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Ophelius; Orion; ABC22; Prolotheos; Monjoronson; Aaron - Six Transcripts Jan-Mar, 2012 - Progress Group AU

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  1. Transcript 1 - Michigan, US of A, February 5, 2012. Teacher Ophelius Subject: “The Exclusivity of Belief.”
  2. Transcript 2 - Illawarra District, Australia, February 5, 2012 Life Carrier, Orion. Subject: “The Known Unknowns.”
  3. Transcript 3 - Illawarra District, Australia, March 29, 2012. Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22). Subject: “Of Genuine Request.”
  4. Transcript 4 - Chicago, U S of A, January 25, 2012. Teacher Prolotheos. Subject: “Being at Rest.”
  5. Transcript 5 - Urantia, February 8, 2012. Teacher: Monjoronson. Subject: “Mercy.”
  6. Transcript 6 - Illawarra District, Australia, March 25, 2012.  Teacher Aaron. Subject: “Sudden Recall.”

Transcript 1
Michigan, US of A, February 5, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Exclusivity of Belief.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we will talk about faith, beliefs, and religion, and how these things create a construct for the kind of experiences one will have that may lead to spiritual growth or spiritual stagnation. For any kind of spiritual growth, there must be faith -- to believe in God and things unseen -- hope for a better tomorrow and a desire for life eternal. This is the true foundation of spiritual growth. Without it, a belief system is merely a philosophy.

“Atheism is a belief system without faith and without God, and no real spiritual benefit can be had by this belief system nor can it produce a map for the afterlife, which is vital to eternal survival. There are far too many on your world who believe in ‘nothing’ and are headed down a path to oblivion and spiritual death. The expectation of these individuals is that once the physical body expires, life, the personality, and the identity of the individual is terminated and no longer holds a presence or consciousness in time or space. This is most unfortunate because they have ‘willed’ that there be no life hereafter, and so that individual having no map to the afterlife, may find themselves lost and in darkness -- a problem that is systemic on Urantia.

“Religion, on the other hand, is a practice of rituals or doctrinal teachings by a group that sets boundaries and limits to the construct of faith according to the religious credos of the group. It requires of its devotees to accept without question, the tenants of its creeds and to practice and adhere to the religious doctrines taught by the group. This type of belief system may be beneficial to spiritual growth and may provide a foundation for higher concepts of God as the individual progresses and produces good fruit in their life experiences, relationships with others, devotion to God and to service -- evidence of spiritual growth. However, because religion is ‘exclusive’ and sets boundaries by its crystallized dogmas, the devotee may be limited in their concept of God and may not fully realize their true spiritual potential in their terrestrial life.

“One of the dangers of religious exclusivity is that it may seek to impose its views on others’ beliefs and attempt to control governmental and societal institutions to promote its exclusive agenda over other faiths. This is the beginning of tyranny and a spiraling into darkness as was witnessed on Urantia in the medieval period and still persists in many countries and cultures today. With each new generation, the lessons of the past begin to fade from the collective consciousness and the danger of repeating those mistakes persist. It is one of the many goals of The Correcting Time to prevent this backward slide into darkness and to move humanity forward by revealing a higher concept of deity that is all inclusive and that unites, rather than divides, all peoples.

“In order for your world to become sustainable and keep a forward momentum towards Light and Life, world religions must become more tolerant and open the closed loop of exclusivity. Interfaith groups are leading the way to this all inclusive belief in ‘one God, many paths.’ Many souls who adhere to the exclusivity of religion will be surprised in the afterlife that ‘Hell’ is not as populated as they were taught to believe and that they themselves had not achieved perfection in one life by merely crossing over. When all religions teach that the Spirit of the Creator lives in every man, woman, and child, then will the exclusivity doctrines change into the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. This my friends, is the age of Light and Life.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 2
Illawarra District, Australia, February 5, 2012.
Life Carrier, Orion.
Subject: “The Known Unknowns.”

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “To many on your world it is a perplexing thing that a brother can marry his sister, and that such can go on for generation after generation without ill effect to the offspring. Here, of course, I am referring to the Adamites, and to a somewhat lesser degree to the progeny of Andon and Fonta.

“In the case of the Adamites, I note, these were truly supernatural beings, and so designed to ‘withstand’ the intermarriage of close relatives without ill effects. They could have successfully bred up to 1 million or more, and still not show (anything like) the degenerative affects your present-day species would encounter in similar circumstances.

“We consider the Andon and Fonta pair, and here we have a different set of circumstances. Firstly, these two were twins, and they were the first step into humanness, having evolved from an animal species that could successfully breed in tight clans for thousands of years. Their somewhat simple and undifferrated genetic structure allowed for this, and Andon and Fonta, by and large, inherited this structure.

