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Elyon; Serena; The Voice; Monjoronson; Unknown - Keys To Success - Do Not Resist Routine Changes - Greater Awareness Expands Experience - Sep 28, Oct 05, Oct 12, 2008 - North Idaho

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Subject: No. Idaho Team  
Teacher: Elyon, Serena
T/R: Mark Rogers, Kathy Morris
September 28, 2008

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again I am grateful to accept your invitation to join this circle of friends. I have been interested as always in your discussion of matters of spiritual significance to you and I would talk for a moment about some more of these keys to success as you refer to them. I would contribute one more to this set of keys that you have to navigate your many chambers of growth and awareness.

You will notice that in every case, in all cases of success without exception there is one key and critical ingredient and that is the one who has been successful has been repeated in their attempts to be successful. They were motivated to try again and again and to miss their results closer and closer until in the final successful attempt they overcome and succeed in the challenge that they have undergone. This truly is one of the keys to your success as well, either individually or collectively and that is that you must keep trying and try again and keep trying because there is only one way which is certain to bring you no success and that is if you fail to try.

And so see each of your unsuccessful attempts as you might consider them as one more try that you have gotten out of the way and condition yourself that you will keep trying because you know by doing so it is one of the keys to your success. In this way you show yourself devoted and faithful and true to your cause. You will be known as one who will keep trying until you get it right and this intention of yours will be made manifest in these very ways you have discussed of originating the intention, authoring the ideal and manifesting the truth.

So as far as it is possible be kind on yourselves with the many many misses and near misses that you charge yourself with making because these are all steps to your [tips] and your successes and so see each one of these as contributing to your ultimate success and lighten the burden to yourselves of considering it failure or somehow wrong or to be regretted for it is not, it is simply part of the process involved in your ultimate success and if you can see it as such and forgive it as such, even love it as such then this will make your transformation that much smoother and easier.

As mortals of the realm you are driven by your yearning to be successful, to be fruitful and this journey, this motivation from within can indeed be your greatest ally. We have referenced your ego and the part it plays in your life before and here is an example where your ego may be  utilized to promote you to try again, to not give up, to keep going. It may be quite useful and serviceable in this regard and so you may consider the implications of the proper application of that component of yourself you refer to as ego in the overall scope of your intention.

So truly you are gathering these keys and you are collecting them to yourselves and they are yours to utilize as you see fit. You will learn that there are innumerable combinations of these keys that can be brought to bear on your ascension career and you will become proficient in the use of these keys and principles. It is my supreme pleasure to be associated with you in this stage of your evolution and development as spiritual beings. I so cherish this opportunity we have to be this close and be associated while we both are growing in our awareness.

There is something unique and treasured about those souls who share in the journey together and I feel this association with each of you. Thank you for making this so for were it not for your intentions, this format and my presence here would not be permitted. I now withdraw to allow for others, thank you and farewell.

Serena: [Kathy] I received some words from Serena. In the course of daily life you have many opportunities to express joy and beauty. There are moments that can be set aside for meditation as well as spontaneous instance of focus on gratitude, beauty and love. You are always able to access the stillness and the Father through your intention to make that connection. The idea of making a connection while passing by during your daily activities can be quite useful in producing change in your perception and the perception of those around you. This is one way of transforming the very atmosphere of our world. As you participate in the intention for connection, for change, you will find success in small steps as well as a broader change in the collective atmosphere around you. This is a way you can bring light into the places of darkness. All efforts will be a positive move towards the change desired.

Mary: I wanted to speak to some thoughts about what you were saying that our yearning and our striving, that part of us that does that, is very serviceable and keeps us moving forward. I was reflecting that the chain of thoughts at some point would be to not get stuck in this driving gear and move to the next gear of accepting and allowing it to be. That sort of a thought, word, deed thing where if you get stuck in the word and don't get to the deed of just being and so the thought, word, deed and having an idea of wanting to move towards God and then striving to move towards God and then being with God. This is a constant flow and I tend to sometimes catch myself thinking in terms of well, there's the thought and then there's this long time that happens of the word and then there's this long time until the [deed] to realize that it can actually happen in each now: the thought, word, deed, thought, word, deed, thought, word, deed of wanting to be with God, striving to be with God, being with God. Anyway, those were some of my thoughts I had about your thoughts.

