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Nebadonia - What Is New - Fatalism - Embracing Purpose - Nov 17, 2008 - Marin TM
MARIN TM Group--Mill Valley, California--U.S.A.
November 17, 2008

  1. (We Cannot Tell You What to Do)
  2. (What Is New)
  3. (The Wonderful Feeling of Genuine Accomplishment)
  4. (Mother Spirit’s and Michael’s Being)
  5. (How Can We Experience Mother Spirit)
  6. (More on Hints)
  7. (Fatalism)
  8. (Planetary and Individual Progress)
  9. (Feeling the Effort of Living)
  10. (Embracing the Purpose)

Dear Mother Spirit and Michael, Tonight we ask you to help us still our minds and really open our hearts to take in your words of inspiration and assurance. It seems our economic difficulties as a society are even deeper than we anticipated and so we welcome your words of assurance that we are creative beings. You’ve taught that in this we are most made in the image of God, whose greatest power is creativity. We literately need to, and can, create our way forward into a future that will be--perhaps has to be--so very different from anything we have yet known.

Circumstances make us realize that we can become very culturally lazy and, like some ancient peoples, come to think we have reached a culmination of civilization and that the way of life we have always known is going to continue on indefinitely relatively unchanged. So once again circumstances conspire to press upon us what you have said over and over: that we are involved in a gigantic, inexorable evolution--all personal beings--all planets, systems, and Local Universes. There is a universal evolution for our own good that will not let us stop for long anywhere along the way. So help us, we pray, keep our minds open, and keep a warm heart toward and for each other. Help us welcome feeling that greater effort--as you taught us, which may be required. Help us honor, and return, our Father’s deep love for us. Amen.

NEBADONIA: Good evening, my children, this is Nebadonia, your spiritual mother. I must say, sometimes Michael and I do wish--in a kind of a whimsical way, when we most closely identify with you, our human children--we do wish we could simply tell you what to do, and make things so much easier for you. (group chuckles) This is a large percentage of the requests--(now Mother Spirit chuckles)--that come our way over the spiritual networks and right within the mentality we share with you. And so tonight, my children, we ask you keep strong your faith and your love for us, and achieve a deep understanding of why we cannot, for our very love for you, just tell you what to do.

(We cannot tell you what to do)

For many lessons now, and in a number of different ways, we have been presenting as a profound gift of God to us all, what we experience in the way of a challenging, transcendent reality. I will agree that at times it is coming down on your poor bare heads like a driving rain, yet the very magnificence of character and soul that you can bring forth to meet the challenge proves the point of what a gift this adventure is. You need only imagine what a hell of stagnation and monotony an unchanging, predetermined universe would be to appreciate what you see around you, even if it sometimes comes at you like a raging storm.

Yet it’s not all our Father’s doing, especially since your societies are composed of the consequences of every relatively free-willed human being about you, and not only those alive today, but the consequences and conditioning of your whole human past. You’re experiencing the results of millions upon millions of persons’ decisions--or lack thereof--that have led to the present situation. Additionally, this is as it ideally should be only insofar as it means the net results of free will creatures and not some oppressive dictum from above. I would further add--echoing your Urantia book--all the decisions of those extra-human higher spiritual beings, from angels on up the chain of command--so to speak, to include all these other imperfect spiritual/experiential beings giving a hand in working for the perfection of all. We remind you that, in any way you could think of it, for God, or even Michael or myself, to just step in and make things right by our wisdom of what that should be, would be nothing less than disfranchising endless trillions of personal beings.

Last time I teased you with the notion of whether or not people might even have some ironic fear of Paradise. For right on your planet--taken as a whole--there has always been sufficient food and shelter for the human races to not only survive, but to thrive. The planet is dotted with works like great pyramids and stone walls stretching for hundreds of miles, the remains still of ancient and medieval cities--huge cathedrals, enormous fortifications. It’s impossible to encapsulate your planetary story in a few sentences like this, but the human race has always had not only the basics, but enough left over, enough in addition, enough capital--if you will, to have the gigantic panorama you call human history. And still there are people starving to death and dying of exposure.

