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Elyon - Urantia Needs to Learn How to Inter-Cooperate - Jun 11, 2009 - Teleconference
Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Elyon
T/R: Jonathan
June 11, 2009

*     Elyon  (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to all of you.  You are my fellows, my friends.  You also are the children of light.  We reside in the family of God, and we are ever blessed by the grace of God, and it is in this celestial assurance that we each are motivated to serve this high personality of the universe whom we call our Father.
I am Elyon, I am pleased to be with you.  Today I have the desire to talk about harmony.  It is a word that describes the natural order throughout most of the universe, but it has been hard to realize such a state of living on several worlds including Urantia due to the machinations of the Lucifer Rebellion.  Such extreme contentions that arose from that time have made it more difficult for peoples to come together and work with their differences rather than work against each other.  It is all due to the threat, the sense of endangerment, that such polarization has occurred, and in this struggle to maintain an orientation or an identity, there has been lost the willingness to understand, to embrace.  You see it even in the records of Michael as he lived on your world, for his devout followers were shocked at the company he kept, the so-called publicans and sinners, the so-called prostitutes and drunkards, even the religious authorities.
But there is a simple truth that must be realized for there to be harmony in the world and that is that there can be no one position within the supremacy of time and space.  There must, by the very condition of the reality of the Supreme, be two points.  This is exemplified in your revelation of the tension between the potentials and the actuals resident in Deity and its outworking through time in space.
Imagine if you will grasping a baseball bat or a golf club with two right hands or two left hands.  I believe that intuitively you would feel that you have not the same strength as a right and a left hand would provide.  These two hands of similar orientation cannot grasp each other as would one from the opposite orientation.
Likewise you have many compounds on your world that appear to be disparate as for instance that which makes up your concrete, that which develops into bread, even that which becomes glue.  These have extremely dry elements and quite moist elements.  The two in combination bring about a unity which is more than either one.  This is harmony.
One may staunchly believe, be oriented according to their value structure and represent that system of living, and that is good, for it is better to live what you believe than merely to believe and passively stand to the side.  However, in order for Urantia to advance, there must arrive a time wherein the civilization on your world learns to inter-cooperate, to recognize the value of the differences, that a balanced scale cannot reach the center if only one side has weights and the other is empty.  Even your mystics teach of centering, not tilting to an extreme, but to seek the middle road, the path down the center.  What will be required is further diligence in checking the natural tendency of an animal-origin being to feel fear and to lash out at others who are different.  It is time for the philosophic minds on your world to create a paradigm and to teach it abroad wherein you will accept and accommodate one another to recognize . .. of your ideals, . .. beneficial to that orientation.
There are those on your world who are warlike and those who are pacifists.  But you know even from our great revelation that if all were to be pacifists they would summarily be destroyed by the warlike peoples.  But it is also true the if all the world was warlike no peace would reign at all.  Urantia is at the point where it needs to develop an integrated system of accommodation.
You have struggled for several centuries now in the transition from tribalism to a global family.  In this transitional period there have been many episodes which sour the beauty of reaching the goal of Light and Life. Selfishness has poisoned the process as some seek to create a uniformity by way of a dictatorial totalitarian power structure.  This behavior sets back the advancement toward the harmony of Light and Life, wherein trust is coupled with acceptance which is likewise joined with beneficial compassion for each other.
May I look at your sport baseball?  There is a pitcher and there is a batter.  If the game was composed solely of pitchers there would be no hits, no runs.  If it was only batters the same result would occur.  You need the contrast in order for there to be harmony.  But if the batter were to kill the pitcher or the pitcher likewise the batter, the game crumbles.  This is what Urantia needs to learn today.
I will add one more analogy to my lesson and that is that you are benefited by having two legs, one that is stable while the other moves.  Then there is the shift of power to the one who becomes the standing leg while the opposite moves.  Just as you inhale and exhale this is the nature of the Supreme in time and space.  As you learn to accommodate this polarity you will find unity, not a sameness, but a togetherness, and it will be far more powerful than any oneness, the single identity of everyone being alike.  It will be difficult, for your history has not taught you that this works. You have had far too many wars and far too many intrusions of greed which have disrupted the development.  But I ask you who seek the higher way, who have been touched by the light, who have tasted the sweetness of God, to stand for this harmony, this acceptance, the willingness to sit at the well and talk to a woman, even during a time when a culture was put off by such male interaction with a stranger who happened to be female.  Be bold as Michael was bold and stand for the truth that transcends the structures existent upon your world.
Yes, as I conclude I will also bring up one more point. There are those among your peoples who are opposed to such as the imbibing of alcohol.  They devoutly attend the sanctuary of their choice. Yet the very master to whom they pledge their allegiance turned water into wine.  It was not because he taught that it was beneficial to engage in the drinking of this beverage. It was because he recognized harmony, the blending of the desires of many of his fellows.
It is my greatest joy to receive your questions, and I ask you of them now, and I am honored if you also bring forth your observations and comments.