Elyon: Thank you for making such a thoughtful contribution. I support all your thought put into words and already join you in projecting them as deeds accomplished. An analogy came to mind which some might find useful. You mentioned some shifting of gears and this analogy sprang forth. In a minds eye consider you are on a 10 speed bike and it is your intention to have a destination before you, but in between this destination there are hills and flat areas that change throughout.

At some point in your journey there will be required much gear shifting to find a gear which can work to get to the top of the hill and your equation will be shifted requiring much work after you have decided to take your journey and you must shift between the gears available to you to make this work the most palatable, shifting constantly to find a good gear to operate in. Then you find your terrain changes and it is required that you find another gear that operates smoothly within your new paradigm.

So you are constantly shifting these gears back and forth in this projection of thought, word and deed. You are finding it necessary to engage different aspects at different times and your driving force, the one you call ego, is the one that is insisting that you will finish the course and complete the journey. This may be serviceable to those who are familiar with the ups and downs and the gear shifting in simply trying to get to your destination.

Mary: I was thinking about the attitude that you have towards what you are doing at any given time is important to having that sense that all is well, contentment, and while you're in gear and climbing the hill, having the same attitude toward that as you have when you are coasting down and the terrain has ups and downs but your attitude, your sense of well being can be carried on that one level.... while you are doing any one of these things that you find yourself doing.

Tom: In trying to wrap my hands around this concept of thought, word, deed, does that apply to the physical, intellectual and spiritual or is the deed based on the spiritual, the thought based on the intellectual and the word based on the physical? How do these three separate fields utilize this concept of thought, word, deed or is it all one?

Elyon: Elyon here again, ultimately of course it is as all one, that is all are contained in as was stated before, the single step but there are triangles and triangles which can be extrapolated from this concept of triads forming off of relationships and contrasts. You are free to associate these terms as are comfortable to you and there is probably no incorrect combination that you could assign to the triad we refer to in this case. It is in fact viewed on many different levels and can be seen accurately with many different configurations.

As you see with such a simple and not complex pattern, it can be so very hard of description and analysis and definition. There are layers and layers involved that can be uncovered in relationship to this same triad so I encourage you to do it on any number of levels that you can conceive. They may very well be brought back to overlay over this triad quite effectively and accurately. Do not trouble yourselves with attempting the final observation of such a complex condition but do content yourself with seeing it from any angle that you manage to get a perspective from. Be pleased with each way you can look at it and every way it may be seen and harbor no concerns that you are inaccurate or ineffective in your assignment of relative values to any such triad.

Just allow yourself the freedom to be creative with it, what would it look like to you, what do you see it as, how do you feel it. We just are attempting to use these words and thoughts and act in these deeds but they are words and thought until they become part of your individual consciousness and awareness and then they become real there. So it is with your exposure to these universe principles, they exist outside of you but are not part of you until they exist to you on an inner consciousness level. You may know about certain things but you only know of certain other things and this is the value in repeated attempts at your understanding of what is apparently such a simple and basic structure. There is much to be gained by repeated attempts to understand this particular basic structure.

Tom: Elyon, thank you for that explanation. What comes to mind is Michael's encouragement to His apostles to pray freely and not be restricted but [even] in their attempts to do this they constantly requested a pattern that He might give them. In that same sense, since you are good at this, could you give us an example maybe of something that say may be related to healing and how we could use this step, could you walk me through that, is that possible?

