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Norson; Michael; Elyon; Serena; WAVE; Lantarnek; Monjoronson; Aaron - 0819; 0902; 0909; 091607 - North Idaho

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  1. August 19, 2007 - Michael’s Birthday Celebration /Teachers: Michael, Aaron
  2. Sept. 02, 2007 - Norson - The Trophy of Spiritual Experience & The Pedestal of Support.
  3. Sept. 09, 2007 - Healing Energy; Territory of Self; Being Engaged; Integrate Boundaries; Washing the Core of Being / Teachers: Serena - WAVE - Elyon Michael
  4. Sept. 16, 2007 - Seeing with Human Eyes; Seeing with Spiritual Eyes; Spiritual Hearing / Teachers: Nebadonia, Lantarnek, Monjoronson, Michael

August 19, 2007
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Expression Of Heavenly father, Spiritual Ascendancy, Working with Michael. Teachers: Michael, Aaron, Michael

August 19, 2007 Michael's Birthday Celebration

* Michael (Daniel): Thank you for sharing in the memory of this day, my dear ones. Each and every one of us is unique and individual and a cherished expression of our heavenly Father, and just as surely each and every one of you is at the same time a unique and beloved and cherished expression of me. You are all my beloved children, and yet we walk together towards our Father, I more as your elder brother. You express our Father's love in your life. In this you are expressing the point of my gift to the Supreme.

* Aaron (Simeon): Greetings, my friends, on this evening symbolizing the joy of love made manifest on your world. I am Aaron, it is my pleasure to speak, the topic: spiritual ascendancy which is the plan of progress for each being created and/or evolved. Often early evolutionary beings think of spiritual progress, of the miraculous, astonishing deeds and activities, but in the practical application on the universal level, one cannot become master of the miraculous until one has become master of the commonplace. Thus the meat and potatoes of spiritual growth lies in your day-to-day endeavors and how you approach the circumstances of your life. These gatherings of faith-filled souls may seem to you to be miraculous and astounding, yet these are truly glimpses of how the commonplace should be: people interacting on a level based first on a relationship that is inherent, placing other factors secondary. We like to observe how you go from these gatherings and make the energizing last as long as you can. When you approach your daily existence, some can slip out almost immediately into the ups and downs and frustrations. Others begin at a highly supercharged spiritual level spreading good cheer for days, maybe weeks, and slowly slide into habits and patterns. But regardless, it is these moments of awareness of the inherent connection of all things that will both guide you and provide the bridge for you to cross toward more enlightened patterns. Spiritual ascendancy is achieved moment by moment, not by the results but by the effort. One can be ascending rapidly spiritually even while the material body slowly breaks and dissolves. My call to you this evening is to recognize that it is not the outcome but the effort and the awareness that will build your eternal souls, and that your understanding that relationship is far more important than differences and beliefs. The intention is prime. As you hear from the other ministers this evening and tomorrow, try to hold these thoughts in your mind. Allow yourself to be filled with the energy so that you have a good sense of this filling. But recognize along with the energy that you can more purposefully take these insights and let them blend into your daily existence more freely. At this time I will withdraw and observe. It is so wonderful to see you all here gathered in light.

