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Elyon; Nebadonia; Monjoronson - Spiritual Principles - The Act To Come To Spirit - Jan 17, 2010 - North Idaho Team  
Elyon;Nebadonia;Monjoronson -
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2010-01-17
Teachers: Elyon, Nebadonia, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

    Prayer: [Mary] We call upon the celestial beings on Michael's team with us and ask them to take our energy of compassion, of love and deliver it to the places on this world that are in most need. Our intention is to be helpful, to be in the energy flow of progress and light. Our intentions are there and we ask that you deliver them. Thank you.

    Elyon: [Mark] Good morning my friends, once again it is my pleasure to join you in discussion of spiritual principles. I am your friend Elyon. Your Master has made clear to you that the most productive and beneficial thing that you may do as a mortal of the realm is to offer up your prayers and your intention to be added to the equation and to be used by those who would direct and wield such combined powers. I observe from your prior discussion that perhaps we should have a few more words about what it is we are referring to when we refer to this act of prayer.

    Your deciding and choosing to engage in this act of coming to spirit we refer to as prayer, is your universal demonstration that you are applying yourself in the exercise of engaging in the spiritual dimension and whether you are engaged in particular acts of worship or mercy ministry or simply the desire to be with the collective spirit presence you are showing our universe that you are in true belief that this whole dimension exists and that you are part of it and you are choosing to actively be engaged as a part of it.

    It has been said before that if you are trying to engage in spiritual pursuits, there are no wrong choices to be made for there are many aspects to the spiritual dimension that you may engage in. But when Michael requests of you to channel your desire for compassion, for love, for the ease of suffering of others, He is asking you to add your power to His grid which is connected to those who are affected. He is of course, connected to each and every one of His children and therefore has this unique means to be able to bring this spiritual assistance. It is ever true that if you are uncertain as to how to direct your desire for compassion to its greatest effect you might do best by simply turning over the direction of this compassion to Michael who is innately in touch with the best allocation of such resources.

    The idea that when you come to this place of spiritual en-circuitment, that you bring your skills as a light-worker and choose to direct your powerful co-creative capacities at creating ease where there is suffering and creating grace throughout. Then it is quite true that you might be very helpful in this regard because not only are you engaged and plugged into the spiritual circuit overall, you are choosing to add your creative component and thereby increase the capacity of the energy that you would direct. In this effort you add great voltage to the circuit that is in place.

    It is one thing to come to a prayerful meditative state and simply plug in and be connected and wish for the best and provide your energy in a random fashion and it is another when you plug into the same circuit and utilize your training as a creative force to inject into the circuit your highest desires for the grandest good and thereby impact the circuit with yet another infusion of divinity from your end. You see, this circuit works both ways, you are plugged into it even now and you are receiving spiritual connection and energy. Likewise, simultaneously you are contributing for the benefit of others and the collective as well.

    It would be good if humans, which are all little generators of energy, could see themselves as such and work together to pool this energy. Much as wind farms are able to put energy into the grid from locations spread all about, so are you as light anchors, able to infuse the grid with energy from many many different locations.

    Thank you for the opportunity to flesh out a little more of this idea of what it is to bring yourself to engage in a state of prayer, of worship, of meditation, of stillness, of personal peace, of connection, of creation, of learning and of growth. All of these are there when you arrive at this state of simple willingness. Then you may choose to access any or all of these aspects of the spiritual plane. I withdraw and encourage you all to have a good day, farewell.

    Nebadonia: [Cathy] My children, this is your Mother. I hold you always in my loving arms and delight in your smallest accomplishments. Your Father and I are most pleased with your love and commitment to the advancement of this world, our jewel. When circumstances around you seem confused and contrary to your idea of the right path I will be there to hold your hand. I will be there to give you a place to rest your weary head. I will always aid and comfort you. This is not an easy time to be on a world of rebellion and change. When there seems to be darkness all around it is a time for your light to shine forth. This is the time for compassion and forgiveness, for turning the other cheek as a demonstration of the strength of goodness and truth. You are equal to the challenge. You have the foundation and the tools, you have great light to shine forth. Together we will move toward the world our Father has intended. My love goes with you always.

    Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to access this forum that you so graciously provide. You have an expression on this world, that being: There are no atheists in foxholes. I would like to use this expression to demonstrate that your environment while here on this world tends to supply the necessary conditions and pressures for you to consider more than just the self or the immediate circumstance and environment you find yourself in. I call you to witness that in most lives that you are aware of, there comes a time where through circumstance of living and conditions that are prevalent, individuals come to a place of wanting to know more, to experience more, to connect to the bigger picture and thereby to help them understand their place within it.

    It is quite true as we observe, that when humans are very comfortable and have their material needs met, they can become complacent about their position in the overall scope of all that is, simply being satisfied that their little piece of it is satisfactory and good enough and they do not need to search far beyond their immediate circumstance for their happiness or their peace of mind. But even these individuals who seem to have all that they need and lack nothing, eventually in the last stages of life are pressured by this desire to know about purpose and about ones place in the vast scope of all that is.

    And so, invariably individuals come to this place of wanting to know, wanting to grow and wanting to be associated with that aspect of themselves which is spirit and which knows of the realities of spirit. Thus, one by one through fortune or misfortune, through good circumstance or bad, [they] come to this point where they wish to access this spiritual arena and many would call this a point of coming to prayer and worship. Whatever it is that brings you to this place of acceptance of spirit, of being in the presence of spiritual grace and peace may be considered a good thing and those who are fortunate enough to become friendly with this transition of perspective early enough in life may then find themselves greatly comforted and vastly more effective in the implementation and direction of universal energies because they know that they exist and because they have spent the energy necessary to become familiar with them and even comfortable with them.

    Those are the individuals who willingly accept their spiritual component as equally as valid as their material component and are willing to expand that dimension of themselves even while coexisting in mortal form. So if you don't know what exactly to pray about or how to best offer your energies, by all means simply plug in and engage in the process and turn it over to those who do know. Allow those like Michael to direct the energies where they are best directed. If you do know about these universal principles and your powerful creative abilities, then you have more to offer the circuitry as you have been trained and exposed in how to be more effective.

    It is ever true that practice makes perfect in this regard and that all will come to this point of desiring to access the spiritual arena in their own due course. Some may not arrive at any place of comfort with this in this life but will await the transition before they fully embrace that their spiritual component is the only enduring component. But they too will arrive in due time to this place of spiritual awareness and acceptance.

    It is a pleasure to work with those who have the preliminary stages of spiritual awareness in place at this early a phase in your process of personal ascension. I look forward to working with you all, utilizing the same techniques and accessing the same spiritual grid-work as we both enjoy being a part of. We are simply learning to be more effective and to have greater impact as we master our skills in the spiritual realm. Thank you all for your time devoted to this process and for your energies devoted towards the up-liftment of this world. Such a worthy project demands worthy participants and it is thrilling to see how many are eager to sign up for such a privilege as exists before us. Thank you and farewell.