Elyon: As you know, all things are possible. As you request we will attempt to formulate a hypothetical situation to illustrate the principles involved. You all are familiar with these principles and engage with them regularly. As pertains to the healing or restoration of dis-ease within an individual, there are many components in this situation involved. If it were an interior direction, it would involve the individual concerned coming into awareness that there is an imbalance and proceeding with the directed intention to facilitate the correction of any imbalance, then in this scenario there would be the bringing the condition and circumstance into the environment wherein they may solicit extra energies to be used in the equation and construct an arena of awareness around this condition thereby enabling others to join in and sign on.

Then there is the step of totally embracing the new projected reality. Many times this last step is the most difficult for you can more easily talk the talk than you are able to walk the walk and so many times the equation falls just short of success for any number of reasons along this route but the entire situation is compounded in complexity when other individuals are added to the equation either as contributors [as] in the case of attempting to manifest for others and pray for others.

In most cases this is highly ineffective because there needs to be genuine association with the affected party and simply attempting to manifest for another is never truly successful. It is easy to state the principles, it is easy to discuss the factors but each one of these factors has many levels within it of sincerity, of alignment, of allowing, of embracing and any one of these levels may be shortchanged by a lack of sincerity, a lack of awareness, a lack of understanding or simply inappropriately channeled energies.

So once again, back to the key of the day we must keep trying over and over again so that by contrast and in relationship to this contrast we eventually develop what is right for us, each one, and it is necessary to keep trying so that we will eventually arrive at our destination choice. But don't be hard on yourselves for in every successful endeavor are many many others which were less than successful which were the steps up to the platform of success. All these are necessary and valid as a means to get you from where you are to the next level of success.

Thank that each one for the step that they are and the service they provide in this capacity and be kind and gentle with yourselves as each one of these steps fail to bring you to your platform of choice. You will one day most certainly arrive at your destination for this is your most major act of creative beings, that you have chosen to proceed forward. All these little lessons and keys and steps are subservient to this one great choice that you have made and you have had this ideal, you have continually upheld this ideal even now.

With your words and your deeds you continue to uphold this ideal and most certainly your success is assured. However there are a number of contrasts and steps which must be obtained along the way for you to gather all that is offered to you in this journey of self discovery. Thank you all for your contributions and questions and insights and companionship, even friendship throughout this journey together. I cherish the relationship I have with you all. I wish you all peace and bid you a good day. Enjoy the beauty of this day and yes, bring the light, thank you, farewell.

Mary: I will share something I was thinking about the overarching attitude of love and that whether we find ourselves in the middle of a thought or word or a deed or we find ourselves in the space of our mind or our body or our spirit, to bring that overarching attitude of love to whatever position we find ourselves on the wheel, and enjoy the ride.

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Subject: No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Elyon, The Voice, Serena
T/R: Mark Rogers, Kathy Morris
October 05, 2008

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, you know all things and therefore you know how significant and important the relationships that we have formed in this process have meant to all of us. It has brought us such strength, such peace and such love, such joy that if nothing else was to come of this entire process, these relationships not only with each other as brothers and sisters in the flesh but the relationships we have enjoyed with our celestial friends, those who have accepted our invitation to come among us and join us and be with us as one of us has been a very significant.  

Truly we acknowlege that having come together and having formed these relationships is one of the highlights of our entire growth process. This can be said as well for being given the opportunity to come to know some of the celestial personalities and to grow in awareness of them to the point that [we] even come before you and thank you for your friendship. And so it is that this day we come before you and acknowledge from the depth of our hearts this attitude that we feel for this opportunity, this door that was opened that allowed us to come together and join in these pursuits together, to join in this journey together.

It has been made so very sweet by the combination of these relationships, that they will endure with us, I feel, throughout all time. I know I will never forget anyone here be they my brothers and sisters in the flesh or be they the celestial personalities who have accepted our invitation to join us. They have each one played a role in changing my life and I believe in changing the lives of all of us. Thank you for each one of these friends as a gift from you. Thank you for your gifts, they are cherished.

