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NEC #4 - Charles, Mighty Messenger - The Next Phase of Work - Jul 12, 2013 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations (NEC) – The next phase of work – Jul. 12, 2013

Charles, a Mighty Messenger


  • Many of Our Celestial Friends Are on a Two-month Holiday
  • Setting the Stage for the New Era
  • Some Preparations Have Been Occurring for the past 25 Years
  • The Various World Uprisings
  • Taking Advantage of the Era of Discontent
  • When There Is No Hope, There Is Violence
  • Peoples’ Needs must Be Met Before Their Wants.
  • The next Phase of Work Will Be for Unity and Integrity
  • People Are Willing to Die to Obtain the 3 Core Values
  • Why We Were Told about the Coming Cataclysms
  • How Is the New Era Distinguished from the Prior Era?
  • The Importance of Reframing Societies in the Chaos
  • The Winter of Your Civilization Is upon You
  • Keep Your Awareness Open and Explore Opportunities
  • Your Capacity to Work with Father Is a Social and Spiritual Asset

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Moderator:  Michael McCray
July 12, 2013

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, we come to a session with our Avonal Son and his staff.  We here on Urantia are your children.  We owe you our lives and we offer sincere thanks for that.  We also wish to offer our thanks for the Correcting Time and the changes it will bring to our planet.  Thank you.   Amen

 CHARLES:  Good morning, this is Charles.  Let me proceed for Monjoronson, please.

 Roxie:  Welcome, Charles.

MMc:  Good morning, Charles.  Do you have anything to share with us before we start our questions?

Many of our celestial friends are on a two-month holiday

 CHARLES:    We have observed that several of our advanced students have noted that there has been almost a vacuum of presence of spirit since the third week of June.  Several have conferred about this and have found confirmation independently among themselves that this is true, and that through their verification they have known that we have been absent.  Let me speak in detail about that.  As you know from our last session the new era has begun, and the prior era of teaching and informing and preparing you for what is ahead has come to a close.  This does not mean that we will not teach anyone anymore, and it does not mean that the materials of the Teaching Mission or Magisterial Mission are defunct—quite the opposite—they become even more important now that this new era of conjoint, co-responsible, co-creative participation in this new era has begun.

When there is closure to an era of work involved on a planet, it is very much like summer vacation, that many of the staff have gone on holiday, have returned home to their places of friendship and association, to confer with their own teachers and superiors, to confer with their friends and share their experiences and to reflect upon all that has developed, and how this impacts their career, and how they are participating with the Creator Son in the evolution of this sector of space and these many planets, and particularly this one.  The absence that you felt is true; there is a vacancy involved, that many have gone away.  We have a skeleton staff on hand to assist in this era during this hiatus, so to speak.  This hiatus will come to a close with the earth time birthday of Christ Michael as Jesus, and will begin the new era.  This is not a dispensational break, but it is more of a break between projects.  It is a time to retool and make reassignments of staff and allocation of energies, and to develop new associations and networks that support the new era that is being engaged.

Setting the stage for the new era

 While the present staff are on holiday, you can be well assured that the midwayers, energy directors and Melchizedeks are busy re-engineering their energy circuits and connections, so that they support the new work that is to begin.  For those in the interim, those of you and those of us who are “tending the store,” so to speak, are quite busy.  We have much work to do; we are deeply engrossed in setting the stage for the work of the new era.  For us, there is no holiday; there is no reprieve from the break of the routine, other than we are no longer in a routine; we are in a new construction, re-orientation period for approximately two months.

 Of course on your plane—the four levels of your plane, those four dimensions—much work is being done.  There is a concerted effort to make details known on our level, to all staff who will be engaged in this new work, so that everyone can begin it with much energy and verve—excitement, even anticipation.  We do not have expectancy or expect developments, but we do anticipate certain developments.  The lines of probability have been well established for what is to occur, they are well known, but there will be many lines of probability that will spin out of that.  From this 60-day era, this two month era, there is one line of probability, which is firmly established, and for us there is no going back.  We have made a definite, defined commitment of resources to this line of probability, so that it sets the tone for many years to come, just as the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Missions occupied the last 25 years, the next 25 years will be quite dramatic in outworking on your planet.

