—as we have said before—for the first time is now fully inhabited, and this marks an era in a planet’s existence that is greatly influential of all developments that occur after a world is fully populated.

The timing of the inception of the Correcting Time

The timing of the inception of the Correcting Time has long been known [as to] when it should begin, that it would become influential in what follows in the next saeculum, as the authors call it, the next 80 year cycle.  You are now in the unraveling and crisis juxtaposition of these two turnings and it is important that the Correcting Time, Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission and the other various programs that you are completely unaware of, have been instilled and inaugurated and have begun to be of influence.  The necessity of the Correcting Time to bring these saecula, these 80 year periods, to a close, to begin to slow them down, to have your global civilization move from these 20 year turnings into ones that are much longer and eventually diminished.  The crises that are predicted by these two authors have been known by us for many centuries.  They were predicted easily two millennia ago when Christ Michael’s tenure as Jesus was completed.  His return to Salvington began an era of preparation for what is occurring now.  We are using this crises era to reformat the pattern of your global civilization, and as you have been reading about social sustainability, this is far, far different from the social processes that are historic, almost for the last 20,000 years of intense competition.

You get the point, do you not, that this is the last crisis for your world.  Everything globally is going to go “smash” pretty soon, within the end of this decade, and that we are using this time to bring about a new era of social development in your world, one that now has every possibility of success, whereas in past turnings and past saecula, it could not be successful.  The inception of social sustainability is the format that will be laid upon your societies in the future.  This turning will be so destructive as to be irreconcilable by anyone, and that returning to the old methods of social process will be inevitably self-destructive and incredibly obvious to almost everyone who is a social, political, economic leader.  The culture of your world must change in order for humanity to survive.  We are here to insure that humanity does survive, and that there is a plan, a pattern, a format that is in existence before the destruction of your civilization, so that when it is reformed, it can do so in a very constructive manner that leads to the days of light and life.  This is the totality of the program and projections for the Correcting Time.

The beginning of this crisis period

MMc:  Charles has given us the date 2005 as the beginning of this crisis period.  Would that date be reasonable?

MONJORONSON:  Yes, it is quite reasonable.  You have actually seen the turning of the unraveling, as the authors of “The Fourth Turning” call this era.  It began with the destruction of the Twin Towers, 9/11/2001 in the United States, this has created tremendous disruption to this nation, with repercussions around the world, and led to the invasion of Iraq, and now the unsettling of that whole civilization in the Middle East at this time, which is 2013.  You ask that 2005 is the most reasonable date for the crisis era to begin.

MMc:  Personal history is composed of life’s four seasons—childhood, young adulthood, maturity and old age.  For a long life, each of these last about 20 years, or about 80-100 years total.  Would you like to explain to our audience how personal history and world history are linked?

MONJORONSON:  I will not engage that at this time, thank you.

MMc:  Does each generation, by their position in history, form an archetype, or are these archetypes biologically hard-wired?


MMc:  Neither?  Okay.  That’s the conclusion of the authors of the book.  So, when you said you didn’t want to explain [to] the audience how personal history and world history are linked, the second question that I asked you is mute at that point, probably.  But, it’s interesting that you answered “neither.”

MONJORONSON:  I don’t wish to get into a literary analysis of the authors’ book.  That is not the reason for this format of our discussions.  The book is simply a means by which readers can come to understand the cyclical nature of individuals’ lives and of their societies, and how those lives are influenced by society and vice versa.  What you are trying to say is “do individuals have influence on the cycles of humanity, of cycles of societies?”  And the answer is yes, very definitely.  When people fail to make decisions, then they fail to influence the future of their world and simply are victims of history, the decisions that have been made in the past.  It is important that societies, individuals—particularly individuals—begin to make decisions that influence the future of their personal lives, family lives, their community, their society and their world.  Without this, there would be no positive, constructive hope for the future.

The interaction of society and human consciousness

Though the cycles may seem to be self-evident and even hard-wired into your genetic system, they are not; they are part of the process of the action and interaction of society and the human consciousness on your planet.  For this particular era, it is critical that individuals make decisions to make contributions to the larger good of their civilization, and to make that altruistically, unselfishly, without regard to competition or for reward.  The future of your world, your civilization, your nation and your society, will not come into its fullness and greatness without the decisions of those individuals who do not seek profits, but seek to benefit humanity and all humankind throughout the world, regardless of their nationality, culture, race or religion.  This is evidence of the best aspects of the Correcting Time, Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission.  This must occur; individuals must make decisions.  If individuals do not make decisions, then this new era that we are speaking about will not come into existence, but will be stillborn and not viable, and your civilization will suffer the results.