* Michael (Mark): Greetings, my dear ones. I am who you make reference to when you come together and gather in my name at such a time as this. It is my distinct honor and privilege to come among you in this fashion. As you well know it was my distinct honor and privilege as well to come among earthly brethren during my sojourn on this, our world. I was moved to come to my apostles and ask them, "Who is it that you say I am?", for they called me master unbidden. I was in their midst, and they could sense a distinct relationship to me as more than a brother, a mortal of the realm. They could sense that I had the essence of parent in me as well. Indeed I treated them as any loving parent would treat their family. And I come to you in this hour to declare that once again I am here with you, and I would ask each of you to answer internally, what do you call me now? I have plainly portrayed to you that I am at once your brother, for I have lived a life among you, even as one of you. As well I am your father who has been so pleased by all of you. Therefore we are family. You are my dear, cherished children in this process. You may call me brother; you may call me father; you may even call me friend, as this is my greatest desire, to be considered accessible by you, to be approached by you as any parent would want their children to approach them in love. This is my greatest joy when you approach me with the open posture of a child who approaches in trust and in faith. Then it becomes my great privilege to surround you with my peace and to bring you my love. I tell you, once again, it is my desire to be as close to you as you can allow me to be in your daily lives, in your routine activities, where you live, in the space you occupy. You have been told and you believe that I am to return to this world, and I declare to you in this hour that I am present with you even now, and that you are my current manifestation. You are how I choose to return to this world at this time, not centered in the individual person as I was as Jesus but rather prevalent in my Spirit of Truth that endows each and every one of you wherein I may see the world from your angle, may grow to cherish your experiences. This is the partnership that I desire to foster with each and every one of you. There is not one of my children that I do not cherish, that I do not desire to be closer to in this process. In fact we are growing closer, day by day, hour by hour, as you mature in your awareness and your ability to come to me. This is as I desire. So it is that we grow close enough to reach out and in this fashion, in this hour, almost touch each other. This represents my desire as well or we would not be here and now together. Trust that all that is happening to you is our desire. I have made it so that you may choose, and you have chosen. Therefore our coming together represents our collective desire. You know of my creative potential, but I tell you now of yours. You who will choose to partnership with me will clearly demonstrate co-creative prerogative and potential. And in this way I and, with your help, we will lift this world up. I need your boots on the ground; I need your hands in motion; I need your brains ready to recall and function in the time of need, these very moments. Certainly our family grows closer and bigger and better each and every day. I thank our collective Father, the First Source and Center, for this grand design to allow us both to be here at this time, to operate in this capacity, to function in this manner. Truly we are all blessed. And I accept your focus of intention today as it projects in my direction. Your needing to recall my sojourn of service to this world touches me. But I tell you, as grand as you consider my life was, your lives are now in play as the grandest in the universe. It is you who the others will see and hear, and it is this partnership that will allow us to function together and allow me to reach them and touch them just as now I reach you and touch you. Do this for me; do this with me. You have it in your hearts and desire to be of service, and so it shall be. Your prayers are being granted as we move into the new arena where you will be provided the opportunity to exercise your desires and fulfill a divine plan. Look in your mind's eye for my touch. Be prepared to receive my embrace in spirit. Consider it is my desire that this is so, and, as you well know, that that which I desire and the Father permits is so. As such you are now here with me because this is what I desire. When I walked this earth I called to those around me with the simple words, "Follow me", and they proved trustworthy in their desires and their actions, and they followed me in my literal footsteps. But now I come to you, my mortal liaisons, and I say I would follow you. You choose where we go. You decide what we do. You make the plans, and I will be assisting you in this process. You are a reflection of my love and my light to the others. This is my desire. Follow me by allowing me to follow you. Thank you once again, my dear ones, for your devoted affection and your attention. Casting your gaze in my direction warms my heart; to see your shining lights warms a universe. Let us be bold in proclaiming this new kingdom together. I leave you as always with my peace and my love. But as always I remind you that I am never away from you. I am always there, even close enough to reach out and touch you. So it is and so you will know one day. In the meantime I accept your offers of faith that have brought you here, and I receive your love. Thank you.



Sept 02, 2007
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

The Trophy of Spiritual Experience and the Pedestal of Support.

Teachers: Norson

September 2, 2007

* Norson (Jonathan TR): One does not hide one's light under a basket but rather puts it upon a stand for all to see. I am Norson, a melchizedek. This light is the radiance of spiritual experience, the witness thereof is the knowledge of connection between the human self and God.

This experience is a trophy in life, and you know that trophies are often placed upon pedestals; the reward of the experience is thereby displayed. In the acquirement of this experience which is ongoing, always occurring, there naturally develops the support structure, the pedestal, which manifests as philosophy and even religious theology. Belief, concept, affinity, propensity, are among the many things that comprise this pedestal, be it an individual or greater social structure. Though ornate it may become, it is the trophy upon it which is of greatest value, the spiritual experience.

One may have an experience that is monumental, and it is good for one to have a peace that passes all understanding, to have a feeling which lies too deep for words, to, as they say, blow out the candle and leave the description behind. This is good in itself, but you know also that you are to be in this world even while not being of this world. You know that you are to go forth and teach the truths of spirit reality.

So there of necessity is a pedestal, a structure, for connection, your feet on the earth. If your experience is grand and your pedestal is feeble you will not be able to cope with the integration of the profound experience with your ordinary life, and it will be of no use in your fellows' struggles to come into their light. We, the teachers of this mission, come to help you develop that pedestal, what you have been told many times, your foundation.

