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Frank; ABC22 - Personal Progress - Nov 29, 2012 - George Gordon, Lightline
LOCATION: Light Line
T/R: George Gordon
November 29, 2012

Welcome everyone; this is Light Line, November 29th, 2012. I am your Host, George. I am going to gracefully start with a prayer and let us place our focus on the Celestial Energies that are around us, the spiritual energy. Please whisper a gentle prayer in your hearts that they will be so kind to grace us with their presence and enhance our capacity to receive.

Prayer: Dear Michael and Nebadonia, Sovereign Rulers of our local universe of Nebadon. We pause in our day on this Thursday evening to acknowledge you both as the Sovereign Ruler of our universe. We send greetings from this little obscure planet called Urantia. We appreciate all the help that has been afforded us to be at this juncture and to be so attuned to receive messages from the other side of the curtain.

It is with great faith and assurance that we approach this point in time, knowing full well that we have concrete evidence in the Urantia Book; that we are not alone in the universe and, that the
Celestials are always here to help us as they have always done over many hundreds of years. We ask you, Nebadonia, to please increase our capacities to receive spiritual impulses and that our Thought Adjusters will be in attunement, that in this experience tonight, we will be enhanced and that we will walk away from here feeling refreshed.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to be able to participate in this capacity as someone
who the Celestials can communicate through. All glory to God on Paradise, the Paradise Trinity and the Ancient of Days. All those higher beings who ruler over this universe, be with us now in a special way. We thank you, we thank you, Amen.

FRANK: Good evening my brothers and sisters. My name is Frank; I am the spiritual guide and teacher for this human subject. We have been in association for some time now and with every passing day we find it easier and easier to facilitate communications from the higher realm.

Tonight I want to address everyone here on the topic of: “Personal Progress.” You have heard it said that what it is most important to know is how Michael lived His life here as Jesus. It is also of paramount importance, that attunement with your Adjuster-your eternal partner. Many of the issues that you are having in your daily lives is because of the lack of your being able to tap into that great reservoir of spiritual perception that your Adjusters bring to you. You are in fact cheating yourselves out of a good deal.

We recommend that you try as much as possible to unplug from the things that cause you anxiety, unplug from those things that cause you to be revengeful towards situations; because those are the things that are hampering you from being confident that you live in a universe that is governed by individuals who are well experienced and know what they are doing.

Engage more in cheerful pursuit. You have heard it said: “Shun the very appearance of evil,” evil in the sense of things that create a negative trend and negative reaction; things that stimulate reactions from you that are negative. We are encouraging you to shun the very appearance of these things. To engage more in things that makes you smile. Share your life willingly with those you meet and portray to them a sense of assurance that your eternal life is assured, that you have in fact the proof here on this side that there are spheres called: Mansion Worlds, Jerusem, Edentia, Salvington, Minor Sectors, Major Sectors, SuperUniverses, Havona Circuits and even Paradise itself.

This wealth of information that has been shared with you about the “Era of Light and Life”. On those advance planets not until certain advance stages of “Light and Life” are information pertaining to the Super Universe revealed, so you have the full gambit and you have it in text. That is concrete assurance that you are indeed on the cutting edge. Your Midwayers have worked hand in hand to influence those powers that be to give the permission so that you can have this
information. I will pause here now to see if anyone of them here wishes to give you greetings. Please give me a moment.

BZUTU: Good evening brothers and sisters. I am chief of my kind; called Bzutu or ABC 22. I am a Secondary Midwayer having my origin from the days of Adamson. Having my Genesis through the genes of Adamson, first born of the Violet Race and, from the female lineage
and last of the Nodite people. I have been around for generations and have seen lots of things here on this planet.

I do bring you greetings from just beyond your glare, just beyond the range of your vision. We are busy, very busy at this juncture in your planetary development. We have been given
reinforcement. Other Midwayers from other realms have joined us here on Urantia to assist and bring added experiences to our mission. We work so close to you on a daily basis, even to the extent of preserving lives; the lives of those who are important. Those who we could not afford to lose at this juncture.