MMc:  Is there more that you would like to share with us on this topic?

MONJORONSON:  Not at this time, unless you have some questions that lead in that direction that is profitable for us.

MMc:  I do have several other questions, but you’ve covered those already.  Let me go back to the drawing board and see if I can come up with more.

MONJORONSON:  Certainly, there is much that we can talk about.

MMc:  Certainly.  The situation with this crisis—and you touched on how to get through it in the past—and that it would take our work now in order to seed the future with enough information that it might become socially viable, as you say.  I’m searching for a question that comes off the top of my head, but unfortunately, you’ve answered those.  I’m sure that as we get further into this crisis, we are going to have—because our audience is participating with us—many more questions about what is going on here, but I’m going to turn from this topic, if that’s okay with you at this time?

The end of one era and the beginning of another

MONJORONSON:  One moment.  What you are experiencing is a pregnant pause in the silence that we have right now among and between us.  We have closed out one era of activity and revelation with you and are about to begin a new era, yet there is no evidence that the new era has begun for you or for the readers to appreciate that it has, thus the inactivity is confusing, I would imagine, and presents itself as a conundrum of what to talk about.  It is unfortunate that mortals seem to require, particularly in the Western civilization, rapid response and rapid developments, yet in the work of spirit in the material world, there is a rhythm to it—not cycles, but a rhythm—and that there is a beat and pulse that gives rise to change.  Right now we are at the middle point between the fall and the rise of two cycles, so there is a stillness which is apparent to you, and which you are striving to discern and define more clearly.  Am I correct?

MMc:  Yes, I’m trying to look forward into the future and define what that future holds for us.

Speculation can lead to confusion

MONJORONSON:  Speculation is not profitable and can lead to confusion for yourself and for the readers, if we pursue this further.  Speculation about what will occur is not quite as useful or pragmatic as discussing what is occurring.  That is why you are having difficulty because nothing is happening in appearance to you now.  But we request and ask you to let this lie and we had said a couple weeks ago that there might be a necessity of a hiatus to wait for some developments.  So let us not work on speculation about what may become, as this is very confusing for some who take these speculations as reality, and it is not profitable but leads to confusion and to dismay on the part of those who have actually believed that speculative language and conversation.

MMc:  Thank you.  I understand completely what you are telling me, as completely as I can.  So, let’s change the subject to something that is more pragmatic.

The work of training more transmitter/receivers

Where does the work of training more TRs stand?  Is it done?

MONJORONSON:  No, far from it!  We have only teased you with possibilities.  The necessity of training TRs is vital, but what we are finding is that many individuals who have heard the work of TRs see this as an objective practice, much like practicing your times tables.  However, this is a development—TRing is a development that comes out of your meditative practice, one that is developmental and evolutionary and spiritually uplifting.  It is the passage from simply being one of the audience to being in the conversation with those who are presenting.  So, it is something that can be developed with the correct intentions.  To simply become a clairaudient channel is not of any value in itself, but to have the intention to reveal God’s Will, God’s work through Christ Michael and Nebadonia’s corps of angels, now that is another matter, and that has a different purpose, and it will most surely have our support.  TRing is a vital function of our work, and the capability of what we can do.  This skill needs to be developed in many others.  No, TRing and the teaching of TRing and practice of TRing and its development is not dead.  Once this new pragmatic era of work begins to be expressed, one of the programs that will rise again are the Melchizedek Schools and the intentional practice of teaching individuals to enter into the deeper stillness, into the realm of “no thought,” with the intention of being open and receptive to hear the voice of celestial and spiritual beings.  Thank you for your question; it is very timely.

MMc:  Well, thank you for your answer!

Nailing down the definition of “resources”

MMc:  An audience member sent me several questions that he has concerning a sustainable global economy in Conversations with you, #77.  I wonder if I could ask those of you now?  (Monjoronson:  Certainly.)  According to you, he said in the future resources are available to all.  What is the means for doing this?  How does one begin to make resources more broadly available?

MONJORONSON:  First, you must define what are the resources.  (Pause)  Do you have an answer for that?

MMc:  Well, I would suggest that it was… looking back and reading over what you had said before, I felt that the resources meant those things that are vital for people to have quality of life.

