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Ophelius;  ABC3; Mentori; Unk; Aaron; Samuel; Andrea - Oct 09, 2011 - 7 Transcripts Progress Group, AU

Index of Transcripts in This Document

  • Transcript 1 - Michigan, US of A, October 02, 2011. Teacher Ophelius. Subject: “Shared Wisdom.
  • Transcript 2 - Illawarra District, Australia, September 29, 2011. Midwayer Leader Beatrice (ABC-3). Subject: “A Coma Patient and Purgatory.”
  • Transcript 3 - Urantia. Februay 11, 2011. Mentori Spokesperson. Subject: “Moments in Time.” (a personal admonition).
  • Transcript 4 -  Alabama, US of A, October 20, 2010. Unknown Teacher.  Subject: “Like Children.”
  • Transcript 5 -  Illawarra District, Australia, September 30, 2011. Teacher Aaron of Urantia. Teacher Samuel of Panoptia. Subject: “Tolerance.”
  • Transcript 6 - Michigan, US of A, October 9, 2011. Teacher Ophelius. Subject: “The True Realization of Self.”
  • Transcript 7 -  Illawarra District, Australia, October 5, 2011. Primary Midwayer Andrea. Dante Alighieri. Subject: “Psychic Progression.”

Transcript 1
Michigan, US of A, October 02, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Shared Wisdom.

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today’s message is about the sharing of wisdom.  What do I mean by this?  Wisdom represents the accumulated experiences of lessons learned -- the result of past events that transformed the mind and shaped the personality from a lesser state of perfection to a greater state of perfection.  They are these experiences that are retained as having ‘survival value’ and are so counter-parted by the Indwelling Spirit and added to the growing embryo -- the developing soul of the individual.  It is this growing soul-child that will mature and become the personality of who you really are in the next phase of your ascension on the training worlds of your local system -- the seven mansion worlds.  Through the sharing of wisdom with your fellows, you may accelerate your maturity by avoiding the pitfalls of hard lessons through the recognition of situations and events, and taking right actions based on the translated experiences of others.

“Shared wisdom is the preparation for exploiting opportunities that bring value and transformation of consciousness.  It is the process of sharing valuable life changing information directly from person to person or indirectly from media to person.  Books are a wonderful source of shared wisdom as is the message you are reading now.  Not all information or knowledge is shared wisdom; only those translated experiences that help others to grow in some way may be considered shared wisdom and may be recognized as belonging to one or more of three categories: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

“Media overload, and the transmission of fear through news outlets and other forms of entertainment are of no eternal value and will be left behind with the flesh.  Think about those wonderful moments of discovery -- those ‘ah-ha’ moments you have when speaking with friends or by learning something from a transformational book.  They are these kinds of experiences and use of the time you have in this life that should be maximized, with less time spent on useless preoccupations having little or no value.

“You must all work, play, eat, and sleep -- those things are done for the maintenance of the mind and physical body.  However, for those students on the path, a system of priorities must be created that facilitates the needed time for the gathering of shared wisdom as well as for the sharing of wisdom with others.  Think about how much time you spend during your week learning and sharing wisdom.  Now think about how much time you spend gathering useless information and entertainments that add no value or growth potential.  Is there an imbalance there?  For there to be maximized soul growth and progress, there must be balance.

“If you are out of balance my friends, the pendulum will sooner or later swing the other way in the form of a life lesson that is designed to bring balance to your life and re-start the soul growing process. The sharing of wisdom can be a positive way to stimulate soul growth rather than through the negative ‘hard knocks’ of life.  Communicate; cooperate; learn and share.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 2
Illawarra District, Australia, September 29, 2011.
Midwayer Leader Beatrice (ABC-3).
Subject: “A Coma Patient and Purgatory.”

Received by George Barnard.

Beatrice: “I say come on, George.  If you drift any further you will be fast asleep.  Let us get started.  As they say in the Tennessee hills and probably in many other places, ‘You mentioned my name, so here I am, and now you will just have to put up with me.’  This is Midwayer Leader Beatrice.  It is a pleasure to actually be with you, whilst on most occasions I don’t have much to say -- no message for you.  I do visit here often and I enjoy being with you and in a silent kind of way I partake in the conversation (Beatrice often uses subliminal input as she is not officially part of the 11:11 Group).

We are talking this evening about a coma patient – a sad happening for a young family, and one of those accidents that can devastate so many.  I shall try to answer, as well as I can, the questions that have been put to you.  Your world is at a great disadvantage, because amongst your medical people there are very few who would have the ability to decide whether for a coma patient the Thought Adjuster is resting nearby, still available, or whether this Adjuster has gone and is basically awaiting the organization of the Morontia body of the particular patient capable of ‘letting go of’ his or her physical self.

