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Nebadonia - Breath of Spirit - Oct 14, 2007 - CCC

CCC - Center for Christ Consciousness

Breath of Spirit Message

October 14, 2007

My children, your Mother Nebadonia is here for you. Can you remember the days of innocence…when you felt a sense of purity and freshness around you? Well, you can experience that again with my presence in you!

You have been playing in a dirty playground with your brothers and sisters who have also been playing rough. Now it is time to allow yourselves to be accepted and love for your rough and tumble ways. Once you acknowledge this part of your being, then you are ready for my touch upon you to help you take those steps towards spiritual maturity.

Becoming a fully alive spiritual being brings Spirit through you deeply. When you hold an attitude of innocence about what you know and believe; when you allow the freshness and purity of Spirit's vision upon the earth to be yours, then I can move through you more, and build what the visions we hold upon the earth. There is so much goodness to be planted, and it is you that I can do this.

My child, there is nothing like planting the seeds of love upon the earth. Be as a small child in the wonderment of what the spring will bloom. Now is the season when the earth gets to rest. What will you plant now for the spring to birth anew in a few short months?

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