Comment:  The use of the word harmony in music: we have two or more notes that are dissimilar and the end result is something greater than the components.  We are all familiar with this.  It speaks to the group, not just two individuals but three or more, to make a chord which is, two parts form a relationship, three eventuate a system, which is even stronger than a relationship.

*     Elyon:  Excellent point, my friend, for if you had two in harmony of a certain interval and add a third individual, you now have the opportunity to define that three voice chord as a minor or a major.  A fourth allows you sevenths.  Then as you have on your world the idiom of jazz, you can add intervals which were as two together quite discordant but in combinations of five, six, or seven notes bring about their own beauty.  What was apparently disruptive becomes tuneful to the ear.
Also, may I direct our attention to choirs wherein many voices sing but there are not enough scales within your musical system to accommodate everyone having their own independent note.  So you have groups of people singing the same and other groups singing a harmony.  This is what your global, political, religious, environmental, and economic systems need to learn, that it is okay for some to sing together and for others to sing a different note.

Comment:  Even when wolves get together and howl they each choose a separate note, and it forms a disharmony, intense, destructive if you would, yet it has a beneficial result for the wolves.

*     Elyon:  Let me further indulge in my limited awareness of your cultural conditions.  You have a flavoring approach called sweet and sour wherein you combine such apparently dissonant tastes to bring about a delightful experience.  Perhaps these wolves sweet and sour in their yelps that they may protect their clan from predators or perhaps to rally one another to be on the hunt that they may be fed.

Q:  That was what I was trying to say. Perhaps you could speak about the Urantia quote of harmony being the speech of heaven.

*     Elyon: Subsequent to your attainment of the eternal realm of Havona --so I am told, for I like you have not reached such heights -- there develops the compounding expression of personalities. While a single voice is a joy to be heard from all brothers and sisters, it is the collective voice which brings about a revelation of a higher level of expression, of fellowship. On your world, even on my realm which is the realm of the constellation worlds, we engage in a to and fro form of conversation, one expresses, one receives.  Then there is response.  I am told that on Havona there is a simultaneous expression one to another at all times.  This is the harmonic language which you indicate.  Upon the attainment of Paradise, so I am taught, there will be simply knowing of one another; the need to communicate will cease or, more correctly put, the communication will be instantaneous, spontaneous, accurate, immediately understood, co-owned even prior to the expression.

Q:  On average, how long does it take to go from the mansion worlds to Havona?  How long in human time?