But I also caution you about having an experience which is too minuscule. Imagine with humor percieving a pedestal enormous in size, intricate in design, miles wide and high, with merely a beebee sitting upon it! You are encouraged in stillness, for it develops that light, the trophy of spiritual encounter. Then you appropriate a pedestal to accommodate your level of attainment. You have been taught and know that it is quite well to alter, to change, your structure of support as your experience unfolds. This light upon the stand is a light of combination. It is the combustion, the fusing, of your human self with the divine Presence.

In this luminosity it cannot be seen the distinction, and each individual shines brightly, and each one has its own pedestal, a diversity of expression, of description. Keep your mind open to this diversity, for it is the description of the unique character of each personality and its interface with God. You will likewise express your relationship. You will also cross fertilize each other, and in this socialization you will each brighten your spiritual experience, your divine encounter.

Allowing for this variable experience of each individual with the divine removes the blindness which is much like, as you look to your lunar orb, it appears to always look the same. But you know, as you have advanced in knowledge, that that sphere has many sides unseen by the human, earthly, orientation. So communion and fellowship with one another allows you to perceive the very many aspects of the divine presence. Jesus would go into the hills that he might be alone and commune with the Father, even for weeks at a time, even for a month. But he always returned that he may share, perhaps not the direct experiences of that retreat but the rewards, the values.

While he would take some with him at times that they may gain an inkling of what he endeavored to accomplish in such retreats to stillness, he knew his retreat would never be theirs and often taught the value of each one going apart to be alone with the Father. I cannot stress enough the importance of this direct encounter. But I also encourage you to be creative in your outward expression of this inward experience, the pedestal upon which this trophy is placed. Let yours be unique and let it be sound and stable but beautiful and descriptive of the higher encounter. Others will enjoy your expression and each of you will assist one another, will encourage each other into further communion and worship.

When you are weary you may take your light and put it under a basket, for you may need to block the harsh winds that seek to put out your flame. Let it rekindle; let it renew, but when you are again aglow, remove that protective covering and place yourself again back on that stand for all to see, to let your light so shine. The world will be transformed when it is clearly understood the distinction between the structures of change which are formulaic and secondary to the prime, direct, experience of truth -- and I mean truth as a spirit reality. This will put to peace divergent approaches to change and will allow for the entrance into the development of a coordinated harmony, a goal, which requires differing approaches just as when you build a structure you have carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters; each one different, altogether the structure is complete. This is how your world will develop. Have your experience which lies too deep for words, then place that light upon that pedestal that all may see. Thank you for granting me your audience. I would be pleased to receive your feedback, your questions, or your observations. Thank you.

Tom: You asked us to see truth as a spiritual reality. The Urantia Book states that truth is the greatest representation of our view of mercy and love, which are the two greatest realities, as contrasted with the duality which is, "She's right; I'm wrong", "They're wrong", and . ... * Norson: Where truth is the description of love and mercy, there is also the description of truth, and this is to which I orient you in my comment. I will use an example that moisture and water are similar, perhaps indistinguishable, but is water the reality and moisture the observation? Truth directly experienced is water; truths is moisture. When the human soul experiences truth it becomes the moisture which is from the water of love and mercy. Thank you for your comment.

Kathy: Thank you for your description of rekindling our light when we find ourselves buffeted by strong winds and aren't feeling quite up to shining, to take a moment, rekindle, and come back renewed.

* Norson: Indeed, many a soul who is dutiful in the outworking of the command to go forth and proclaim the gospel has exhausted itself. You know and have experienced the effect upon a candle in a windy situation, how fast the fuel is spent, not so much to feed the flame, but wasted away and fallen beneath. You are serving your fellows to retreat and to refresh, that you may glow longer with the fuel you have, to preserve your storehouse. While the image of the candle is finite, in spiritual refreshment, the vat into which you may dip is infinite. Salutations to Michael and Mother Spirit. We give honor to the cause that is Nebadon, that the revelation of the Paradise Father may be beheld in our realm. May we each be likewise a reflection of that brilliance of truth, beauty, and goodness, that love, that light. May it be so. Thank you, my friends, for sitting with me today. I take my leave. Farewell.


Sept. 09, 2007 
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
  1. Healing Energy,
  2. Territory of Self,
  3. Being Engaged,
  4. Integrate Boundaries,
  5. Washing the Core of Being.

