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Nebadonia - Space and Time - Feb 24, 2011 - Paul Conklin
Teacher: Nebadonia
Subject: Space and Time
T/R: Paul Conklin
February 24, 2011

[Preface from the T/R:] Dear Friends, I received this message a few days ago.  Just as Mother Spirit is handicapped by time and not by space, so Michael is handicapped by space and not by time.  So together our precious divine parents escape the habiliments of time and space.  They overcome the effects together.  These are the words of Nebadonia.]

Space And Time

Good evening my child, this is your mother Nebadonia.  I do indeed want to speak with you about space and time.  Your scientists are on the threshold of numerous discoveries that will shake your world.  These discoveries will go a long way to assist mankind in developing a Christ consciousness.  You are understandably puzzled my child, so I will explain.

As you are aware I am limited as to the aspects of time.  However, this lack does not limit me to aspects of space.  I say this because the space that I inhabit in the realms of Nebadon are a very part of my consciousness.  That is why I can have simultaneous contact with my multiple and varied children within my domain.  If you were able to look out upon the realm of Nebadon you would be able to discern a space cloud of sorts.  This space cloud is electric blue.  This electric blue is my energetic signature, if you will.  If you were able to discern this you would be able to see that this electric blue encompasses all of my realm, all of Nebadon.

My partner and I, Christ Michael, we make such a good team.  Where one lacks the other takes up that lack.  Whereas I am limited to my effectiveness as concerns time, your Creator Son is limited as to space.  So, as a result of that, working in partnership we have both been able to overcome time and space.  Spacetime, if you will, does not work limitations upon us. Through effective collaboration and partnership we are able to overcome the handicaps of space and time.  All of this works for your benefit my children.

You are also working to overcome the effects of time and space.  As you are also aware your Paradise brethren are not affected by time, but they are limited by space.  However, for your Thought Adjusters, they are limited neither by time nor space.  These personal fragments are pure spirit and have been engendered before the advent of time and space, before the advent of the super universes, the physical realms.  These fragments are pure spirit and so they are not handicapped by the limits of time and space.

Let us continue.  Whatever is done in the realms of space and time will affect all of its children.  You are collaborating with your Thought Adjusters to overcome the effects, the limitations of time and space.  Right now you rest in my bosom as it were.  Wherever you go in my realm you are nestled in me.  I am your mind.  As a result I know everything that you think, say and do.  But I would not become upset over this because I want all of you to explore your uniqueness in this little part of the physical cosmos.  I want to tease you with playfulness to explore  this mind that you have been given.  My mind is the cosmological or universal mind that I acquired from the Infinite Spirit.  As you traverse the mind circuits of this realm your own mindal abilities will be greatly enhanced.

Right now you have the benefit of my spirit adjutants.  But as you ascend the psychic circles you will have less and less of a need for these mind circuits.  As you approach the morontial realms you are beginning to abut on the morontial mind circuits. With this upgrade your abilities and intellectual prowess will be upgraded.

What does that have to do with time and space?  Everything my children.   In my realm of Nebadon my energetic consciousness invades the minds of all of my children.  But there is a lack when it comes to the time aspects thereof.  Where does that simultaneity come from my children?  That simultaneity comes from my partner, Christ Michael.  Whereas I am limited to time, my partner is not.  The effects of my mindal circuits, my energetic consciousness is felt by all of you my children.  This is felt by all of you because, with Michael’s help you experience my mind and my adjutant mind spirits simultaneously.  We work so well together my children.  There is so much mutual cooperation and love between us.  Michael could have opted to declare himself the sovereign in his own right after his final bestowal, but he elected to make me forever and ever his mutual and co-equal partner.  I am humbled and forever grateful to my “marriage partner.”

Likewise my partner is limited as to space, whereas I am not so limited.  Michael cannot be in two places at once.  Whereas I am all places and everywhere in the realms of Nebadon.  You see my children the Spirit of Truth is not limited by time, but it is limited in space.  So, I make up for that lack,  Christ Michael’s Spirit of Truth is lodged in my mind, in my circuits.  So, we are able to reach all of you, my children, simultaneously, as a result of our love and our cooperation together.  Working together simultaneity becomes a reality.

Your scientists continue to expand the horizons of time and space.  Through trial and error over many centuries the truths of your existence are being revealed, are opening up.  They are wrestling with the seeming contradictions between the micro world and the macro world.  There seems to be discrepancies when viewing one realm or the other realm.  There is a unification of both realms of course, and they continue to work on that.

But isn’t it true my children that mind will be the true liberators of time and space?  But I would add to that, cooperative minds.  Minds that work together in peace and harmony.  Just as Michael and I can overcome the handicaps of time and space through mutual cooperation and love, so you can too my children.  Of course, there are obvious limitations in your physical realm.  But think of the possibilities my children.  Think of the possibilities.  

Space and time are where you are now at play.  This is where you have your initial learning experiences.  Continue to learn and explore.  Expand your minds.  Free your minds.  For I am your mind.  I can enhance your circuitry enabling you to grasp more of everything that surrounds you.  Always remember that with the cooperation of my partner that I am with you simultaneously in all of our realm. Call us at any time day or night and we will overcome the effects of time and space together.  I am with you always.  Be in my love children.