So consider: what would be a humanly possible Paradise? Which individual person’s version of that could be applied across a whole society and not conflict with everyone else’s notions along those lines? What I’m getting at is why you have to work it out yourselves, day by day, and why thousands of years of trial and error have proven this is a slow progress if it is to hold. Truth does ultimately prevail as what is left after all the contention, but those positive advances the human race has made are because they’re the result of all these contending opinions. That is as it should be if you want all the voices to be heard, if you want to keep evolving towards an ever more profound and workable democracy representing everyone.

(What is new)

Right now the whole world is experiencing enormous disruptions and displacements as more and more heretofore isolated and independent societies come into economic relationships. And with your modern global, instantaneous communications, with the sheer amount of exchange of ideas and the ability to transmit them and record them for all posterity in an almost overwhelming detail: this is new. The ideals of transparency and responsibility that Michael mentioned last time, these are not new, but they‘re being brought into focus as never before. Consider the transfer of governmental power from one generation to the next. Think of all the ways that humankind has tried their best to assure a benevolent and capable leadership through hereditary bloodlines, through the rule of one political party or another, through the worship of the multitudes of a charismatic leader to tell them what to do. All these are stages of what we’ve called social immaturity you’ve had to come through, not only to accept but welcome the fact your leaders are not walking around an inch off the ground. They are men and women much like yourselves, and so can be--need to be rightfully held responsible to you. Your part is one of paying attention to insure they are response-able. This is government by the people.

Government of the people is still throughout the world more a matter of specialized political classes who run things with all the deliberate, self-serving obfuscation Michael mentioned. You are caught up in massive economic dislocations due to the endless layers of relatively hidden machinations that are only now coming to light after long years of disastrous fact. Again I call your attention to the chapter in your Urantia book on Life on a Neighboring Planet where you have a true civilian government, where governmental position and power truly serve the people. This is that government for the people you are struggling to achieve.

Through all this one of the most hopeful signs that Michael and I see is how more and more individuals are taking a mature responsibility for their own lives and not, shall we say, getting caught up in the latest financial fad of bottomless debt, but are trying to live their lives grounded in a real, sustainable physical, expanding mental and spiritual reality.

I speak of living your lives less abstractly and evermore directly, in direct relationship with material stuff, creative ideas, and spiritual ideals. This is the genuine accomplishment that is your greatest treasure, my children. Michael spoke last time of the utterly unforgettable, eternal prize that he accomplished through the Crucifixion, through accepting that ordeal--not as a necessary way, but neither as a hindrance to feeling his Father’s devotion, and his own devotion to his Father. This is the glory in being fully human; and so the counterpart to that--the pain, the fear, the anxiety, the uncertainty: these are also real. There is a kind of honorable, humble pride you can achieve in your soul. This is not the only relative, indirect pride of feeling greater than someone else, walking around with your nose in the air, disdaining the common touch. You have that wonderful expression that pride goes before the fall, that, with people so proud, it takes only a small trip-hazard on a flight of stairs to precipitate a very fatal come-down.

(The wonderful feeling of genuine accomplishment)

There is a wonderful, genuine feeling of accomplishment, of doing something and changing the world for the better right in your own sphere of activity. These are the moments that, as Michael said, become a bottomless fountain of appreciation. It requires that effort, that study, that dedication and devotion for genuine accomplishment, for these become part of your soul, part of your power and ability, part of your knowledge and understanding, part of your character.

In these hard times, open your hearts to each other. Hold out that helping hand, and don’t be too shy of the need to hold out your hand for help. Let any phony, arrogant kind of pride go. Just be evermore closer to yourself, to your real core. Let your soul come forth. Open yourselves inwardly, my children, to your whole life and all that you’ve learned, all that you’ve come to understand, to bring to bear on the present situation.

These days so many people are unavoidably brought to a kind of meditation through fear and anxiety. They truly don’t know what to do next--where to turn for a job, for a payment on their house, even for food on the table. But you as a people will persevere, you will survive, you will even thrive on this adversity because it will illuminate just what major changes have to take place in your society. Through your meditations and prayers you will come to realize what is a sustainable future. We only wish we could hint a bit more specifically what some of these changes need be.

That is rightfully your responsibility, rightfully even your duty of cosmic citizenship, to create these for yourselves. So it is our assurance to you, as Michael put it so succinctly last time--even God’s will for you: there is nothing required of you that you cannot accomplish in whatever situation. That is your response-ability, even though the situation is, as we said, more than His will. The situation is the sum total of all of us working together. Hard times call for hard lessons, but we trust you can see the joy, even the glory, right in the need to exercise such powers of creativity yourselves.