Teachers: Serena, Elyon, Wave, Serena, Michael.

September 9, 2007

* Serena (Mark TR): Hello, my dear ones, I am Serena. I was summoned by your petitions. I adore forming energy circuits. I will add my contribution of energy, goodness, light. I join in your collective petition (Some words missing from the above) . ..light anchor to be directed at your sister and bathe her in this love that you bundle up and send out on the carrier wave of your own love as you add it to the process.

That is what makes it so potent, my dear ones. It is fascinating to witness your conversation prior to this discussion and realize that the tools that are now being brought forward and used, to be taken up and used, are in a very real way the answers to your prayers. It is that for which you seek, and the universe principle of "seek and you shall find" has once again been upheld and maintained. You, my dear young students, are so eager to be handed the next textbook or directed in the next direction as you open yourselves up to receiving that which your deepest self is seeking.

You have dutifully been engaged in creating this energy, in manipulating this energy, in using it and directing it, and yet this has been largely unconscious by you, and that is what is beginning to change in the equation. You are now coming to awareness of that which is happening around you, through you, as a result of you. This awakening is spectacular to behold as you develop another layer of yourself and become more splendid and more mature.

It is my distinct honor and privilege to be involved with you as we open these new avenues of travel and chart these new courses ahead of us. Maintain your posture of willingness and readiness, and all that you seek shall be found and in time even mastered. I step back to allow for others but cherish this opportunity. Thank you.

* Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Elyon. I will speak about the territory of self. On a world as yours wherein personalities have been mistaught and misguided in the nature of brotherly conduct, it becomes necessary to erect a fence to define one's being and to provide gates for the entry of friendly beings. This becomes your territory.

In this territory you are king of the hill. As the planet advances and Light and Light begins to emerge, civilization will develop to the point where friendliness displaces the tendency to be foes, and thereby the fencelines of your personal property become of little importance. There develops a topography of Supremacy wherein your territory transforms, transmutes into a terrain, and each one is beautiful in its own presence.

Every self manifests its own habitat. If we draw upon the imagery of a forest, one may be like a meadow, clear and pristine, soft and expansive; another as a thick forest, and another as a rocky hillside. It is clear as you walk through this environs that there are demarcations between regions, but they are fuzzy. Some meadow grasses extend into the forest, and some trees are sprouting at the edges of the meadow.

This from personality to personality is fellowship and friendship wherein you trade traits and characters and you share. Those who function in separateness and are unable to accept the commingling of one another in an ecology of brotherhood, will attempt to drive fencelines through areas and cordon off artificially zones for themselves.

This manifests as a controlling spouse or a domineering boss. But in proper order, defense is unnecessary, and the ebb and flow of natural balances will keep harmony among one another. Now I enter in another element, that is water, the symbol for spirit. Every one of you is nourished by the water of life, but each of you will take this nourishment in a different method. The meadow will accumulate a pond, the forest a babbling brook, and the rocky hillside a waterfall. It is spirit nonetheless and spirit nourishing each one in its own manner. You know that over time geography changes and sometimes cataclismically as in the event of a forest fire or a monsoon rain.

So likewise has civilization undergone such momentous events; one of great repercussion was the planetary secession from Michael's plan. But while this occurred the meadow was a lake and the hillside bare of trees. But that lake provided, again, moisture for the new growth and soon all was reestablished, clear of the accumulation of debris, of unnecessary acquirements, regenerated, ready for a new cycle of vigorous growth. I use this analogy, though it is rough in comparison to the intricacy of the manifold personalities bestowed by the heavenly Father all through this universe.

While you spend much of your time in the intricacies of relationship on your world and even more localized, there are orders of intricacy on the scale of planet and systems, constellations, that also interrelate and create what may be called an ecological transformation. You have witnessed the desert, and you have witnessed the ocean, and you will also notice such striking dissimilarities when you move from the physical into the morontia and from morontia into spirit. Each phase is of great importance and of value in itself.

All ascending creatures who have the hunger for spirit realities are anxious to ascend into the high realms of Paradise. Many go too far into discounting the value of one's own being, the negating of self for God. But you are part of the terrain, a small micro- environment, yes, but an element in the panorama of Supremacy. Accept what you are as an element that contributes to the harmony of the whole. Do not extend your territory beyond what you are, for that will merely cause other habitats to adjust and to correct. Thank your for your attention. I pass on to others.