Mary: I would take the opportunity to invite each one of us to cherish the connection that we have right now and realize this connection works with us through time and on to eternity. We have been told and taught that these relationships are so valuable that they do last into eternity and this relationship dance that we found ourselves in time will continue and the sweetness of it is cherished. I invite each of us to gather in the strength which proceeds from this relationship that we have. Gather it in, fill your well, breathe deeply, drink deeply.

Elyon: Greetings, I am Elyon here to join in this circle of friends. Truly when I say join I mean to join with you in such beautiful petitions of gratitude and thanks for this very form that we enjoy and the relationships that we have formed throughout. We are the same in this moment of enjoying each others company and being grateful for the relationship that we have for each other whether you are there shrouded in your material presence and grateful of a relationship with me or whether I reside in the spiritual domain, I am still grateful as you are for our relationship.

At this moment in time we occupy different stations in our ascension career but we are unified together in our gratitude and appreciation for each other. You have truly stated correctly the significance of having found each other and created such relationships for they are indeed enduring beyond your scope of time and space. As you are aware, your text has described relationships as ends unto themselves whereas much of everything else that you do in this life is but a means to such significant ends.

Never forget that this end of having found each other and having created these relationships is of supreme significance. You must simply take my word for it or the word of your Urantia book at this point as it is unclear to you what your life may be of greater and lesser significance but  your personal ascension career, your development as a soul and your relationships that you develop and foster are all enduring characteristics of your current journey. And so it can be said that if you did very little else of significance, if you have been good stewards of your relationships with others, that you have many successes that you should enjoy and be proud of.

It is a natural tendency to look outside of yourselves for things that you can do to leave a mark on your world, within your society, something noticeable that can be claimed as an overt success but I tell you plainly, there is nothing that you can leave here on this world that is enduring. The greatest marks that can be made or contributions that can be offered are of the personal, spiritual and relationship kinds and all those do not get left here on this world but rather go with you and go with the others who have been part of it as well.

So the most grand tribute, the biggest monolith made of stone in tribute to an individual's contribution will itself turn to dust one day but the contributions, would that it involves others and the relationships and enduring spiritual values is indeed a fitting tribute in heaven. So I suggest that you look at all the changes you receive that are going on around you and see them as this transient phase of your evolution and realize that the constant things, the enduring qualities are not out there to be changed, they are within and enduring, even eternal to the degree that they are part of you and your ascension career which is eternal.

Nothing of value will be significantly changed or lost but much that has no real significance or value will be changed to contain more value and significance. There is great tendency to cling on to patterns that have become comfortable and even to patterns which are not helpful and serviceable. Many old patterns are sustained for lack of new options to be considered. Therein in the importance of change, it brings you new patterns to consider adopting in lieu of old patterns which are no longer serviceable.

I will ask you to recall, in the beginnings of our association together and of your beginning to form a relationship with me, that there were times of uncertainty and uncomfortableness until there was a pattern established and once this pattern was established it was repeated and this repetition of the now familiar pattern became your new normal pattern and then this pattern was utilized for a long period of time and its very consistency has brought you to this place that you have mentioned, is your safe and comfortable zone.

But this had to be established by pursuing an uncertain and unknown direction and becoming comfortable with it over time to the point where now you may resist any change to this pattern as representing more uncomfortable times which must be endured in the transformation of any pattern but just like with the ones that have become part of your comfort zone, undoubtedly these new patterns will emerge, will take some getting used to and because you are aware that such changes are necessary and part of the plan, you will find yourselves settling in to new patterns, will become your new comfort zones.

Try to the best of your capacity to not resist when there is fluctuation and change in the normal routine for it is your resistance to change which is your greatest obstacle in being comfortable with the new circumstance. All things change, everything changes, you are changing hour by hour, day by day. Allow that new paradigms may arise and be adopted as they are useful and serviceable to you and that they may become outmoded and outgrown and in need of revision and then, as the universe would have it, change happens.