“Consider for instance a pigeon pair; two eggs are laid, and soon you have a healthy new breeding pair. So you see there is great strength in the simpler creations. For humans as they evolve and diversify, becoming more complex, really, it is important that interbreeding is avoided, even outlawed. Indeed, the Nodites of old, supernatural as they were, also interbred successfully to a very large degree.

“We are the Life Carriers that were present on your world for eons of time, bending, prodding, and encouraging life on the planet to evolve into a creature that could house the presence of God, looking for, if I may re-coin this phrase, ‘known unknowns’ that would surprise us, and further assist us to produce more perfect human species on other worlds.

“This we do to so honor our Creator, to gain more advanced mind endowments from our Mother Spirit, and to in the fullness of time fuse with a Fragment of the Creator himself. I am Orion, delighted to here visit a long-time friend.”

George: “Thank you Brother. Known unknowns, indeed.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 3
Illawarra District, Australia, March 29, 2012.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Of Genuine Request.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “Much is made of so-called psychic ability at your human level. However, someone considered most advanced by you, is viewed from our time-space reality as really only marginally ahead of the group. We, your long-lived, long-active, even hyper-active Midwayers talk of gifts, temporary grants, and celestial assistance, hardly ability.

“So let me qualify all this: Firstly, that psychic gift from above is rarely developed to its maximum, and in many cases it remains still-born, a mere potential, as it requires human belief in such a gift. As well, and secondly, as all events in time-space universes are foreseen, and all is possible, some of you may be gifted but for a time, a period, for a specific reason, yes, toward a particular function or goal.

“And beyond that occasion, or period, the gift, and that is what it is, is simply of no further use – there is no further need. The individual simply returns to a less inspired life. Thirdly, there are occasions when an individual is so positioned in a family, community, or nation that it becomes necessary to inspire that man, or woman, or child, to function, to serve, as the inspired one when the gift of a connection may virtually be absent.

“Many a Celestial, and foremost my Midwayer brothers and sisters, can attest to the hard work such circumstances bring in energy expended, when our involvement is thus required. You, who are involved with the psychic realm, our world, our reality, do see your connection to us as gifts rather than personal ability. That which portrays the psychic as a humble co-worker is greatly preferable to us all, rather than false pride so often portrayed.

“Moreover, it is profitable for all of you in meditation and visualisation to often recall, even be innately aware, that all psychic events, all messages from Celestial Teachers, all visions and déjà vu happenings are foreseen and overseen by your Thought Adjuster.

“Does it therefore not stand to reason that when you are about to meditate, or use your gift to do ‘a healing’, you request for the Father Creator to allow and to assist? When you do so as a matter of thoughtful routine, of genuine request, your clarity of perception will grow. Your Thought Adjuster and the Creator of All are One, and your genuine requests do resonate to the very center of Paradise.

“This is ABC-22. I bid you good day.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“Encourage your Children to Learn about God,
Your Scientist to Discover His Laws,
Your Travelers to Admire His Creation.
Now teach your Gifted Ones to hear His Words—
I am Athena, who loves you.”


Transcript 4
Chicago, U S of A, January 25, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Being at Rest.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Anxiety is the characteristic of a restless spirit. Restlessness comes to human beings from their worrying that the circumstances of life will spin out of control into bad situations, causing harm to them. Anxiety is their being afraid of that which does not yet exist; they fear a possibility. Awareness of possible troubles ahead is useful in avoiding them, or dealing with them properly. However, when troubles are conceived by the mind, they are given life, and once they are projected, they might become actualities. Anxiety is a process of giving life to things you fear, instead of avoiding them.

“The spirit at rest is a condition of one who has gained a mature personality, and developed a level of real beauty and harmony in life. Being at rest is a result of being at peace with the self, others and the universe. The Spirit Within, as you call your Adjuster, is an important element in experiencing this harmonious state of being, because these Mystery Monitors are the ones who sponsor the manifestation of real values in the life of their subjects. Following the Adjuster’s leadings will always improve your ability to deal with anxieties.

“Correct are your sacred records attesting to the truth that “love sends away fear”. Love is the substance of ultimate reality. Evil, adversely, springs from an ill-adaptation of the self to universe laws, it lacks enduring reality. Realizing this should put human minds at rest, by allowing the self to find its place in the cosmic unity that links everything. In nurturing, ministering, and receiving love, human beings are capable of finding their balance in life. Love can ensure real peace because it is the universe technique which accommodates every action and attitude into the good and perfect will of the Father.

“Faith, indeed, is also essential to enjoy spiritual rest. Faith is the expectful state of hope that brings goodness into your personal experience. Good things happen to those who believe. Minds that are open to the good energies of the universe will enter in their energetic flow and make a channel to receive and distribute goodness.

“However, to human beings on Urantia, life develops within the evolutionary cycles of time and space, and perfection is yet a distant, although achievable future goal. You are on a journey from imperfection to perfection, and being at rest is experienced as opposed to having to deal with, everyday disturbing circumstances. The peace of a restful mind is not predicated by absence of conflicts, but by assuming the correct attitude in facing them, which is acceptation and adaptation while pressing for spiritual progress from the standpoint of love and faith.

