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DrMendoza MNO8 - The Measures Found in The Correcting Time - Jul 12, 2010 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, July 12, 2010.
Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Correcting Time Measures.”
Received by George Barnard.
Dr. Mendoza: “Greetings.  It is important for you, my human colleague in the task of giving vent to the reality of the Correcting Time, to stay on top of the program with the realization that new 11:11 members need to be updated with some of the information you received from us decades ago.  Whilst Midwayers busy themselves with the task of alerting folks to their presence, we expect you to take the place of a tutor on behalf of our Progress Contingent by alerting said folks to the accumulated transmissions of some ten years. (see URL below)
“I wish to speak about the Correcting Time and some of the programs initiated since the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion to, over time, bring you up to speed with neighboring planets that did not suffer from the forced isolation you were subjected to.  Particularly, I wish to cover aspects of the all-important Thought Adjusters, the Mystery Monitors, without whom eternal life would be difficult to attain.  We Midwayers do not know anyone who can speak of these Mystery Monitors about what their reality entails, but we can relate our experiences.
“Even before the advent of the Correcting Time, highly experienced Thought Adjusters left their home in Divinington to indwell the most promising contributors on the rebellious worlds.  Ever more are appearing now, yes, greater numbers each year, to indwell the precocious ones, and already you are witnessing the work of some superbly experienced Adjusters that are guiding your youngsters well before it is time to indwell them.  Note the arrival of an ever greater number of talented three and four-year-olds.
“This is my message for today, a summary: We are evolutionary beings, and we must climb up from the dust of terra firma to everlasting life.  However, we are not without assistance from on High.  We Midwayers are aided in our tasks of assisting you by numerous helpers, numbers never before seen on any planet in this local universe.  We are for ‘a first time’ presented with a method (the 11:11 prompt) to across-the-board contact you, again, a first in this local universe.  As well, there is a Celestial Teacher available for every person on this world.
“Of great importance, spiritual energy is being ‘piped down’ to us all, beyond what is normally available.  On top of this are the great numbers of Superior Adjusters, willing to go far beyond the regular routine by assisting the young even before indwelling them, and then your have a Magisterial Son, a Paradise Citizen, preparing to incarnate on this world to assist, guide and teach you all. It is truly never too late to consider that your spiritual ledger might be scrutinized by you, and for some progressive changes to be noted on the credit side of your ledger.
“Of all millennia past and future in which you might have otherwise made your presence felt, you surely have done well to come to this world to live your lives in this ‘precise and tiny’ instant in time.  This is Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza.  Carry on.  I thank you for retaining your focus and I say Adieu.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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