If you have any questions or comments, that’s always been part of our relationship.

Student: Hi, Mother. Thank you for your support and your love and your understanding and your guidance; and I’m thinking that it’s probably better not to give us too many hints, then it would spoil all our experiences.

The question I have is, do you and Michael, and your sons and daughters, have an energy system like the chakras of our human bodies, or is that something specific to us human beings?

(Mother Spirit’s and Michael’s being)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my son. (long pause) That is an extremely difficult question to answer--(group chuckles)--one that we’ve only alluded to before. We are aware of literally hundreds of dimensions beyond what you can yet perceive and relate to. Michael and I do not have physical bodies made up of a stasis of energy such as you have, nor what you’ve been informed are the hundreds of modulations you will go through in the next, Morontia phases of your coming life. Yet Michael and I being the architects--if you will--the designers of all those chakras--(Mother chuckles)--as well as the rest of your body--we are very familiar with our handiwork.

There is enormous creative latitude given a Creator Son and a Mother Spirit of a Local Universe. In some degree each Local Universe is differently evolved, with differently evolved patterns of its more human-type citizens. The seraphim and some of the higher spiritual beings--sons and daughters of Michael and I--are much more uniform throughout the galaxies. When you get right down on the evolutionary worlds--no pun intended--keep in mind even our Life Carrier Sons are not perfect. They too are evolving on each new world upon which they plant or begin life. They too are comparing notes--(Mother chuckles)--of all their workings, with all their brothers in all the other Local Universes. These are all unique spiritual personalities, and each level or kind of being is yet another dimension of cosmic evolution within me--as are you.

This is a long, round-about answer, my son, that in one way, yes, we do have your physiological structure as part of us in all our billions and billions of sons and daughters. But very directly and personally?--no. We are pure spiritual beings in that sense. Does that at least partly answer your question?

Student: Yes and no… I’m almost afraid to ask another question. I’ll have to read the transcripts, but I kind-of get the gist of it.

NEBADONIA: It means that Michael and I are truly your spiritual parents, with all that implies. We literally designed your physical beings, and after hundreds of billions of years now we are quite familiar with every part of you. It’s another way in which Michael and I share your life with you.

Student: I got a CD from the Center for Christ Consciousness about you and Michael retuning--I guess is the best way to put it--my chakras to your frequencies, and that’s what inspired the question.

NEBADONIA: Keep in mind that using words like frequencies--which I also did once with your group--are only very rough approximations of these other spiritual dimensions we inhabit and can help you tune in to. Can any human being really understand yet what it means for me to be everywhere present within thousands of cubic light-years of space, in the minds of trillions upon trillions of personal beings? Yet I have a very discrete presence, a kind of body if you will, here on Salvington, to which all my different children can relate. For human beings there are so many experiences and their derived understandings that are either this or that, but these limitations in no way affect Michael or me. We are both discrete and at the same time enormously extensive along dimensions you will spend some long time, working your way up through our Local Universe, encountering and making your own. We have focalizations of our presence and activities throughout our Local Universe, and these could be roughly analogous to chakras in the human body if you take into account the vastness of scale.

Student: I look forward to one day meeting that discrete body of yours.

NEBADONIA: And so you shall. It is within our power to manifest ourselves in such a way that each of our nearly numberless children of whatever order can relate to us. I assure you it will be appropriate for the time and the place. But then, my son, so will you. Be in my love. (Thank you, Mother.)

Student: Good evening, Mother. I’d like to know how it is we mortals experience you in our everyday lives. How do we contact you? How can we personally know you? I know I have a direct experience with God the Father, and with Michael’s Spirit of Truth, and I know the Mind/Spirits come from you, but how is it we have a personal experience with you? I’d like to have more of that.

(How can we experience Mother Spirit)

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, Michael and I once mentioned that part of the difficulty of experiencing your Father Fragment--the presence of God within you, is because it is so much a part of you, and always has been since your earliest memories of self-consciousness. His input has been some of the better ideas you’ve had all your life, and this very familiarity makes it hard for you to draw the line between the two of you. And so it is with my presence. The most difficult thing for most people to credit when they first encounter the concept of my Mind/Spirit Adjutants is that I’m part of your mentality. You are literally using me to wonder about how to get in touch with me. And so for the same reason it is hard to separate me out as a discrete presence or entity within you. I’m like your eye that sees but cannot see itself.

