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Charles Mighty Messenger; Voice Within; Athena; Machiventa - Feb 09, 2012 - Teleconference MR, HZ, Gerdean
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-02-09
Teacher: Charles, Voice Within, Athena, Machiventa Melchizedek
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Gerdean O'Dell

Mark: [Preamble] First, I would like to state my gratitude for being part of a group such as this. I honor all of the members who called in because we are all here to explore spirit, to try and go where few have gone before, and so I am a very pleased to be involved with such a group. Today I got a "heads up" of sorts or preview in my meditations this morning regarding Lightline because only the people who want to be here are here, who have the energy and desire to put themselves forward, come to these focus groups.

The "nudge" which I got was to pull some of the threads together which have been talked about over this last little while, and that the energies present at a meeting like this are conducive to working together in a cohesive manner and coming together for a common goal, a project. My question was, what kind of project could we come together for? The directions that filtered in was that we need to move forward the process of building Light and Life and we need to pull together all these lessons and threads we've been given on how to work with the field of play and energies around us.

I recognize this is an extra-ordinary opportunity, Divine Parents I recognize this. We also have on this line a number of contributors and while I recognize this is the night I have been designated [to t/r] I'd like to make it clear that I'd like to get an experimental ball rolling here to make sure the other t/rs on this call feel totally comfortable and welcome to make a contribution as they may be moved. There is no requirement, simply opening up this opportunity to morph into something different outside the normal comfort zone of operation. I got the nudge to play more creatively with the process.

I will start and then we will open it up and see what happens and note the boundaries and see where they might lead. The threads in my consciousness, the repeated theme is the idea that when we engage with spirit we engage with that dimension of ourselves which is the observer, the part of ourselves which is not the body, not the mind, it is behind both of those. It is the eternal component, not restricted by the element of time or space to the degree that our other two components are and this universe principle is what we may use to affect changes that we would like to see by going with spirit to the place where an ideal exists, some vision, some interpretation of reality which is enhanced that is different than the one we had before.

We latch onto them and we are able to live that reality with that part of ourselves that can go there and do that and then we are able to transform our now because the mind and the body are still there, they also inhabit the same space as the spirit, when the spirit goes and is transformed by an ideal, a vision, of  truth, of beauty and comes back to inhabit the space that the body and the mind inhabit, it brings with it that energy. That energy has to live in that same environment, that same proximity and it is transformed by this new reality, this new thing that has been introduced through spirit and brought back into the material plane.

This technique, this universe principle has been widely misunderstood or misinterpreted in that it's not a magical state, it is not an unusual extraordinary thing, it is actually part of who we are as individuals. And so it can be used for healing, it can be used to simply bring us into a different state of being, of awareness, of perception. All those things are subjective things that we may transform ourselves into at will. We can adopt a new opinion, we can seize a new perspective, we can be granted a new awareness in this process and then we are changed forever.

What has to happen is, our physical reality has to match that, has to conform to our new vision, our new awareness of who we are. That is how healing happens, that is how change happens, that is how growth happens, because we have ventured out beyond our parameters and restrictions and we have tasted a new way and then are transformed by that and our lives are changed. We live a new existence now because part of our composition has changed. So that to me ties in with the whole idea of building Light and Life. What is it like to build Light and Life?

That is what we are doing day by day, it's the steps we are taking, the process as it unfolds and all that is true and right, however it doesn't need to stop with that because we as powerful co-creative beings can exercise our intention to go out and kind of stake our claim at a time that is destined in our future. We all can appreciate that Light and Life is on its way, that it's part of our destiny so to speak. We may think it may not be here in our time, or it's going to take this time or that time, this condition or that state but again, those are all things that the mind puts there that the body interprets and them we conform to that pattern, we believe it and so it is.

This building of Light and Life can be done through this process of casting your intention out before you and foreseeing it, fore-tasting it so that when it's imminent and when it's going to arrive, [so] you might as well adopt it and be it and then it can be a part of our lives now. I invite you all to consider that theme as we go forward tonight and I would love to hear what our teachers, spirit presences, have to say about this idea further and I invite this group at this time with intention, to come together and act as a scouting party for Light and Life. What would it look like, what would it feel like, what would it be like, what would our sense of it be? Those are the real etherial aspects of it which we can carry with us and which transform us and bring us closer to the state we can foresee. So moving forward, please anytime, anybody, please feel free to make a contribution to this.

