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Nebadonia - Loves Byproduct Is Joy - Sept 02, 2012 - Paul Conklin; Trenton, NJ

Nebadonia (Mother Spirit)
Subject: .   Love’s Byproduct Is Joy My Children
T/R: Paul Conklin
Location: Trenton, NJ
September 02, 2012
My dear children, this is your Mother, what most of the persons on your sphere refer to as the Holy Spirit.  I am your divine parent.  I am what you would call the feminine aspect of the Holy One.  I am pleased to share my femininity with you all.  Why, femininity is another aspect of the Holy One.  It is another way that love’s expressions are shared with all of you.  Don’t you remember a mother’s love?  Even if you have grown up and have moved far away from childhood and from childish things, you never forget the love of your mother.  From her you first learn the ideals of unconditional love.  But where does all love come from, you may ask?  Well, my dear children, I cannot take credit for that.  The One at the center of all things is the very epitome of love and it is from that One, from that One, that I have learned to love.
But today I wish to discuss with all of you the product of that unconditional love that you have received.  You could say that love has a byproduct.  Love’s byproduct is joy my children.  If you are loved, if you give love in return, without any conditions, you receive back to yourself payment due for the love that you have given away freely.  Joy comes back to you like a river that washes over your soul.  The joyful spray serves as a refreshing interlude, a joyful respite from all of your troubles.  You see my children,  life is not misery, nor is it something unbearable.  Life is for the living.  And in the living, if you would just pause, if you would just be quiet, the joy of life would inundate your soul.
What though if you do not feel the joy that is mine?  If you do not feel that joy simply ask me and I will give it to you.   Is there anything that a mother will withhold from their children?  No, there is not a thing that I will keep from you, my precious children.  Why then do you at times feel joyless?  It is all a matter of perception my dear ones.  If you perceive that you are joyless, then you will be joyless.  If you perceive that you are joyful, then you will be joyful.  Don’t you understand the power that you have dear ones?  You have the power to make your lives, lives of misery.  You also have the power to make your lives, lives of unabashed joy.  Why then do so many of you struggle with this at times?
The reason that you struggle with this so often is that you look at this life as the real life.  You make an assessment of this one life and you determine that this life has brought you woe.  Therefore, if this life has brought you woe, and this life is all that there is, then you will wallow in your joylessness.  However, if you look at this life as the temporary scaffolding that leads to the spirit realms, then your outlook will suddenly change.  You will look at those around you in a much different way.  You will begin to see your troubles through the eyes of spirit.  What are these troubles teaching you?  What is it that you will carry with you as you progress inwards towards the Paradise Father?
Let go of the noise that characterizes this world.  Don’t let that discordant and chaotic chatter disturb you.  Those things that you see around you are not real.  The only real thing is that which exists on the inside of you.  If your inner world is chaotic, then so too will be everything that you see in the outer world.  If  your inner world is filled with joy and love and peace, then so too will your outer world be filled with those wonderful things.  Isn’t joy a state of mind my children?  Who will rob you of your state of mind save you?  You are the only one that will either exist in a state of joy or in a state of joylessness.  You are all so very powerful.  You simply need to state your intention to be joyful and YOU WILL BE JOYFUL.  Your minds, the minds that I have given you, are the most powerful things that you possess.  Choose to use those minds in a right way and all what you desire will come to you in large measure.  Choose to use those minds in a wrong way and you will subject yourselves to the misery that you have set up in your own minds.
Do you know how long it takes to change your state of mind?  In an instant dear ones, in an instant.  For example, have you ever been in a foul mood and then something changes your perspective?  Perhaps you are out walking in a beautiful park, commiserating your fate on this world.  As you wrangle with your problems a family walks by with a little one in the stroller.  That little one raises its hands and says ‘hi’ to you in a sweet and childlike way.  Are your troubles so bad now?  A little one, a babe, restored to you your joy in an instant.  If that little one could restore your joy to you in an instant, then how about you?  If you focus on your problems, on what you don’t have, then you will be miserable.  But I would suggest to you all that you are blessed far more than you realize.
Do you know what brings me joy my children?  YOU DO, YOU DO, my children.  Each day you are my crowning joy.  Each day I thank the Eternal One for the gift that He has given me.  The gift that He has enabled me to give to all of you.  You see dear ones, each day I realize that I am loved beyond what I can conceive by the Eternal One and so are you.  So, when those thoughts start to assail you, consider how blessed you are.  Consider that the Eternal One knew you were coming and the He took out all the stops to assure that you would have a joyful life.  Oh, you will experience troubles on this sphere, yes, that is true.  But those troubles will produce the kinds of beings that reflect the perfect will and the perfect love of the Father.  The Eternal One knows that to be as He is, you need to experience troubles.  Those troubles are forging you into a specimen of great beauty.  You are being forged under great pressure.  Yet, when that pressure has taken its course, a beautiful flawless diamond will see the light of day.  YOU, YOU, are the precious diamonds being produced under great pressure.
When your minds fail you what will you do?  Why don’t you just call on your mother?  When you were children and you scraped your knee, what did you do?  Did you not come running to your mother for comfort?  Did she not kiss your booboo and apply a soothing ointment?  Did she not then cover your wound with gauze and a bandage?  Did she not kiss you on your forehead and advise you to return to your play?  Yes, she did that and so much more.  But I have so much more to give you dear ones.  When the game of life has left you wounded, with scars that won’t heal, come to me and I will heal you of that which ails you.  Just ask for my mind when your mind fails you in this life and I will be there to comfort you.  I will apply the salve that soothes.  I will give you the bandages of joy that will have you up and running again in no time.     
In the meantime take an assessment dear ones.  Look soberly at what you really have.  If you, if you, have the Paradise Father, a fragment of that One, living in your heart, then you have everything.  If that is what you have then you are the richest person in all the universe.  Count your blessings and you will see that your woes don’t add up to a hill of beans.  The Paradise Father is my joy every day.  What I have you have if you would just open the power of your mind.  Each day as you arise count your blessings.  See that life is not misery, life is joy.  I am joy my children.  And that which I am I desire to share with all of you.  May the byproduct of the Paradise Father’s love pay you dividends every day.  Become entwined with the dance of life, then the joy that you seek will be yours.  From the Father, so goes the Spirit; from the Spirit, so it goes to my children.  I always tell you dear ones to be in my love, yes I do.  But this day I say to all of you my dear children, be in my joy.