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Nebadonia - The Human Experience - Oct 16, 2008 - Teleconference
Subject: The Human Experience
T/R: Gerdean
October 16, 2008

NEBADONIA: Come gather round me children. This is your mother. I have come to talk with you awhile and to comfort you and companion you in your human experience.

The human experience covers a huge variety of feelings and sensations -- reactions, responses -- experiences, to the extent it is almost impossible to convey the subtleties of these feelings and sensations as you mingle among your peers. Many people simply keep their impressions to themselves because it is so difficult to convey so much of what you experience.

So much of what you experience is so temporary and so fleeting. It is not a problem that it is emotionally based because you are emotional creatures, but the emotions of time are not always dominant; sometimes the mind is dominant - the intellect; sometimes the spirit prevails. This is a part of the -- what shall I call it? -- the "magic" -- the mystery of the seven psychic circles.

Sometimes it may appear as though you are just starting out and other times you are astounded by your own wisdom capacities. I am here to share with you my appreciation for all that you do in terms of your experience here on this world in your life fully understanding that it is a challenge, often a difficult path.

I realize that you are young and even while you like to think you are brave, and you are; while you like to think you are strong and in control, there are also those times when you feel fragile, weak, unsure of yourself, confused, ill, and any number of feelings that are simply a part of the human condition.

I need you to understand that we realize this. Michael lived here as a mortal. He experienced the full gamut of emotions as you do. He knew anger and impatience. He knew practical application and frustration. He knew sensual delights. He knew conflict within himself. His heart would soar, and yet he wept. This is really a part of the miracle of life, the full range of human perception and reaction. And while it is wonderful and impressive, it is also - or can be - frightening and exhausting.

I'd like to suckle you here and comfort you. Let's take the moment to take advantage of my presence with you for that purpose. Allow yourself to become small and vulnerable. Allow yourself to need the nurturance that divinity can provide for your soul. Feelings are certainly a part of your soul; your soul growth is impacted by your feelings.

Sometimes you put the brakes to your own growth because you get caught up on a feeling, a resentment, and sometimes you skirt right over those issues that might be better paid attention to. And so you need to learn again the lesson of the day. And we are here for you in this process. We did not create you to be perfect as we are perfect but as you can be perfect in your own sphere at your own level of growth.

I am sure you have heard the teachers talk about little ones who, in their attempt to walk may fall and cry but they get right back up and they try again. The parents, overseeing the child's growth, understand that their falling down is a perfect representation of the stage at which the child is and in that context it is indeed perfect - relatively so. You are all relatively perfect. And so I need for you to accept this about yourself - that while you may be relatively imperfect, you are also relatively perfect. And look at the affirmative, the positive. Do not allow the negative perspective to pull you down. I know that it does. I see it happen. I see it happening in you all. You fall, you become discouraged, you grow weary. You may feel sorry for yourself or angry with others, but this is simply a part of being who you are and learning from the experiences.

This is your university experience, this finite path you are taking, you and your Adjuster. It is where you work out the concepts and the ideas that you receive from your higher consciousness and/or from your teachers when you are open to growth. Savor these growth experiences. Fear not the results. If you fall short, if you fail your goal, you will have learned something about your path or your capacities. You will feel renewed and eager to begin again, and so be patient with yourself. Be patient with yourself and you will find yourself being more patient with others.

Even after you have come into the possession of the Spirit of Truth and function within its guidance, you still have Mother to fall back on. As long as you are traversing the circles, as long as you are traversing the spheres, I will be with you to counsel and guide you as you prepare yourself for your ministry with and for Michael. And when you are working hard for Michael, as you do, even by maintaining your civilization -- bringing in the wood, washing the car, working a job, washing the dishes, helping the children with homework - this is work you do for Michael. And when you have exhausted yourself from these efforts, rest in Me. And in Our Father, whence cometh our strength.

I am here prompted by the condition of Gerdean who seems to be fighting the flu, and a number of other stressors that are part and parcel of the human experience, as you all do -- health matters, political matters, financial matters. All these things press upon you and they can get you down. When you feel subsumed by worry and concern, surrender to my embrace and let me nurture you, let me rock you in this cradle of infinite love, and when you wake, you will be stronger, you will have been re-vitalized by the Spirit and ready again to renew your efforts in the field.

I would like to engage with you, if you would like to engage with me. I am open to questions or conversations about your lives and your concerns, which are a vital part of your soul growth. If you have something you would like to say, I can respond. [Pause]

There is a question appearing here, being submitted from somewhere, about a woman who is nearing the end of her path, who is bravely approaching the transition from this world to the next. I will spend a great deal of time with her, even as I am also spending time with you. Because she is a part of my world, her energy is important to me and to those she loves and who love her in return. I will be with her throughout this ordeal. I am there every minute, as is Michael and her Adjuster, but I eagerly embrace her as one of my own, to give her strength and comfort.

