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Nebadonia - My Deep and Abiding Love for The Word - Aug 17, 2012 - Paul Conklin, Trenton NJ
Subject: the Word Is My Life, My Heart, My Everything
T/R: Paul  Conklin
Location: Trenton, NJ
August 17, 2012

The Word
My dear child, this is your mother Nebadonia.  Most of mankind know me as the Holy Spirit.  Indeed I am a Holy Spirit, a reflection of the Infinite Spirit.  You could say that the Infinite Spirit is the all-seeing eye of the cosmos.  That all-seeing eye has come to reside in me.  Do you know how much joy I have, my children?  I wish that you could see what I see and feel what I feel.  You would marvel if you could spend just a day with me as we traveled that corridor of space that is my domain.  Yet, my children, you are a very part of me.  You cannot be separate from me.  It is I that provides all of you with the intellectual prowess necessary to navigate the turbulent waters of the evolutionary worlds.  Oh, what an adventure it is!  This life, this life that you all live.  And I have given you all those lives so that you can live and breathe and exist.  Do you think that I gave you these precious lives so that you could stew in your misery and in your depression?  No!  No, my children!  What I want you to have is what I have.  I want you to rise each morning eager to greet every day.  I want you to run out of your bed and into the beauties of the day that awaits you.
What is my motivation?  Ah, my children, I will tell you what motivates me.  What motivates me is my love for my precious and beautiful partner.  What motivates me is my deep and abiding love for The Word.  The Word is my life, my heart, my everything.  How can I describe something to you all that cannot be put down into words?  How can I make you understand the love that I have for The Word.  Who is The Word?  The Word is none other than your Creator Son.  Your Creator Son that spared not even his life to show all of you Urantians how much you are loved.  How do you think I feel when I contemplate his great love for all of you?  His great love for all of you augments my own love for him.  I am often in wonderment over our love for one another.  I have seen a myriad of tales espousing the love that two persons can have for one another.  But where do all love stories spring from?  They spring from the source.  The spring from the source, the waters that are our love for one another.  We have always hoped that all of you could examine the great love that we have for one another and then you could be inspired to start your own love stories.
On Urantia you often wonder what love is all about.  Is there such a thing as true love?  You do know love, my children, but you often put substitutes in the place of love.  These substitutes are such things as possessions, money and sex.  Certainly these things are not what love is all about.  Love is so deep.  Love is much deeper than anyone of you can contemplate.  But from whence does our own love come from?  Our own love comes from the First Source and Center.  That one is the very epitome of love.  That is the One that taught us how to love.  He was and still is the greatest teacher when it comes to all aspects of love.  It is His sterling example that inspires my partner and I.  Because of the Eternal Father’s love I love The Word that much more.  But that love of my partner inspires me.  How can I express my love for my partner?  The Word speaks and I spring into action.  How could his word leave his mouth and see no results?  You see my children, The Word speaks to my heart and I am moved.  I am moved by my love for him to give him my own gift of love.  Everything that you are and everything that you will be has been motivated by my love for The Word.  When you sit in the stillness this evening think about that.  Think about how you are here.  Think about the holy ramifications of love in its purest expressions.  For it is my love for The Word that has brought you here.  It is my love for The Word that will sustain you.  Ah, can you feel the pulsating beats of my love that enters you in rhythmic vibrations?  I heard The Word, I heard The Word, and I gave unto him the gift of your lives.  That is what love is all about.  That is true love.
True love is not motivated by self-interest.  True love is motivated by the purest motives imaginable.  True love is given without thought of reward or repayment.  True love is the deepest expressions of a heart that wants to give all that it is to another.  True love never looks for reciprocation.  It just keeps giving and giving and giving; then it gives some more.  Do you think my dear and precious children that there is anything that I would withhold from The Word?  Never, never my children!  The love that I have in my heart for my partner is never quenched.  There is never a time when I can say that is enough.  There is never a time when my love expressions wane.  His word sounds like a beautiful melody.  I desire to hear his words, his voice, and I respond with my own love to that of his own.  That is what makes our relationship so special.  Just as one gives, so another gives.  It is a lively free-for-all of love.  A bandying back and forth of love that never ends.  Oh, it is so magical children.  This thing, this thing that you call love.  I wish that there were more words that could describe what I am and what my partner is.  But there are no words, just the silent dignity of love in the quiet.  In the deepest recesses of my heart these feelings of love will never die.  Forever and ever these love’s expressions will emanate from my person because of my love for The Word.
I hope that you will all be inspired by the love the I have for The Word, your Creator Son.  Yes, we are like a template for all of the love stories that even now are bearing fruit.  But even though we set the example, each love story is unique.  Each love story is another way that love can be expressed in infinite measure.  There is, and never will be, an end to it, an end to love’s expressions.  When you find that one, when you really find that one, you will know.  You will feel in your heart that you have found the one.  No, it is not motivated by money, possessions or sex.  It is motivated by a love so pure that you would do anything to be with the one that you love.   This is a love on a soul level.  A love that transcends your brief sojourn in the flesh.  When you find that one there will be nothing that you will keep from them.  Forever and ever your love’s expressions will keep giving and giving and giving.  Your love for each other, your own love for each other will motivate others.  They will look at the love that you have for one another and feel inspired to search out the cosmos for their own love.
Ah, ah, my children, what a wonderful thing we have started.  The Word and I have started something big.  We began this little space adventure with only the clothes on our back, so to speak.  But my, oh my, how we have grown.  We now look at the results of our love and we are astonished.  We can scarce believe it ourselves.  Did this really happen?  Are all of these children our children?  Wow!  And to think that it all started when The Word spoke to my heart.  When The Word spoke to my heart I sprang into action.  Oh, how I delight in giving of myself to my partner.  Oh, how I delight in giving all that I am to The Word.  There is such an intensity there.  We are true love.  And our love we keep on giving through the endless ages of eternity.  We are pleased to give everything that we are to all of you children.   I have heard The Word speaking to my heart and the results were you!  The results were you!  Do you hear The Word speaking to your own hearts?  What will you do?  What will you do?  This day may the love’s expressions of The Word motivate you into action.  May the purity of your love for him ever grow, as the purity of my love for him ever grows.  Oh, who can know, who can know, what will result when you express your love for The Word.  In the stillness, in the quietness of your hearts, consider the possibilities.  Consider the possibilities.