You are not so resistant to change as when we began this whole process and still there is residual resistance to these long held and cherished patterns. This is normal but as you evolve and recognize change is an agent for growth, you will at future stations in your ascension, grow to seek out change and see it as the harbinger of great growth opportunities and rather than fall into a mode of clinging to the pattern that you know, you may decide that if change is present and happening, there are great growth opportunities present and much to be gained in this process and you may more willingly and eagerly embrace the opportunities presented when change is present.

All this may be accommodated more smoothly when you remind yourselves of the many changes you have seen and have been through yourselves and how much you appreciate where you are as a result of these changes and modifications to your patterns so why would we stop here when there is much to be gained ahead of us when change is brought into the equation and new patterns may be presented which are even more beneficial and helpful.

Once again, I return to the sentiment of gratitude for the success we both have shared in exploring these dimensions that we have explored together. Having been a part of each others experience as we both grow and mature in our evolving ascension. It has meant a great deal to me to claim this group and my association with this group as one of my greatest gifts and successes and accomplishments. To have spanned the distance between us and created this relationship is truly miraculous and as was stated, the greatest of all gifts.

Thank you for the gift each of you have been to me in this process and all of you have been to the process itself. I join you in your thanks to the First Source and Center for such grace as we both experience. Now I would step aside to allow this magnificent creation that you have created
and participated in to be utilized by others, thank you.

The Voice: [Mark] I would step forward at this time, I am this one's inner voice. You may call me by whatever name is most serviceable and suitable for you but I am that indwelling partner of yours and I am here to discuss other aspect and dimension relationship. External relationships to any individual are indeed one of the greatest gifts to be bestowed by the Father. They are indeed rich with opportunities to share yourself, to provide service to support another and to have others to enjoy the journey with.

So much attention may be focused on the development of relationships that one might overlook that there is another very personal relationship that may be fostered and developed as well. Let me be clear, it is not as though you have not already a relationship with your indwelling fragment of the First Source and Center for most certainly you all do but as you are aware of your earthly relationships, even your relationships with celestials, they are grown in relationship to the amount of energy received. Some relationships you enjoy with other mortals are very deep as a result of your time spent on them and your energy devoted to that circuit and likewise your relationships that you have are much more limited and are much less significant to you as a result of the contrasting lack of energy that you provide.

They are both relationships but some are more important to you and therefore get more of energy and attention and others are more peripheral to you and do not enjoy the same priority that you have with your dearest relationships. This is the same way that you may view your relationship with your indwelling guide. If it is not given much consideration, then it remains the more distant and impersonal relationship but if it is fostered and promoted in the same manner that you might foster and promote the relationship with your closest associations, then it is elevated to a position of greater significance and as a result you are able to enjoy the conditions inherent [in a] more personal or intimate relationship.

And while it is good and fruitful for you to consider that you derive much of your support and love and awareness from your external relationships, be that those of your earthly family or your celestial friends, there is as well an unlimited supply of that which you seek without, within. [This] relationship that you have with your indwelling fragment may in fact be accessed and elevated to a similar level that you can identify having enjoyed with your celestial friends, perhaps even some of your earthbound friends and it is due to the same principles of your choosing, to give greater priority to developing these individual relationships.

The overall goal, if there is such a thing as an overall goal in your ascension career, is most certainly to foster this relationship. You speak of the well within and this relationship with your indwelling guide is certainly part of this well of truth, beauty and goodness you seek within. So I encourage you to enjoy all of your relationships, each and every one, those that are distant and less significant and those that are near and dear to you and of more significance and even the ultimate relationship, the ultimate partnership that is yours to enjoy for your entire ascension career, that of your relationship with your indwelling voice.