MONJORONSON:  We knew what we were saying when we said it and it is important that the audience clearly understand what those resources are.  If you are referring to physical resources like food, water, arable land and so on, petroleum products and paper and trees, etc., then you have missed the mark.  The resources that are available certainly exist to transform your whole world into a highly civilized developed world that is at peace.  Yet, those resources are not being used and many have been forgotten as being available.  The assumption is that they are not there.  One of the primary resources that is necessary to create a sustainable global economy is the relationship of individuals to materiality and the acquisition of those material goods, which is oftentimes represented now in the terms of money and account balances, which is just a series of numbers and figures in a ledger somewhere.  So, the resources that are available are many and diverse and until your cultural leaders can reinvent the idea of a global economy based on something other than material goods, and monetization of those goods, there will be no progress.

I hope I do not confuse you by saying these things.

MMc:  No, you haven’t confused me, but I do want to ask you if I have missed the mark with material, thinking of resources being material objects and things.  What is meant by “resources” in this regard?  Can you clarify what you mean by resources, please?

MONJORONSON:  I have striven to do that just now, that the resources available are not material; they are not goods; they are not food; they are not water; it is not arable land.  It is literally the attitude and definitions that must be changed in people’s mind about what resources are.  When you have gold, for instance, you see this as a scarce commodity and it has a high price.  When you see capable individuals as a scarce commodity, then they will be valued greatly.  But yet, your people, your cultures, your political systems do not see individual people and the populace as a resource that can be improved, whose qualities and values must be made more valuable.  Resources that we are speaking about are the whole totality of a social organism of millions of people to bring about other results than just producing more goods and services for money.  This is the most primitive, simplistic way of thinking about resources.  Does this help?

MMc:  Yes.  I wasn’t as confused as my reader in this regard.  I understood that the resources are the totality of everything…

MONJORONSON:  I believe you, as a moderator, have used your questions to assist your confused reader and question-asker into greater clear understanding.  Do you believe that you have accomplished that?

MMc:  I believe we have.

MONJORONSON:  I am not trying to be difficult with you, there is a point of…

MMc:  No, you are not.  The situation is that the reader is confused about this and has a list of questions that demonstrate his confusion.  Let me pose another one for you:  If sustainable is not politically based, what is the social mechanism for achieving it?
What is the social mechanism for achieving sustainability?

MONJORONSON:  It is the desire of individuals to live a more peaceful life, one that has continuity without the disruptions of impoverishment and of war and social unrest and social disintegration.  The political mechanism is one that is partisan, which is divisive, which is exclusive, which separates individuals into various camps of opinion.  Political solutions for social sustainability will never come into existence.  It is not possible for a political system to devise socially sustainable solutions.  Socially sustainable solutions are devised and emanate from the very minds of the individual lives of those who live ordinary lives in their communities.  It is their necessity to have balance and stability that will bring about social sustainability.  It has always been the individuals at the local level who have greatest influence over the political system when they see the necessity of doing so.  Once democracies have begun, the idea of shared responsibility becomes part of the mindset of everyone.  Those in power and control have the mindset of monarchs and despots and dictators—totalitarianism at its extremes, sometimes.  But the responsibilities for social change have always begun with individuals and this is where it will change once more.  When individuals are so desperately impoverished, so desperately disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control, they will unite to express that control by individuals coming together.  You are seeing this happening now in the Middle East, where individuals are frustrated by even some of the smallest difficulties and they unite and begin to exert influence upon those in control.  As was said in the news recently about Syria:  There is no military solution to this; it must be by joint consideration and peaceful union.

MMc:  He wonders, in the new global economy, is the “something that you are getting for your labor” an opportunity to access the resources for growth?

The opportunities for growth in the new economy

MONJORONSON:  No.  Let me explain.  Society sees the necessity of providing those opportunities to individuals, not out of sole provision from the public, but on the symbiotic relationship between the individual and society.  Society, for its own sustainability must provide opportunities for growth in order for individuals to improve the quality of their lives.  Money for something is an equation that works in an older economy, but in a newer economy, those opportunities are presented to individuals simply because societies come to the understanding that doing so assists the society and individuals in becoming sustainable.  Opportunities do not come as a matter of making money from your labor to buy or pay for tuition and the opportunities that come.  It could be that individuals in a new economy provide themselves as obligated social service, in order to receive those opportunities.  This is certainly reasonable and a rational way of assisting individuals and the society in developing to become more socially sustainable.  I hope this answer helps.

MMc:  I believe it will.  You had said that… explaining a sustainable global economy would be confusing to us, and it is.  It is going to require a 180-degree turn in our thinking and in our moral values, is it not?

