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Elyon; Unidentified; Monjoronson - Blended Races - Switchwords - Mar 29, 2009 - North Idaho
Subject: N. Idaho TeaM 03/29/09
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
  1. In The World - Not Of The World,
  2. No Grand Announcement,
  3. Coordinated Arrangement Of Ideologies,
  4. Blended Races?
  5. Switchwords.
Teachers: Elyon, Unidentified, Monjoronson.
March 29, 2009

* Elyon (Jonathan TR):  Greetings, this is Elyon.  I am happy once again to be among you to share in your energy and delight in our friendship.

I have been aware of your pondering what it means to arrive at the time that Michael spoke of, that the hour is now.  You reflect upon how when he was on your world that he put down his tools and walked away from his carpenter’s bench and began his public ministry.  It is natural to project oneself into that situation and wonder whether that is likewise your destiny in his bidding.  I assure you that you will not suffer an upheaval in your daily schedule by taking up the call to being about the Father’s business.  This assurance I offer by way of quoting our master when he said, “Be you in the world but not of the world”.

The time that has arrived is the time to solidly anchor yourself in the spiritual reality of the heavenly administration and to make your decisions and to negotiate your activities based on that higher perspective.  Do not merely satisfy yourselves in the clarity of a sound philosophy but inject the cosmic perspective that you have acquired directly into your daily events.

You have read where Michael was often misunderstood when he approached many of his decisions about which undertaking to pursue, that to others seemed clear from an earthly orientation; yet his choice was baffling because he chose to look at it from the Father’s perspective.  This upset his earthly family; this kept all his friends and apostles on their toes.  He remained, however, certain in his faith in the Father, and the result was the transformation of Urantia and the inauguration of a new epoch.

You may liken the visit of Michael to your world as the planting of a tree in a field.  His efforts stand tall and are recognized from afar.  He is great in stature and his reach shades and soothes many who come to sit beneath him.  You likewise who are not of this world are seeded upon this planet, and you may aspire to the greatness of a tall tree, and we encourage you ever to do so, for there is nothing limiting in the expression of Supreme attainment except the maximum fulfillment of your potential.  But we are looking not to have a single tree in the field; we are looking to have a blanket, a full covering, of vigorous growth of spiritual life on this planet everywhere: in the valleys, up the mountains, along the streams. Nowhere will there be a parched land, dead from life.  By your very presence in any situation, you are the connection for the influx of spirit energy.

While others may function on a mental or physical level in regard to the activities you are engaged in with them, nonetheless, deep in their souls is the residence and recognition of that spiritual energy.  Though it may lay below the conscious level they will ascertain and respond to it.  It is much like the swelling of the seed before its emergence from the ground.

I will add one more point to this perspective, and that is to “be not of this world” does not mean to be antagonistic toward it.  It more appropriately ought to be viewed as a circle within a circle, that your citizenship is on high, but that heavenly kingdom embraces your earthly abode, and that you recognize your allegiance to the higher state, and that each activity within your realm is based upon the greater context.

Slowly your world is beginning to perceive its national orientations from a global perspective.  This will adjust the behavior of each country.  In this current transition you are witnessing the expressions of both the ideals of goodness and the evils of selfishness in approaching this expanded orientation.  The time will arrive when the perspective will be, “in the world but not of the world” but guided by the higher way, not merely the vacuous absence of spiritual ideals, the opportunistic pursuit of selfish gain.  The altruism that will arise will be rooted in a reality based on experience of each individual, and that is the presence of God in your inter-association as human beings and all spirit creatures.  It will not be the conformity to a set of behavioral rules.  Those rules, while helpful, are only rules for the world, but the higher ideals will be from the higher kingdom; they will be personally promoted by each one rather than adopted upon yourself from without.

This is the hour that has come.  You have bravely stepped from the platform onto the train and for much time have been loading your bags and preparing for the journey.  Now we are off; we are on the way.  The kingdom of heaven is descending upon Earth.

Thank you for receiving me.  I make way for the engagement of others with you.

* unidentified (Kathy):  In the strife of our world today lies the opportunity for great change.  It may not appear as a grand announcement on the television but more likely in the small actions between individuals as they pursue their daily activities. As each one lives in light and truth the surrounding culture will change to reflect the change in the individuals. This is in motion at the present time.

* Monjoronson (Jonathan):  I open my arms to you, this is Monjoronson.  We embrace today.  Love is upon us.  Michael is among us, and we are all surcharged with the desire to do the Father’s will to bring about peace upon Urantia, to establish harmony, and to promote positive growth.

