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Nebadonia; Merium - Acceptance & Forgiveness - The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - Aug 05, 2007 - Central NM

DATE: August 5, 2007
T/R: Gerdean


  1. Embracing Divine Reality
  2. Acceptance and Forgiveness
  3. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
  4. Attitude of Gratitude on the Job

NEBADONIA: I am with you now, Nebadonia, your mother, embracing you with my presence, my ministry. All of my angels and ministering spirits who are involved in your development are also focused on our efforts, for it is our intent to assist your ascent into greater consciousness of true reality.

It pleases us to hear you discussing the impact of emotional energy directives -- how your disciplines to focus can affect your world and how this up-swelling of greater consciousness can affect the whole, the globe, even ultimately the universe. Thus it is that your decisions are important.

Your efforts to embrace divine reality and cosmic energy are part of the organizing of the oversoul of creation. This lofty thought does not preclude you from having very real and poignant human associations, experiences and perceptions based upon your knowledge and understanding thus far of who you are and what your life is all about.

In truth, you are wee babes, cosmic neonates, still small and starting out. But even from this sense of smallness, you are each developing a relationship with your spirit so as to become a powerful point of light and energy that can affect the course of destiny. You belittle yourselves when you believe you are ineffective. You have yet to practice and develop your powers, perhaps, but you are not without power. You are given spirit power, morontia energy and material matter with which to effect these changes that bring you greater happiness, even peace.

I see you in your many phases of development, each of you a different configuration of evolving reality, occasionally overlapping, occasionally conflicting, some more advanced in areas than others, some falling behind, and yet all as one, all my children, all engaged in the more or less industrialization of purposive energy, milling around and seeking to find those regions wherein your inherent abilities can shine, how you can reveal yourself and the Father to best advantage.

I am with you unceasingly in this process of redefining yourself, and wholeheartedly in support of your efforts. Your desire to please Michael and me is noted On High in the records of your history as a Son, a Daughter of God in becoming.

I add "in becoming" because it is on-going and just as you attain a pinnacle of accomplishment, a new wave appears on which you may pull yourself up and ride the crest onto shore, having the time of your lives on the ever undulating tide.

I see a question, the question being: Is forgiveness the same thing as acceptance? Is acceptance the same thing as forgiveness?

They can be … but in the style of your Teacher Tomas, I would say there are qualifiers. Just as in understanding "tolerance" as compared to "forgiving tolerance," we could say there is acceptance and there is acceptance with forgiveness. You can accept things by resigning yourself to them, but not with the full-hearted embrace that forgiveness brings; thus there is a difference, but acceptance is a beginning.

Acceptance does not mean resolve, resolution, or resignation. It means seeing things the way they are. If you see things as they are, in such a view as to find no fault, you have nothing to forgive. However, if you accept that things are a mess, that lessons need to be learned, (and/or) that remedial work needs to take place, it may be that acceptance of the situation has motivated an action other than forgiveness. Do you accept that babies need their diapers changed? Or do you have to forgive the child each time you clean up after him? Acceptance is not surrender as much as it is acknowledgement of what is.

There are those who say that what is, is perfect, and while this may be true with certain colored glasses, it is not at all true from other perspectives. It is just as easy to say "It is far from perfect!" and this would also be true. It is sometimes difficult to respond to your human needs for understanding and reassurance. Even those of you who are bathed in the spirit have questions as to how to reveal the spirit. And so these are worthy concerns, even if they are only temporary concerns on the highway to heaven.

Here is a good place to add that accepting the fact that everyone is on his or her own individual path is a forgivable estate. The generic truths of your being and your relationships are all transient. You are all buffers for one another. Like bumper cars, you press upon one another for the adventure of the action, as an exercise, even as diversion and recreation from the placid and serene regions of your inner life where you commune with Deity in Stillness and where all is right with your world.

There is also the matter of follow-through, for in acceptance, you accept and there is an end to it. But in forgiveness, there is an echo of reality that hails from beyond you. It is a reflection of your harmony with the infinite, taking it and you -- the situation, the parties, the principles -- out of and beyond the restrictions and confinements of the circumstance you have accepted. The spirit has lifted it up into a realm where action is made possible, where growth is immanent, and resolution forthcoming.