*     Elyon:  Perhaps I will disappoint you by saying that it is highly variable, and I use myself as an example, for I am quite prepared to ascend to the minor sector of our beloved local universe, but I have chosen to enlist in this Teaching Mission to the fallen worlds in Satania.  I am particularly active on Urantia, but I am not solely assigned to this sphere.  So I have put into sabbatical my ascension.  However, each one of you no doubt understands that such deepening of experience with any given realm is beneficial to one¹s future ascension experiences.  This is why I have postponed my transition, that I may further deepen the experiences at the level upon which I reside at this point.
Each one of you is anxious to come into the eternal embrace of the divine spirit that dwells within you, the fusion experience.  There will be an eternity that follows such an episode; there is a small window of time that precedes this event, your dual existence as divine spirit and human personality.  Cherish this episode for you will not have any opportunity ever again to experience this state of being.
Generally an ascendant being will reach only the local universe level in the time that one who is enthusiastically charged to attain Paradise would conceive such an interval of time to be. If I may clarify, as you hope to reach Havona, as you long to stand on the Eternal Isle of Paradise, you will only be arriving in Salvington.
But I also must address another issue.  As you leave the time/space realms of the superuniverses, time begins to become hard to measure.  Havona is a present experience that falters in the measurement of duration.  So, as we may count the intervals of ascension that take you up to that realm, it is virtually impossible to describe a measurement to the traversal of Havona, for it is independent of such conditions.
You have opportunities in your ascension to enrich your soul, to expand your capabilities as a personality.  Some of you will traverse a realm rather rapidly as you look for those opportunities of expression in another level. Then you may slow down, where another of your associates may seem to tarry in realms below your current attainment only to reach your level of experience and sail on by.  It is an interval of ascension that is of freewill choice.
You have been taught of the universities of the local universe run by the Melchizedeks and the higher schools of the superuniverse. But these are not curriculums that you are forced through.  They are rather more like what you understand to be independent studies for the enrichment of your own being. You will attain Paradise; you will attain Havona when you are ready for the experience.  There are no grades in these universities.  Everyone receives the high standards as they attain the capability of the next level.  Fast or slow is irrelevant.  You may be one, my friend, who sets the record and pursues the realm of Havona faster than any others!  But you may also be one who sets the record for one who tarries long and sweetly relishing every step of the way.  I appreciate your curiosity.  You will set your time as you choose.

Q:  Thank you.

*     Elyon:  You are welcome.

Q:  By chance, [are members] of the evolutionary family who have attained Paradise assigned to the Teaching Mission?  Does that occur?  I don¹t want to question but maybe you can tell me that way. If someone attains Paradise can he by chance be assigned to the Teaching Mission?  Or is it for mortals who have not yet attained Paradise?

*     Elyon:  Most of us who are engaged in this Teaching Mission in this sector of the universe are ascendant beings.  There are a few who are assisting us who are are Paradise attainers.  There are those, as you now know, like Monjoronson, who are from Paradise, but largely we are undertaking a mission that is collective of ascending beings, for it enriches all of our experience to do so.  Those who have attained Paradise have fulfilled all of the experiential requirements of the ascension in Supremacy.  They are teetering on the brink of the next age; they are perhaps you might say overqualified to be engaged in superuniverse activities.  They can be sent out to counsel, to exemplify, to reveal.  But there is no enrichment of their own experience to be had, for all that has been exhausted.  Many of these beings are engaged in preparatory, if I might say, classes awaiting the summation of the Supreme experience and the inauguration of the age of Ultimacy.
Each teaching mission, and there are millions of them throughout the seven superuniverses, are more engagements and enlistments of the local beings just as I am of the constellation that you Urantia dwellers are also within.  We benefit from some from afar, but on the whole it is our close associates that assist each other, for we are far more relevant to one another than one who has attained the lofty heights of Paradise.  However, I and many of us relish the assistance of such glorious beings as Michael and Mother Spirit and the Magisterial Son and even the Melchizedeks who are far higher in their status than I am, for these beings are able to overlay upon our efforts a closer pattern of perfection than we may experientially develop and assist us in reaching such a pattern of perfection.
Your question parallels one that I have received often regarding those who have departed from your world, do they return to make contact with their loved ones?  If I may use your modern forms of communication, yes, they may twitter, email, instant message, but they are not upon your world any longer.  They have relayed through communication services a contact.  But once they have awakened in the resurrection halls a keen interest develops in these souls towards the future and their ascension and what lies before them.  While the love resides within in each of them for all those who are on the station of life behind, they are now keenly interested in what lies before them. And such is the case with those who have attained Paradise, who have completed the evolutionary ascent, they are in a dimensional experience far above our Teaching Mission endeavors. So we often teach to each of you, we rely on you to bring about Light and Life on this world.  We do not look to our higher superior beings to bring it to us.  It is our endeavor; we must work together, and if I might say, in harmony.

Q:  I thank you for your response, quite revealing.  I¹m curious to have some peek, or to have a chit chat with a finaliter. Thank you.

