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Nebadonia; Michael; Monjoronson - Michaels Birthday Celebration - Aug 18, 2007 - North Idaho

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Celebrate Your Lives,
  2. Being In Love,
  3. A New Platoon, New Circuit.

Teachers: Nebadonia, Michael, Monjoronson

August 18, 2007 Michael's Birthday Celebration

* Nebadonia (Sheila TR): I am your Mother. I sit amongst you. I am in relationship with you. As you breathe in and receive me you bring oneness into definition. As you breathe in you receive me as I receive you. Take me in and nourish yourself. Hold it in for a moment and allow me to permeate your entire human self. Allow me to gather that which you no longer need and breathe it out. We will do this together. Realize yourself as your source. Bring it all in and nurture us. This, my dears, is what you can hold onto. This is your security and your protection. Nurture our connection and hold it dear to your hearts. My children, I desire that you celebrate your lives for what you are contributing to our world and to our people. This, dear ones, is enough to celebrate from here on. Celebrate yourselves as new and fresh and energized and ready to look forward, to set the path, to make the change. My dear ones, you are what we celebrate.

* Michael (Daniel): Love is. Perception grows. Love is the atmosphere in which we all share our existence. Love does not come to you; you come to it. All of you here have come into it. You feel it. You bring it. You allow it to flow into you. The grid is love. When you plug into the grid all who are thus attached benefit from the unique perspectives of each. To those who experience love in little bits and pieces, when they come into your environment, the love is palpable; they cannot help but experience this family unity that you all share. When two or more of you are gathered together in my name you tap into my love. You share it with one another and also with me. My love indeed pervades this universe of ours, yet it is our Father's love which pervades all. Love is the reality; the task is becoming more real. There is truth of highest orders in the term "being in love". Carry on.

* Monjoronson (Mark): Greetings, I am Monjoronson here in delight to join this light circle. I must take note of the fact that you have just enjoyed a true blessing, an actual reflection of your parents' devotion for you. What a miracle on this world at this time, and yet you all approach this with a posture of such certainty and enhanced awareness. That is a miracle. That is what we treasure about your relationship to us. As I swoop into the scene I find that I am graced with a group such as this who have brought themselves individually to a place where we can form a group collectively of this stature. Today I would like to openly engage with you in the formation of a new platoon I will call. You have all enlisted and signed up, and I need not seek reassurance from any of you that you are with me and you are a volunteer in your desires to bring about these correcting times and these changes that are at hand. So I accept your willingness to be involved, and I would ask to lead you in an exercise of forming a working unit.

I will call this a platoon, an organized group of individuals, and you have all witnessed the power that is inherent in any group when it chooses to organize and work together. So, as a result of your dedication and your intentions, we will form even now this new circuit between and among us. We will ask that this circuit be sanctioned on high from your divine parents who have already provided you with that even in this hour. Then we ask to join in common desire that we form a new light in the universe, a new energy, that we will maintain and build. We do this now in this moment, in this hour, with intention, with purpose and because of your awareness that this is so. I make collective petition for all assembled that this new energy grid, energy circuit, that we form in this hour, be graced and sanctioned by all divine personalities. And it is so. This exercise is designed to bring you all another anchor of energy, another source for you each to be used individually or collectively as you see appropriate. But we are entering the new time when we will be much more intentional about our use of these energy grids. And you will all benefit from having another anchor to ground you and bring you the necessary flow of energy. It is as if I had been handed a platoon that has already been trained. You have been involved in these exercises and developed your own individual capacities for some time, and now we get to put these to use.

Now we will begin to work in real terms for the new paradigm that we will be building side by side. We have had plenty of exposure now to basic principles and cosmic understanding, and now we will begin to once again walk the walk that we have been talking about. In the near future we will need to be active in our approach because, as paradigms shift, there needs to be islands of stability. Make no mistake, this is you, each one, an island of stability. You may each access this grid and other grids available to you by virtue of our association to be a grounding element, an island of stability amid the flux and change all around you. This is what you have been training for, and we are fortunate enough that we are experienced enough to have some degree of confidence in working with this energy. So it is my distinct pleasure to have access to your platoon that we may deploy ourselves as needed, singly, individually here and there, collectively where needed. As a platoon you have the complete resources of the grander command, and you find yourselves well supplied from on high.

Your faith has brought you here. Lean on your faith to help as we move forward. The trust of a child that their parents will not misguide them is what is required here as we take future faith steps in how to proceed. And this you so willingly offer your divine parents, even me, in this process. You cannot know the joy that exists, that we exist, this connection exists, right now. That is cause for celebration, and I will engage with you in exactly that this time that you choose to celebrate. Thank you for your devoted attention to these messages. I remain devoted to you as well throughout this process and so it shall be. Would anyone desire to offer a contribution or a question to this platform?

Frosty: I've been working on these grids for over fifteen years. Is it the same energy?

* Monjoronson: If you imagine your Tinker Toys and how you can make a large web and another large web, and with one simple cross support you can connect and overlay grid upon grid, these are different arenas, if you will, different formations, but they can be interlinked and are interlinked by virtue of your individual Thought Adjusters which are linked as well.

Frosty: That's what I thought. We need to keep the energy in our hearts as pure as we can into the grids so that we don't sour it.

* Monjoronson: Your message we just heard was one of a grid of love. If we intentionally overlay that grid on any other energy formation or grid it will shape the tone and influence the character of any energy circuit.

Frosty: So if we are having a bad hair day and our desire is still to put love into the grid it will be balanced out?

* Monjoronson: Let me say unequivocally that you can do no wrong by putting any love into any form you can manage to conceive. We will, of course, be able to redirect your contribution as is most effective, but your simple desire to make a contribution is your supreme gift of freewill choice, and that reigns all powerful at all times. Once you choose to donate that it may be determined that your energies are misguided by your lack of awareness at any given instance. This is no problem in the equation of adding your energy. There are others in this transfer of energy that serve to properly direct the flow. You need not need to know the how and the where and the why as much as you simply need to be willing, be engaged, be ready to serve and ask not that you be informed necessarily of your results but rather that, by virtue of participation, you already understand that your contribution is well accepted and well received. If there are no other questions then I would thank you for allowing the space to plant a new seed, start a new beginning between us and among us. We are benefitted by every one of these circuits, every one of these relationships that we build. So it is we have added to our experience in our library another useful circuit of support and love that we may draw from as we wish. Thank you for your participation. I will withdraw.