Some preparations have been occurring for the past 25 years

 What has been subtle and refined and oftentimes in the background of your planet now will come forward—perhaps not to center stage—but there will be the outer working of all the preparations which have occurred in the past 25 years.  These will be quite visible to those who understand the macro-level of developments on a planet, but to those who are not aware of those macro-developments, they will see that everything perhaps appears to remain the same and the chaos will continue.  But for those of us, and you, who are aware of these macro-view perspectives and developments, you will see how the workings of Christ Michael are coming to fruition much more visibly and in 3- and 4-dimensionally pragmatic means.

I cannot be much more specific than that.  I know it seems nebulous to you, and to some of you it is so much psychobabble talk or “spiritualbabble” talk.  To us it is meaningful and it is revelatory in many ways of what is to come.  Those of you who are advanced students, who are operating on the lower level of the morontial realm now as a mortal, see these things very clearly and you will know how to proceed and know what to do when the opportunities that unfold in front of you appear; you will know what to do and you will know what decisions to make and how to engage those developments.

For those of you who do not see it, please have faith that the right and perfect outworking is occurring.  For those of you who have contentious views about these missions, we ask you to please withhold your opinions to let the work of Christ Michael develop without interference.  You will be doing yourself quite a disservice if you continue, as you will surely become isolated.   This is not a threat; this is just simply “how to operate when such a powerful development occurs on a planet.”  When you make decisions, however, remember that those decisions are sovereign unto you, and that you will have the responsibility of those decisions.

 I’ll now answer questions, please.

The various world uprisings

MMc:  The question I have is looking at the news and finding that there are different spots around the world where people are wising up and actually getting response from their government that betters their situation, or at least seems to.  This seems to go along with what I’ve seen where several people have noted a very definite change in energy working with spirit.  That you mention a hiatus, these two things don’t seem to be…  they seem to be contradictory.  I’m sure they can’t be.  Please help me with this….

CHARLES:  Be more definitive.

MMc:  You mentioned a hiatus going on where the spiritual beings are away and getting ready for this new era, the inauguration of the new era, which I believe you said would come on Aug 21st But what I am seeing is, when I look at the news, there is a definite change going on in peoples’ response to the Arab Spring, São Paulo, Brazil, Egypt and other places where the people are rising up and deposing their governments, or getting the governments to act more in alignment with, hopefully, sustainability.  I also note that there are people who work closely with spirit, who’ve noticed the change in energy when working with spirit.

CHARLES:  There is no disparity here.  What you are seeing is the inertia of all the work that has been done in those areas to move people to action.  The work of spirit is longitudinal; there has been tremendous investment in those areas that are now expressing those sentiments powerfully with their governments.  There is no conflict in the hiatus that is occurring between the third week of June and the third week of August.  There are many who have been on site, working hard, who are now on holiday, getting some rest and recuperation.  Their work will engage the inertia that has precipitated these social and political disruptions that you see in the Middle East and in South America in Brazil.  There is no discontinuity in our mind about these activities.

The work of spirit is not instantaneous when it comes to societies or individuals.  It requires days, months and years—sometimes decades—to move a society to the point where it begins to rebel or to not accept the dictates of a wrongful government or wrongful decisions by governmental leaders.  You will note that in São Paulo, the individuals have risen up due to a small increase in bus fare; this was the tipping point of discontent.  They were voicing their discontent about this small action, yet that small action is representative of the disparity of involvement of people in the course and destiny of their own lives.  You see this in Turkey, where people rose up over a decision to take out a central city park and turn it into condominiums and businesses.  It was a decision that was at odds with the sentiments of people on the quality of life.  Parks and spaces between buildings and businesses in cities is incredibly important; it adds to the quality of life of living, where people can go and sit on a park bench and talk at ease while among trees and grass, birds and squirrels and so on.  It is the point of reference of hard-handed government that is cold and unconcerned about the quality of life of individuals and those who appreciate and enjoy those small things.  This is the point of the discontent that is so important to what you see in São Paulo, and what you see in Damascus is that these people have the same theme of discontent.  What you are seeing is the broad historic work of Nebadonia and her angelic corps to increase the sentiment of mass human thought.