Yes, I know, this could be said for many, many people. I am indeed with them all. I know that's hard for you to perceive but it is possible. Trust me. Come to me. Cry on my shoulder. Tell me your story. Express your feelings. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to feel your fear. For in recognizing these human frailties, you are turned around, exalted, lifted up from that humble estate you know so well and we cherish so freely. You are so hard on yourselves.

Student: Thank you, Mother, for those words and that support, and for your and Michael's understanding of our human condition. We apply your example daily to our situation. We thank you for the nourishing strength that you give us just when we remember to fly to you and come away strengthened and rejuvenated and calm to face whatever the nearest duty is.

NEBADONIA: Yes, my daughter, and you know there will be more required from you as we enter into the tumultuous changes in the global situation. The Most Highs rule and all will be well but there are many who are in fear, and so, try not to succumb to that fear yourselves; rather, take your strength in our relationship into your arena. They will feel your solidarity, your faith. This will give stability to the circumstances. Indeed, this is the work of angels: to stabilize the world during transition times and so know that you are helping the angels in this process as they are helping you.

It thrills me to see how well organized and how well orchestrated is this universe, even in these backward evolutionary worlds. I urge you to lift your countenance to perceive the blessings that are inherent in your very existence. You will not be let down. There is great security in the spirit. Even as there is often insecurity in the finite world. So place your faith in us. And come to us for succor any time you need fragile or afraid. And we will bring you rest and assurance. This is your message to others, as well: to live in faith, knowing that God's will will prevail.

You will need to just put up with the vagaries of the mortal existence … as will everyone. But this facet of experiential living is an exhilarating experience, as well as sometimes overwhelming. It is in the simple appreciation of the daily life - the finite life, even - that allows you to feel a part of humanity, a part of the advancing stages of light and life, cultivating your plants and your children. It is such precious work, as I well know because of my passion to cultivate you.

Marty: Mother, I would like to thank you for your lessons that you've been giving in all the different places that you speak to us, and it's given me an understanding of what creativity means, that you and Michael have been able to experience all of our lives and relate to us in such a personal way. And we all come from the Source and Center of everything who lives in us and we in Him and He is the Creator of everything that is.

And here we are just, as you say, newborns, and we have this creative ability that comes from him and from you and I just want to tell you thank you for what you have given us of yourselves and how I can understand to a little bit of an extent how you can experience us since we are created from you and your personalities.

NEBADONIA: Understand, too, my son, that what we experience together is the making of the Evolving Supreme.

Marty: I guess that is really the understanding that I attained, going over all of your lessons and your report of your experiences, you and Michel. And it's just a marvel, the building -- the living Supreme Being growing in our lives. It's just incredible.

NEBADONIA: Yes, in your very midst. And you participate in this tremendous growing reality.

Marty: That was what I wanted to say.

NEBADONIA: Well said. Yes, it is not for nothing that we go through these experiences, and this is why I choose to nurture you at every crossroad, at every juncture, even in the simple things, because we are cultivating the living God. We are giving back to Deity what Deity provides us -- Life.

Marty: And the marvel of being born a mortal, of animal origin, and to look ahead to the beingness that we have to look forward to, it's just beyond some words. And I love all of your animals, Mother. They are so wonderful.

NEBADONIA: Aren't they? Yes, they are. Even my human animals are so wonderful. I love all my creatures -- past, present and future.

Marty: It's a marvel to see the way that the animals have different aspects of their lives that we have inherited, and then finally we come to the point where we get free will and here we are, free will animals. It's just really something else.

NEBADONIA: I'm glad you like our plan.

Marty: I love it.

NEBADONIA: It is very gratifying to us that you have reached the point in your evolution that you can grasp this concept and thus can contribute to it consciously. Now, consciousness is a part of all life. Animals enjoy consciousness. Even plant life enjoys consciousness. You with your Indwelling Adjuster experience consciousness of consciousness, and so your consciousness is tremendous. Now that you have this potential, this tremendous gift of insight - spiritual insight - you can accelerate the process because your will can engage purposively and not simply lackadaisically, or by trial and error.

Marty: May I ask about the consciousness that is outside of animal and plant life? Isn't it also existent in what we call inanimate objects?

NEBADONIA: Well, yes, in terms of physics, certainly, because there is nowhere where life is not, and everything … what is the phrase? … "seeks to fulfill itself."

Marty: Well, everything is of the First Source and Center and it must come with some part of that nature. It doesn't come from anywhere else. So that must be the nature of everything that is.

NEBADONIA: yes, the consciousness comes from the source. The finite worlds are created from the matter of the material words, but the consciousness of creativity, of creation, formulates creation by design and with intelligence. When you hear the tale of Mother's finger waving, stirring, and bringing into being the worlds of time and space, you are seeing/sensing/realizing divinity consciousness in everything.

