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Chief Administratos attend the dedication ceremony with their speeches recorded October 13, 2009

Gabriel; Others - . DEDICATION OF THE FATHERS TEMPLE CORNERSTONE - Oct 13, 2009 - Audio #15 - Special Session - North Idaho

Transcript Cross Index as: Monjoronson; Gabriel; Machiventa; Ham; Nebadonia - Urantia Is in Readiness to Receive The Magisterial Mission - Oct 13, 2009 - Audio #15 - Special Session

Subject:  Special Session
Teachers: Machiventa, Monjoronson, Gabriel, Ham, Nebadonia
T/R's: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers
October 13, 2009

Prayer: [Henry] Thank you Father for this connection, this soul access to spirit, to truth beauty and goodness, to your universal love. Thank you so much Father for the blessings and the generous nature you bestow upon your sons and daughters here tending your tangled gardens on Urantia. We thank you for this opportunity this evening to come together. Unfortunately there is no question and answer session which usually follows. We would just open this up this evening. We thank you for your presence.

Machiventa: [Henry] Good evening, this is Machiventa. It is good to be here and address such a faithful recognition of spirit/human contact in distilling our teachings and insight into your language, your ability to continually gather to serve the soup. We are all soup servers, we all serve the will of the Father and we honor the universe of Nebadon and the will of Michael. There is much work to be done in continually bringing help, generosity, recognition to others. Their planet truly is like an overrun garden that has no order. Trees overgrown like vines twisting around everything yet it is God's garden, it is Father's garden and the only garden you have to live in at the moment. Become good gardeners, help fertilize, help trim, prune, help tidy things up. It is not necessary for you to correct anything except what is within your realm and your ability to change in yourself.

More and more spiritual pressure is being applied from above. Spiritual pressure is very interesting, the way it works on mankind has a motivational effect. Man now realizes there are limits, a delicate nature to the balance between nations, between politics, between economy, between health, between work, what has become a tremendous culture of consumerism. You cannot change the outward appearance of anything . ...beginning to work within the inside. Geneticists have understood this for many many decades, so have breeders of food crops, plants, flowers, hybridizing.

The efforts which are set forth in Monjoronson's call to service on Urantia brings a new system of awareness in a sense of a more alert and responsible call to the Correcting Time, to the production of fruit of the spirit. There is such a lack of reserve in the fruits of the spirit department. More on the mission of Monjoronson will be coming into a recognition of certain truths which are beginning to reveal themselves on the planet. There seems to be a shift in the habits . ... human culture concerning doing with less rather than...more and more will you begin to witness....change and evermore will their be situations in which the faithful will be called to service.

Times are ripening for great social service to become a prominent fixture within your social progress, spiritual awareness on a much broader scale, a human social scale, to literally watch the brotherhood begin to coalesce rather than fracture, to begin to see varying factions and elements of society coming together. There has been tremendous activity in the midwayer colonies on Urantia dealing the manifold situations which arise and demand their attention. Never is their work done. This planet is a planet where you definitely get tested, earn your stripes, your agondonter status.

This evening it has been good sharing a few ideas with you. Thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Monjoronson here to meet with you at our regularly scheduled appointment. Having no questions to field, I would put into play some imagery around the common phrase, at least to this t/r, and that phrase being; "If you build it they will come." I bring this phrase to the forefront for consideration because it is so reflective of the great mission that my respected associate Machiventa has been engaged in for so very long. It makes one reflect on the dual aspect of this phrase for certainly Machiventa has been engaged in building this gigantic arena that then may be used to foster spiritual advancement.

He has been steadfast in his mission for longer than a mortal of the realm can fathom, driven by his desire to be of service and his awareness that such efforts would eventually bring to fruition the plan that he has envisioned of building this arena and having it filled to capacity with those who would willingly arrive and avail themselves of this opportunity. So his steadfast commitment to building this temple and arranging it and seeing that all the details had been put into place to make it so, were both an example of his vision of a future state and as well his creation of this future state by his very action in building it so that they could come.

I arrive on the scene after so much preparation and work has already been done and I am seen as an important guest speaker in this arena but I am humbled to look around at this temple and realize that it has been created by the efforts of others in preparation for such a time as this when I may access this arena [and] begin the next phase of what was foreseen by those before me and prepared for by such dedicated volunteers and associates as have labored so tirelessly for this cause. I am deeply humbled and honored to have a platform whereon I may make my arrival and now through this advent of yet another layer of grace, the spiritual pressure, they are indeed arriving as per the vision that it would be so.

Machiventa has built it, I have arrived to access it and many are now filtering in and filling in all available seats in this arena and together we are all witnessing the truth of this universal principle in play, that if enough effort, enough vision, enough foresight, enough dedication and enough sincerity are added to the equation, then at some point all that was once just a vision, just a dream, just an ideal to be strived for begins to settle out of the ether as if by a miracle. In fact this miracle was achieved step by step, effort by effort, grace by grace and is no accident at all but rather the result of directed intention and purposeful cause. When these are brought to bear, certainly all things are added unto, to create the eventual success that we even now are beginning to see for all the efforts that have been extended thus far.

Truly, we are just at the point where the crowds are beginning to amass and the multitudes are assembling. They are curious and seeking and eager to find and they are being led, guided, directed and fostered in their efforts to arrive at this place with us here which has been so lovingly prepared. It is now up to us to welcome them into this arena and to minister to them in every way that we have at our disposal. And so I am here and you are here and together we have devoted ourselves to this cause. We shall see the apparent miracle unfold before us, the turning of the tide, the letting go of materialism in pursuit of the enduring aspect of spirt, the moving from self centered perspectives into group centered ideals. This will begin to transpire right here, right now and we will be witnessing right before us, this transformation and this shift in focus and in purpose that we have foreseen in time.

