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Nebadonia - The Lucifer Rebellion - Apr 08, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface by the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, Today I asked our divine mother about the Lucifer rebellion.  I wondered why someone of such high caliber did not see the Eternal Father.  Why did children of mortality get to see the Father after a very long adventure, but persons such as Lucifer did not see Him?  I appreciated the answer that she gave me.]

The Creative Spirit, Nebadonia
The Lucifer Rebellion

My dear child this is your mother Nebadonia.  I love these chats that we have.  It brings me great pleasure to share things from my perspective.  My perspective is unique as is yours child.  That is what makes the universe so diverse and so interesting.  Can you imagine how boring it would be my son if everyone thought exactly alike?  We would be nothing more than robots reacting to stimuli from another source not our own.

This afternoon you asked me a question concerning Lucifer.  In the blue book it refers to a time when Lucifer challenged the authority as you have now become aware.  The Ancients of Days were tyrants and usurpers bent on robbing all of the local universe children of their rights and their freedoms Lucifer claimed.  They would arbitrarily pass the sentence of extinction as it pleased them.  From his perspective their rule was capricious and vindictive.  He saw himself in the role of hero vanquishing the forces of evil.

This Lanonandek son was the brightest of his order.  Why else would he have been given such authority?  Here was the System Sovereign a leader over a local system that would eventually see one thousand inhabited planets.  His was an awesome and sobering responsibility.  Can you imagine what it would take to lead the civilizations of over six hundred worlds into the status of light and life?  Such an undertaking would require a great amount of wisdom and deep and abiding patience.  You can imagine that the transition from primitive planet to a more advancing civilization takes an enormous amount of time, at least from the linear perspective.

With that knowledge there is a sobering realization.  There is a sobering realization that you, the leader of over six hundred worlds, are leading little children to the Father.  To be such a leader requires that you respect each one of your charges.  It requires that you would never take advantage or molest these children of time.  They know so little.  They need constant care and loving direction.  They need to be taught piecemeal.  Whenever this way of doing things is violated it precipitates chaos such as occurred on Urantia and thirty-six other planets.

The extinction of a will creature is not enacted lightly.  Such an enactment will only come about when cosmic insanity has taken place to such an extent that there is no turning back.  My child you are well aware that each one is encouraged to follow the will of the Eternal One.  This One’s will is supernal and perfect.  This One’s will always takes into account the welfare of all his creatures in his widely spread universe.  It is much like a spoiled child in elementary school misbehaving and spoiling it for all the other children.  If that child is not removed no one can learn, no one can advance.  The teacher removes the child from the classroom so that all the others may benefit from what is being taught.

On the cosmic scale my child, so much more is at stake.  Everlasting life is at stake.  If we were to turn a blind eye to every rebel that insisted on his way there would be a heavy price to pay.  So many more children would not have an opportunity to live forever.  Now, we just can’t remove a rebel from the classroom because free will is involved.  Each one is allowed to go the way that their will leads them.  If a rebel was to be stopped immediately then there would be no way to see what side each one would choose.  Free will is such a precious gift.  It is more precious than life itself.  Because if you have life but cannot choose freely then life is a curse, not a gift.

Why then you asked me? Why didn’t Lucifer have the chance to see the Eternal One such as you will have the opportunity to see Him?  You are just a lowly mortal of the realm you may think.  But so much, much more was given Lucifer than you could ever imagine.  His mindal abilities were far above what you can even imagine.  Plus your divine parents are a reflection of the divine.  He could freely access this divine gift.  He was far closer to the Eternal One than any of you children ever were.  Of course, the Eternal One makes up for this lack by giving you fragments of Himself to dwell in your minds.   But the point that I make to you child is that he could see far more than all of you could see yet he chose to rebel.  What is it my children?  How could children of mortality advance and embrace the Father?  They seemingly have nothing while Lucifer appeared to have everything.  You are so far removed from the Infinite One that it takes eons for you all to be in His presence.  But despite  the children of mortality suffering these disadvantages and blindness so many choose to follow the ascension plan to the Father.