Yes, God is everywhere. This is part of the omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence of Deity. Every molecule, every atom, has this consciousness. It may be rather dense, as it often is, and need a great deal of assistance, as it always receives, but it is not dead space; this consciousness is pervasive. And this is why you can feel the environment. You can feel electrical charges in the environment. You can sense the history of certain environments. You can feel potential or danger or anticipation in your environment because that reality is inherent.

And to some extent you can cultivate this and create reality from this dynamic energy source. You can create an environment that is destructive or that is productive. You can will things into existence. You can will evil or goodness through your consciousness, your relative consciousness. We will keep our eye on your shenanigans. There are inherent limitations. And yet many experiments are encouraged because it is all a part of the dynamic adventure and the tremendous gift of free will.

Marty: The creativity is an interaction. It doesn’t happen in a vacuum

Nebadonia: No. No.

George: Hello, Mother!

Nebadonia: Greetings, my son.

George: I have somewhat of an observation and also a question.

Nebadonia: Yes.

George: It pertains to the re-patterning of our DNA that Michael spoke about with me a few months ago and how this is happening. I have observed that children under ten years old are somewhat superior to their parents. I have a son that turned eight years old and if I ascertain properly, he will and sometimes is far superior to myself and his mother. And Sometimes I can see an electrical surge that he gives off when I am near his head, I think it is his crown chakra, and I can also feel this energy moving through my being. If you could speak to this topic for me. Thank you.

NEBADONIA: Yes, this is inherent in the pattern that was instilled in you when we created your pattern in the laboratories, and the Life Carriers implanted it in the salubrious waters of your planet. These potentials are here. There was a time when mortals were three feet tall, maybe four foot tall; now it is common for them to be six foot tall. At one time the intelligence quotient was seriously less than it is today and the life expectancy was much shorter then than it is now and all these things are advancing.

Your world is evolving. These things are built into your DNA, to the pattern that we provide for you. To observe it up close and personal in your child should give you a great deal of respect that he will be a great deal smarter, healthier and life longer, and so instead of being threatened or intimidated by his superiority, you can cultivate that. That is the ideal. And yet there are primitive people who will not encourage their children to go beyond their own range because they fear being left without their assistance in old age or in labor.

Most assuredly you will see these improvements and while it is also possible for mortals to retard development by making choices that are not conducive to growth, but that are retrogressive, you have some degree of control over your world and its future. The more intelligent beings consider these factors of living, the more you will be able to contribute to the development of light and life -- better health, proper maintenance of civilization, advancing government, superior cellular structure, improved intelligence, even better ethics and spirit capacity. This is also a part of your free will to cultivate your potential. It would happen without your assistance, but it will happen more quickly and more effectively if you participate.

George: Well, thank you so much for that information. I observe in this child the capacity to observe information. He is so keen and tuned into the environment and he craves, he literally cries to go outside and soak up information, and he can stare for minutes just to look at something and stay focused. When I walk with him in the mall, people come over tome and say there is something different about him.

NEBADONIA: You are very fortunate to have an awareness of your sons potential and your son is very fortunate to have you as a parent to help reach is potential. Your paternal pride is appropriate and it is also gratifying when your peers are able to support the idea of superior children -- superior as compared to the more docile and compliant.

That you child is eagerly absorbing information through his environment, and that you are aware of that, is your cue to find out what it is that his intelligence longs for and perhaps you have a genius on your hands. They do spring up from ordinary mortals, you know. And so, indeed, keep an eye on your boy, and continue to bless him with your love and hope for his full potential.

Also, be kind to other parents with children, encourage them as well, and if you see that their child is not as bright as yours, encourage them nonetheless and take delight in your opportunities and your good fortune. I love all my children, all my babies, and I wish the best for every one. Like the Father is unwilling to lose any of his children, I too am unwilling to lose any of mine and so this nurturance of life is something we all have in common. It is not limited to the feminine psyche, for fathers take great delight in their sons and daughters, as do mothers.

I am heartened by your attention this evening to these intimate and thrilling details of the finite existence. Parenting is probably the greatest gift, the greatest responsibility and the greatest lesson. It is also a tremendous blessing to cultivate the soil, to cultivate the intellect, to nurture art, music, science; it is thrilling to be able to contribute to these things that are a part of your world and world of others. Each contribution you make in your simple life is a contribution to the future of your planet. Everything you offer life, every utterance, and every feeling is a part of the Evolving Supreme and will impact on tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, even into infinity.

I am blessed. I am blessed to have so many miracles, for you are each a miracle. Coming from this world, coming forth from the primordial ooze, coming up through the phases and the ages of planetary development, coming up into the possession of Thought Adjusters, coming into your own as dignified sons and daughters of the living God, I am blessed to see you here. And it does my heart good when you grow weary and you come to me so that I can send you back, send you forth to your Father/Brother Michael to oversee your labors in the field.

In praise of Our Universal Father, be at peace.