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Inner Voice; Michael - All Are Connected by This Web to Their Divine Parent - Apr 14, 2011 - MR & HZ, Lightline
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2011-04-14
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] Thank you Divine Parents for the opportunity to join with you in this way, to come and meet you in this spiritual arena and to join with you in this aspect of our being, this part of ourselves. It always is such a joy to have such a sensation of your presence and our presence combined. This I see is our relationship to you though we have so many facets of our relationship and I seek at this time to explore them further. I welcome this opportunity to come into service in this fashion. It is the desire of my heart that it be so, thank you.

Inner Voice: [Mark] Greetings, it is I, it is I Am, it is Me, it is that fragment of self. Your name and your impression will be yours and yours alone but the common denominator, if you will, the common thread is that all are connected by this web to their Divine Parent. It is a strong familial time, just one, there are others but this one is a sacred thread. This one leads directly to the First Source and Center from which it has been issued. It is the greatest of all journeys that one could take, to journey to the ultimate point within and in so doing, find the portal to all that is.

Many journeys are undertaken out and about to take in the experience all around you and these are well enjoyed and beneficial, all the while the greatest mystery, the most rewarding undertaking one could pursue is taken traveling in the direction going within. All of you have a sense that there is a great frontier to be explored in this going deeper within and there is some certain lure that is present in attracting you to seek this but you are surrounded by external stimuli which are so potent and alluring as to occupy your capacity to interpret.

All that transpires around you and about you in short, is an enormous distraction. This is why it is so important that one undertakes the effort to engage in the elimination of obstacles and the practice of stillness. And while there is no strict definition for what stillness is to any individual, it does have a uniform result on the participant. It brings you in alignment with  spiritual principles and then you may go back and perceive the world about you but you will have a different lens to look at it through, a different level of awareness and perception.

This is also where you would make space, make allowance, a room for your entertaining of your Divine Fragment, your Voice Within, to invest your energy into the creation of a common ground, a meeting place, a parlor where you will join your associate, your comrade, your partner. This will take an act of will and an act of faith but is entirely within your jurisdiction to do and to achieve, it is merely the activation of a universe principle in motion, to manifestation. Do this at your will, with your will, with your focus, your intention, your alignment with spirit and its principle, your faith that makes it all real and whole. You may know of the principles, you may hear of the talk, you may even be able to repeat what you have been told but we are approaching the time where it must come from you as an individual and it can and it does. There will be a shift in awareness and those who do not consider themselves in tune with spirit will feel the shift. There is a great spiritual pressure being applied. I trust you sense it even now and so such a wave must be utilized with best advantage.

I thank you for the opportunity you bring to open this portal that I might utilize it to communicate through these many cumbersome, even awkward steps so that we may make this happen. It works because we are in faith and we are in action and faith in action is manifestation. That is why this transpires in this moment. I now allow space for others to contribute to this forum at this time. Thank you.   

Henry: Greetings everyone, following in this vein which has been established, one of the thoughts I've had recently about what goes on here on this call is the idea that we get a sense of spirit personality, a sense of the personal nature of spirit, the friendliness and concern of spirt, how spirit chooses to express itself. Unlike reading about personalities, we get actually get a sense of their qualities through the t/ring process. In that respect we are indwelt with an Inner Spirit guide which brings us a truer recognition of personality within our own being, constantly adjusting our thoughts till we hit upon the areas which require effort and process in our lives. It is this work which begins to define and render quality within our own being.

Prayer: [Henry] Divine Parents, we come here tonight in this circle of love and connected energy where we humble ourselves and open an aspect of ourselves to be guided, inspired, and led into a greater and wiser understanding. We thank you for this connection and we thank you for the inspiration which is sent.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Greetings this evening, I Am that still small voice which resides within, here this evening again to share a little bit of the inner workings which go on between the human subject and the Indwelt Presence. In one aspect, man has not been alerted to the fact that there resides within a person a superior aspect of being, an Indwelt Presence. This is part of the human discovery of life, the desire to believe in something greater than just the ability to make mistakes, to believe in something that gives credibility and value to life, and to believe in God and have a working sense of a human relationship with God, an aspect of God.

This is a very progressive concept in the sense that humans have a sense that there is a God, they have a sense of the center and the power and the greatness and the all pervasive nature. What man does not have a sense of is the personal nature of God, the indwelt aspect of personality. Humans are constantly being shown the greater aspect of personality, of personableness in the human discovering this tremendous relationship within. This concept has been given voice for centuries. Many have a sense about it but actually never make tremendous headway, not that this is required necessarily in your life but if one ventures down that path of discovering what truly lies within, man discovers that there develops this delicate and real palpable relationship with spirit.

