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Elyon; Michael; Monjoronson - The Stillness - Feb 21, 2010 - North Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, Michael, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
February 21, 2010

Prayer: Divine Parents, what a joy it is to come together with this group and with you once again. What a treat it is to experience your presence and the presence of the others who gather at this time in pursuit of your presence. It is a joy to witness the connection we have grown with each other on our side of the veil and as well it is a joy to participate and witness and the connection that our group builds and establishes with those on your side of the veil. We seek your assistance as always in strengthening this bond between us so that we have less and less a distance to cross as we reach for you and as we are sure you reach for us. I bear witness that this distance between us has diminished. I'm sure I speak for all of us. We have witnessed that this space between us has diminished significantly as we have made our efforts to find you and as you have been there steadfastly to receive us. Thank you so much for this process that allows this to be so and allows us to be a part of it. We love you and we are certain that you love us. Thank you.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello friends, once again it is a pleasure to be with you. I am Elyon here to pick up on some of the threads that have been brought to this forum today and we will continue our discussion on the value of coming into the spiritual space that we have referred to from our beginnings together as the stillness. I call you all to witness that I have been a regular supporter of this topic and will take any opportunity to bring this issue into whatever discussion we might be having as it is such a central and key factor in the ability to make any proper discernment of all else that we may chance to discuss for it is bringing you to a point of cosmic reset.

As you know with your computers for instance, every once in a while they follow an erroneous path and become corrupted in their function and you all witness that such a machine, having erred and taken such a wrong path, will soon find and erroneous dead end and become completely stumped in its ability to proceed. At that point the only option left open to you is to go back to a point that you know and are familiar with, a common starting point, which is referred to as resetting from the start.

Then your machine may act far more predictably because it has been launched properly from the right starting point and will function in accordance with it's programming. You all are very similar in this regard in that you are programmed machines and you function very predictably as per your programming. Every once and a while it is observed that you too proceed down an erroneous pathway which leads you astray from proper functioning and may lead you into areas of distress or depression or fear or doubt.

The only correction that is certain for such a condition is to bring yourself back to a point of reset and this point I have continually referred to as engaging in the practice of stillness. But in your contribution offered today referring to meditation, the same principles are applied. This desire for you to start your program interpretation from a point of reset or a point of "all is well," enables your programs to be launched with a proper perspective and to be directed with the proper pathways of hope and idealism and trust and faith. When your programs operate with these dependable pathways, the results then are predictable as well.

Great fruits of the spirit may be observed when these programs follow such pathways and likewise, great disharmony may be observed when your programs are conditioned down the pathways of fear, doubt, anger, hatred, or mistrust. So in a very real way, just as you continually may upgrade your operating system on your computer machine, you may upgrade as well your internal operating system and choose to run your program more effectively and efficiently with the use of higher and higher programming.

You are not destined to run the same loop in the same way over and over again unless such is your choice, even your choice by default I may point out. But, as the operator you choose which operating system you will execute and which desired program you will run and even how you will condition this program to be implemented and directed. If you consider your mind and its massive data storage capacity as your onboard computer, then you might consider your eternal soul as the operator and you might consider stillness as hooking up to the main frame and downloading the latest upgraded operating system that is most appropriate for your tasks which you are desiring be executed by the use of this powerful onboard system.

But it is good to keep in mind the awareness of the distinction between the operator and the system being used, for the system is at the command of the operator, not the other way around. You have the capacity to customize your operating system as you so desire throughout your process of ascension. And so it is that no two operating systems will be the same. No two individuals will have the same structure and program for navigating similar circumstance or input, rather the results will be different to each in accordance with their own individualized operating system.

I would make mention of one more item worthy of bringing into the equation in your process of stillness or meditation. When looking to upgrade your system, the direction to turn is as you have stated, towards the direction of the Christ mind or the Christ presence which may be used to remodel your current assembly of internal configuration, to allow you to interpret differently what may be some of the same old stimulants that you encounter whether they may be stimulants of the current or stimulants resident in the past, they, when confronted will turn on the old program that was used to interpret them much as when somebody sends you a document, your computer will automatically access a program to interpret the document. Likewise when you encounter a circumstance, there is this automatic association with a former program which was used to interpret it and will be used again until and unless that program becomes altered and changed in some way. Again this is accomplished in this going back to reset and beginning anew from a new starting point which allows even old programs to be readjusted and realigned to accommodate the new operating system which now as a result of your own choosing will be the dominant operating system.

