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Nebadonia - Mothers Day - May 08, 2011 - CCC Donna D-Ingillo
May 8, 2011
My children, Happy Mother’s Day!  This is your Mother Nebadonia, and I send my greetings to all of my children as you remember your human mothers.  What is a mother?  Nurturer, home, love, safety, warmth: perhaps these words spring to mind.  Yet, I am so much more that these things that you have experienced from your human mothers.
I am the very consciousness of LIFE itself and my action in creation brings about your life, providing you that nurturing place to experience what reality is.  Let me embrace you in my being-ness, my children; that you would experience more of the true and perfect divine motherly affection that I have for each one of you!
You will spend many years of your ascension journey in my being, discovering new facets of creation and the creative plan that exists in the mind of God.  How exciting it is for you to awaken to the ties we share together as I uphold you in the universe home you live and take form.
Sit with me now and ask your Universe Mother to move in you, showing you my love, my upholding of your presence in our home.  Grow in me, my beloved children, and enjoy where the journey of your life takes you on this adventure throughout the cosmos!  Be in my peace!