You can become aware of a very subtle presence in your mind as a kind of modulating background of consciousness, but still, however you begin to notice it and its changes, you’ll have the utmost difficulty in saying exactly when you became aware of it. It will seem like it’s always been there, because it has. It’s the mental field within which you think and perceive; and that is us!--both within you and without. The presence of your Father Fragment, Michael’s Spirit of Truth, and my Mind/Spirit Adjutants--it’s difficult to distinguish between us and our effects upon you because we are so united in our very natures and influence. We’re very coordinated, you might say.

But any time you think of me, my daughter, I gladly register it. You’ve only to think of me to address me. You’ve only to be still to hear or feel the answer. Again, any question you address to me will have repercussions within Michael and our Father. The answer will be this combination of us.

So I am literally part of the mentality with which you recognize and register reality, and then articulate it to yourself by the mental powers of intuition, knowledge, understanding, curiosity, counsel--all dimensions of my consciousness that I share with you. So this wondering is most truly me, as well as it is you. Your wondering is my delight. You can stretch your imagination and wonder further what it is to be the Holy Spirit of all the personal beings across our Local Universe, with all its millions of evolutionary and architectural spheres. It is my glory I can be me--fully---right in you, every single one of you.

So that’s me. You’ve only to think, Hi, Mom!--and I’ll get it. That initial desire is you. You have a discrete personality quite apart from this mentality we share. So think of me from time to time, and say, Hi! And keep feeling my love. (Thank you.)

Student: Yes, Mother. When you mentioned how you and Michael would like to give us more hints--and I know how I’d like to have not only hints but the whole picture!--I also know that, judging by our history, when we have been given hints, we tend to misinterpret them. I also understand that we each need to come from our own deepest wisdom, and have faith in that wisdom that comes from you and Michael and God as well. So I understand that. It doesn’t make it easier!--but we need to stand on our own two feet and be response-able for our lives and how we act.

(More on hints)

NEBADONIA: When I said that Michael and I wish we could give you more hints, I meant that we fully acknowledge the desire in your hearts we would do so. And we do appreciate you have the wisdom to see why we can’t, why it would be taking something away from you. Those of you who have been parents and have learned how to let your children make their own discoveries know well what I mean.

Student: Yes! I can relate to that. I’ve been a father, and now a grandfather as well. In the prayer tonight it was mentioned that we are created in the image of God, and it seems this doesn’t get talked about enough. People seem to think we’re all sinners, or bound by Karma. But if people could meditate upon this ideal, they could get a better grasp of our inherent nature. That’s just something I thought of when J mentioned that. If people understood what that ideal is, then they could be better committed to living it. At least that’s my commitment.

NEBADONIA: It is in your creativity that you are most like your Father. Your ability to create, to come up with that which has not yet been, that is by far God’s greatest power--that there even is the Creation. This is an assurance of ours, that you are spiritual, and so, creative beings. You need not be rigidly bound by previous causes and effects.


The bugaboo--as you might consider it--the great stumbling block as Michael spoke of it, is the often overwhelming feeling expressed in the belief system we call fatalism, that people are helpless and only re-active pawns in someone else’s predetermined chess game, a game they think they can see all too clearly. That very orientation--and here’s the irony--because of the individual’s creativity, that orientation to reality is able to fulfill their beliefs to a degree. It becomes a self-fulfilling philosophy of life. But in doing so they are refusing to develop the potential ability to respond uniquely, spontaneously, to each unique situation.

Fatalism colors every perception with a pall of familiarity that hides the uniqueness in each moment, and the challenge of meeting that uniqueness. That’s fatalism’s unconscious purpose, to enable someone to think, Yes--I was right: things are exactly how I knew they would be. Yet while it diminishes fear of the unknown, it’s an illusion and the full consequence is to feel one is helplessly being swept along by events. In failing to develop their creative, initiating ability to step in and change events, people can live very stunted lives.

From our viewpoint of being able to see their souls, we can see what enormous, genuine drama exists in their lives. But sadly they will not know this until they have crossed over and have literally become so much more directly their own souls. This larger, spiritual repository of their lives is theirs, waiting for them.