The reason our current economy is unsustainable

MONJORONSON:  Yes.  Your current economy is unsustainable; it is unsustainable because it is based on competition and the acquisition of resources and the profits from use of those resources, and so it is unsustainable because the acquisition of those resources are not returned to improve the betterment of individuals, of families and communities.  And so, if they then become used in your existent economy for increased profits and returns to those who already own them, increasing their wealth, but without positive return to the population, this is unsustainable as it exists; it is part of the old “winner takes all” method of competitive economic development.  Your way of thinking is ingrained with this archaic and unsustainable method of process of economy.

I struggle to infuse you with concepts that are so alien to your thinking.  You have moved from agrarian societies where you have an acreage and you harvest the grains and make the bread for your family, and so on, and the excess you sell on the market, at the marketplace.  So, the process has gone into exploitation of broader fields, so to speak, of natural resources in other countries to gather these to those who have the power to overtake foreign countries in a colonial or neocolonial method of acquisition, and so the resources are returned to those who are most privileged, without regard to those who live in those other countries, whether it is your own county, or whether it is another foreign country.  This is unsustainable.

The exploitation of others’ resources will self-destruct

The exploitation of other people in other nations is an archaic method of developing a civilization, one that is necessary for a time in order for economies to grow, but the mindset of a global economy must change in order for global civilization to exist.  You have created a separation in your thinking between a nation and a global economy, but they are intrinsically involved and keep the acquisition exploitation of nations going for decades and centuries, but eventually, that will wind down and self-destruct.  It is now required, during this crises era that we spoke of just a few minutes ago, that your global economy be redefined.  The dynamics of a global economy require that there be a sharing of resources.  Obviously, in a world that is grossly overpopulated, this is impossible to do, so this crisis will continue as I have told you, years ago, that there will be a vast decimation of the human species.  We project now that your human species will come to the balance of approximately 2.7 billion people around your world.  This is sufficient to maintain your economies, locally, nationally and globally, and is at the level that is needed to maintain that level and not grow.  It may wither further, due to some circumstances, to 2.2 billion, but it is helpful to have it between 2.5 and 3.0 billion people.  More than 3 billion requires the dilution of resources that are needed to grow healthy individuals, socially, emotionally, and culturally.

What you see now is that 7.3 billion people, approximately, have the resources of your world divided among them.  Some of you have a tremendous amount of resources, more than you could ever use in your lifetime, or any generations of your family in the future.  This is an egregious example of a global economy gone haywire.  It is unfair, to say the least.  What we will be doing in this era of unraveling and crises will be to instill the thoughts and concepts of social sustainability, which must be interpreted and applied as individuals, communities and societies can do, are capable of doing, at the level of their understanding.  Just as there has been a development of nuclear and sub-atomic physics, there will be the greater understanding of these social dynamics of sustainability as they are developed in your society.

I have gone far astray from your question; I hope to give you further understanding of what we are up to, and what you are up against.

MMc:  I thank you for enlarging on my question.  A lot of our audience is having a difficult time getting their heads turned around so that they can begin to understand what… not necessarily what life will be like on a physical basis, but the moral and psychological basis they are going to have to adapt to in order to get through this.  I see some people will write me with questions that are right on; others, their questions obviously show that they don’t understand the material that is being presented to them.  And, so, am I presenting this material to you in the way that I have chosen to do it, trying to point out to you that some of our people are confused and perhaps they will need more information in order to lead them to understand where we are and where we are going.

The confusion may last for several years

MONJORONSON:  What is most difficult for you is that this confusion may last for several years.  There are whole generations that go through confusing eras, not understanding where they are or where they are going, but they see clearly the generation before them.  In referring to “The Fourth Turning,” as you have read it, and this is not unusual to be confused.  For some people, the confusion will last a long time, until it is made obvious to them—and sometimes even when it is obvious, they will disagree with it and reject it.  Thus, they continue to remain confused.  Confusion of a whole generation is not unusual.  You have individuals now in your culture who are of an age who do seem confused; they see their parents and past generations going into retirement and realize that they will never be retired; they will never access the resources that will enable them to be retired, and will not be able to access the resources that will unlock and develop the potential that they know is within them.  This is most frustrating and very confusing for them and they seek within themselves for answers and they find none.  They seek outside for answers and they see the possibility, but do not have the access to grasp them.  Surely, this confusion of many of your readers will be quite normal.

