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Nebadonia - The Seasons Of Our Love - Mar 15, 2011 Paul Conklin, Trenton, NJ

[Prologue by the Transmitter:  Dear Friends, Often in my prayers I have asked my Eternal Father and my divine parents why our love here is temporary.  I told them that it all seems so pointless.  We are born.  We grow up.  We find someone and fall in love.  No matter how much we love that person we shall lose them one day.  So what's the point?  What's the point of it all I asked them?]

The Seasons Of Our Love

My dear child, this is your mother Nebadonia.  I am so filled with joy when I can speak with my children.  I am so grateful when you find me and when you interact with me.  It is for this day that I have been longing.  I have been longing for all of my children to find me.  For in me there is joy and love and thanksgiving and peace.  We are one my children.  I am in you and you are in me.

Tonight I would like to speak about the seasons of our love.  My child you wondered why humans start out in the way that they do.  They are born and they are raised by loving parents.  They go through the process of growth both physical and spiritual.  Then when the transition years come and puberty comes on apace there is so much confusion.  This period of rapid growth is confusing because a girl is growing into a woman and a boy is growing into a man.  In between this period there is retrogression.  The girl becoming a woman sometimes will revert to her childhood days.  The same can be said for the boy becoming a man.  There are times when he also longs for those days when he was carefree as a child.

Then if all goes right and each one becomes a full grown yet young adult they may find someone that they love.  There are so many emotions attached to these times.  There is biological attractiveness that draws a girl and a boy, a man and a woman towards each other.  The physical attractiveness is what often brings the two together.  They look into each others’ eyes and there is “instant” chemistry.  It is like they are locked into one another.  They must always be together.  They want to hold each others’ hands.  They can think of only that one.  That one that completes them.

Now if these two are really meant for each other there is talk of wedding plans.  Perhaps the man will propose to the woman.  He has found his true love.  His one and only true love.  The woman has found her love.  Her one and only true love.  Relationships are very fragile.  Some relationships fizzle after a short while.  Other relationships become unglued after many years of being together.  There is really no way to predict why some marriages fail and why some marriages prevail.  But let’s suppose that we are speaking about a marriage that has been strong from the start.  Both man and woman love each other dearly and deeply.

They met when they were young and they had so much in front of them.  They were both in a good place financially.  There was not too much that worried them.  They faced the things that all men and women have to face.  They knew that one day that they would die, but they put off those notions for another time.  Now was the time to focus.  You cannot live in the past nor in the future.  You can only live in the eternal now.  So, each day this couple worked hard to maintain and to improve their relationship.

The young man often wrote poetry expressing his love for his wife.  These words reminded him of why he fell in love with her in the first place.  The wife always treasured these words.  These words cemented her feelings for her man, for her husband.  Along the way children were born.  These children were raised by two loving parents that had the best interests of their children at heart.  They always put their children’s needs ahead of their own.  You see, it was the strong love that they each had for one another that enabled them to give so freely of themselves to their children.

The years flew by so fast.  All four of their children grew up and moved away from home.  They all found for themselves their own partners and began to live their own lives.  Where did the years go?  The elderly couple now used their later years to travel and to catch up on all the things that they had missed out on when they were raising their children.  Each day their love for each other continued to grow.  Each day the husband wrote sweet poetry to his wife.  In these poems he expressed his love for her.  Then one day his wife had a heart attack and she died.

The husband was overcome with grief.  He wondered out loud why he had ever fallen in love in the first place.  For no matter how much you love someone, sooner or later that love will end.  The seasons of our love are temporary.  We are born in the spring.  We grow up in the summer.  We continue to grow in the fall as the years roll by.  Then when the winter arrives and the snows appear, we die.  Our love seems to have gone through pointed seasons.  Just as there are seasons that humans rely upon with precision.  So there are cycles of life that we rely upon also.

So why you may ask?  Why all these heartaches?  Why all this sorrow?  Why is love like the seasons?  Just as the seasons come and go in an endless cycle so our love comes and goes in an endless cycle.  My dear children, there is a purpose to all of this.  Of course, it is one’s choice whether or not they fall in love.  Some persons may be content to live their lives with friends and family never having found that one.  That is your choice.  But if you choose to love there will be pain.  But this pain will be temporary.

This is where you have your start my children.  This is where you first learn to love.  This is where you take down your first lessons and write them down in your primers, so to speak.  You may think that your love ends with the death of your loved one, but love continues and love thrives.  The relationship may not be like the relationship that you once had, but it will continue.  When you die my children and go off to the mansion worlds you will rediscover that first love.  That person has taught you so much.  You have taught that person so much.  You have taught each other how to love.  And now you can teach that lesson to others.  

You have difficulty understanding these lessons now, but you will understand in due time.  For the seasons of your love are not temporary.  The seasons of your love are everlasting.  This is what your Father fragments are teaching you.  Don’t you understand my children?  Both the man and the woman that fell in love had their own Thought Adjusters.  These fragments of the Eternal Father were showing them the way.  They were guiding them home.  These Father fragments were teaching their partners how to love.  In this case the love lesson was taught on the shores of a humble planet named Urantia.

Do not cry my children.  For the seasons of your love are everlasting.  You will be reunited with those that you have loved.  There will be a new season, an endless spring.  The seasons of your love shall never die.  They shall never perish.  Your everlasting love was taught to you on the shores of a finite world.  On the shores of a finite world you have been taught how to love everlastingly.

I love all of you my dear children.  When you are down and in anguish come to me and I will embrace you.  I will hold you close to my bosom.  Let us all practice the seasons of our love.  For the seasons of our love shall never die.  The seasons of our love shall last forever.  Forever and always, be in my love.