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, First Source and Center of all that is, I feel the rush as you come in and join us as we position ourselves to join you in spirit. Thank you for the opportunity which you provide, the opportunity of this life, the opportunity to get together and share this sojourn. It is my intention to invite you by word as well as by deed into our circle here, our gathering this evening. I put my faith and my trust that you are with us in this process as you have been throughout and that you will continue to be faithful to us in this process such as you have been throughout. I acknowledge that there is always some tinge of uncertainty as I go forward in this process about exactly what your will or desire is for us in this group here and now but I exercise my faith that it will become evident as we go forward and that you will meet us wherever we are and walk us through this process. Let is be so, even in this hour, as we come to you in spirit desiring to share, thank you.

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to you all, I am Charles, and you are right. We will never forsake you, if you will meet us at any part of the way we will always reach back to meet you. This is a direct result of your extension of faith, your desire to reach out beyond your limitations. Your seeking brings the command of a universe. It is acknowledged that we will do our part to make this connection, not to provide for you faith that you do not have but in response rather, to the faith that you possess. It is not our goal to wow individuals or impress them, to lure them to come to us in spirit, but it is ever our goal to respond to those who will make the gesture and to put the first step forward, we will be eager to join you in the walk because we are dedicated to those who are dedicated to us, dedicated to spirit.

So that is the door through which I breeze at this time to be with you, the door of your making, the door of your choosing. You have positioned it so that myself and others may access. You have created this entryway, this portal and you've positioned yourself each time in creating this by this gesture that you make of assembling, of positioning yourselves, and then exercising your faith to receive. I would have a few more threads to offer to the tapestry of understanding about this subject and as you have stated.

This is a basic tenet of universal law, that you are possessed of the ability to be able to transcend your mortal limitations and go into the "video game" of the ethers and by saying this I mean to use the analogy that when a video game is created, all options are programmed into that game in advance so that when you make a choice as a player in this game, you exercise a given option which then opens up a set of potentials and possibilities before you for you to choose. Then you must make another choice and each choice you make has been thought out in advance as to: If you make that choice, then what will happen.

So all things are potential out before you just as a gigantic video game. You are welcome to choose any one of a number of options before you. Each choice you make brings you into a new paradigm, a new room, a new place, a new environment and this environment has within it a set of parameters and choices and options before you. All of these options have been created for you to be able to choose. And so it is that all things exist as potential out there before you. When you decide to exercise you co-creative prerogative, you are a player of the game and you choose which direction you go, how far, how long, and under what circumstances.

As a spiritual being, this game takes on merely new dimensions because if all things are possible out there before you have been pre-programmed into the paradigm, then it remains up to you to venture forth out into this paradigm and to choose a given reality, a given choice that you have made. Having made this choice, you are then entitled to the experience of it just as in playing a video game. This experience that you have by virtue of you venturing out in spirit to have it, is forever a part of your experiential data base and experiences change the observer, they modify the position of the observer by bringing in more information, furnishing more data, providing more outline of the structure.

So perhaps this imagery may be helpful for you as you venture out in spirit knowing that all choices before you have been laid there before you and have been pre-programmed, for having chosen an option brings with it the circumstances of that option and all those are pre-programmed as well so that your choosing creates your reality. Here is where it ties back to what you were mentioning in the preamble. Your having ventured forth and experienced an ideal, a higher reality, a greater truth, changes you as the observer. Then when you are back at home base, cohabiting your vehicle with your mind, you are a changed observer; you have a different set of parameters and awarenesses.

