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Nebadonia - Imprinting Your Thoughts and Will - Jul 08, 2012 - CCC Donna D'Ingillo
Donna D'Ingillo

July 8, 2012
My beloved children, this is your Mother who holds you tenderly.  Your thoughts and emotions are delicate threads of energy, and you strengthen them as you imprint upon your Father Michael who is the embodiment of POWER, GLORY, RIGHT-MINDEDNESS and LOVE.  Your systems of consciousness are highly impressionable, and you grow as you learn how to control your imprinting processes and how to use or ignore the various influences that converge around you.
Many individuals living upon this world are totally ignorant of this, and you, as awakened souls, are now beginning to glimpse that you have been products of great imprinting-some influences are beneficial and aligned in Father’s WILL, and others have truly had deleterious impacts on human happiness and health.  Sometimes you do not consciously know what has conditioned you.  Sometimes you will feel that you are in alignment with Father’s WILL, when in fact, something deeper and hidden is affecting your feelings and how you think and respond.
Ponder these ideas, my children, so you can become more open to your growth process and love the process of opening to SPIRIT where the imprinting has the capacity to over-write, or over-light, the shadows of the past misalignments.  Come to your Father and me, and we will shed the TRUTH-LIGHT upon what you need to release, and bring in something more useful for your mindal systems to feed upon.  Then, as you allow these new spirit threads to go deeper into your being through daily living experience, you practice exhibiting those lovely qualities of SPIRIT that so endear you to others and demonstrate the ways of LOVE on the earth.  Thrive in our WILL!