“Such a situation is often a hold-up, but less so on advanced worlds where accidents happen regularly, as well.  Would that amongst your people there would be those who can easily determine whether the Adjuster is still present or not, it would become an easier matter for you to revive a coma patient with frequent stimulation, or if nothing further were to be done, to simply turn off all life support.  It is not for me to say here that this particular patient should have her life support system turned off, oh no!  Indeed, we do not interfere in your world efforts, your worldly progress, or lack thereof, unless clearly directed.

“However, only in part related to this talk, I want to explain to you, and make it clear, that for worlds such as yours, where there is no visible being from Paradise, where there is no spiritual world government, less is asked of you.  And it is normal for by far the greater percentage of souls from this world, almost without exception, to be sent to Mansonia One.  Much less is asked of you except perhaps that you may vaguely feel that there is another life to come after life on this earth.

“Compared to those from other worlds, allowed to freely intermingle with the many different human races that find themselves on Mansonia, you become more or less isolated on Mansonia One.  Only slowly on will you be introduced to others that do not resemble you as well as do your own varied races.  For you on Mansonia One there is much to learn, much to get used to, many strange habits to be purged, and much time is taken in achieving this.  Indeed, your purgatory will hardly have you float on a sea of flames as some misguided fellows do teach.

“This is Midwayer Leader Beatrice.  I do so dislike the title ‘Chief’ – so definitively masculine -- saying, it is good to see you again, good to be with you, and I leave you my love.  I am leaving you now.  Good evening.”

George: “Thank you dear Beatrice.”

Note: Our dear friend, Midwayer Beatrice (ABC-3), is the older sister of Chief Bzutu (ABC-22) and the Master Teacher and Guide of the sage, Dante Alighieri of Divine Comedy fame.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 3
Urantia. Februay 11, 2011.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Moments in Time.” (a personal admonition).

Received by Lytske.

Mentori Spokesperson: “At the start of a brand-new day, we suggest, contemplate for a moment how shall you use this day?  Will there be a moment or two dedicated to the Giver of this day, or will it be business as usual, because every day is just like another day, as nothing ever changes.  Have you become so used to the hamster-wheel of life that no new thoughts arrive, as things have become so routine that there simply is nothing new?

“Truly, it is not necessary to look outside yourself for new and different thoughts?  Give some thought to how you can get out of this rut, as reliably, the next moment is presented to you.  Think of how you will use the next moment, and make it count, because sometimes there are no next moments, as life can be drastically changed from one moment to the next.

“What I am alluding to here is that humanity often needs a wake-up call to realize how they are truly misusing their time.  It is so very necessary to delve into the unknown inner life, and note how alive you really are.  Is it a life bound by habitual thoughts and actions?  Of course, you will then have a nondescript life, but on looking back into the past, would there be something you would have liked to change?  Moments lived thoughtlessly cannot be relived, only in memory.

“That's why I stated, ‘How shall you use this day?’  A time of quiet contemplation will elevate that day to a whole new level, as you will experience those moments differently.  A newness will come into play.  The day will seem to flow easier, simply because you have changed your thoughts by ‘hooking up’ to a higher level of existence, closer to where real life is lived.

“The mundane outer world with its false glitter and glamour will take on a somber hue, as you move more into the inner world within yourself where uncountable and unrealized abundance of potential exists, and are practically laying dormant, awaiting your awakening to spend some time in the Silence with the Spark from the Creator.

“Each moment carries a richness of living within itself that you may begin to realize.  How come you did not discover this wealth of riches sooner?  The peace of mind you will experience is utterly calming to your nervous system.  No manufactured pill can achieve this.

“Consider how you can make your life more meaningful in making the moments count.  Needless to say, this can and will be achieved by your effort and struggle to maintain a regular time for prayer and meditation.  These will be your best moments spent, having their greatly positive outcome in eternal life.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.


Transcript 4
Alabama, US of A, October 20, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Like Children.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Why do you feel so often that you are not worthy, that you have failed?  Do you believe your Father is ashamed of you, that He will turn his back on you?

“Those who are mortal parents accept that their children will make many mistakes during their childhood and youth.  It is a known and evident fact that children, not knowing many things of life, make mistakes and stumble sometimes during their growth experience.

