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Samuel of Panoptia; Aaron - The Thought Adjuster & The Soul - Mar 15, 2009 - Progress Group, AU
Illawarra District, Australia, March 15, 2009.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Teacher Aaron.
Subject: “The Thought Adjuster and The Soul.”
Received by George Barnard.
Samuel: “Good evening to each one of you in the home group.  It is appropriate for me to indicate to you that it is Primary Midwayer, Andrea, who does the honors this late evening.  This is your Teacher Samuel.
“For those who are concerned about attracting a Teacher; there are many, many available.  This world is a draw card for all higher realm citizens, who wish to spend extra time as learned Teachers to this planet’s citizens.  In fact, there are hundreds available, and applying, for every single position that becomes free.  We would so wish that more of you would take the opportunity to ask for a Teacher.
“There is also no shortage of Midwayers to relay our messages.  From my own world, Panoptia, there are many teaching the men and women on this world.  From your own world, of course, you have Teacher Aaron, but hundreds and hundreds more are available.  Let us get to the point now of this communication; the long misunderstood question of the Spirit and the soul.  For this, I hand over to your Teacher Aaron.  I say good bye for now.”
Aaron: “Good evening gang.  This is your Teacher Aaron.  It is still an unknown, and gravely misunderstood 'quantity' to very many of you on this world, my world, who do not know the difference between their soul self and the Thought Adjuster appointed to guide them to higher spheres, and to Paradise, eventually.  We answer your question after only little thought on the subject on your parts.
“It is at the time of conception that the seed soul is implanted, yet it stays dormant.  It is at the time of conception, also, when the personality is granted, yes, gifted.  However, it is at some five or six years after birth, when and if the child makes its first ethical decision based on the very first feelings of what is fair to another, rather than to the self, when the Thought Adjuster arrives and when the growth of the soul can finally commence.
“Let it also be clear that the mortal body stays behind, but the product of the human mind and the Thought Adjuster combined is what produces the embryo soul that is eventually transported to higher realms after intelligent life leaves the mortal body.
“So many of you are still in the dark; unable to differentiate between the soul and the Thought Adjuster.  The latter is the greatest single Gift the Father bestows upon His earthly children.  The former likewise, but it is the positive, progressive, free-will, and God-seeking human mind, together with the spirit-actions of the Thought Adjustor, or Spirit Self, which begins to grows and mature in you the eternal soul that will in eternity be Paradise bound.
“This is the end of our short and simple lesson.  We thank you for your time and preparation in meditation.  We wish you farewell for now.  This is Aaron. On my behalf, and that of Samuel, we wish you pleasant evening.”
George: “Thank you both.  Thank you too, Andrea.
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