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Nebadonia - The Instant You Change - Apr 06,2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter: Dear Friends, This is the most beautiful message that I have ever received.  The Mother Spirit's energetic signature is powerful and all encompassing.  I heard Nebadonia say that she had something to tell me.  I centered myself and I heard the theme, The Instant You Change.  As her words poured into my heart I often wept.  Her words are so powerful, so beautiful, I was often typing with tears running down my face.  Those of us that know Mother so deeply and so intimately know what we have to do.  We know what we will do.]

Creative Spirit, Nebadonia
The Instant You Change

My dear child, this is your mother Nebadonia.  How it pleases me to have this contact with you.  I love you so much my child as I love all of my children.  These conversations that we have is what I desire for all of mankind.  Imagine if all of my Urantian children would turn to me en masse.  What a world this would be.  If they would just turn to me I would comfort them.   I would be the salve for all of their troubles.  I would be the balm for all of what ails them.

My dear, dear child and all those that read these messages, this is where you all come in.  So many do not know of me, yet I am a part of them and they are a part of me.   How sad.  But I keep on offering my olive branch in the hopes that they will all reach out and touch it.  Perhaps they will eat the fruit and taste its refreshing oil as it works its way into their system.

When you were all little children you thought that this was your only world, your only reality.  Your world revolved around your mother and your father and your siblings if you happened to have them.  Why, this was the only reality, this was all that you knew.  Then as you grew you began to expand.  You weren’t the only family on the face of the earth.  You learned that this planet was fairly teeming with families on this good earth.

Why, you thought that everyone had it as good as you had it.  You jumped and you ran and you swam.  You played with your friends.  You had such a good life.  But as you grew and you expanded you began to discern something.  Not everyone had what you had.  Not everyone was surrounded by a loving family.  There were little boys and girls just like you.  Some lived in the country of your birth.  Some lived in countries far away and unseen by your eyes.  Some of these little girls and little boys were abused, neglected and forgotten.  Some of these little girls and little boys had little to eat.  Some of these little boys and little girls had no place to live, no place to stay.  Their home was the earth, the dust of the ground.

One day when you were all grown as a young man or a young woman your growth, your expansion continued.  You realized that not only were you a part of this planet, but there were countless planets teeming with life.  There were stars and galaxies and planets beyond comprehension each with little ones struggling, struggling to thrive and survive.  You remembered back, back to that time when you were a little child.  Sometimes you wished that you could make it all go away.  Why are there so many that suffer?  It shouldn’t be like this.  For when you look back on those days you remember those days with fondness.  But my child, so, so many children, when they have grown look at those days with deep pain and regret.

That is the instant that it hits you.  That is the instant that you change.  You no longer see the world just through your eyes, you see the world through the eyes of all of your kin.  You are that little boy or that little girl growing up in impossible circumstances.  You are that little boy or little girl that has nothing.  You are that little boy or girl that is abused, neglected and forgotten.  You fall to your knees and you weep.  This is where your growth, your expansion has brought you.  Your reality has changed dramatically.  You are no longer the center of your world.  You are everyone.  You are every little girl and every little boy.  They all now live within you.  Your love for them resides in your heart.  You understand now.  You understand.

Do you see my children?  When you reach this level of growth, this level of expansion, you are reaching out to touch the heart of God.  For these things that you are feeling are the things that the Almighty God feels.  These little boys and little girls are his children just as you are all His children.  The instant that you change it is like you can now sense the beating, the pulsating, the rhythmic pulsations of the Eternal Ones heart beating within your own heart.  It is like in one instant when this change arrives you see the world before you.  You see it all.  You see the good and the bad.  You see the heartlessness and you see the cruelty.  You see all those little boys and little girls that seem to have no future.  They seem to have no one that will stand up for them.  Will anyone stand up for them?  Will anyone hear them?

But do you suppose my dear ones that when you become full grown adults that you are no longer little boys or little girls?  I tell you my dear ones that you are and will ever be the children of the Almighty One.  Those little boys and those little girls that have somehow managed to grow up while having nothing are still looked upon as little boys and little girls by the Eternal One.   That will never change.  Those little boys and those little girls that have grown up despite being abused, neglected and abandoned are still looked upon as precious children by the Eternal One.

So my dear, dear, children, what shall you do?  Now that you have reached this level of growth and this level of expansion what shall you do?  In that instant of time when you saw all of those little boysand girls of this world suffering so interminably you fell to your knees weeping.  You wept for them  children.  You wept for them because you knew that it did not have to be this way.  But as you arose upon your feet you rose to a new determination.  This new determination spurs you on to greater  acts of love.  You now know what you have to do.  You now know what you will do.

For in the instant that you change you see the One before you.  It is that moment that you have discovered the One.  You see that One as He really is because He now resides in your heart of hearts.  You are inextricably a part of Him and He is inextricably a part of you.  Because little did you know that when you fell to the ground weeping that your Father fell to the ground with you.  But when you arose you realized that you had reached a new level of growth, a new level of expansion.  You were no longer alone.  The King of the Universe reached down to you and lifted you up.  In that instant of time you were born anew.  A new birth, a new creation, another little boy or little girl discovering that there is much, so much more than the eye can see.  My dear, dear children, in this instant, in this moment, take the hand of your Father and comfort all the little boys and the little girls that are suffering.  For as you arise upon your feet, you know what you have to do.  You know what you will do.

My dear little boys and little girls always and forever be in my love.