At one point it was intended that man be designed to depend on spirit, that man depend on the functioning of spirit to reveal the value and the contents of life, to reveal the inner destiny that we all traverse. These forums which are presented, are presented to begin to show that it is possible to take a leap of faith, to truly journey inward and pursue the revelation which resides within, the revelation of self, of person-ness. The times we live in are not necessarily contributing to make this attempt at contact very reasonable and possible.

There is tremendous competition within the mind, between the ego satiation and the underlying subconscious which tends to automatically fill in the blanks and yet, I am not clamoring for attention within you. I am quietly resident, turning thought to the potential of actuality, to quietly reveal my presence within therefore necessarily making sure that man attempts in his own consciousness to go beyond the tangled jungle of thought to the refreshing solitude and stillness of mind to a place which is sacred for both the human and the divine to contact.

This is the concept of taking responsibility for that which exists in your life, for taking responsibility for how you live your life. There is a tremendous dynamic within the human consciousness for the human to adjust, to correct, to learn proper behavior, to adjust thought, to begin to align with a greater force that which reenforces, it reenforces the co-creative aspect of God and man as well as the consequence of a God knowing individual who is capable of utterance beyond an opinion or an attitude or a gripe, but an idea, something with which to structure an aspect of being in life, that which helps to discover a quiet reality within. This is the journey I am speaking of.

All of the correct tools are already in place. One must learn how to use the tools which one is given. One must learn the tool of intuition, the tool of understanding, the tool of knowledge, the tool of courage, the tool of counsel, the tool of wisdom which overrides or is cumulative of the first five, and the tool of worship. Worship is the activating tool; worship is the response, is the ability to return that which is given. It is true that in the human mind, things must be learned in order to be felt; in the spirit mind, things must be felt in order to learn.

There is an observance, an observance of life, an observance of the breath which is purifying, is qualitative. By honoring life and allowing it to express itself uninterrupted, is also the ability to journey deeper within and begin to discover what truly lies deeply within your consciousness that lies within the higher mind of self. There is nothing magical, doctrinal, or procedural about this relationship. It is not something that one can necessarily define to another. It is something that is understood by an act of knowing, of trusting, of truly discovering. It is in that moment when you begin to question that it begins to reveal.

So I am here as a service to use these concepts in language, hopefully in a way which indicates that what I present to you is possible of accomplishment by any of you, for all of you are indwelt with the same Inner Spirit which is seeking recognition, personal recognition. This is why it is difficult to define, because it is personal. One must use the tools to meticulously excavate within the mind until the light of consciousness begins to shine brightly within.

I do thank you for allowing me these thoughts this evening, to share them through a human mind, using human thoughts and human words to help reveal something that is universal and wordless, something that is so full of expression, so creative in its ability to manifest itself and something which truly reveals the value, the eternal spiritual value which your mind truly seeks. Thank you for this time and good evening.
Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, my children, this is Michael this evening. I am here this evening to give a backup voice to the thoughts which have been presented here this evening for I have an ultimate agenda which has not as of yet been fulfilled by the majority of humans on this planet. That is the recognition and acknowledgement of the Father within and the subsequent recognition and acknowledgement of each one of you as brothers and sisters, of one large human family of life under the tutelage of the Fatherhood of God.

Most of you if not all of you will spend your whole lives and probably a few more truly discovering the great divinity which lies within. In the meantime, my agenda cannot wait lifetimes. It is imperative to begin to act in understanding of what I ask, for this also slowly begins to reveal something greater which is felt as the result of beginning to go beyond the self and the small group which the self protects, to accommodate each and every one. This is not just a wild spiritual concept. This is not something I need you to do because I just asked you to do it; this is something that will truly reveal the greatness which lies within humans and the human race as they undertake to move into a greater spiritual dimension of being.

You will learn more about my Father the more you begin to learn about each other, it is reciprocal. It doesn't matter from which direction you approach it for all directions work to reveal the greater understanding of the inner workings of the Father in Heaven and His promise to love and care for all of His children equally, even the wayward ones, even the ones whose arrogance blocks a greater understanding. There truly is no way to maneuver life without discovering the great quality which is yet to be brought out. Fear is not the quality of human life. Fear is nothing more than an animal response condition, motivational at best, shutting down at worst.

To truly begin to understand the greater value and benefit which results in the declared Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of humans, you truly search for the answers in all the wrong places. The answer lies within, within this great search. One day, what I speak of will become fact. It will be practiced and believed by the myriads of people living here. The Father's will eventually prevails for the Father's will embraces eternal life and love and all that is good within. Man will eventually learn that the error of history cannot accompany a move into a greater and more meaningful way of life. Competition must be reconsidered, priorities reevaluated, and an attempt to truly discover what lies within presents itself at no greater time than now to be revealed in the out-workings of the many who truly desire this.

I also thank you for your time, allowing me a few moment to speak. I will step aside and bid you good evening. Thank you.