I am here to salute you and in so doing encourage you, for you are to be admired for your openness to all seekers.  The progress to be made on Urantia will be successfully employed by such acceptance.  Conflicting ideologies battle with one another when there is resistance, but the moment there is sincere interest in understanding an alternate ideology, there begins to be the reciprocal adjustment to accommodating oneself and one’s perspective.  I am here to bring this blending, to establish mutual understanding.  But mistake not, this blending will never become a completely unified, undifferentiated one sameness.  It will be the mixing in of the variables of human perspective and a coordinated arrangement of such ideologies, that each will function to promote avenues of human endeavors that these perspectives are best suited to foster.

Some orientations are better suited in the rise and development of material prosperity and of the creature comforts which will assist living as a Light and Life world, and others will promote the generation and coordination and preservation of knowledge, information which will assist in advancing your sciences and your medicine. While you look with peace in your heart for a world that no longer wars among itself, there are those orientations that can be your guardian and protector to safeguard those who do promote peace to provide an arena wherein harmony may be attained without the threat of a warring external source.  We must learn to coordinate all these factions together just as a well made watch works beautifully composed of differing elements.

Some have questioned my appearance on your world, for the mission you have come to be engaged in is Michael’s mission.  You may liken me to the pendulum of a watch and Michael to the spring; he has wound up and provided the energy.  I create the oscillations which turn the gears.  You, my fellows, are the gears that are working the hands that make this world advance in time and progress toward Light and Life.

* Elyon:  This is Elyon returning.  I am aware that opportunities have not been offered to you to ask questions, should you have them within your hearts.  I entreat you to make them known at this time.

Tom:  Monjoronson recently mentioned that Urantia will never become a planet of a blended race with one language.  Since our text mentions that is something that is going to happen, I’m wondering is that because of Michael coming here and the normal chain of events is now switched around?  Or does it have to do with a decimation? Could you speak to that?

* Elyon:  The evolutionary progression of a normal planet brings about a blended race and a planetary language much sooner in the development of civilization than has been witnessed on your world.  It happens rather early on wherein cultures are young, and cultural pride, while juvenile in its early stage, is not as entrenched, not as strongly possessed as is witnessed in the passing millennia.  Urantia will encounter by the simple movement of people around the world blending, but there will ever recur the rising up of racial heritage and the pride derived therefrom.  Much effort will be made toward the preservation of diversity.  This we do not perceive to be contrary to the goal of a blended human race.

I will return you to my lesson of the lone tree in the field or the blanket of shrubbery all across the field.  This holds true with your language.  The commonly shared form of communication of your centuries ahead will accommodate the expressive mannerisms of your current languages and will reflect the orientation of the cultures that fostered those languages.  This will be a different form of a “one language” than a language developed as it would have in your ancient past.  A single language in the early stages of planetary unfoldment is established as humankind even as yet has not formed a written word.  But now you have the ability to preserve all the verbal expressions of your many cultures, and by this very circumstance will your one language be multiplex of languages.

It will entail some intermixing, but it will also be crafted with creative wording that will of necessity be developed to express higher forms of human thinking, those conceptual visions which transcend the world of objects, that will entail the expression of the awareness of not only relationships side to side but impingements, that is, spiritual relationships from above and below.  There will be a similarity to the normal development of a world untouched by rebellion and turmoil, but it will be unique as well in that you will come full circle in a late stage of human advancement, and this will reflect in apparent dissimilarity.

I hope this addresses your issue.

Evelyn: I don’t have a question exactly, but I’m thinking about a discussion I had this week on the concept of “switchwords”, words that tie between the conscious and unconscious mind and using them as a technique to change habitual behavior, or open yourself to new ideas.  I see a similarity with being aware of being a cosmic citizen. You wouldn’t necessarily have to think of it consciously, it would just come up.  So your behaviors, with your sincere interest, are open to new behavior patterns.

* Elyon:  This structure you speak of is a valuable tool, and our recent proclamation that the hour has come falls into this category of effect upon the human personality.

Some things within your life are a smooth slide in advancement, and other things come by way of the immediate switching or toggling, the turning of “off” to “on” or “on” to “off”.  Your rehabilitation program for alcoholics fosters the immediate turning of “on” to “off” rather than a gradual slide to abstinence.  Other activities do not appear to have such clear distinctions.  May I use an example?

You decide to take a stroll, so you leave your house, take your walk, and return, and enter again into the door and be about the work within your abode.  The door is the switch, but when you enter have you stopped walking? When did the walk begin and end? It is in the perspective of the activity being undertaken.  Therein lies the power of the word.  I encourage you to use such expressions.  They apply great leverage. With reflection you will note that many of the teachers have applied similar technique to encourage the change of behavior and orientation in our students.

I will draw close to our assembly today and I leave you with one last thought.  Make effort this week to remind yourself that you are an emerging morontia being dwelling in the garments of a mortal body.  Remind yourself of your true placement. Farewell.