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#000080;"="">Elyon - Is There Possession Today - Dec 11, 2008 - Teleconference
Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: Elyon
T/R: Jonathan
December 11, 2008
Elyon: Greetings to all of you, this is Elyon. I am delighted to be in your company and am willing to share with you what I may have that may be of benefit. You are all workers in this kingdom of light. You each are sources from which the divine light emanates. It is through your humble presence that many are nourished by this luminosity in the soul and even in the mind.

When Michael began His final bestowal on your world he arrived knowing that His future work would be difficult for the world did flounder in great confusion, superstition and darkness but that there were throughout the globe, locations, that is human beings who were conscious of living the truth and He realized that He could fan those flames and enlarge the numbers of people who were sensitive to the infusion of spirit.

Today you can merely spread your message around the world within just a few hours. In His day He knew it would take generations and that word of mouth would be the main channel for His gospel to spread. His message by this means, of necessity was going to be adjusted by the personality and temperaments of those who heard and later retold. But He also knew that those sensitive to spirit were indwelt by spirit and that they would be capable of adjusting their version closer to His version as they grew and understood more deeply what He meant.

His first order of difficulty in implanting His gospel of love and service to one another was the inherent distrust within many human beings of their own capability. Far too many would look to another for their moral support, for their spiritual energy and they would follow power rather than becoming a source of spiritual force. All too often a charismatic individual could manipulate these souls and when one of them would awaken to their own power they either faced the threat... that other of being struck down as a heretic or they became disillusioned in the whole arena of religion and philosophy and withdrew.

Since this visitation by Michael, you all have been greatly enhanced with His Spirit of Truth and you are all endowed now with the ability to "think for yourself" for the Spirit of Truth does not so much work within the mind wherein you are accustomed to thinking, but works within the soul and so this form of thinking is more akin to intuition, spiritual sensitivity, value appreciation and an inherent sense toward what is right even though you may still yet have to prove to yourself that some thing, some situation, some way of being is right.

When you dedicated the course of your life to the discovery of truth, to the enlargement of your soul and to finding God, you accelerated your spiritual development and when you furthered your dedication in reaching out to others that they may benefit from what you have attained you entered into the status of a light worker and Michael by way of His spirit has been sending forth His light ever since.

There are numerous theological structures on your world, all have developed by way of cultural situations and even by way of environmental conditions and thereby describe God and the universe and the human condition in various manners. The light of spirit is pure and white but every receptacle, every human soul that receives this light will in some way give color. This can be interpreted as injecting error but I would rather look at it as enhancing the rainbow for just as human beings have inclinations toward and distaste toward certain foods, so the growing soul at various stages has an appetite for different colors of light.

Jesus could love so many, even His enemies because He was able to receive light in all colors from all individuals and so many believed in Him and loved Him because unwittingly He revealed white light. They would see their color and others theirs but it hinted at the harmony of divine unity. As you become skilled in working in this kingdom and as you ascend and blend your colors you will be able to reveal the quality of light needed by a hungry soul that they may receive the nourishment and not be overcome by overmuch luminosity.

Your discipline of mathematics requires correct answers, opinion has little room in this discipline. It may foster investigation but the answer must be predictably arrived at and verified. Religion has likewise taken on an attitude of accuracy, the dogmatic truth, the infallible doctrine. It does so all the while its constituents are ever growing and adapting to new realizations and adjusting their new insights to alternate living styles.

You know today you live quite differently in your current state of enlightenment than you did when you first began your search, therefore it is unnecessary to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, a truth. As Jesus so wisely said, "Plant the seeds that the truth may grow". Ever bear in mind the presence of the Divine Father and know that while this presence has been a great benefit to you, His presence abroad throughout the world in all souls, likewise will be of benefit to others and therefore must you learn to be patient and tolerant with the pace at which another may grow.

Remember that your days begin with faint light on the horizon that increasingly brightens as the hours tick by. When another merely glimpses fleetingly and faintly an inkling of truth, that is the dawn, the day has started, there is no stopping it now. It is a time to rejoice rather than a time to be frustrated over it not being noon. And so, you must likewise be patient with yourself for you will barely discern a new truth but trust that you will grow and it will become brighter in your soul.