This is how small change is accomplished and how great change is accomplished, the same principle, the same activation, the same process; it is merely the scale that differs. It is no different whether you venture out to go see a movie which takes one evening of preparation and venturing forth out to go have a new experience and return home, all this contained within one days activities of one mortal life experience or whether you venture out beyond the universe into the realm of spirit, experience great revelations and truths and return back home to be at your seat of consciousness as the observer. Big or small, they are the same principle activated. You desire to reach out beyond your present status, you exercise your will to do so, you go out and have this experience and you return having been changed. I invite you to consider how easy a process this is and how profound the results are.

I think that is enough for me to contribute to this forum at this time. I understand it is an open forum and I will allow expression by others. It is a great pleasure for me to venture forth from my abode to come here, now, to have this experience with you, to be changed by it and to never be the same individual again as a result, just like it is yours. Thank you for this opportunity, I now withdraw to open the floor up.

Voice Within: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is the Voice Within intending to continue with the vein of thoughts that have been coming through this evening. The notion of bringing in Light and Life is an interesting notion. Like all notions that at some point become a part of the social structure and the social fabric of a social reality, the beginnings of this begin with the individual, in the mind of the individual. Like for example: There are many in what are considered the western countries who have begun the practice of meditation, of quieting and stilling the mind and gradually changing things in their life from the inside, becoming more conscious of who they are and how they are, especially in relationship to others.

This notion has been practiced for hundreds of years by others in another part of the world. In holding this consciousness they have prepared for the consciousness of man to begin to become aware of these practices that help change the matrix of the individual and therefore transfer into changing the matrix of society, the way in which things are done. This is how Light and Life will be brought about, not as how you individually see it but by myriads of beings together finding a way to express what they feel and sense inside; what they are experiencing will at some point begin to transfer into social patterns, into social consciousness. It will touch every part of the social fabric, the workplace, the halls of politics; it will touch the churches, the schools, education, health; everything will be affected by Light and Life.

Light and Life will not just happen but it will show itself because individuals are making it happen in themselves and groups of people beginning to make it happen will cause a mass consciousness to evolve which will affect how it is brought into reality. For example: On the planet at the moment there is a rising consciousness of the inequalities brought forth by the thoughts that some people are more preferred to be on the planet than others, that some people should have access to the resources of the planet and others do not. These inequalities are brought into the consciousness because they are real and every human being on the planet in consciousness is real. Each one of you is equal in resource to the next.

But the way in which society has evolved and structured its working is faced with imminent change. How will this be brought about? Many are suffering; people stand up and sacrifice their own lives for what they believe is right for all men. At first there is tremendous talk of change and eventually this change may result in the same old patterning but in time, true change will happen because of consciousness, because it is intended, it is intended by discipline, by discipline of the mind. Unlike a wealthy person who has a tremendous amount of resources which [are] not shared by others, in a spiritual sense, the consciousness of Light and Life by its very nature is a consciousness which can and will be shared by all at some point.

There is not much that you can do that you are not doing right now to make this happen any faster. It will happen at its own pace no matter how much it is desired. Until it is desired by a mass consciousness it will continue to evolve, continue to manifest here and there and one day, you will possibly be here when it happens; if not, you will know that you have laid the groundwork for it to exist. Without the cornerstone, the building cannot stand. Without a proper foundation it will not exist. You my friends are helping to construct its foundation, you are the cornerstone of Light and Life. You are the deciding factor that it shall be manifested on this world, this beautiful world designed for Light and Life.

I thank you for allowing me these thoughts this evening. Go in peace, continue your practice and hold intention in spirit consciousness, thank you.

Athena: [Gerdean] Good evening, this is Athena responding to your invitation earlier to participate and contribute as a shall we call it, co-creative design team to undertake to study, implement, and foster a state of Light and LIfe on Urantia here. I have a few things I's like to contribute. I shan't do much about it this evening but I would like to participate and contribute to the generous sharing of Charles and the Inner Voice.

Elemental being the idea that the real building goes on in spirit form or in the morontia form in that that's where the true substance lay, but the material world will always give forth the shadow of the true substance. And so as you build your brave new world in the ideals of your consciousness, your God consciousness, your social consciousness for the worlds to come, the natural upshot of that will be evolution on the physical plane as enlisted earlier by the Voice in terms of the various fields, education, finance, government etc.