Thank you for the opportunity to once again attempt the use of metaphor to cement the greater understanding into your awareness of the different aspects of your being and the influence they have over one another. It has been my pleasure to address you with this topic today. I now allow space for others, farewell.

MIchael: [Cathy] Forgiveness is a way of living in the present and releasing the attachment to mental constructs. The ability to release this attachment to past experience is most important in the movement toward your intention. Always is help available to you in this process. All that is needed is the request for assistance. Always am I available to you. Ask and the door will be opened. Together we can open the closed portion of your experience, the usually painful past experiences that are weighting down your spirit. In this process your limitations will release and your potentials will rise to the forefront. In this process you will be able to access the deeper levels of spiritual connection. I am always, as your Father, available for support and consultation. Together we can process and release the limiting influences on your spirit.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings to all, I am Monjoronson welcoming this opportunity you provide to access this forum in great gratitude. I would take this line of thinking and attempt to further this thought stream with another analogy today. If, as Elyon has said, there are the distinct different components of the operator and the operating system to be used, then I invite you to entertain the idea that as the operator you may also avail yourself of the opportunity to step back one step and become the observer of all that is transpiring.

If you could, as a matter of exercise, accept the idea that you may see yourself as the operator engaged with the operating system and begin to observe through this process what transpires as a result of the operator and the operating system working together. In other words, everything that happens in your life is the result of this combination, the user and the system that is being used and as the observer you may step back and be able to more accurately discern whether this whole course of action serves you to the degree that you might desire.

Does your initial operating of the system start out properly? Is the operator balanced and focused, and then does the system in place uphold the operators desires and standards or does it take the operator in a habitual direction which is not of the operators choosing? You see many many things occur which are simple habitual patterns which are written into the program and which the operator may turn over to the reliable operating system. But as you grow and change as an operator, your operating system will stand in need of revision so that it's chosen tasks are executed in a manner which upholds your standards and adheres to your ideals.

Otherwise, the operators intention may not be served by the older operating system and that is when you may discern as the observer, that the system in place may be in need of revision or upgrade in order to accommodate the new ideals, the new intentions, the greater vision. Sometimes it is only by taking a step or two back and looking at how a circumstance or situation played out in your life that you can see how it was executed and by what program and how serviceable all this was to the original intention.

If you discover that the results were less than you had dreamed of, hoped for, and desired, then it may be fairly clear to you that your operating system has fallen short of your expectation and you may need to do some reprogramming in order to more adequately execute your intention. This is a rather constant process or at least should be a rather constant process for those who are actively engaged in spiritual growth and ascension for no operating system will be adequate to bring you desired results as your desired results will be in a constant state of upgrade and change; so must your operating system change to provide you with such results.

And so, as you have mentioned, it is possible to rewrite some of these long standing approaches and programs that you activate and which most predictably provide you with similar results. You have a saying about the use of your computers that if there is garbage in, you can only get garbage out. If good and proper programs are intentionally installed and used, then the results are more desirable and effective. Imagine what the possibilities would be if you were to, with such great intention and awareness, continually upgrade and rewrite your operating system with the intention and desire to create greater and greater results. Then that is exactly what you would have, that is exactly what you will have because this process will continue throughout your ascension career.

At one point in your lives you may have been quite content to simply have a calculator as that is all you may have needed at that point. Then you may have found it useful to upgrade to a computer to simply do the most basic of tasks, but even that, you find you shortly outgrow its capacity and need a bigger and better operating system as your capabilities increase to be able to utilize a bigger and better system. And so it is throughout this process, a series of outgrowing the old ways, patterns, conditions, and approaches, and rewriting those patterns into new approaches and different programs that can be employed to gain greater and greater results.

I feel we have utilized these analogies of computers and operators to the very limits of our memory capacity today. So I would not overload the system today but rather would encourage you to feel free to step back and act as observer. Is the whole system functioning as you would have it function? Are the results the ones you would choose or do they fall a little short of your desires and expectations? If so, let the operator redesign the system so that it will be at the command of the operator to do the bidding of the one who is really in charge.

Thank you for hearing my words today. Go in peace and have a fruitful week as you mull over all this that we have discussed today, farewell.