It is ever true, seek and you shall find. It is no different whether you are seeking from learned ones without or whether you are seeking from divine fragments within. Simply seek and you shall find and as is stated, to keep trying and trying and try again for that is your key to success; is to maintain your pursuit of that which you seek. These are my words in regard to your discussion of relationship. I offer them in response to your seeking and in encouragement of your finding. Know that all is well and all that you seek will be found and all this is made that much sweeter by your choosing to engage in all these varied relationships that you are graced with. Thank you for your time and farewell.

Serena: [Kathy] I received a few words from Serena. In the future days your connections will remain strong even if separated by distance. Events are in progress that may change the way we view our world and interact with others. Your past experience will guide future actions that are needed. You have all studied the concepts presented by the teachers and have expanded the options available to you. As your world moves through this correcting time there will be opportunities for each of you to serve your brothers and sisters by providing insights and pointing in new directions, opening up new concepts and options. Your foundation of past experience will point the way for others to advance in their knowledge and options.

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Subject: No. Idaho Team
Teacher: Elyon, Unknown, Monjoronson
T/R: Mark Rogers, Kathy Morris
October 12, 2008

Kathy: I'd like to take a moment to concentrate on health and healing for our world and light and life for our world.

Elyon: [Mark] I am Elyon here once again to join you and in this case, to join you in your petition in health, healing and light for your world. Such a glorious gem in the crown of creation. I too desire to see this world brought into the glorious light and love that is transformative and will most certainly be a part of the experience to be had here on this world. To repeatedly offer our desire that this be so and to promote our vision of what that would be creates the very means whereby this transformation will occur; that is the very desires of the participants is what is required to bring about such transformation and change and it is good to be among those who offer so freely their will and desires that this be so for indeed this greases the skids and reduces the friction inherent in this process of change.

I would discuss for a few moments some issues around your discussion and sharing regarding your increasing awarenesses of things that can be felt or encountered by you as you continue your process of seeking and finding. I would call you to remember as best you can, your very early years of formation and as a small child to recall how limited your field of perception may have been. When you are very young and developing your spheres of awareness they are limited to your most immediate surroundings and circumstances.

First, that of your mother or parents as they are your entire existence and world to you, they are all that you know in the very beginning and as you grow you come into a greater awareness of other aspects of life that you were previously unaware of. You have siblings, you have friends and each one of these brings to you a new dimension of awareness. At one point you expand your awareness to include that there are other personalities out there besides your immediate family and this increases the scope of your awareness and understanding to now include more that just one or two but perhaps a great many are involved in this greater sphere of awareness.

But at one point, even though all these other individuals were in existence and real and out there, you were unaware of them so therefore practically speaking they did not exist to you. Likewise as you grow in your spiritual development and you open yourselves up to new potentials and possibilities through this avenue of seeking, you discover that there are layers and more layers of potentials out there and similarly it is not as though they haven't been there, it was your relative unawareness that kept them from being part of your experience.

But as you have so applied yourselves in opening up for such experiences they have been brought to you as a result. There were expressed today in the previous sharing that certain experiences have been had which were previously unfamiliar and there arises with these experiences a certain uncertainty. I invite you to see these new experiences as the rewards of your efforts at expansion in your awareness for you have indeed grown to be able to embrace such new dimensions else they would not be part of your experience.

I would also invite you to fear not as regards any of these experiences. They are brought to you as a result of your sincere and genuine desire and efforts at growth and as such they are well approved by your indwelling guide and by your divine parents who oversee all. Therefore you can safely assume that if you are having experiences which are broadening your awareness, that these experiences are safe and are representative of the grace of the plan which provides for you to have such experiences.

You are all growing in awareness day by day of each other and the presence that each of you have in relationship to the other. You are growing in awareness of the presence of individuals such as myself who are unseen yet just as real and likewise you may grow in your abilities to sense the presence of other immortal souls like yourselves who are currently unseen by you as well. It is not such a great leap for you who have accepted me into your presence and to be among you as one of you, to realize that certainly those with whom you enjoy intimate and deep relationships are in fact still there even though it may have been outside your awareness until now.

