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Serena - Of Circuitries And Grids - Mar 31, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter: ]  Dear Friends,  I just received a message from Serena concerning grids and circuitries.  She specializes in this and is working to restore and to reconnect us all to this world wide grid.  I appreciated her loving and humorous approach in explaining this to me.  She told me to assuage my doubts.  I do have a lot of doubts.  But Serena assured me that she is quite real.]

Serena, Monjoronson’s Chief of Staff
Of Circuitries And Grids

My dear child this is your sister Serena.  I hail from the central part of this super universe.  I am from an order that is not revealed to you.  I specialize in restoring circuitries and grids.  One of my assignments is to do just that here on Urantia.  I have helped you to tweak your circuitries so that you could be more receptive to our signals.  To the signals that are coming in from your celestial friends.

If I could offer you a simple illustration.  Look at your planet in your mind’s eye.  What do you see?  You see imaginary lines of latitude and longitude.  Imagine that those imaginary lines are interlaced with circuitry.  It is like a telephone switchboard.  Incoming signals are released to alert the recipients that there is a message coming through.  Look at your planet again in your mind’s eye.  What do you see?  You see those imaginary lines again, but now you see sparks of light traveling along those imaginary lines.  There is an intricate grid of interlaced circuitries and sparks of light are speeding on these grid lines faster than the speed of light.  It seems to you that you are witnessing a laser show.  But what you are seeing is the grid for a communications network.  In a way when you connect to this grid, to this circuitry, this is how you dial in to us.  This is how you communicate with us.

Don’t forget my child that you are also dialing in across dimensions.  You live in another dimension foreign to our own dimension.  So, this factor needs to be taken into account as well.  If you could see this as it really is you would be amazed, but there is no way to express these things to you in a way that you could understand.  You would have to see it for yourself.  Then of course, you would have to undergo long and arduous training to understand the dynamics of how to construct grid works and circuitries.  The fact that you are communicating with us now is evidence that these circuitries and these grids are functional.  They are working and they are in top notch condition.

But as you know my child not just anyone can ‘dial’ in to this communications hub.  There needs to be intent.  There needs to be evidence of spiritual growth.  There won’t be any crank calls coming though here.  There won’t be any crank calls coming in because those that are accessing these circuits must be demonstrating that they want to move ahead spiritually.  Those calling in here must have their beloved earthly brethren in their hearts.  Those calling in here want to see those changes on Urantia that will reflect the love and the will of the Father.  Those calling in here desire to see this world of yours change to a world that reflects the love of the Father.

If you could see the Eternal Father as He really and truly is you would be astonished.  For what is the intent behind all of this work?  What is the reason for all these circuitries and for the grid works that surrounds your planet?  The purpose is to connect you with your eternal Father again.  The purpose is to get you all started on your inward and everlasting journey to the Father and to points everlastingly beyond that.  That is how much this One loves you all, you know.  All of this stalwart effort in reclaiming this sphere is happening because of the undying love of our Father.

All of this techno babble has a purpose.  It is far above all of your understanding my dear friends, but it has been inserted here to allow for a more normal ascension process.  This is not something abnormal my dear friends.  This is just something that the inhabitants of Urantia have done without for far, far too long.  It is now time for everyone on Urantia to come up to speed.  It is time for you to be reconnected.  It is time for you to be reconnected with the universe at large.

There are worlds almost beyond counting that are coming in on the radar screen, so to speak.  These worlds and their inhabitants are your friends.  In many cases these worlds are far advanced from your primitive status.  I am referring to your primitive status from a spiritual standpoint.  You are all such little children from that standpoint, but you will grow up.  You will grow up into adults mighty and strong.  You will join your elder brethren in this friendly universe.

Oh, there is an incoming call coming into the network, into the grid.  Another Urantian has discovered the communications grid and I am so filled with joy.  It is so joyful to see my little brothers and sisters responding to our call.  The phones are ringing off the hook.  Will you pick up the phone and listen to what we have to tell you?  This is the most important phone call that you will ever receive.  For you are like the operators that are plugging into the calls that are coming in from all over.

My dear little brother please share this message with all of your brethren.  Assuage your doubts.  Of doubts you have many.  This is what is to be expected on such a world as this.  On a world of agondonters you believe without seeing.  But I tell you little brother I am very real as are all of my associates.  One day you shall see us in a literal sense.  But until then believe without seeing and hear without hearing.  On the world wide communications grid I am just a phone call away.  I send my love and gratefulness to you and to all your brethren.