This is not done instantaneously and it does not stop when angels go back home to recuperate from the front lines, working on this world.  This is “Afghanistan” to us; this is “Iraq” to us; these are times where we must return home so that we do not suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome—PTSD.  There is a spiritual side to that; there is the emotional energy of spirituality that is also reflected in all spiritual beings.  That is why a third of our time must be devoted to recreation, to play, to reconstruction of our lives, of recuperative reflection so that we have time to go to the Temple of the Father and meditate with the Father in worship.  This is recuperative for us.  The fact of this syndrome is well known on our side is as it should be well known on yours.

Just because we go on holiday does not mean that the switch is turned off and darkness appears on your planet.  That is not the case at all; it is simply that there is opportunity for an excess of staff to return home, while a skeleton crew maintains and the other crew is preparing for the new era.  The inertia of the work that we have completed is huge.  Spiritual energy has mass, it is palpable to us, it is light, it is real, it has weight.  It is the light of God, of Nebadonia, that emanates from the hearts and minds of individuals that carries forward into the future.  It does not stop once we go on holiday; it continues.  There is an outworking that was initiated before, and it continues through this two month period into the future.  It is very much dovetailed; it is like fish scales—they are layered so that the fish can go faster, and so before one scale ends another begins and you have a smooth flow through the events of time.  Projects that were started years and months ago are now in tremendous fruition.  Without the work that has been done, you would not see an Arab Spring; you would not see this semi-peaceful discontent among people taking place.

Taking advantage of the era of discontent

And so, now you should be asking and speculating, “Now what?”  “What will take advantage of this era of discontent?”  It’s not a rhetorical question at all, but a very pragmatic question that needs to be answered, and of course the answers have been provided.  What is missing from São Paulo, from Damascus, from Cairo, from all the cities that are in discontent, along with those cities in Europe.  Though Europe is long time settled, the same issues, the same problems, the same discontent is there, except that people have their television sets and their programs and other activities to distract them from the quality of life issues, which are so pregnant among all people, of all societies.  What is missing is the expression of core values that brings your whole species together into a focal point, and into a pragmatic, practical way of applying those core values.  Those core values are the core values of social sustainability.

When there is no hope, there is violence

There must be an effort to improve the quality of life of individuals and families.  That effort must be expressed by individuals, by families, by communities, by states, by their governments, by their social agencies, by corporations and be in existence to support the quality of life.  When those agencies do that, take on that value, they too will be supported and become sustainable.  In order to improve the quality of life, there must be growth!  Not growth in numbers of people, but there must be growth provided to individuals to grow within themselves, within their families, within their communities and societies to improve the quality of their lives.  This is called hope!  When people have hope of growing to improve the quality of life, there is peace.  When there is no hope, there is violence—there is rioting, there are political revolutions, there are cultural revolutions—and at the best outset, there is quiet civil disobedience, there is quiet civil unrest, and what you are seeing in the world now.  People will rise up.  Sometimes they do it violently; sometimes they do it peacefully.

 What you are seeing now are some of the more peaceful efforts; however, there is an equation that is involved in the development of violence among people: the longer that people are under suppression, and the more that they are totally suppressed, the more violent will be the eventual uprising, the willingness of individuals who do not care if they die in order to revolt against what they cannot tolerate any longer.  This is the truth of all time; people will rise up, there will be violent revolutions.  What happened in Russia [1917], what happened in France [1789] has the potential to develop in all countries.  It happened in Tunisia; it happened in Libya; it happened in Cairo, in Egypt, and it will happen throughout all the Middle East, in all the tyrant, totalitarian governments there will be an upheaval.  There is an economic totalitarianism in the Arab states, where the Arab families control totally the economic structure of their country, and once the oil flow stops and the income flow stops, then you will see tremendous violence in those countries, too.

 Peoples’ needs must be met before their wants.

 It will no longer be sufficient to build mile-high structures any longer—that will not satisfy people.  They want equality and economic opportunity in their own lives.  And as people are exposed more and more to the news of the world, to be able to confer with other people around the world through FaceBook and compare themselves with others and what they have and what they do not have, they see mightily what they want and what they need.  People’s needs must be met first before their wants are satisfied.  People need freedom, they need control of their own affective environment—they need self-determination.  They are all connected.  Do you see that?  (MMc:  Yes, I can.)