It is not for me to dictate the methods or the various ways in which we assist you on a daily basis because, you might become what’s called: “Blown away” if you were to see the activities that go on beyond your range of vision. I just want to assure you that we are close at hand. We are called upon on a daily basis to interact with the material realm to do things that you can bring you happiness. To do things that will help you to get to a higher state of accomplishment; to stimulate your curiosity. Drop an idea in your mind every now and then; whisper something behind your ear. We do all sorts of things to get you to focus on spiritual development, spiritual progress.

Far too much of your time is spent on trivial things that have no lasting value or importance, but as it is, this is what we have to work with and we are indeed happy when we come across individuals like you who have decided to go along this path, the path which has been so well described in your Urantia Papers. We take no credit for what we have done, for the part we have played in the process. It is for others to give those accolades to us. We are just as involved with our work as you are involved in yours and whatever we are asked to do, we do without any need for payment or recognition.

This spiritual work is not something that you will gain much recognition for here in this lifetime.
Hence, do not wait upon that to convince you that you are doing a great work. You seldom will be apprised of such great work until the years after, until you have arrived on higher spheres.

Do not occupy yourself too much with what you are doing, where you are in your progress. Step out in faith, step out in faith and hold on to your status as a son and daughter of the Divine. Hold onto that assurance that you have brothers and sisters in the spiritual realm who assist you on a daily basis.

I will return you back now to your qualified Host, Frank, and I will give you greetings from
Secondary and Primary Midwayers, also from the 11:11 Progress Group. We are progressing also and we watch every day as you progress as well. We are very, very proud of what you have achieved and we only hope that you continue in the same vein and work a little harder with your
spiritual focus; thank you.

FRANK: This is Frank, thank you brother for answering the call. Students, you may now interact with the meeting associates. At this juncture, I am going to open the phones for any questions. I request that you keep the questions along the lines/theme of the lesson. We do not want to jump all over the place handling too many different issues. We intend to keep these lessons focused so that those who will pursue these lessons in the future will get more when the lessons are kept around the same theme.

Calls/phones are now un-muted, I will now be able to address the questions you may have.

GERDEAN: George, I am sorry, I don’t have a question. I observed something and I learn by observation. I would like to make a statement and that is I learned something this evening, and I listen with a critical eye and when I feel it’s something I can give myself to, I sink in and let it consume me. I gained a great deal of confidence in you as a T/R this evening simply because I was taught something and that has to do with the lineage of the Midwayers. I always think of them as having been around only since Adam and Eve who is of course true because they are the grand children of Adam but; they do also go back to the early parentage of Ratta, their ancestor mother, who was indeed from the first assortment of Midwayers and so there is a historic connection which I did not make and so that’s good, thank you.

GEORGE: Well, thank you! I am happy that they did speak up; I think when the message was coming through, I wasn’t getting clearly the name that he was mentioning-he mentioned Adamson. Adamson was the first born of Adam when he had left the garden; he met with Ratta over there in the area of Greece and their grandchildren I think were the ones-the parents for the Secondary Midwayers. She of course has lineage that went back all the way to the Caligastia 100; she was the last remaining lineage of the Nodite race. The Primary Midwayers also date back to the times of the Caligastia 100.

Do we have any other questions? [Pause] ….If there are no more questions, I will see if Frank wants to close out [Pause].

FRANK: This is Frank again. We do appreciate the patience and the time you have all invested in this adventure. Even though you have not seen as much as other planets have seen, what you have seen has been up to your time. You have come week after week to receive that which is provided. We are also encouraging you to invite others to share this experience with you. We do not expect you to go and boast that you are in touch with Celestials Beings, your friends will laugh at you. These are the things that keep your feet, both feet solid on the ground. It is for future generation to praise you for all this effect that you are doing now. Seldom are those praised who are on the cutting edge. Dissipate tension in your every walk of life, radiate sunshine from your person to others.

We live in a cheerful time, great things are afoot on our planet and we are hoping that you will spread the love so those around you will be affected and as they say, “It will go viral.”

Have a good evening. I take my leave of you now. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to work with you and to give you some advice as a former human who is now fused with my Adjuster. We look forward to a time in the future when you all will be fused as well and no doubt may be called upon to participate on some distant planet in the same capacity that I am now serving, good night.