*     Elyon:  My beloved brother, I enjoy the sweetness of your curiosity. Keep up such investigations, for that is the secret to your ascension.

Q:  What prevents us humans from reaching our maximum potential?  Our physical abilities, our mental abilities, what prevents us from reaching those goals?  Lack of drive?  Lack of will?  I am not sure.   Distractions maybe.

*     Elyon:  You have indicated several good factors to describe such inabilities, but I may also interject a few conditions that lie beyond your abilities to alter such as the DNA structures of your physical beings, benefited or deprived depending on the planet and the success of the Material Son and Daughter.  There is inherent within the design of physical life by the Life Carriers certain animal tendencies you will never be able to shed until you ascend into the realm of the morontia.  These you must learn to reckon with even as you in your own individual realm of power push yourself to the limits of your spiritual capacity.  Having attained the limit of your spiritual capacity even though you long for higher, be assured of the divine acceptance of the Paradise deities of your attainment, for they know full well the limitations of the realm which you inhabit.  The further freedoms will come about in a new dimension.
But yes, you must be diligent toward lethargy, complacency, fear, selfishness, any of these factors which give you either a false sense of attainment or rob you of the enthusiasm to reach the higher level of being.

Q:  So the old statement that all men are created equal, that¹s not a factual statement?

*     Elyon:  All men and women were created equal but all levels of living experience do not accommodate the unfoldment of the same potentials.  Therefore each individual ends up with certain limitations that restrict the unfoldment of themselves until a new realm is attained.  This may seem to shorten the express-ability of an individual, however, in the larger perspective across the grand universe, this variability of attainment enriches the whole.  You might liken it to not everyone can be king; some must be ordinary folk, so to speak.  Some are the blacksmiths and tailors.  Some are the farmers and homemakers.  Each one may be an aspiring artist, a poet.  In the course of ascension all these potentials of every individual will have opportunity to unfold and be expressed.  So you come equal in your divinity potential, but each one of you, as Michael talked of the sowing of the seed, are cast abroad across the grand universe in variable conditions.  This is not done in scorn of some and in benefit of others.  It is done because in the long-range unfoldment all these conditions will play out their beauty and will demonstrate an express-ability of God within the finite that would not be expressible if all things were uniformly equal. You have an expression on your world called celebrate your differences.

Q:  There is a term in the text that mind is a temporary intellectual system loaned to the evolving mortal soul.  Some of us have intellectual systems that are below average and some are above average.  Depending on how judicious you are in its use, does that determine the intellect system that you will be loaned on the next world?

*     Elyon:  There are some conditional qualifications to the form of mind bestowed in the next level.  However it is more convergent. There is a broader variability within creatures who also have physical forms because as you know your mind is linked to a physical organ within your body and must function within the neural structures which are highly keyed by DNA structures.  So even a brilliant mind upon faulty cellular structures will have difficulty functioning.  A mind lesser tuned will function efficiently in a body of good form.  I might liken it to your computer systems wherein if that computer does not have the capacity to accommodate an operating system it will bog down no matter how wonderful the operating system is. Yet an operating system of lesser technological development in a faster system will appear to function far more efficiently.

As you ascend these limiting structures become fewer.  You have read of the rekeying that occurs many times throughout the morontia experience.  Each one of these is a tweak closer to the single mindedness of pure spirit.  I know that every soul that aspires to be at one with God would long for the mind of a Havona being, but it would not serve you well now.  Each one of us is learning in this evolutionary experience how to accept our own limitations as well as how to discover our buried potentials.  If I may return to the theme of our lesson today, this is the importance of harmony, for some of your fellows may not have discovered their potential yet.  Do not become impatient with them.  Allow them the interval of time to discover.  They will have frailties too just as you do.  We can love one another and assist one another in growing toward God. I will at this time draw a close.  Let us look to Michael.
Michael, what beautiful children you have here.  I am delighted to spend this time with them.  I cherish the opportunity. I seek to do you honor and I also desire that the love you have upon each of these individuals is further, more deeply recognized and responded to.  I sense their love for you and I know your love for them.  May we at this moment in time acknowledge our togetherness. Thank you.

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