* WAVE (Mark): Hi guys, this is Wave. I am here because I can be, because you will allow me to come and visit in your group. I can't tell how thrilling it is to watch all the developments on both sides of the curtain. There is so much happening that we most certainly will not be bored. I am thrilled to be one of the players who gets to participate because we are here at this juncture of time and space together. So it is that those who show up and who are here at this time will make history, as the saying goes.

In a very real sense of course that is exactly what's happening as moment by moment we decide how things will be and choose, and it is so, and we have decided the course of history as a result of our simply being engaged in the process, and of all times, we are so fortunate to be here, those of us who desire to be engaged, because the opportunities are numerous and plentiful for us to manifest the desires of our hearts.

Take in these beautiful, peaceful, calm days and savor these moments that we share together. There will be many experiences we will add to our individual libraries, and we should give this particular experience a place on the top shelf of prominence, for we are able to enjoy these moments in such depth and with such awareness that these will be our treasured memories and experiences. I do not have any profound words of wisdom as there were many offered here today to contemplate. I simply desired to let you know that I am here with you.

Like you I am a student in how all these affairs work and the interplay of all the various energy systems. Together we are discovering the basic nature, and then we develop networks to connect all the various aspects we have come to assemble. So it is we go about building our way as we go. It's a joy to be on this journey with you, and I will be eager to witness how all these opportunities manifest as realities in our journeys together. Thank you. Farewell.

* Serena (Kathy reading a message she received earlier): In an effort to protect one's territory many are pushing in response to other people's boundaries. Be gentle with each other as you attempt to integrate boundaries in the progression of the development of Light and Life.

* Michael (Jonathan): This is Michael. My arms extend around you. But at this moment I take my hands to wash your feet, and these feet are not your physical feet; it is the core of your being upon which you stand. I wish to wash every toe, be it your fundamental feelings, be it your reasoning abilities. So much of your life bears upon your standing, and much of your experience has grown out of these cores. Your religious upbringing, your mathematical training, your primary language, each shapes your outgrowth. Some have contributed greatly and well to your advancement. Others have been hindrances; this is the dirt I will wash to cleanse you that you may take up your stride refreshed and ready for the growth ahead. Be ye cleansed. Be refreshed. Shalom.


Sept 16, 2007
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
  1. Seeing with Human Eyes,
  2. Seeing with Spiritual Eyes;
  3. Spiritual Hearing.

Teachers: Nebadonia, Lantarnek, Monjoronson, Michael.

September 16, 2007

* Nebadonia (Sheila): My children, I am your Mother. My children, I get such joy, such pleasure, in your gathering, in your sharing. My personal relationship with each one of you has been a very personal relationship each time you breathe me in, each time you thirst for me or nourish yourselves through the food that I provide, that I am. This I will say to you is my commitment. Each time you acknowledge me, you return your love, you establish our relationship within your own experience, your own feelings, your own thoughts. I would like for you to let seeing with your human eyes dismiss the idea that you are not seeing with your morontia eyes.

It is indeed your feelings. The moment you take that breath and feel you can move forward, the aah after a drink of water, your sleepy relaxation after a big meal, this is you and I. This does not need to be seen; this is felt. This is when our relationship joins together. I acknowledge these moments in times when you may not have. It is reported in your colors, in your tone, in your records every moment you related back to me. In this grand mission of Michael's you were not necessarily asked to keep record of such moments, for they are the naturalness of you. You have simply come to a point in your experience that you desire to acknowledge every divine moment you have.

You don't want to let one of them pass by. Just like a child who doesn't want to take a nap for fear they will miss something; this is how I see you. When you think of me receive the joy that I am; receive the nurturing that I am. Receive yourself as I permeate you. Know that in one way or another I am relating to you. I am to you that which the Father desires. Breathe me in and quench your thirst. Fill your bodies with light.

