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Nebadonia; Michael - Growing Mothers Circuits & Michaels Peace - Dec 08, 2010 - CCC
Mother Spirit Nebadonia & Michael
Center for Christ Consciousness -
Topics:  Growing in Mother’s Circuits, Growing in Michael’s Peace
Transmitter:  Donna D’Ingillo
December 8, 2010

Good evening, my children.  This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks.  Tonight I invite you into a deeper relationship with me through the circuits of your mind.  The tethering of the circuitry that attaches you to me is a subtle awareness both in your body and in your consciousness—in your waking thoughts.  There is a life force that I share with you that animates your physical being to give you this opportunity to experience life and the beauty that is all around you in the natural world.  Many times throughout the day when you take a few moments to think of me I can refresh you and speak into your being.  It is delightful when my children acknowledge my presence, coming to your Mother with your needs of renewal and refreshments.  One of the greatest joys that I receive as your Mother is to share with you my qualities of this living energy force that you have access to.  It is the flow of love that is moving through your being.  Some people are larger containers of love than others, but regardless of your ability to be a container of love, you can always grow larger and more vibrantly alive.

Tonight I wish to expand you in my love, to expose you to new circuits of spirit that are able to intersect into your energy system to fill you with more peace, more joy, more comfort, more upliftment—to upstep your physical vibratory rate to help your bodies capture the spiritual lights that come from your indwelling Thought Adjusters.  Relax and simply invite me in to expand you gently in my breath of life and the love that comes from Paradise.  Receive me now, my children.  (Pause)

Your bodies are complex interlacings of energy systems.  They function at various frequencies.  The physical organs have a particular resonance to them.  Your heart and your brain emit certain signals to one another.  They have their vibrational rates.  So much of your culture is attuned to frequencies that are unhealthy to your physical bodies.  Yet, it is my desire to see my children become healthy to have your bodies to vibrate at the frequencies designed by your Life Carrier siblings.  So relax and invite those helpers to come into your bodies to help attune your frequencies to those calibrations that are more health-inducing for your physical systems.  Simply acknowledge their presence in your being and give permission to them if this is something you wish to receive from them.  (Pause)

Your bodies were designed to function in a particular manner.  Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, many elements of technology have been developed that have actually compromised the body’s well being.  While I will not go into all of the ways in which your bodies have been compromised over these past 200 years of this revolution, I do invite you to receive more energetic chi (as some people call it) that your bodies may begin to release these energies that have been harmful and detrimental to your well being.  Give these energies over to me.  Trust that there are those present among you this evening who can help your bodies begin this process of release that is sometimes called “detoxification.”  It is important for you all to allow these frequencies to move out of your energy systems, including the physical body.  I desire my children to be strong, vibrant, healthy and having their bodies operate in the ways they were designed. Again, open yourselves to me and those who are here to facilitate this level of healing for you that you may continue to enjoy a better quality of healthfulness in your bodies.  (Pause)

There is an orchestration of light that harmonizes the various aspects of your physicality.  Think of your body as this beautiful orchestra.  The different organs are designed to play together so that your body emits this very lovely melodious tone from your energy field.  The quality of loveliness is very delicate.  There are many dimensions of your life that can throw this delicacy off balance. There are factors of your environmental nature—the toxins you are exposed to, the negative energy other people’s attitudes and energy fields are emitting.  It is quite important for you to stay attuned to me and what I can share with you and open you to so that the melodious strings of your body are singing these beautiful chords of harmonization—that your mental, emotional and physical states are all operating in unity and being a beautiful chord of life force that you emit out into the world.

