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Elyon; Michael - Planning for a Trip Together for Ascension - Jan 24, 2010 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team
Teacher: Elyon, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers
January 24, 2010

Prayer: [Mary Rogers] Circling up, we appreciate the connection with the angels, the midwayers, the teachers that care about us and the additional level with the presence of God that resides within.

Elyon: This morning I would ask that you follow me with your minds eye as we take a little trip together. As there are some members of this group that are traveling I would like to use the analogy of travel. Imagine with me if you will, that you are on the West coast of the United States as you are in your normal lives and you wish to travel to a distant point back east, say the capitol of your country. One of the first things that you would do is to take and unfold or unroll a large map and lay it out before you and picture the maps that you have seen in your lives containing the many many different routes available to access from where you are to a point that is far away and distant on the other side of the map.

Now to take this journey and to do this traveling it is necessary for you to choose a route and as you observe, there are many many to choose from and they all are as strands of a gigantic web all connected and available to be used to make your way from point a to point b. Now let's overlay the act of growth and ascension over such a map and very similarly there are numerous paths to be taken. You may decide to take a well worn path called service, you may choose to take a byway that will provide additional experience and this may be an act of devotion towards a service project which may not be the most direct route but certainly brings you the equivalent of great scenery along the way. You may choose the more direct path of stillness and simply repeating this act and staying on course with such a track will provide you some form of direct access. You may choose to access a route you might call prayer. Still other routes take you through the valley of worship or over the hills of adversity but all routes may be utilized, may be chosen, may be accessed by you at any time and under any circumstance. You may even find yourselves doubling back to gain the experience that is only provided from traveling a certain route from point a to point b.

But the whole time my friends, you are traveling, you are making forward momentum in your individual ascension. Even when you pull off under shady trees and take a respite from your travels, this too is part of the overall plan of your getting from point a to point b. So it can be truly said that all routes are valid and no route could be considered a waste of time for they all bring you unique and necessary experience that can only be had when you are in motion, making choices and engaged in following a path. As seasoned travelers, many of you are in a position of wanting to get travel tips from ones such as myself who might advise you on the most appropriate route to be taken. If a trusted authority figure mentions that service is a worthy route and will get you there then we run the risk of devaluing all other routes. If you are told that prayer is what you should do then perhaps you will forsake service when truly the idea is to access any and all routes that you are drawn to because they all have value to be obtained in the process of accessing them.

There is not only one route to be taken and all others forsaken, rather in order to get the most out of your journey and maximize the experience of your travels you may even find yourself zig-zagging back and forth just to draw out the experience and to glean all that can be harvested from your efforts. So think not that there is but one sanctioned passage, one chosen route and all the others are somehow lesser or subordinate. In fact they are all connected and all parts of the gigantic web before you that may be chosen so that your individual journey will be unique to you by virtue of which paths you have chosen to make your way. So employ all avenues of approach, forsake none and likewise do not place one above another because at different times under different circumstances you may find it more advantageous to take alternate routes in order to truly enjoy the journey and take in the grace and glory that is present in your having chosen to travel.

I hope this imagery can help you to see that there are no wrong choices. You may cause yourselves to take longer or shorter, with more or less scenic tours but in the end if it is the determination and the will within you to arrive at your destination you most certainly will arrive. Then truly it is all about the journey and the journey my friends, is all for you. There is a gift that you give the Supreme when you make your journey great and when you try many different routes and see how effective, how beneficial, how lovely, how much potential is contained in each. Be content with making your way through any route that may present itself to you regardless of your opinion over whether this is the most direct, most applicable route to be taken at any time. Follow the trail, all trails lead to the Father. Enjoy the experience so that you will have something to share when you have reached your destination. Allow that all paths are valid and all avenues of approach are meaningful. I now withdraw but will remain in attendance today in case I may be of more service in clarification of this whole notion of the relative value of prayer, worship, meditation, stillness and service all as valid approaches to the Divine. Thank you and farewell.