“Similarly, all men and women in this world are like children, growing, learning and stumbling from time to time.  The Father loves each one individually, and He knows each one in a personal and intimate fashion.  Just like human parents learn to love their offspring almost illogically due to the years dedicated to their care and well being.  Your Father has loved you since the beginning.

“It is true that in this world many children are not desired and their parents – who are also learning – have not taken the necessary responsibility to raise and educate them, sometimes leaving these little ones abandoned to on their own face the challenges of mortal life.  These children grow with a feeling of abandonment and a false perception of not being important.  However, this is not the case in the Kingdom of the Father.  Each one of your lives was conceived by the Father before this universe came into existence.  In fact, this universe exist for you, all of you, because everything had to be prepared for our existence, so we could enjoy the opportunity to reach the perfection of being.  Are you starting to perceive the magnitude of the love of the Father for each one of us?

“In your life you will stumble many times and make many mistakes.  This is how you learn and how an experience becomes a part of yourself forever.  The Father knows your intentions, your motivations and He is always waiting with open arms for you to come to Him, so He can give you what is yours by birth right as a valuable and indispensable member of the great universal family.”

Translated from Spanish into English by Oscar.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 5
Illawarra District, Australia, September 30, 2011.
Teacher Aaron of Urantia.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Tolerance.”

Received by George Barnard.

Aaron: “We follow on from the recent teachings of your dear friend, Beatrice, enlightening you further about how the souls on your world are cared for.  I hesitate to use the word judged, for there is no judgement, only a pleasant awakening, and much time spent learning and ‘acclimatizing’ to the routine.  We are Samuel and Aaron and this is Aaron speaking to you this evening.

“The former rebellious worlds, especially Urantia, are the draw cards for Teachers, such as ourselves, who have wittingly placed our fusion on hold with the agreement of our Thought Adjusters.  For me it is special to be teaching on the planet of my birth.  They are the former rebellious worlds that need teachings so much more than do normal worlds -- those worlds that have a single, uniform religion that leads to spirituality, as by rights it should be.

“Indeed, the outcome, effect, result of religion is ever meant to be spirituality.  It could be said that those normal worlds are judged a little more precisely as to what is achieved by the individual inhabitants of these worlds.  Your world, without Paradise representation, still, at this point, is judged fairly, generously in comparison.  A great deal of tolerance is allowed your citizens, and one could suggest that it is the Creator Father who, in fact, controls all, does His work among you through the Thought Adjusters, in the way a potter treats his clay material, allowing no waste.  Here I have awakened my loudspeaker in mentioning the potter.

“Not a scrap of the clay he uses ever goes to waste.  Whatever is shaved off the thrown and turning pot is re-introduced to the mix and finds its way into another pot.  It has another chance to become whole, useful, yes, serviceable.  And so does the Eternal Father treat His souls.  There are only those, who purposely work against Him, who find it difficult to make their way to Paradise.  They are all those, ignorant as they could be, that will be given the opportunity, to make up for all that was missing, as they move through the Mansion Worlds and progress.

“The Universe of Universes and especially the Local Universe of Nebadon, is a most efficient organization, second to none.  There are losses, indeed, and they are regrettably viewed as such, but no matter what an individual has done, there are ways to make up, for them to find themselves on a path towards eternity, towards eternal life, towards a life of learning and service -- learning from those above, and teaching those below.  Many of your man-made religions on this world profess some of the harshest treatments for human souls.  Always be aware of this having been instigated and being taught in order to control, in order to make fearful, and in order to press the individuals into a pattern of behavior that is suited to the specific religion.  Remember, a religion is there, any religion is there, to in the end produce a spirituality that makes the individual suitable for further progression on the Mansion worlds and beyond.

“This is your Teacher Aaron.  I suggest you may find more time for meditation and contact with us earlier in the day when you are a little more refreshed, when our messages will come through a little more clearly.  This is Aaron saying good bye for now.  We shall speak again.”

George: “Thank you both.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 6
Michigan, US of A, October 9, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The True Realization of Self.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today’s message is about the true realization of self.  What do I mean by this?  The true realization of self is the state of recognition that one has when the culmination of personality and spiritual awareness becomes integrated into a new paradigm of philosophy about his or her existence as a part of creation -- that moment of realization that one has become an ascending son or daughter of the Creator and their viewpoint of life widens to a juxtaposition of life on earth, and life in the hereafter, as a related continuum of events that has a purpose and a goal to attain perfection and function as a part of the whole.  Simply stated, the moment the ‘part’ becomes aware of the totality of the ‘whole’ is the moment of true realization of self.