Do you see where I am going child?  Lucifer lacked humility.  Yes he was brilliant and he was beautiful.  His wisdom was legendary.  Why else would he have been entrusted with this position?  But for all of his beauty and for all of his glory he forgot something.  Everything that he had was given him.  He received these things as his birthright as it were.  He was so privileged, so blessed.  Yes, he did not see the Father in person, but he was able to see far more than any of you could see.  He had so much child, but he was impatient.  He wanted to see results in a hurry.

Why so much training?  Is the training that you receive unnecessary?   Is it cruel and tedious?   There are so many lessons that you are being taught child.  But high on the list is the lesson of humility.  You all may wonder why you suffer so many things on your sphere.  A big reason for all of your sufferings is as a result of the Lucifer rebellion.  But don’t think that on spheres untouched by rebellion that it is all a bed of roses.  You yourself heard as much my child when you asked your Thought Adjuster why you had suffered so much in this life.  You clearly heard your Thought Adjuster say, ‘I am teaching you humility.’  That quality is so vital my child.  Why you ask?  It is so vital because there will be scores and scores of beings unknown to you that you will fraternize with.  If all of these disparate groups refused to practice humility could you see the chaos?  It would be disastrous.  None of us can always insist on our own way.  There are simply too many of us for that to happen.  So, this life that you are living is teaching you this wonderful  quality.  This really is another aspect of love.  Because when you are humble, you respect the free will of another.  You respect their viewpoint.  You do not insist that your way is the only right way.  There are so many different perspectives that you are discovering now and that you will discover on your ascension journey.  Humility will help you to adjust.  Humility will help you love your universe brothers and sisters despite vast differences in origin and intellect.

This brings us to the other part of this discussion.  Lucifer insisted that there was never really any Father of us all.  He insisted that his divine parents and the Ancients of Days were nothing more than dictators bent on robbing all of their freedoms.  But think of this child.  Is there greater freedom than you find in the Eternal One?  This is where your spirit soars.  This is where you take flight.  If Lucifer was really offering the children of Urantia true freedom shouldn’t such freedom be evident in the kind of world that you are now living in?  Surely if his way was the best way you would see freedom flourishing.  You would see creativity exploding.  Despite his best efforts these things are now blossoming on your world.

Lucifer insisted that each person be allowed to follow his own game plan.  A game plan that did not include the Heavenly Father.  Rather than start the children of time on the journey to the Father he led them all to slavery.  It is this slavery that all of you Urantians are now beginning to break yourselves free from.  You are discovering for the first time where true freedom lies.  This true freedom comes from discovering your uniqueness.  This true freedom comes from exploring all the facets of your God given personality.   This true freedom comes from exploring those opportunities that expands and enlarges your identities.  True freedom comes from being allowed to participate in the Father’s ascension plan.  

Our divine Father is preparing you all for the space adventures to come in the next universe age.  Do you understand now child?  This arduous and thorough training has a grand purpose.  Humility will serve you well in the universes ages to come.  Not a single one of us has all the answers except the divine Father.  He is infinitely deep.  His wisdom is unsurpassing.  He is orchestrating all of his moves perfectly so that all of his children will benefit.  So, here is what is needed.  Trust.  Trust that the Eternal One has everything well in hand.  Trust that He is leading you home to the world of eternity.  You see my child this One wants you to live forever.  If you accept this arduous training you will enter eternity one day.  You are unable to see it all right now, but everything is being done with your welfare in mind.  

Lucifer has been removed, but such removal was his choice.  It is sad that his choices led to this eventuality, but that is what he chose.  Even such a sad ending is reflective of the Love of the Father.  The Father will not insist that anyone live on if that violates their free will.  He wants you all to choose His way because you see the underlying love in all that He does.   But never forget child that this One teaching you possesses the most humility of all.  He would not rightly expect you to display humility if He did not possess that quality himself.  My child, my child, this journey is so uncertain at times I know.  But the Eternal One is always there for you holding your hand and showing you the way.  Just as you are always in His love I say, be in my love.