Student: It’s like what you said earlier about people being afraid of paradise--how it would change their position with respect to others. They’re even afraid of being human--that it’s a good thing! You know? We go through these superstitious rituals and efforts to be something we already are, that’s here and now. People go through so much unnecessary pain and suffering in the name of God, because they feel they’re so much less than made in His image. Yet all the various teachings agree that we are.

NEBADONIA: Here you can have some appreciation of the slow evolution of civilization and social maturity. First, with respect to Urantia’s special history, you can see how Lucifer’s doctrine still persists in various degrees two hundred thousand years later. Second, keep in mind that each individual, from the time they are born, more or less recapitulates all the stages of civilization. Each person, starting from zero as a truly helpless baby, has to experience and learn one lesson at a time, through immaturity, hopefully coming up to their parents’ level of understanding and then taking that a few steps further for themselves and their children.

(Planetary and individual progress)

This is the story of planetary, as well as individual progress. God set it up this way. It is not that He cannot create perfect beings and worlds, because He has in the inner universe of Havona. But out here in time and space was a different idea. Out here each individual earns his or her growth toward perfection through a personal accumulation of culture and character. None of you are born with this; you have to earn it all. It becomes a genuine soul-possession.

So yes, my son, when you look at the positive side you see this enormous growth of all the souls, all the experiences of all the personal beings of time and space, all culminating in the facet of God we call the Supreme Being--if you will, the God of time and space experience. And He is not only the culmination of every being’s experience, but, like your own soul, is an active participant in this evolution. That is His glorious expansion! (Mother Spirit laughs) Remember when I once compared total reality to a balloon, but one that is humanly impossible to conceive without bursting? It would seem it has to explode; but it doesn’t! You don’t. You and your soul and your Father Fragment, become one, just keep growing--forever!

Student: I see the problems of the world--the financial situation, and so forth, and I see that as an opportunity of self-discovery of another way to live. If people could rest with themselves and not allow the fear to take over their decision-making. Then they can see their own true interest--if they make that choice.

NEBADONIA: Exactly, my son. That is their creativity, that choice is possible. That is their potential nature as a spiritual being.

Student: And I see in my own life at this time, because my kids have moved out--yesterday--now I seem to be more open to…whatever: living by that wisdom; being more beneficial to others. I desire and pray, as it says in the Urantia book, to be an extension of that kingdom--without thinking about it. It would be…just who I am. It’s so much a part of who we are.

(Feeling the effort of living)

NEBADONIA: Well, keep in mind, my son, my lesson on conscious effort. There is a notion out there floating around that the fully enlightened life is somehow effortless. But I think the teachers who taught that were only pointing at the psychological dimension, that only by totally accepting the necessity to feel the effort of being a living human being--that puts you in touch with reality, be it physical, mental, or spiritual--can you eliminate a certain existential fear of life. In other words, you actually continue to grow in your ability to feel; you just don’t worry about it. Practically, you become more efficient.

Yes, it is a process of self discovery, self realization. And this is the glory in the way human life is set up. Every personal being out here in time and space has an active and necessary role to play. You literally create your own advancing spiritual status as a personal being as you go along. It’s all being captured--if you will--by a fragment of God himself. That’s why we refer to this reality of yours, when you include your spiritual personality and your soul: human reality is really transcendent, if not yet entirely consciously to the humans living it.

That’s the delight you will all experience some day, and you will not be able to hide your surprise when you discover all you have become. These experiences form great streams in huge rivers, in the concourse of events sweeping on. You will always be a discrete being in that: and it is in motion, until that day you step out of time into eternity on Paradise; and still!--you’ll only be beginning. (Mother Spirit breaks out laughing)

(Embracing the purpose)

My dear children, Michael and I feel these hard times, and believe me, there is no condescension whatsoever when we say it is a great learning experience. You might even say that is the purpose for it all. It’s the purpose within all this experience: keep growing. Keep adding to your soul. Yes, on many accounts you are still socially immature, you have to construct and work out so many details of how you want to live, who’s going to be responsible to whom for what? But it is all necessary on this level. Everything leading up to this very instant is the past: now is the living resolution of everything and everyone: but the next moment is partly yours. You can either take it willy-nilly thinking it’s all someone else’s, or some thing else, or you can enjoy, consciously, by your choices, some of the glory in determining who you will become. That is our Father’s dearest gift, and one we encourage you to claim for your own. Be in my love. Good evening.