These realities will come to pass. Already we have made great strides just in the past twenty years in introducing the concept of stillness which is a way for you to become inured of the practice of setting yourself apart from the material world to be at home in the spiritual realms, that realm which has greater endurance, greater lasting value, more substance, not to say this life does not have substance and value for you know it does, but in reaching for the higher mind, in striving, you are participating in the creation of the future and not merely adapting to the present.

So continue your stillness practice, recognizing that you now have an open slate, a clean page, a vast chalkboard with endless supplies available to you to begin plotting and planning and participating in those values that will eventuate in a status of life that is recognized as Light and Life, that point in time when all men know and love our creative parent. In certain circles you could almost say you have attained Light and Life, certain circumstances allow for you to come out with your open adoration of our Father and so Light and Life prevails as a condition, a state of being, state of mind.

The work has commenced, progress has already been made. I commend your efforts, your stamina, your persistence. That is all I would like to say at this time except thank you for the opportunity to engage with you, good evening.

Machiventa Melchizedek: [Mark] I bring my greetings to this group, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. It has been a while since I addressed a group such as this but I am drawn to the conversation to provide an observation or two from where I stand. When we began this process together, and I mean you and I, us, when we began this process of exploring the Teaching Mission those years ago, we set out to bite off no more than we could chew and by that I mean we wanted to instigate the lesson plan that fostered the appreciation and awareness of the practice of stillness and of positioning yourselves to engage with spirit.

I am here to report that we have thoroughly gone through this lesson plan a number of times now, carefully modifying our lessons and messages to the audiences at hand, to foster the greatest awareness possible of this key element and ingredient of your spiritual progression. Having accomplished the delivery of this lesson plan and having been duly impressed with its reception by those such as yourselves who have taken these messages to heart and who have transformed their lives as a result of this experience, we now are glad to be moving into the next phase, this coming together and utilizing that which we have learned to this point, activating the very principles we have been discussing and putting them into play to venture out and become creative beings from the seat of our consciousness that has been endowed with this greater awareness as a result of your adopting our lesson plan.

This is a great accomplishment to observe because any teacher is pleased to see that the student has been paying attention and that some of the lessons have sunken in and have been adopted and become transformative in the process. Now we are at a different place. We are at a place of talking about co-creative design teams and building portals and creating foundations for the future that is to be of Light and Life. We are now moving into the phase of walking the walk.

For many years you were content to talk the talk and to see how this talk might become part of the mainstream of your consciousness and it is pleasing to witness that you have absorbed and become new and improved mortals of the realm. This is a great success for which I am very grateful, however with this comes even greater inspiration, even greater desire to see all that we have built be put to use, be exercised, be used to facilitate all that needs to transpire to this world that we have both been devoted to throughout this process.

At first our lessons were very personal and as you have gained the awareness, this personal aspect of your own personal spiritual growth is part of the continuum that you will experience throughout the process. But having developed some degree of this personal growth as an individual, there become exponential potentials which arise. That is where we see ourselves now, here is a brilliant classroom of students. What will they choose to do with their brilliance, with all that they have come to know, all of their personal experience brought to bear in the equation, what will they choose to do and how will this manifest?

There have been many good tips provided tonight as to how to find a direction, a higher way, a superior perspective to use, and then how to access that and make that part of the now, here, as well as it is part of the destiny that you can foresee. This is where we tie together all the lessons from all these years and bring them to bear fruit as we engage our intentions and build this reality we would like to see before us. I am impressed with the inspiration provided by individuals such as yourselves for truly the potentials are well nigh unlimited for those who seek, find, those who desire to do, do, and things get accomplished and made real by the very act of your choosing them and deciding to make them real.

It was unforeseen how the original lesson plans introduced in the beginning of this that you call the Teaching Mission, would have taken us in the direction that we find ourselves going now but it is thrilling to observe and even more so to participate and engage with you in the process. Continue to follow your lead and pursue truth, beauty, and goodness wherever they may lead you and as you have discovered even to this point, you will be rewarded for your efforts in pursuing them.

It is my pleasure to share these words with you this evening. I bid you all have a good week ahead of you, good day.