* Lantarnek (Jonathan): Love to our Mother Spirit, I am Lantarnek. You discussed the phrase, seeing with spiritual eyes, I will also comment. Seeing is a twofold endeavor, for one must be receptive to receive vision, and one must be active to look and focus. To be receptive I will change the word "eyes" to "ayes", to illustrate willingness, to become like the little child and receive from spirit, to go forth and proclaim the gospel. The action of seeing with spiritual eyes is the action of whatever you do for the least among you, you do for Michael. It is praying for those who persecute you. It is having faith that will move mountains, a faith as small as a mustard seed that grows into an enormous tree. Seeing with spiritual eyes is turning the other cheek and forgiving those before they even think to ask. It is to be in this world but not of this world. It is knowing that you are a child of God though you be born of man and woman. It is the removal of the delineation between a spirit reality and a physical life, the infusion and ever present state of a consciousness as Christ and a practical, functional lifestyle. My last comment is to change the "eyes" to "I" plural, your higher self and your human self, two "I"s together. In this view you see. Thank you.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, Monjoronson here to play with the ball that is being tossed back and forth about seeing the spiritual vision. As you know one may see something with the eyes of the flesh, but one may have vision about things which are beyond the perception of the eyes of the flesh. It is calling into force another sense that you possess and using it to overlay what your eyes of the flesh may take in. It allows you to know the bigger picture. Where your eyes of the flesh may behold a brother or a sister before you, your eyes of spirit discern that this is a child of God with a fragment of divinity within.

This sense of knowing and feeling, this very truth causes you to act differently when you engage with this one who is before you, because you bring an added dimension of sight, even a dimension of insight, when you allow yourselves to be shown the circumstances with your eyes of the spirit. Likewise when you gaze out upon your world and all that transpires in your lives, you gaze out through your physical eyes which provide you with information regarding your surroundings, but you also gaze out on the world and all that transpires with a sense of knowing, of relationship, of purpose, of context, of understanding, even of wisdom. These things are derived from the use of your spiritual perspective.

To one who only uses their eyes of the flesh the circumstances surrounding your lives may appear quite random or shallow or disjointed. But to one who brings with them the larger sense of knowing the use of your spiritual vision to see, you begin to notice that all things that surround you are existing in various dimensions. There is the material plane and the actual existence of matter before you, and as well there is a component of spirit which indwells all, and that is the aspect that you are awakening to with your spiritual senses. Everything that happens to you, everything you come in contact with, has multiple facets to its reality. Viewing these circumstances and individuals only through the eyes of the flesh means you do not have an accurate picture of all that transpires.

But developing this sense of spiritual vision you are able to discern far more that is inherent in your situations than is evident on the surface. All of you have been engaged for some time in developing your spiritual sense of awareness, your spiritual vision. More and more you come to easily slide into that arena of perception, and before long they will be so intertwined that you will not be in discussion about what it is to use your spiritual eyes. You will simply be acting as you are understanding the nature and function of using this spiritual vision. For as you all know, very much that is out there in the world is not as appears, and without some deeper sense of awareness you may be misled or misguided by the simple material manifestations. Thank you for this opportunity to join you. It's been a pleasure while bobbing about to join this group this morning. Thank you. Farewell.

* Michael: Greetings, it is Michael with a short exercise and illustration of the point that has just been discussed. In this moment do you consider that you are hearing me with only the ears of the flesh? Or in my communication with you is there more? Is there a sense of feeling? Is there a place of awareness, or are these merely word symbols that ramble through satellites and echo back and enter your ear passages and vibrate tiny bones and eardrums which are transformed into signals which then your brain can then assimilate?

All these things are indeed transpiring in this very moment. And yet there is more; my presence is there on these carrier waves we call words. It is this sense we are discussing when you attempt to define your spiritual senses. Just like with your eyes of the flesh, there is vision that occurs distinct from what your eyes may perceive that is in front of them. Similarly these words contain a carrier wave of my energy that is attached to the very vibrations that you discern through you ears in this moment. Allow that all that comes to you is more than you may witness with only your available senses.

There are always other frequencies, other tones, more contained than you are able to perceive with your limited senses of the flesh. But as you grow in your awareness everything has more dimension, more meaning, more to be understood as you have the senses to take it in. It is difficult to describe to you how limited your senses are, for you have never known any other way. When your eyes are awakened on the morontia realm you instantly will know of your own experience a great distinction in quality and quantity of the senses that are available to you by virtue of your vehicles. But all the while you are growing spiritual senses which are far deeper and far transcend any vibrational impulses that may impact your vehicle. My peace and my love once again I bring and share with you that you may share it with the others. My love always surrounds you, and my desire to be with you is as pervasive as that. Farewell, my dear ones, until next time. Be at peace.