The next phase of work will be for unity and integrity

 So the next phase of our work will be to bring about—you call it social sustainability—but we call it unity, we are going to bring an integrity to all people, all cultures, all ethnic groups, all races, all societies around the world so that all people can see the commonalities of everyone.  These three core values are common to all people, for all time.  They have existed in your species, the Homo sapiens, since the beginning of the species.  They have supported the survival of your species, and even to grow into a thriving, global dominating species.  And because they are so indigenous and so innate to your species, when the expression of those values are thwarted in individuals and families and communities and societies; they rebel and they rise up in violence.  It is easy to die in those cases; we have seen this over and over again.  It is easy for people to sacrifice their lives in the expression of their deepest, deepest needs in life.

People are willing to die to obtain the 3 core values

 The last value is equality, that they truly see themselves as equal; they know within their hearts that they are as worthy and deserving as any other human on earth, to have access to the opportunities of growth that improves the quality of their lives.  The issue of equality causes people to easily sacrifice their lives to help others achieve those ends.

 These values must become known to all people, whether they are the head of a totalitarian government, or whether they are a peon working for a menial standard of living.  Everyone must have these ingrained in their mind.  These are the final factors in the equation of human sustainability and human growth and the survival of the civilizations.

 Why we were told about the coming cataclysms

 Without these three values coming to expression, there would be no reconstruction of your human civilization.  That is why we have told you about the cataclysms, so you can see these things and prepare for them.  If you are going to argue among yourselves about these core values of humanity, then you might as well die under them.  This is not a callous statement or an uncaring or unloving statement; if you want to distract yourself with arguing in the street while a bus comes and runs over both of you, then that is what will happen.  I cannot make it more clear than this, and to tell you simultaneously what we are about, and what we are doing.  So, when you see evidence of this action, these developments in the world, you should take heart that we are co-creatively engaged with you now, in pragmatic terms, and you can participate to work with us co-creatively, just as dynamically as those who are involved now.  Thank you.

How is the new era distinguished from the prior era?

MMc:  You’ve covered so much!  I have some questions here, but most of them have been covered in what you’ve said.  I might ask you, how does the new era distinguish itself from the prior era, and what you would call the past era?

 CHARLES:  The past era was one of announcement, of making you aware and of training individuals to grow spiritually.  There was a subtle, unspoken intention on our part for developing the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission — to announce that the Correcting Time was here and that this is the beginning of several new eras that would evolve; and, there was the two-year curriculum that was presented to various teams throughout the world, to teach spirituality.  The reason why it was so particularly focused to the Western civilization is because it has more technological and democratic openness and capabilities to empower what is to come in the other eras.  That unspoken intention was to begin the development of a cadre of individuals who could be trained and who would co-creatively participate with us in the coming eras of the Correcting Time.  The distinction between the prior era was one of awareness and training and preparation—all of which is preparation for coming eras—and for the distinct preparation of mortal individuals to work closely with us in the forthcoming eras of the Correcting Time.  This new era that we have now begun is one of pragmatic co-creative participation in social evolution, which supports the spiritual evolution of the whole planet.  Religious missionaries know that you must feed the people in order to hold their attention for teaching them religious doctrine.  In our case on an evolutionary planet, we know that we must prepare societies to become content and at peace in order to be able to absorb the spiritual messages that we share with them.  Does this answer your question?

 MMc:  Yes, I believe it does.  I might ask, what is it about this time now that the new era could be inaugurated?

The importance of reframing societies in the chaos

 CHARLES:  This time is particularly disruptive, that is why the new era can occur and come into being.  You know—we have spoken of this a number of times in the past—that there is a Chinese symbol for crisis and chaos, and in the time of crisis, it is a time of chaos and opportunity; it is a time of destruction of old frameworks and the construction of new frameworks.  The word that we like to use is to “reframe” some societies and how they are doing business.  We are not involved in the destruction of societies and communities, but in the reframing of that chaos into a more constructive framework of social progress and process.  This era now has been long, long, long predicted for centuries, and as the centuries have dissolved into decades, it has become more thoroughly known that this line of probability would develop, that there would be a flourishing of technology, a prospering of economic expansion, of neo-colonialization of the harvesting of the resources of this world and that there would be tremendous dissonance of the political realm of this world, plus overpopulation, all of which can lead to the destruction of this civilization so that there would be a new dark age which would last perhaps, two or three centuries.