“For many of you, much of your life is lived in separation from the whole.  Your thoughts are shielded from this realization of self by social conditioning and survival instincts -- consumed by the ‘daily grind’ and the distractions of material wants and entertainments.  Often times it takes a great crisis to jolt the consciousness out of its path of blind ambitions to realize that he or she is mortal and will be forced into a transition by the termination of physical life.  Only then do the thoughts of eternity and the continuation of identity begin to surface as a precursor to this true realization of self.  Unfortunately for many, these are fleeting thoughts that are soon ‘pushed under’ and filed away as something to think about in old age -- a travesty really.  Still others will embrace this opportunity to change their thinking and really begin to live life with this broader perspective of an eternal continuum.  For these souls, life then becomes precious.

“The development of your world is something of an oddity in the universe.  Most worlds in Nebadon that have reached this stage of technological advancement, as has Urantia, have also attained a much higher degree of spiritual and sociological perfection, which better prepares the souls of that world for their next life on the morontia training worlds of their local system.  The true realization of self is something that is instilled in these individuals from birth and continues throughout life.

“For those of you who have triumphed over this handicap of confusion imposed on you by the sin of rebellion by your deposed caretakers in the Lucifer insurrection, have truly won your stripes and will become much sought after as valued universe administrators in the ages to come.  Your capacity for mercy and understanding of the evolutionary struggle is paramount to great success and leadership as ascending sons and daughters of the Most High.  With this in mind my friends, keep this broader perspective and view of your life in eternal meanings and values while you gather your experiences in the totality of the whole.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 7
Illawarra District, Australia, October 5, 2011.
Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Dante Alighieri.
Subject: “Psychic Progression.”

Received by George Barnard.

Andrea: “I am the friend you’ve had since childhood.  I am the one who finds time to check up on you every single day.  Just of late I’ve been somewhat unnoticed here.  Today it is my turn to come through to you with the greetings of Dante Alighieri, and the greetings of his Midwayer Guide, Beatrice.  This is Andrea, and I am bringing you his message now.  However, before I start, I need to say that you should be duly chastised for even thinking that the great poet of the Divine Comedy would have his fusion on hold.  Dante Alighieri is in higher spheres, and yet, he has a great deal of interest in the efforts of the 11:11 Progress Group and he has left you a message.”

Message of Dante: “This is Dante.  As it is with you today, I also lived in the time when those who took care of the money coffers took a great many liberties.  And those who governed my town colluded with them to enrich themselves.  Indeed, greed knows no time frames, borders, races, or nationalities.  It is clear that you also live in such a time, and it is clear that the economy will tighten, that there will be difficult times for many.

“Bear in mind throughout all this that it is all-important for you to progress psychically, and I wish to explain a number of things that are important.  They deal with your ability to receive instructions – live an intuitive life – no matter the circumstances.  They deal with you growing your ability to receive instructions, and they deal with the results of your persistent work at living a more spiritual life.  The tools you have, the capabilities you have, let us say, the ammunition you bring to this battlefield of human life in progressing the spirit, of advancing into the spiritual realm, is random to say the least.

“You could be greatly talented.  You may find some severe difficulties in even getting your intuition to work for you.  However, at whatever point you start, it is possible for you to increase your intuitive ability, to increase your ability to receive information from nearby, or from distant spheres.  It is with your persistent trying, and therewith improving, that you may well be rewarded with what you long ago named the arrival of the First Aspect of the Morontia Mind -- an exercise of enlightenment, that will bring you closer to your Teachers.  For each of you there is a Teacher at ready to work with you -- his or her beloved student.  Enlightenment is something to aim for, whether you are by nature psychically endowed or whether much of your ability comes from regular meditation, learning, and persistence with these aims.

“I will admit that I was very fortunate in being attuned to much of what was going on.  I will admit that I also received a great deal of help from the likes of Beatrice and the one I called Virgil.  However, also did I spend much time in meditation to achieve what was a working together with a number of celestials to produce my work for to remind those of my time to live a more spiritual life.  I implore you, all of you, who will learn of my discourse of this evening, to set aside a little time each day, to meditate, to contemplate, to allow your mind to be opened to the input of your unseen friends.

“This is Alighieri.  I thank you for giving me your time this evening.  Till we may speak again, my love be with you all.”

George: “Thank you Dante.  Thank you Andrea.

Note: The message was prepared days ago since I was informed he wished to make a point about ‘something encouraging’.  And it came fast, word for word, whilst he knew it would be delivered in the evening, not morning, or midday.  Consider his ability to foresee.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.