I have addressed you as light workers and you may in times of downcast and in a sense of powerlessness wonder how much light you can give. It does not matter the quantity of that light, all that matters is that some brilliance emanates from you no matter how small. Just as Jesus would simply smile upon another and their countenance would change. He did not have to deliver a sermon, He did not have to fix their problems or soothe their woes.

But I also address you in not only in accepting small efforts you may make to help one another but realize that that is merely the tip of the iceberg of your true power. With discernment and maturity you will become ever more able to bestow greater light upon this world. Jesus had to curtail His power in order to be functioning in human form and you know of the time when He emerged from that curtailment and multitudes were healed or other events deemed miraculous occurred.

I assure you will not be quickly surprised by such an event in your own life for you are not a Creator Son but you are developing the power and as a light worker in Michael's kingdom, you may find yourself with His assistance and miraculous things can occur.

I will now allow time for you to address me with questions or comments as this is my preferred form of engagement. Thank you for receiving my words.

Question: Watching a video on demonic possession in a Christian setting, the questioner observed members under the belief that they were possessed and witnessed shaking, speaking with strange voices, writhing, fainting, rolling on the floor, etc., and according to the preacher, they were possessed by demons.

In the Urantia book it mentions that after Pentecost, human beings cannot be possessed by demons. When prayers were offered, it appeared these demons left them. What would you have to say concerning this evil phenomenon?

Elyon: I will begin by assuring you that you will never be possessed by a demon for you are filled with this Spirit of Truth, light has displaced the darkness. As for these other individuals you speak of, I am not omniscient and am unable to search their souls for motives however I can address the question broadly.

There are various means whereby this behavior can manifest. One source of such behavior can be the wishful fantasy of spiritual deliverance from evil and can be acted out from one extreme to the other, from possession to deliverance for it becomes an emotional high even while there was no demon present. Another source of such behavior can be psychological imbalances. You know of this through your discipline of psychology of certain states such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorders as well as psychotic states.

There is also another source and that is learned community behavior. By this I mean the way a congregation may approach an event such as an exorcism and what actions are expected both before and after. You are correct in discerning that with the Spirit of Truth, great safety is now upon your world, that a wayward celestial personality cannot arbitrarily overcome you. But you can displace the Spirit of Truth by full rejection.

You will not, however, be possessed unless you fully seek that relationship. In other words, if a soul forsakes God and merely lives his life in a mundane and secular way, he will yet not be vulnerable to such an indwelling for the Spirit of Truth will still blanket. But to cross that neutral line into the love of evil, to become iniquitous, you are wide open however this world has undergone restoration in the celestial affairs governing this planet, the threat has greatly diminished nearly to zero.
However as you also rightly spoke, there is a legacy of culture, of history and of tradition that still gives credence to an epic gone by and assume that today it is equally encountered. It was announced across your local system when your planet changed eras, when the dispensation closed and the new one opened, when the adjudication had come to its fullness and the restoration of the correcting time was to begin but few on your world in human form received such notification and so many function under an outdated paradigm.

This is a transitional overlap and will eventually be relegated to the pages of history. There are many motivations of many individuals that perpetuate such possession experiences. Yes, many have benefited from undergoing such an experience, others have been greatly harmed and have lost their faith for sometimes these events are worked up by those who stand to gain popularity, to gain financially and to gain control over others.

While it is difficult to specifically address the veracity of what you observed, I ask you to be more focused toward the enhancement of the light within your being for you have the divine possession and that power cannot be overcome by anyone. The more that it is revealed, the more others will be attracted to that light and the less interest will be in the forces of evil and darkness will be dispelled.

One of the greatest tasks ahead for all who come to Urantia to bring upliftment, is to bring the assurance to this world that goodness is a reality and evil is merely absence of goodness. A shadow and does not hold the same equivalent power in a balance against light. Some souls are not convinced of their goodness unless they have wrestled with evil and this may assist them in the short run but the power of evil is nowhere near equivalent to the power of goodness, they are not balancing forces.