Sept. 23, 2007
North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
  1. Held in My Embrace,
  2. Center of Your Being,
  3. Times of Challenge.

Teachers: Mother Spirit, Unidentified, Monjoronson.

September 23, 2007

* Mother Spirit (Kathy TR): In times of trial and adversity you will find comfort in the connection with my system of energy circuits. Know that I am always within every part of my creation. The times when you feel lost from your position may be viewed differently from a larger perspective. Know that you are always held in my embrace of loving care. You are my precious children and I am always with you.

* unidentified (Jonathan): I come to you. I share your joy. I share your pain and likewise your hopes and your losses. I direct you to the center of your being, to that which is ever calm and peaceful, where love resides. Therein is stability; therein is assurance and guidance and an engulfing comfort. From here you can stand strong against the storms. From here you create the future of Light and Life. Be still and know.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to be with you, to share with you, to simply be with you in whatever state we may find ourselves in the moment. You have just been graced with the gentle reminders that you are loved and cared for, you are nurtured and protected, and that there is a part of you which is quite stable and calm no matter what conditions might exist outside of you.

If I can paint a picture in your mind's eye, consider yourself in a small vessel out in the open waters. When there are no waves to buffet you about you may be at ease about your vessel and its position and your position relative to the vessel's. You may lean over the edge; you may stand up and walk about; you may enjoy the smell of calm seas that permit you the freedom to explore the perimeters of your vessel with no fear or danger associated with these activities.

Then consider the event in which the storm rises and the seas swell and the wind blows and there are waves now to navigate. You no longer feel as though you are as comfortable with your vessel, and you find yourself retreating to the very center of your vessel so that you may safely ride out the storm. As well, wisdom would dictate to you that you orient your vessel to meet head-on the swells and to take the waves with the best positioning of your craft. This activity of positioning yourself relative to the storm is likened to your practice and discipline of stillness.

The wisdom derived from your discipline at stillness tells you how best to weather the storm, to furl your sails and point your vessel into the wind. The act of finding your safe place in the center of your vessel is, as was just described to you, retreating to your inner sanctum, to your place of peace and stability, the safest place you may find yourself in any storm. Having done these things you are then well equipped to ride out the temporary event that is at hand. And you are then graced with the experience; you are then gaining the wisdom of having mastered the circumstance and having prevailed through the times of challenge. You have had the training. You have been told of the laws of nature regarding these transient episodes. You have been prepared for these events ahead. It is now simply that you follow through with your training, that you rely on your wisdom, and that you always remember the safe posture to maintain as you are buffeted about in life.

You may take a beating; you may get wet; you may be tossed about, but you will hold fast to the rudder and keep your heading and maintain your safe position in the center of all. Doing so you will most certainly make it through as the storm passes and the waters calm again. You cannot be reminded enough that you are lovingly attended to; you are never forsaken in your process, in your journey. Always does the love of your parents surround you, nurture you, provide you with that necessary for your ultimate survival. But as many times as you are reminded of this fact, there is a tendency when living this material manifestation to return to fear, to allow doubt and uncertainty to be brought on board with you.

These are your challenges as great as any storm that arises. But when you begin to doubt your training and second guess your abilities and skills then is when you may be caught broadside and have your vessel in peril. You as sailors in the spiritual realm should now be aware that even such a vessel as you now navigate is only part of your journey, and that even if such a vessel is lost, the journey is not. Recall this when those around you founder and are lost. They are only lost to you, to your sight.

They are never lost to your divine Parents who continue their loving watch care no matter what transpires. The seas will swell; the storm will thunder; many a good sailor will be overtaken. Yet all of this is but the blink of an eye on your eternal journey where you switch vessels many times and navigate many seas and sail through many storms. The vessel may change; the storms will be different, but you are enduring. You will survive. So fear not as you brave your individual journey, for there is nothing that can happen that is not a part of the bigger journey. Truly you have been told and you are growing to know the truth of the statement that all is well in the bigger picture. It may not appear that way at any small snapshot of your journey, but truly it is so that all is part of the gigantic divine plan and therefore all is well. Thank you, my dear ones, for sharing your journeys with us that we may counsel you and share your experience, as you are the ones with your hands on the rudders. You are the ones who will decide which course is taken, and a universe is along for the ride. Farewell.