Many people neglect their physical health until they become ill and then they try to do a lot of catch up.  But here in this evening’s endowment, I wish to encourage you to take care of your physical being. This is the vehicle that has been designed for you to maneuver on this earth plane.  It is precious, it is a gift, and it is the habitat of the Spirit of the Father who dwells within you.  As you consider this, ask yourself if you are taking care of your physical being as much as possible.  I will move in you again, my children.  (Pause)

My life force is always available to you.  You are connected to me.  Yet you can amplify this energy by focusing on me and simply invite me as your Mother to fill you with what you need.  There is a time of healing coming to Urantia. People are desirous of healing, not only their bodies, but their emotions.  You who are being upstepped this evening can carry a higher vibrational charge so that you can act as a catalyzer for your brothers and sisters to stimulate that point of interest and desire for healing.  Most people think of healing as healing of the physical body.  While this is important, what is so necessary at this point of your planetary evolution is the healing of the mind—the healing of your emotions.  As you allow these words to settle in, make a commitment in your own heart to be healed fully within yourselves so that you may take this out into the world and be a source of great hope and renewal for your brethren.  Receive me once again, my beautiful children.  (Pause)

I will leave you now as your Father Michael wishes address you for a few moments.  Slumber in my peace, my children, this evening, and grow ever more beautiful in the Father’s love.  Good evening.

Greetings, my children!  This is Michael.  My peace is upon you, and I invite you to open yourselves as your Mother has prepared you for more of my peace to be infused within your heart.  This peace is quality of mindedness that takes you out into the world in a new way.  While many of your brothers and sisters harbor apprehensions, some real and some imagined, I invite you to open to my peace that you may provide a stabilizing force to them when you are engaged with them in various ways.

My peace is always upon you, and yet you grow in it a little at a time by coming to me and asking me as your Father to receive what I can share with you.  It is my desire that you would be filled with peace, security and let this vibrate deep within your cells—driving out fear, driving out hurry, worry, doubt and confusion, and anchoring in you a deeper relationship to me and to that of your indwelling Father Fragments.  Allow me to stir in your hearts, my children, and receive my peace.  (Pause)

As your hearts grow, you will be able to emit a larger signal of peace to your brothers and sisters who draw close to you.   They will feel a quality of centeredness and serenity coming from you.  Their minds may not understand what is happening, but they will feel it and it will help them feel better.  It will provide them with a sense of security that is so important for them to trust you so you can share with them the good news of the Father’s love.  This is one of the techniques I used in my human life as your brother Jesus.  Why did people flock to me?  They did because they felt my presence.  They felt the peace that passes understanding coming from my being.   I share this with you, my children, that you may be these vessels of peace and help your brothers and sisters experience something deep within them.  They need this now.

The foundations of their lives are shaking and quaking underneath them. What will replace this?  It is me!  Yet they do not know that it is the spirit they seek and presence of their Father who will stabilize them.  Therefore, I need you to be strong and to be large containers of my peace to help them make the shift from the peace they have felt from the security of their outer world to the peace that they feel in the security in the inner world.  You can help them.  Receive me again and grow, and know that you only have to turn to your Mother and me throughout your day and ask to be infused with my peace and with your Mother’s love, and you will continue to grow and be wonderful way-showers for your brothers and sisters.  (Pause)

The light is growing upon Urantia.  The circuits are in place, and the circuits of the heart centers are being primed to open and receive.  The more you open and receive, the more influence you will have with your brothers and sisters.  You will not necessarily need to speak words to their mind to share love from your hearts.  They may feel your peace and gain strength from what you share with them.  (Pause)

As you go into this season of celebration of the time of my incarnation on Urantia, spend time with me each day that you may receive my peace.  Let this time of Christmas be a time for you to be bigger in peace and spread this wherever you go.  No gesture is too small when it comes to sharing my peace.  I look to you to do this for me as a gesture of love, not only for me, but for your brothers and sisters.

My children, delight in one another as your Mother and I delight in you!  Each one of you has something so precious and beautiful to offer one another.  Look for the jewel.  Look for the treasure in each person who is before you, and you will feel that peace circuit be stimulated and be able to be shared ever more widely with your brethren.  Do this for me, my children, and you shall receive more.  I will leave you now, and I thank you for participating in this evening’s experience.  Slumber well in your Mother and grow in peace.  Good evening.