Trust that as you grow and as you seek in this process you will undoubtedly be rewarded with the expansion of your awareness, and your ability to sense different presences and realities is expanding and brings with it as a result, your new ability to bring into your awareness that which may have been previously outside. The human mind craves pattern and regularity for it thrives where it has the greatest embrace of what it perceives and once a pattern is established there is a great comfort zone built up around a pattern and this may indeed be serviceable as long as the pattern remains the same but as you are growing to understand, almost nothing remains the same.

And so you must accommodate the changes in your paradigm and embrace the new set of realities and circumstances as they arise and allow your minds the chance to get onboard with the new circumstance and the new reality. They will quickly form a new pattern, much as at one time there may not have been a pattern for you to accept one such as myself to come among you and then there was established a new pattern and adopted as genuine and real and now this pattern is pervasive in your thinking while simultaneously it is growing and changing and adapting to accommodate greater and greater realities.

I would also support the portion of your conversation about the significance of working with your inner guide. This cannot be understated and it is thrilling to see this component of yourselves being brought more and more forward into the light of your discussions and awareness. Truly this is the golden ring that you would grab on your carousel of life, tending to be illusive and difficult of capturing this potential will certainly be captured by each and every one of you as you continue to try and reach out and make the attempt.

There is a golden ring that awaits each and every one of you as we go round and round in our efforts to bring into our awareness the significance of reaching for this ring. I honor you all for your dedication to this process. Even in your unawareness your dedication is required to see you through and to bring you the success that you desire. Maintain this positive forward momentum and you will most certainly arrive at your destination having had a successful voyage.

This is my contribution I would make to your conversation today and I would offer you my thanks for inviting me to be a part of your round table discussion. I cherish the opportunity to grow the relationships with you that I enjoy, thank you and farewell.

Unknown: [Kathy]: I had a message I wanted to share with you from an unknown source. In this turbulent time you will need to focus on the small every day actions that bring meaning to your idea of life on this planet. You are upset by external actions that are out of your control. You are only able to change your reactions to world events. Many times changes seem to be happening at high speed, it is only that you are not focused on your own personal inner guidance.  You may feel adrift although you have not really changed your environment in a major way. Trust in your inner guidance. You have much help available during the shifting times. Be at peace within and look within for guidance, it is truly "help wanted, inquire within".

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here once again to be so genuinely and warmly accepted by my friends. These are indeed turbulent times as was just stated and I would speak for a few moments about this issue of awareness for on your world at this time this can truly be a double edged sword. On the one hand, on an individual level you are growing and expanding your awareness as your devoted guide Elyon has illuminated for you. This growth and expanded awareness extending in the spiritual dimension is truly your path and your direction to follow.

It is by design of your creator that you expand and grow and move forward in your awareness. So that aspect is appropriate and good and as was just mentioned, your safest haven is to expand your awareness into yourself wherein you meet and commune with your Father Fragment.  This is a very secure and personal connection which is not subject to outside influences or hearing from another personality such as myself but rather is contained within and is your truest and surest connection to the divine.

On your world right now you have many circuits in place that you have established to provide you with information and to keep you well informed. This is the other side of the sword of awareness that you must navigate, and that is that you will be made aware of in the turmoil to come, of the many many contrasts to what you would petition and pray for as you envision this move into a state of spiritual awareness or light and life.

Before this state can be made real in your experience and your planet as a whole, there will of course be provided maximum amounts of contrast in order for the choices of the masses to be made real and so you will likely be bombarded with the many contrasts and because your news circuits are primarily interested in the worst case scenarios to grab your attention and to focus your attention on their broadcasts, they will seek out and find the greatest contrast to bring to you.