Michael: My dear ones, I am Michael here to respond to a thought stream as it is my desire to do so. I would try to calm some of the choppy waters of misunderstanding about my encouragement previously to you to join with me in providing your intention to bring divine value and grace to the circumstances of say in this case, your brothers and sisters in distress as a result of an earthquake.

I would make clear to you that my request of you is not in any way a mandate nor is it true that I personally need you to do anything for me. That is not why I made this suggestion. Merely I offer you this suggestion as one who points out the beneficial routes to be taken, one that will serve you as individuals as well as serve your family of man, your planet and ultimately the Father in heaven. This is not to be seen as a burden of any kind, rather simply as an opportunity or even a privilege to engage in a similar process as I am engaged in, that it is the manifestation of my desire and of yours that divine values and principles become evident at this, such an early stage of awareness for my children, your brothers and sisters.

Making such an offering is not to somehow make something possible for me that could not be possible otherwise for as I have said, I require nothing of you. Rather, your choosing to meet with me in the spiritual plane and commune with me in this advanced state of reality merely is comforting for both of us and as well indicates to a universe at large our desire to come together in this way and to offer whatever creative prerogatives we have toward the end of raising the spiritual quotient on this world today and among those who are in play. To come together and wield our creative powers is our privilege, is our act of service that we may contribute to the equation. I witness that you do this with me and for me in so many ways. So many of my children are touched by your continual act of faith and this is all I am referring to when I encourage you to be about this process with more awareness that it is in fact, ongoing, and you are in fact engaged in it.

With your awareness of purpose and your connection to spirit and to me you bring an added dimension into your lives, your action, your choices and all these are as prayers to the Father for they are tinged with your awareness, they are colored with your desire, they are directed by your sense of divine purpose. How then can they not be an act of worship, a gift given to your Divine Parents. Sometimes I observe you confound yourselves with definitions and description and these at times bring you on a tangent of bringing you to a place where you are confused and there is unknowingness. This again is greatly alleviated when you come to a place of spirit utilizing any of the routes mentioned previously. Then the unknowingness dissipates, the uncertainty disappears and you are once again connected. This is an act that many would call prayer, using it as a rather generic term to define those activities which are engaged in spiritual pursuits, pursuits of things beyond the dimension and scope of this material world. All such avenues are greatly beneficial, to the one who would choose them, to all those who are in the sphere of influence around and ultimately to your Divine Parents and the Supreme simply because they all are components of the grand plan which are being chosen and activated and therefore being made real as a result of this act.

I welcome all these acts great and small of all my children who choose to engage with that aspect of themselves which clearly demonstrate to all spiritual forces that they are accessing their spiritual component and the many routes to be taken are merely the manifestation of such a connection and such an act of will. I encourage you not to be burdened by this process or the many routes or the many definitions offered as to what to call this route or that one, rather trust and allow that you are guided as necessary onto the proper path and as you steadfastly follow this path, that which you need will be provided to you. But it is your effort to take the step and to make the journey which is the significant part of your being the traveler. You are not assigned a route but rather it is your privilege and your honor to choose your own thereby creating your own individual experience. I would have it no other way for you. This is why we have not given you mandatory prayer per se or physical steps to be taken or methods of approach which are clearly defined. Rather, we would have you choose, we would have you access as your hearts desire and as your souls are given latitude to help with the choices, you will arrive safely at your destination.

I bid you all a bountiful journey as you engage in your travels. Fear not, my dear ones, only believe. I will be waiting for you as you arrive and I will be with you throughout the journey as you so look to me to share it with you. Go in peace, farewell.

Mark: I had another vision of why it's important that we be the one in the drivers seat. Michael has laid out this entire thing before us and He rolled out the map. The one thing He won't do is to take the journey for us or to mandate that we do anything in a particular route. So that's the one thing that we can do, the one thing we're supposed to do, is to choose and to move through this experience and then that becomes our gift to the Supreme. That is the significance of our deciding our way in this process.