“So, my pupil, keep on loving and believing, and the anxieties of daily living will fade away, one by one as you face them courageously, for who knows the inherent goodness of the Universe. My love is with you; so is our Father’s love, which makes life very well worth of living! I am Prolotheos, your called-for tutor, only a thought away.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 5
Urantia, February 8, 2012.
Teacher: Monjoronson.
Subject: “Mercy.”

Received by Lytske.

Monjoronson: “It is time to get used to my energy signature and for you to hear from me, whilst I -- a Son of God to make his appearance amongst you on this backward planet -- am still ‘waiting in the wings’. Your many generations have made a great deal of progress and breakthroughs in science and industry. However, you have made hardly enough spiritual progress since the Ruler of your universe was here over two thousand years ago. His loving message for mercy, forgiveness, and love for each other -- the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humankind – has been forgotten in many places.

“The planet has gone through, and is still going through, so much turmoil, that spiritually it has not gained very much. It is well-nigh impossible for the voice of reason to be heard, when sincere and honest people desire and pray for peace.

“There are still those opposing forces who do not want peace, for they have no peace in their hearts. As long as brother wars against brother, you still have not left the ‘caves of barbarism’ behind. Some have not yet become civilized enough to behave as if the God in all things matters, while the peace and love of God is all around everyone. The peace of God is even in the smile of a small child, which invokes such tender feelings of love in the heart of the parent, who in that moment is forever changed.

“It is love which will inspire mercy in the hearts of people everywhere once they experience this love from within, which can be had by taking the time to be in the Stillness of the heart. This is the greatest gift you each can personally experience to grow into the mercy of God, as God is all mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and so much more.

“If you could only begin to imagine how tolerant God is in letting you make all your decisions, look around what has been accomplished by making decisions without asking the eternal One if this is all according to His will. Things truly have now come to a point when the Time of Correction has to be instituted from on High, as the planet is sinking into greed and materialism. How on earth can you feed your immortal souls in this madness?

“You all are to return from whence your seed-soul came, but how can you do this as your souls here are withering in the process of living, because you are just too busy filling your life with idle pursuits, nary giving a thought to the meaning and purpose of life?

“You are born into life for a purpose, and one purpose only; to learn to do the will of God and be of loving and merciful service to one another. Let this thought be embedded into your minds, so the planetary consciousness will change and be uplifted to a more peaceful, loving and tolerant one, so I can make my presence known.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.

Transcript 6
Illawarra District, Australia, March 25, 2012.
Teacher Aaron.
Subject: “Sudden Recall.”

Received by George Barnard.

Teacher Aaron: “This is your teacher Aaron. I have long been a teacher at heart, teaching many about the words, the rules, regulations and guidance about spiritual life scribed onto the papyrus scrolls that I carried. I am a teacher, your teacher, today. Many of my lessons include direct advice, logic, clearly explained, and so very different to the kind of teachings the Master used. He always gave everyone the extreme in personal choice in how they translated the parables he preached. It is in this way that all individuals can allow themselves their own interpretations for what he told them.

“From me you will get to understand the Master’s advice more clearly, directly, in that there are times when the methods of David Zebedee, the methods of gentle persuasion do apply. There are also times when the strict rules of Cymboyton must be followed, yes enforced.

“Like the Master, your Thought Adjuster also tends to be very cautious, very careful, not to overrule your free will prerogatives which are paramount in your life. And here we have an opportunity to clear some past misgivings in the sense that it is well known that people, later in life, are suddenly reminded of small misgivings, of small wrongs that they may have done, of rather interesting situations where they could have been helpful but they neglected to be of use.

“Generally it is considered that this comes with aging, represents a normal happening, and to a degree this is correct. It is a physiological thing that allows you at a later age to sharply remember those things that happened in your youth and for you to in some way find closure, or forgiveness. It is surely of psychological importance that these things come to the fore also, and are reconsidered.

“However, it is within these natural phenomena that your Thought Adjuster also works to remind you of things that happened in the long ago past, some of which may seem negligible in importance. But yet, you need to realize that the life to come, the life you will lead on the Mansion Worlds has different rules about it, is of a different design and while it is possible here on earth to put to rest some of these old and half forgotten happenings, in fact they can be important as matters of closure, as finalization, as a make-ready for the human soul in the life that is lived beyond.

“You have in the past received a lesson on this matter which you probably have forgotten about by now. This is clarification that there are three components to this remembering; a fleeting physiological prompt, a psychological need, and also the stimulus from the Thought Adjuster in the rounding off of one’s earthly life.

“This is Aaron, pleased to once again be with you both. I say Adieu for now.”

George: “Thank you, Aaron.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.