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Unknown - An Easy Life - Sep 09, 2010 - Progress Group AU

Alabama, US of A, September 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “An Easy Life.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Even when it is true that those who have an experienced Thought Adjuster – as do most of the inhabitants of this world – do not have a guarantee of an easy life, it would be incorrect to assume that Thought Adjusters create problems for human beings.  The problems arise when the mortal, who decides to listen to the inner voice, finds himself or herself in opposition with the materialistic tendencies considered to be normal in this world.

“An easy life is not synonymous with a lack of spiritual progress, and a hard life is no guarantee of spiritual advancement.  Many of those who consider their life to be easy think this way because they have mastered a technique to feel at peace regardless of the circumstances, thanks to progressive communication with the Thought Adjuster.

“The Thought Adjuster does not create difficulties to train human beings.  The difficulties occur when one tries to harmonize the two divergent natures of mortal life -- material and spiritual.  You already know that many material problems could easily be solved by changing selfish human behaviors.  It would be easier to steal food from a weaker person than to work for it.  Many times, when those mortals illuminated by the light of their spirit find themselves in a situation where the obvious and easy solution would bring them further away from their eternal goals, they wisely choose to follow the advise of their Thought Adjuster, and by doing so they suffer physically.

“Our Father only wants happiness for us.  Many a time your materialistic impulses and the external influences make you desire things you don't really need.  You feel you are lacking something when in truth you have all you need to live a fulfilling life.  As you keep getting closer to your Divine Spark, you start to discover the great treasures hidden within you, and your life becomes wonderful in the revelation of all those miracles that were not noticed before.

“Do not fall into the trap of desiring problems and difficulties.  The wise students only take a test when they are ready.  The opportunities for growth are abundant and nothing you need to strengthen your soul will be denied.  A great deed of one day is irrelevant compared to the discipline of a lifetime of making decisions based upon spiritual impulses.”

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