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Nebadonia - Be Nestled In Me - Mar 29, 2011 - Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Preface from the Transmitter:  Dear Friends,  Our mother came through today with a beautiful message of hope.  She sees the lights starting to turn on upon Urantia.  This is good news.  Every time that I feel fearful or depressed she always responds with a beautiful message.]

Mother Spirit, Nebadonia
Be Nestled In Me

My dear child this is your mother Nebadonia.  The lights are coming on throughout all of Urantia.  If you could see what I see you would sing and dance and rejoice.  A universe watches.  A universe stands aside looking.   A universe waits with bated breath.  For the lights are coming on now all throughout Urantia.  Those lights are illuminating all that you are.  I knew what you were always capable of my children.

Your earthly lullaby’s usually begin with a phrase like ‘hush little child now don’t you cry.’  These words are appropriate for my children have wept for something that they have never had.  They have all longed for peace and love and harmony.  They have longed for beauty and love and peace.  But for most of my children on Urantia these things are something that is always out of their reach.  They long for these things, but they never attain them.  It is pathetic to watch.  My children struggling, crying, weeping, hoping for something more, something better.

My tears are like rain that falls down on my earthly children.  For in this rain there is a hope for the ages.  In this rain is undying love.  In this rain is love and peace and mercy.  Imagine that you are under this cloud and the rains begin to fall down.  You are soaked, but you don’t mind.  You don’t mind because your hopelessness and distress has been replaced.  It has been replaced with the hopefulness of eternity.  Infinity grabs you by the hand and twirls you around as you laugh and giggle.

My dear and precious children of Urantia, how I long to have you near me.  How I long to comfort you.  How I long to sing you a sweet lullaby.  A sweet lullaby of peace and hope and love.  Let me dry the tears that flow down your face.  For if you remain nestled in me I shall provide a warm place for you to go when you are inconsolable.

Let the harpist strike the chords that resound throughout your heart.  For in these chords there is healing power.  For I am like the harpist playing a beautiful tune.  You are transported to another place, another world.  Let the flutist play a tune.  Hear those chords strike the air.  I am like the flutist that plays on my instrument of wood.  Let that tune invade your hearts.  Let the wind play a tune.  Hear the wind play the chimes as its sound reaches your heart and your soul.   I am the wind chime that surrounds you on a cold and bleak winter’s day restoring hope to your heart.

For I am more than any beautiful piece of music that you have ever heard.  My instrument is light and I am expert at playing just the right tunes so that its melodies move out over a universe.  For you my children are little pieces, little fragments, little strands of light that I play a tune upon.  You are my living instruments of light.  When I play the chords of your heart those strains are heard throughout the world.  Wherever your brethren are located on Urantia they hear these chords of your love.  You see my children you are the instruments that play a tune for your brethren.  You are the music that reverberates through a needy and darkened world.  You are the lights that illuminate the darkness.

You are learning to be nestled in me.  Because in me there is the hope of the ages.  In me there is beauty beyond compare.  I desire to share this beauty with you my children.  When you are nestled in me you learn to become the beauty that I am.  All around you your brethren see your lights turning on.  They see that a light has been left on and they go to investigate.  When they arrive they discover the beauty that you are.  Your brethren can be nestled in you when their worlds come crashing down around them.  You will be the harpist striking the right strings.  You will be the flutist singing through your instrument of wood.  You will be the wind that sounds the chimes and provides comfort.  For you are little strands of light that I play a tune upon.  When your brethren hear these tunes being played they come running.  They have never heard a tune like this before.

When they find you they weep anew.  They weep anew because in you they have found the hope of the ages.  In you they have found love and peace and joy.  In you they have found a joyful melody being played upon their hearts.  You can say ‘hush dear friend do not cry,’ for in me there is comfort and hope and love.  I am nestled in mother and now you are nestled in me.

My dear, dear children dry the eyes of your grieving brethren.  Let them weep upon your shoulder  because their grief is your grief.  Let them speak of their trials because their pain is your pain.  Play a tune for them that resounds within their hearts.  May your music be the strains that they hear within their hearts.  For the music of your hearts go forth to find those that are in pain and suffering.

Do you see it my children?  The lights are coming on!  The lights are coming on throughout Urantia!  You are those lights.  You are those lights that I see.  How my heart rejoices for my children have discovered me!  I have always been here awaiting the time when your lights would turn on and you would see in the darkness.  When you turned on your lights you found me with a big smile upon my face.  Here I am with a big smile upon my face and with my arms open wide.  For you are my child and I am your mother.

Just as you are nestled in me my children, will you let your brethren nestle in you?  Let your love and peace and mercy rain down upon your brethren.  Be the refreshing rains that restore their hearts to fullness.  Be the hope that lends them a hand when they have fallen.  For when they arise I see their lights coming on.  Their lights are dim at first until they hear your tunes play upon the wind.  When they hear your tunes of unconditional love playing upon the wind they brighten.  Their lights come on in their full brightness.

When your little strands of light join together you shall become brighter than the sun.  The Eternal One will come here for seasons of refreshing.  He sees the lights of His little ones appearing and He is overcome with great joy.  Hush little children don’t you cry for the longings of your heart come on apace.  Stay nestled in me and I shall play a song for the ages.  I shall play a tune on the little strands of light that I now see coming to life.  No longer will your tears fall like rain.  You shall weep tears of joy as the lights come on all over Urantia.  Always and forever, be in my love.