We are striving to assist individuals to understand what we are doing, and what we are doing is slowly moving and bending your whole Western culture of over 2 billion people to move into an era of social sustainability.  Obviously, many of those will resist and will not have a clue as to what we are doing.  Others will see these macro-view movements of ours to bend your culture and understand it and will work with us.  Some individuals have had difficulty conforming to their existence in society and may leap to what we are presenting and come across very quickly.  We hope that the vast majority of people will be educated to understand what the future is going to be, and will accept it and voluntarily and consciously and intentionally move towards it with their decisions and their actions and their lives.

MMc:  Do you have anything to say to us in closing, Sir?

We are being offered hope for the future

MONJORONSON:  We are offering you hope, hope for the future as your weeks and months and years progress or digress, or regress, as the case may be from your point of view.  We are here to offer you hope for the future, a plan for your life, for your children and grandchildren and future progeny, to live out in a much more peaceful and stable world.  You who are reading this now will experience some of the most devastating disasters of all human kind.  What your world is now going through and will go through has never been experienced before on such a level and such a scale that will now encompass your whole world.  You had what you called World Wars, but they will pale in dimension compared to the changes that will be wrought upon your world in the next decade.  I offer this not as “disaster speak,” but as something of reality for you to grasp at the hope that is presented to you.

You will not find offers of hope larger than what we offer you here.  You will not find hope in the words of your politicians, or even of your church pastors, ministers and priests and rabbis, of the dimension that we offer.  They offer the hope that in the afterlife you will have a peaceful life.  We are offering you the hope to participate in the work to bring your world into peace, stability and social sustainability in the lifetime of your grandchildren.  This is far off and some of you will have passed long before this becomes reality and many of you of course, will see the disasters of your world.  We are not trying to scare you, not at all.  We are not trying to frighten you; we are trying to apprise you of the reality of your world, which moves so slowly, so slowly, most of the time that you let yourself enter into a stupor of near sleep and unconsciousness to what is happening around you.

My friends, you will see as the past generations have seen the turning of your world within a day’s time or a week’s time into a different era, one that is desperately at odds with the past and with an unknown future.  This is quite a juxtaposition, is it not?  Where the progress of your world moves slowly, but its destruction and its disintegration can occur within days, weeks and a couple of months, and surely, this is what you will see.

There is no hope for your civilization outside of our assistance.  You do not have the political leaders or the non-profit leaders to lead you into the future that will lead to social stability, and you, on one hand, may see that this is hopeless, that there is no human mind, no human intellect, no human culture or human leadership that has the capacity to fix this problem.  This is certainly dismaying.  While you see it as disheartening and leaves you at a loss, we are here to offer you a very pragmatic co-creative process for bringing good into your world where you are empowered, where there is hope there is the possibility.  We are looking at the realization that without assistance—outside assistance, divine assistance— that you are hopeless and helpless.  At that time, perhaps, you will be able to overcome your ego centers of power and authority and control to realize that you do need someone else to assist you, someone who does have a clue, someone who does have a plan, someone who does hold hope out for you that co-creatively you can bring about the desired future that you all wish to live for.

 The limits of growth

Some of you will buy the book, “The Fourth Turning,” and some of you will read it—many will not, of course—but those who do will realize where you are.  I would also offer some other predictive materials that have been presented to your societies decades ago.  We spoke one time of the Club of Rome, which sponsored a research project, which was entitled “The Limits of Growth.”  We suggest that you search that out on your Internet.  Also, there was an update 30 years later, in the early 2000’s, which reviewed the same material and came to the same conclusion.  The United Nations also came to that conclusion on its own initiative in a study of similar nature; they came to the same conclusion.  This conclusion is not any different than Thomas Malthus discovered centuries ago, is it not?  He discerned that there was a limit to growth.  You are now living out that limit.  There were also those, Albert B. Bartlett, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado who has spoken about the limits of growth for the last 30-40 years, and he was totally accurate and correct that there are limits to growth.  This is not new.

[While] what I have told you years ago about the decimation of your global population seems new to you, certainly it is not to your human forecasters, your futurists, your realists, your demographers and economists and strategic planners.  They all have known this for a long time.  Why do you think that your economic stock markets are so speculative this time?  It is because they know it is time to make money because in the future it will all go “kaput.”  They know that; but you have not known it.  You were surprised, you were shocked, you were dismayed at this possibility, but many have known it and many are making money off of it right now.  We are trying to wake you up.  It is good to be innocent—true innocence is worthwhile; it is something to be preserved and honored, but naïveté, certainly not!  Good day.

 [Note:  The book mentioned is “The Fourth Turning,” by William Strauss and Neil Howe and is available from]