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Elyon - Cooperation With The Thought Adjuster - Jun 21, 2009 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
Topics: Cooperation With The Divine Fragment Within You.
Teachers: Lantarnek

June 21, 2009

*     Lantarnek (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Lantarnek.   It is a joy to be with you, to join in fellowship.  Let us recognize our Michael Son and our Mother Spirit.  We give them our love, for they are our source of life.  We accept their love and we accept their teaching that comes to us not only in word but in living, the direct encounter of truth, the discovery of one¹s own goodness, and the beauty of the synchronization of all that transpires in Nebadon which is directing us to the Father of all fathers.
I will speak some about cooperation with your Divine Fragment within you.  It is, I observe, a passion each one of you holds, for you have come not only to believe or recognize but have directly experienced the benefits and the joy of the cooperative relationship such that when you are in a sense of disconnectedness you long to reestablish that interface.
I believe it is understood by you, though I will state it for the clarity of the message, that the Divine Spirit is not holding a list of activities that you must perform, is not dictating a course of action you must undertake in order to be cooperating.  This Fragment of God is a pattern; it is a divine overlay upon you.  That may perchance sound impersonal, but as you have learned in your Urantia Papers this Divine Fragment does not have personality, hails from before personality came into being.  Your cooperation as a personality is to develop behavioral patterns which are parallel, which interweave with the divine pattern of divinity, the godliness that is upon you.  In so doing you may then elect to undertake a broad spectrum of activities to choose among the many human goals to accomplish to become skilled in any particular achievement, to employ yourself in numerous methods of commerce, of business.  For that matter, to cooperate with the Divine Spirit is to engage in any one of these activities, to adopt hobbies, to engage in sports, to take up instruments and learn to play; all these things are human, temporal, physical, planetary ingredients which are arranged by you through living experience into the replicated pattern of the Divine Presence.
Your cultures speak of saints and sages, of holy men and women, of gods taking up human form and walking among you.  These people are so called because they have patterned themselves into that harmonic relationship of spirit.
We speak of this Divine Presence as a Fragment of God, but there is no loss of the completeness of God in any particular fragment.  The spark is no different than the flame, and any flame is no different than the fire.  While you from your orientation of human will seek to reach toward this divine dimension of yourself, to humanly speaking cooperate with your spirit, this spirit is already fulfilled in completion and perfection, absolute in its qualities and speaking from that level of being has no longing for you to cooperate, that is, for you to please the spirit with your behaviors.  Rather is this cooperation one of providing the experience of personality, of experiencing incompleteness, of experiencing discovery from ignorance to knowing, from fearing to love, from suspicion to trust.  While you move in that direction, the vector of your growth being toward the divine, the divine vector is towards those experiences  you seek even to outgrow.  It is not that the divine relishes those experiences of fear and uncertainty, of suspicion, it is that it longs to overlay the pattern of perfection, of beauty, upon these temporal conditions and adjust them into their proper place in the spectrum of reality.
You know in your thoughtfulness the value of a certain degree of fear, for it can safeguard you at a time of peril.  But you also know of its damaging qualities when overused in situations where such a response is not the most conducive to spiritual growth or even to clear and wise choices.
To cooperate with the Divine Spirit is not to be, say, as flattened cookie dough upon which is pressed the divine pattern that you take on the form so dictated.  There is a great flexibility instead much more like a set of puzzle pieces, however, these pieces are not single in the means whereby they may be connected.  There are multiple ways by which you may connect the pieces to develop the whole pattern.  It is the will of God that each one of you becomes a unique pattern in your right and in your own self.
It is in times of uncertainty when you desire to do the best for the unfoldment of your soul and for the service of humanity that you turn in prayer and ask, not what must I do to please the Father in heaven?, but what will, shall, I do?  The guidance will strengthen and support your choice with the infusion of truth and beauty and goodness that your decision be clear but yet wholly creative in your own willpower.  Then you give the gift of your patterned association with the divine.
I will attempt to make another analogy to this cooperation. You have many forms of businesses: retail, manufacturing, financial services, entertainment industries.  Each one of them has a different task or numerous tasks that must be performed for them to function efficiently.  Some tasks are found in each one of them while other tasks are unique to the particular venue.  But if you look from the broad overview at each one of them you will recognize certain patterns.  Those patterns are what you would generally call a business.  This is like the Divine Presence; it is the business of the Father, but each one of you is a different venue wherein such commerce may take place.  I say this to any who may receive my words: rest in the assurance of God¹s acceptance of who you are and what you do.  Just as any business may be engaged in certain activities and not others, each one of them can always become more efficient, better serve their clientele, perhaps develop better products.  So it is with your own life.  God accepts who you are and what you do, but nonetheless you can improve many aspects of the way you live, both in your assertions of what to do and your reactions to what comes to you in life.
I have said enough.  I will stand by and allow others to interact with you.

      Evelyn:  You cited sports, hobbies, and forms of artistic expression as different ways of interweaving with the Thought Adjuster. Not on that list is what we call work.  I think also the behaviors of one’s work also interweave with the Thought Adjuster.

*     Lantarnek:  You are correct in making this observation.  I did not deliberately leave that off, merely seeking brevity in my examples.  However, it does also entail the same arrangements for efficiency or operational smoothness.  No sport team can have every player be a pitcher or a quarterback.  Many functions must be in place.  As with a group of musicians and also with something that can be as solitary as a hobby, there are orders, steps, to take to reach the finish of the project all the while maximizing its beauty or its value.  Work is likewise that way.  I spoke more generally of businesses, but you are good to point out the individual aspect of such endeavors, that is, the worker.  For your form of employ can be just as much an expression of art as your, if I may say, your after-hours engagements perhaps at the community theater or in your church or in your city ball team.

*     Michael:  I have said in my Father¹s house there are many mansions, and while I was on your world I also said, I go to prepare a place for you.  Yes, and it is done, the places for you, and it is prepared, that is in the welcoming that I extend to you.  But we are never static in this dimension of time and space, so this preparedness is a continual preparing, for all throughout Nebadon we are all growing.  New conditions arise from this growing, and so your mansion is also undertaking changes but nonetheless is there for you.
In my Father’s house are many mansions.  Each one of those mansions is your soul, and you prepare a place for me in that soul, your soul.  I come to you; I receive your welcome.  It is a house of light with a hearth of love.  It has rooms decorated by your personality.  I am charmed by the way you keep house.  Yes, these are my Father’s mansions, rich and spectacular, intricate, and beautiful.   Thank you for opening your door to me and taking me in.

*     Light:  I am Light.  It is good to be one ray among all these rays of light.  We look to the divine source, the white light, and we aspire to be so radiant, so brilliant, so clear.  I desire to follow Lantarnek by stating that each one of us is derivative of this white light. You are familiar with your visual spectrum of colors, and you are also aware of the octaves of the spectrum of light beyond your visual abilities to sense.  Each frequency is a derivative of that pure light.  White is visual, but this light is beyond merely the sensation in your eye.  We are all light, our own light and the light of God.  Radiate in your best manner; do it as you know how.  The spectrum will be filled by all of our radiance. That is the light of God abroad in the world.
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