If you allow yourself to be bombarded with the worst case scenarios, then you bring to yourselves great additional challenges to maintain your center and your focus. It is not necessary for you to personally be aware of the many tragedies and injustices that are present on your world for there is very little that you personally can do to impact what is routinely the result of other peoples choices. So I encourage you to be protective of yourselves and to choose wisely what to burden yourselves with in terms of the goings on out there among your brothers and sisters as they are all going through some episode in their ascension career and it may not be necessary for you to share the depth of their experience because that is their experience and yours is distinct and different from that.

We have been experimenting for quite some time with the creative aspects of our being and before us will be a great challenge as to how we implement these lessons with thought into our consciousness. Will we be pulled into the fray of fear, doubt and uncertainty or will we maintain our posture of love, truth, beauty and goodness regardless of simultaneous realities which are being experienced by others? Truly this world has been provided to you to bring you contrast and you have embraced the wide degree of contrast available but your roles as light anchors are to remain in the light.

If the lighthouse loses its beacon as a result of the storm it is of no purpose and service to all those who need to steer by its presence. So it is with each of you, in order to be the lighthouse you must be protected from the surrounded storm, you must be strong, you must be contained within so that all the fury that is transpiring without will not douse your flame of light. Like the lighthouse you must stand strong against the wind and it is this foundation that you have built which enables you to stand strong. This foundation of knowing your connection, of knowing the greater realities of love, truth, beauty and goodness will enable you to be self sustaining in times of storm.

So it is that we have worked all these years to build, piece by piece, this sturdy foundation and to give you piece by piece your internal sanctuary and bring you into awareness that this is so, all in preparation for your withstanding these tumultuous times and the contrast that they bring. I harbor no doubts that you will remain fixed and that your lights will shine. I also know that many will benefit from your building such a sturdy foundation and shining such a bright light.

And so it is that we brace ourselves as the storm approaches, knowing that we are self contained, we have all that we are in need of within and we may in this way be a guiding light for all those who have not had the benefit of such experience and training.I am certain that you are all prepared and that you all will most certainly survive any such transient event as we are going to experience because you have shown your commitment to your enduring component, you have nourished your soul and such individuals cannot be buffeted about by any temporal disturbances but are secure within making them stable without.

Be of good cheer so far as it is possible. Limit your exposure to the transient contrasts about you, they will all pass but your enduring awareness will not and recall that for many, such contrast is needed to awaken their awareness and so even such apparent hardship will be utilized to the greatest ends as is always true with your divine parents. What seems hard and cruel, even unjust, all will be turned into good and proper steps to be taken for the overall goal.

So we cannot judge what is cruel or unfair or too difficult because if it exists we must allow that it is within the scope of the plan of our divine parents to be implemented for the benefit of their children whom they love. None will be lost, instead we must see turbulent times as an act of mercy, an act of love, an act of grace from on high. It won't be until it has passed that we may be able to see the many benefits inherent in the process.

But we who know of the love of our divine parents know of this going in and therefore we have strength that sees us through the potential uncertainty to know that all will most certainly be well. It is a joy to communicate with you on this level of certainty, on this awareness that this is so. We just must remind ourselves as events transpire, that this is indeed so and simply remain centered, focused and projecting our light out for all to see. It is not really such a difficult task, in fact one of great honor to perform in such times.

I thank you for your devoted attention once again today and will call this meeting to a close and open the doors of the classroom to allow the young eager developing souls to run out and play. You will notice that all is well with your own individual playgrounds, your own environments around you and that most of what is troubling your brethren is as illusive as "tinker bell". They can't see or touch or feel the reality which so frightens them but yet they most fervently will clap to bring it to life. Realize that your playground may be free of these influences for your environment immediately around you need not contain any of these unknown, uncertain contrasts.

It is your choice what you bring into your environment and to your playground. I invite you to choose wisely, those things which bring you peace and love and goodness and forsake entertaining the many "tinker bells" that may be real, might be real, could be real if you only clapped hard enough. These are my words and I appreciate your attention to them. Have a good day regardless of what is transpiring around the world or in the universe, it is your choice but still, have a good day. Thank you and farewell.