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Circle of Seven - The Sentinels & The Reserve Corp of Destiny - Jun 12, 2011 - Illawarra, Progress Group, AU

Michigan, US of A, June 12, 2011.
Circle of Seven Spokesperson.
Subject: “The Sentinels.”

Received by Chris.

Spokesperson: “The message for today concerns certain types of individuals that are known as Sentinels.  They are these individuals that unwittingly watch for key events that will lead to their activation in the Mortal Corps of Destiny.  Although we cannot tell you how many of these Sentinels there are, or their location, we can say that there are more now than there have ever been on Urantia in times past.  It is the function of these mortals to step in during a planetary emergency and lead with divine authority in key areas of society to maintain stability, and direct the affairs of their assigned office in accordance with their spiritual planetary administrators.  These Sentinels have been secretly rehearsed, throughout their life, for this special purpose by their guides and guardians to participate in the Correcting Time and the events that are about to take place on your world.

“Most of these individuals are unaware that they have been chosen to be Sentinels and have no idea as of yet about what role they will have in the affairs of the coming age for which they will serve, yet upon their activation in the Mortal Corps of Destiny, they will speak with authority and people will listen and take direction from them because their Thought Adjusters will be communicating directly with the Thought Adjusters of those around them.  It is this inter-communication of the Divine Fragments that will allow the Sentinels to freely operate.

“Why are we telling you about these Sentinels at this time? Because the time of activation is coming soon and we want you to be aware that such things can occur, and some of you who are reading this transcript may be called to service.  When the activation occurs, you will have knowledge and memories of the training you have received throughout your life from the many celestial sources that have so carefully prepared you for this mission.  Mountains will move for you and there will be no obstacle or fear that will prevent you from completing the mission.

“This receiver is questioning the content and nature of this message, whether or not this message fits the forum of the 11:11 Progress Group, and he is correct in his inquiry, for it does, and we have been informed by your planetary administrators that this is necessary to put before the individuals that need to see it and this forum serves those individuals.  There may be other messages like this from time to time as we move closer to the activation.

“These are exciting times my friends and we are happy to be of service to you and to help you to discover the untapped potential that all of you have as sons and daughters of the Most High God.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.