It truly is a joy to arrive on the scene that has been so well prepared with such dedicated and steadfast volunteers to help out in whatever way they are most serviceable. All together we make up quite a team which comes together in time and space for this purpose. Let us each bring our intention to the overall project of creating this arena of awareness and growth and understanding. I am merely a guest speaker here. This temple is a permanent feature built to last on this world and you are the ones currently relegated to do the chores and tasks necessary to accomplish this mission. We both are simply serving as we pass by but Machiventa has been here since the plans were first drawn up and he will see to it until the last curtain falls, that there is a constant watch-care and presence over this entire project.

For his service I am deeply humbled as is the Father. What an act of grace it is that we all come together under this banner of service. We will all go away from this experience the richer for having accepted this opportunity. This we share no matter what our role may be; in front of the scenes, behind the scenes as guest speaker or as ushers in the temple. We all work together for the common cause of bringing this gift of spiritual grace to all who will accept it. Thank you all for your participation. Without everyone on the team we simply would fall short, not having enough hands on deck to meet all the requirements of pulling such a grand accomplishment together in time and space. But with all of us there is enough energy and effort and willingness behind the project to see it through and now let us enjoy the fruits of the efforts that have been extended to bring us to this place and our efforts to make the most of it. Let it be so and let us be in joy that we are a part of such grace. Thank you all deeply for your gifts of service. I withdraw at this   time in gratitude.  

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings, this is Machiventa here again first to thank Monjoronson and his staff for the deeper and greater spiritual connections which will be needed for the last final stand for righteousness to be acknowledged and honored on Urantia by all nations and all religions and all people. Anything of value worth acquiring demands a tremendous dedication, single sighted-ness, tremendous work. Begin to build the temple within, that the shadow of the temple within begins to reveal itself, that the shadow of the temple within begins to reveal itself in the world, that the actual temple, the Father's temple within the souls of men and women co-operating with each other. Roll up your sleeves for the work ahead. We thank all for their efforts. As does Michael, I also have a fond and deep respect for the time and the peoples who were here while I was here. We will continue to keep the pressure of light intense, that when they take the slightest peek there will become no doubt within their minds as to what they see, how they see and how they must act for all who are called to righteousness must now begin to act righteously. The call forward is a righteous task. The movement towards Father is one of love, respect for everyone on the way. Forward and inward we are all in service to the task at hand. Thank you all and good evening.

Gabriel: [Mark] Greetings to all those who have ears to hear. I am Gabriel of Salvington and I come in humble recognition of all that has been achieved to this point. The temple has been prepared, the teacher has arrived, the staff is all in readiness and now there is the calling of the flock. Like any good and worthy temple, there will now be installed the great temple bell and this temple bell will be struck and will ring out far and wide across the land and all will hear this tone and many will recognize this calling and be drawn in search of this ringing. Like moths to the flame they will arrive in great numbers responding to the ringing that will now be the crowning touch to all that has been prepared.

Truly this is the time to assemble all the believers, to bring them together so that they may join in unity and purpose. It is a glorious day on Urantia and I am most pleased, even thrilled to bring this observation and proclamation and register this achievement as having been made on this previously troubled world. The dawn is breaking and the light is now pervading throughout, dispelling the darkness gently and positively. All those present at this time will forevermore register this time as a turning point in the history of this planet. We will all cherish the memory of having been here to witness it. It will not be until some time has passed and some perspective has been gained to truly appreciate the turning of such a page but it will all become clear to all those with eyes to see and ears to hear. I am most pleased to share this moment with all those assembled. It is my distinct honor and privilege to convey as well the great satisfaction of the Father for such an achievement having been made to this point.

Welcome to the age of light on Urantia and I join all assembled here today in gratitude for the grace which makes such an advancement possible. So be it. It is so. What the Father wills and the son desires most certainly is as we witness even now. I take my leave now in humble appreciation. Well done good and faithful servants to the Father's desire. Be at peace, farewell.

Ham: [Henry] Greetings this evening, [I am] Ham. It is an honor to be here amongst those assembled . ..the honorable proclamation of like. The foundation has been poured. You have now laid the cornerstone to the temple. All are eager to assist in the spiritual dimension of building the temple, a temple whose vague concept were making themselves available when I was here. I commend the faithful efforts of the countless men and women who have continued to keep their light burning despite floods, tornados, wind, rain, typhoons, famine.

Tonight reveals the tremendous groundwork prepared by the Teaching Mission, the teachers, all celestial presences that have continually for millennia to inspire men ever upward to the journey of finding your true nature within. Again I am humbled and honored to be here. There is much rejoicing in Jerusem this evening. The coordinated staff on Jerusem greatly rejoice this day that such a planet as this, a planet that has taken a nasty spin, yet embraced by Michael himself is truly beginning to center into its rightful and designated destiny as the brotherhood of Urantia begins to coalesce, to worship the one true God. I thank you for the time to share a few words to my cherished sphere. I leave you with peace. Shalom.

Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings my dear children, this is your Mother Nebadonia. I come into this personality of light this evening to bring love and rejoicing from Salvington, from the heart of my seat of power to the soul beat of your planet. Thank you, who have courageously stepped out in faith and trust that you are beginning to believe what you sense, a coming together of people on the same page. Do not be afraid to take the lead. I continually pour forth love to comfort the weary, the heartbroken, the misdirected, the ones who life did not deal a good hand to. Begin to find comfort in the ministry and service my children of like who are ever attending to the manifold needs, to service the peoples on your world. We embrace you with love this evening. We always leave the light on. We acknowledge the effort and service of the many manifold peoples that have helped bring you here this evening. We are always with you as the brilliant light goes out tonight and touches each and every one of you.