Your world went astray of the natural order of maturation, physically, mentally and spiritually and it is undergoing the proper therapies to be restored. In a sense you could call this a possession of a demonic order, it was really a disruption of the divine order and the restoration is proving that goodness is real. Have faith in the goodness and trust that this power will work in the souls of the many others who undertake alternate approaches to the experience of the presence of God. I hope this has addressed your issue.

Comment: Yes, thank you, I appreciate your comments.

Comment: Elyon I just wanted to say hello, this is G.., one of your old students. It's great to hear your voice.

Elyon: And likewise to hear you my dear sister.

Comment: Sorry I don't have any questions, a good student would bring some questions.

Elyon: But perhaps an even better student has answered them. [perhaps] And while I do enjoy responding to questions, I am also thrilled to have those like yourself who are solid in your comprehension of truth and have created a firm standing for yourself, a soul that is as strong as a rock.
Comment: Well, it is forged that way over time, I'm not strong as a rock every day.

Comment: I would like to say that every day business is the trick, doing the action that can be done at the moment you feel prompted or you prompt yourself to do it. We might say that's too hard or not right now, I'm not together enough to do that. If you feel you are co-creating with Father within in the world outside or the correcting time then every opportunity is a new step and every step is a gained experience and a strengthening of that resolve.

Elyon: Yes indeed and I will steer your minds to the event of the wedding feast at Cana when Jesus was backing out of a solution to a problem and behold the solution occurred and the water became wine. So yes, you may feel not up for the task on a given day, you may even be attempting to back out but watch out.....

Comment: I never really thought about Jesus backing out on that...nicely human. Well, that's the miracle that happens, that the thing gets done because we act, that's the miracle of everyday life. [yes indeed] Give us a personal instance of your own Elyon, that illustrates this.

Elyon: I came from a world that was affected by rebellion although at the time that I dwelt upon that world it had progressed far beyond, more so than even has your world today and I knew in my faith that I would no more need to be convinced of goodness and that such rebellion were of little importance to me. I am a constellation citizen and my view was headstrong towards Paradise. Then the Melchizedek asked me if I would consider [enlistment] in the correcting time.

Initially I perceived such an undertaking to be one of local system engagement. I was encouraged then to mentor those in your system that they may be better trained. Before long I was here on your world pledged to see the entire [plan] through to its closure. My temporary assistance grew into a whole souled engagement. Those midwayers are incredible instructors.

Now I do not wish to rise to the level of the local universe citizen for in all my desire to be at that level of status I appreciate the legacy behind me and have become quite interested in all my younger brothers and sisters for this is the method and approach of our common Father/Son Michael. I have learned that my pursuit of the peace of Paradise can be found even on Urantia.

Comment: Elyon, you are absolutely right and listening to you talk reminds me that I misspoke because my faith does not flounder, not any more. That's the one thing that is firm. I may have trouble with some of my beliefs and the beliefs of others and difficulty with certain practices, I may have disappointments but I have faith and that has seen me through. It's true that looking back over my experience so far has helped to cement that faith. Just because of the perspective of experience, of the consistency of my destiny path, that just reinforces my faith. Thanks for that reminder and that insight. I can't shirk that responsibility and say oh well sometimes I lose faith because I don't, I have faith.

Elyon: You have on your world a game wherein a ball is rolling and several people run along with it with brooms and sweep at it and push it along to assist it. That ball is your faith G.., and your frustrations and your doubts and your uncertainties and your assertion and your aggression that you make to get somewhere are like these sweeping brooms. They all come and go and change but your faith rolls on. [indeed]

Comment: Thanks for taking up that Melchizedek dare and do some down stepping over here in our part of the universe.

Elyon: It has turned out to be the greatest blessing of my ascension to date. I will draw close in my engagement here and tell all you beautiful souls that if you could see from the vantage point from where I am, you are like what you call the aurora borealis on your world. The light is beautiful and colorful and brilliant, I take my leave.