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Nebadonia - Collaboration - Feb 22, 2011 - Paul Conklin
Teacher: The Creative Spirit, Nebadonia
Subject: Collaboration
T/R: Paul Conklin
February 22, 2011

A Collaborative Effort Nebadonia

Hello my son, this is your mother Nebadonia.  Tonight I would like to speak with you about collaboration.  So many humans on your planet think that they are helpless and that they need the intervention of the spirit realm to bring about the changes that they desire.  If they only knew that they are all capable of so much change, so much transformation.

My son this is a collaborative effort.  Your lives as humans are just the first step in a collaboration that will stretch into eternity.  Why, your Paradise Father and ourselves expect that you will collaborate with Him to effect the changes necessary to bring your world into the opening era of light and life.  Would we expect anything different my children?  When you bring your gift to the altar you bring who and what you are.  This is uniquely you.  This is uniquely your perspective.  Each one of you has a unique perspective that adds to the colors of the garden.

You see my children we are pleased to work together with you.  What parent does not want to interact with their children?  A home where the voices of the children are heard and acted upon is a blessed home indeed.  As a parent you are letting your children express themselves in their own unique fashion.  You know that each one of your children adds something new, something exciting  to the mix.

And what about all of you my children?  Don’t you think that you have something new and exciting to add to the mix?  Your voice is important.  Your will is respected.   You are a viable child of the universe and what you have to say is vital.  There aren’t any lockstep plans in place that you are required to follow.  But what you bring with you is your very uniqueness.  This gift of personality bestowed upon you by the Universe Father is a precious gift.  No one else has that exact personality.  That is what makes you, you.  As you ascend from world to world your unique personality will follow you.  Your form may change, but your personality will stay ever constant.

Just the fact that you have this uniqueness is such a precious gift.  The Father is well pleased when you use this gift to become more like the Paradise Father.  He has eternity as His backdrop and you may enter with Him into eternity if you so choose.  But He wants you to collaborate with Him so that wherever you go and whatever you do becomes a reflection of Him that has bestowed that precious gift of personality upon you.

The Father of us all wants to hear all of your ideas.  How can you change things?  How can you touch the hearts of the persons that you are in contact with everyday?  How can you transform your world?  What can you build that will leave a lasting legacy?  What can you leave behind that shall stay forever with all future residents of your beloved world?  You see my children you learn as you apply what it is that you have been taught.  And you learn by doing.  If you were told how you must take each step that would become laborious.  It would become tedious and wearying.  But when you use your voice, your will to collaborate with the Eternal One you learn so much more.  You learn so much more because that lesson is emblazoned on your heart.  It is emblazoned on a heart that uses its own uniqueness, its own way of doing things to change the hearts of all those that you touch each day.

What do you think happens my children?  If you were ushered into Father’s presence would you have to shut your mouth and just listen?  Of course, He could do that if He desired.  But would that not destroy your spirit?  When you let your children express themselves freely you buoy their spirit and they become more creative.  Likewise when the Father lets you express your uniqueness as a form of co-creation then you will soar with the angels.

This experiment that we are all participating in is a cooperative experiment.  It is an experiment where everyone is respected, everyone is loved, everyone is honored, everyone is cherished.  Everyone has a legitimate viewpoint.  We needn’t speak in a way that is uniform.  Robots could do as much, but there is no true expressiveness there.

What ideas do you have my children?  How can you change your world?  Your celestial parents want to hear your voice.  We want to hear your opinions.  We want to collaborate with you.  Your perspective and personality is unique and we know that you have the ideas that can go a long way in changing this world to a world of light and life.  Surely your divine parents have much in the way of experience, knowledge and wisdom.  But we would not be doing you any favors if we just decided to ignore all of your voices and choose to do what we wanted to do.  We need your input.  We need your cooperation.  We value you and we love you.

Take these things into the stillness my children.  Let your Thought Adjuster “speak” to you in the silence.  Please answer Him with the ways that you can change this world together.  This is not a one sided vote.  You all get to vote.  You all get to choose.  You are co-creators after all.  You could not very well be a co-creator if every move was dictated to you.  Run to your Father like a little child and express yourself excitedly.  It does not matter if the speech comes off sounding childish.  The Eternal One is pleased that all of you “little” ones are beginning to run to Him with ideas that flow from your mouth.

I am with you night and day. I am your mind.  I envelop you with my love and concern.  Come to me my children with all of your cares and concerns.  I am delighted  to hear all that you have to say.  I shall forever be your mother.  I shall forever trace your progress as you go inwards towards the Father.  But ever remember that this is not a one way street.  We collaborate together my children to effect a change.  Take my hand and walk with me.  Let us skip down the lane to the beat of our own uniqueness, our own personalities.

My blessed children you are always in my love.