 Or you could have the opportunity to move this destruction, this crises of a civilization into a reframing, a reconstruction with new conceptual opportunities to take hold in the chaos.  You cannot plant seeds in hard-packed ground; you must put the plow to the land and break it up and turn over the soil and make it so that it can accept new seeds.  Your civilization, your technologies, your cultures, your ways of thinking have made a hardpan of this soil so you think this is the only way to live, that you can run roughshod over it and that you can have your way with the world as it is.  There are repercussions to that, of course, and that means the demise of this old, antiquated way of thinking and living.

The winter of your civilization is upon you

 This disregard for nature and disregard for the intrinsic values of all humanity are simply impossible to maintain.  It is unsustainable.  So, as your world enters into this era of tremendous chaos and destruction and depopulation, it is a time now to plant the seeds that will come in the spring of the new civilization.  The winter of your civilization will soon be upon you.  You are in late fall and soon you will see a tremendous loss of population.  We are not saying it will be next week, or next month, or even next year, but it is eventual.  And when this occurs, then there will be a stillness of winter in your civilization, a time of reflection of thoughtful deepening of what to do, how to proceed. To ask, “Do we resurrect the old patterns of our societies, of doing business, of our governments?  Or do we reinvent them, and reframe them using the best concepts and best ways of social business?  Do we take those best practices into the future and apply as new practices that are in concert and in alignment with the integrity of all humankind?  Do we adopt the three core values of social sustainability as the equitable means of reconstructing our society, so that everyone benefits, where each individual benefits, each community benefits, and societies have a way of maintaining their respect for each other so that they are able to do business among themselves without destructive competition or dominance, without subjugation and submission, but of equality among all operations of government and people?”  You have no way of adopting that now; you have some very thoughtful individuals who have approached these concepts, nibbling around the edges and making good work, but to change the course of your global civilization, even of major cultures in your world, is almost impossible without the old framework being beaten down and placed in new framework.

MMc:  Thank you.  I certainly have more questions, but they are off the subject that I have carried on today.  I wonder if you would like to make some closing remarks at this time?

 Keep your awareness open and explore opportunities

CHARLES:  Yes, certainly, thank you for the opportunity.  Celestials do have hope.  There is hope for us here, working with you during this interim time.  We hope that you will keep your eyes open, your awareness open, to anticipate opportunities coming to you, and that when you see something unusual, something that is positive, something that provides an opening to you and to your society that you would investigate this and explore it; and if it is not for you, then simply back away from it and try another door of opportunity.  If it is for you then continue to engage it positively.  I gave you some practices before in how to engage us co-creatively, powerfully, without doubt, without fear that it would be closed down with you being unaware.  We want you to be totally aware of the progress or lack of progress in the projects that you engage, so that you are able to quickly reorient yourselves to take on a new project, a new opportunity, rather than waste your time in a cul-de-sac that is not supported by us.  We want you to engage us positively in asking for awareness when a project comes to an end, that you are made aware of that, that you are a resource that we can reapply quickly and promptly.  We wish you every opportunity in the future to proceed successfully and that by your openness to us and with us, asking us to open doors of opportunity for you, and to make you aware when those opportunities are closed, so that you can reorient yourselves to new opportunities; it helps everyone.

Your capacity to work with Father is a social and spiritual asset

 We need you; you are our resource.  Why are we doing this with you?  You must ask that.  How is this in concert with social sustainability?  Will we see you as social assets, or just as tools in a factory?  We see you as tools in the social workings of your world, that in order to make you more valuable, we must add more qualities to you; we must improve your capacity to work with the Father, to be one with the Father and to work with us in more capable ways.  Therefore, the training program adds value to you as a social asset, as a spiritual asset, so that it makes you more capable and more valuable to the co-creative operation of your world.  Look for the signs, symbols and omens of opportunity, ask for opportunities and when they arrive, explore them.  That opens your heart, puts you on the right track to ask us to make you aware of when your opportunity closes, so that your time in life is not wasted in dead ends.  We are most willing to have an operational relationship with you as an intentional, conscious, conversational relationship.  This is a new era, friends.  We wish you well in your journey of working with us.  We work with you hand-in-hand on a daily basis, guiding your personal life and the life of your family, this world, and your communities and societies.  We are here to stay.  Are you here to stay, too?  Thank you and good day.