You can accept all by yourself, but you need spirit to know forgiveness. Does that help?

Gerdean: Yes. Yes.

NEBADONIA: I wanted to be with you for awhile today, to express myself through you and for you, for you to be reminded of how it is that I maintain a place in your being, in your consciousness and in your superconsciousness, even in your morontia reality. You have indeed created me, but I existed before you created me. You have created only that which you can understand. This is not to be disdained, for I am part of you and I am engaged in helping you toward your ultimate destiny goals.

It is my task, as the Divine Minister, to minister to you and through you by way of my spirits, myriad spirits, ministering spirits and adjutant mind spirits. A thrilling retinue of helpers has been created for this purpose -- to help you in your ascension. And as you strive to know more about them, more about us, and more about your place in the community / neighborhood / galaxy / universe, the more you push the envelope, the more you open the doors of perception and let in the light of truth. I will see to it that your feet remain firmly on the ground as you reach up to find the Son and the Father, and beyond.

Recognize this life as the cradle in which you lay, safe in the boughs of my branches. Rest in me that I may minister to you. I am your Mother. Come to Me.

I leave you now. Perhaps another will take the microphone and engage with you. Farewell.

Reneau: Thank you so much.

MERIUM: Hello, my darling daughters. This is Merium.

Reneau: Hello.

MERIUM: Hello. We have a small tea party today. These are to my great delight. They allow us to be more intimate, even affected and stylized, as it is not so necessary that I be so generic as to attempt to reach the community soul of such a large and diverse group as we have seen and known here in this Rio Rancho TeaM Community.

We have others in attendance watching, so it is not like we can just "get down," as girls will do, but we can certainly relax and be familiar. Oh yes, I know, "familiarity breeds contempt," so let's not be that familiar! As it is appropriate, however, for a tea party, I have my hair in place and my shoes on and so we can comport ourselves as little ladies, little darlings of a certainty.

Reneau: You mean "figuratively speaking." Because I don't have my shoes on.

MERIUM: Much of the morontia reality is strictly figurative. It is very much like playing dress-up. In fact, prayer stems from children babbling to their own alter ego, their imaginary friends, but what starts out as immature and juvenile is that which allows for its own growth through the bumps and bruises of disorder in growth, in the trials and tribulations of maturation on a finite world and with its inherent challenges.

But see, the thing is, while it is always possible to remember that we are children of God, our efforts to play grown up bring us into those dilemmas that call upon us to check our ethics and morals and principles and standards and practices and decorum and all. And so we create an environment, an architectural sphere, a realm of reality in which to work so as to experiment with those budding realities.

It is much easier to see when we sit around this table with our teacups and practice being gracious with one another in company with spirit. It is not as easy to see it, in the large, at a parliamentary procedure, or a conventional conference, but it is all the same thing -- children playing grown-up and becoming better at it as they practice. Of course, getting better at what is the question! Is spirit included? Or excluded? And how is it defined?

Here is what makes it interesting, and also makes it look more like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party than this one. There is an assignment for you this week: to think in terms of life as a tea party, and observe the engagements of those at play. What for? Well, because, it will help you to see how it is that these are children. It will help you accept them and forgive them. It will inspire you to think in terms of what they might do to improve the nature of your tea party.

You will notice some not having any fun at all, to your mind's eye, and so you will be able to study how other people live, just as Jesus was able to do when he traveled. This was not so that he could tell them how to live differently, but his personal encounters with individuals did help them as he taught them how to live better as individuals.

Naturally, you will not be invited to everyone's tea party, nor would you want everyone to attend yours. But observing these enclaves of individuals as a mother might see her precious children could help give you a more empathic or compassionate approach to your judgment. Oh, yes. I did say "judgment." I said "judgment" on purpose.

Reneau: Discernment.

MERIUM: Discernment, of course, is the goal. But often it is revealed as judgment until a certain level of maturity is reached that allows discernment to override. It is such a busy playground. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to observe or assimilate or ignore, also you may appreciate how your own tea party functions in itself and in the aggregate with others.

This is how the brotherhood is spread - through these small clusters of peace-loving, forward-thinking individual children of God. Children are only going to respond to the voice of spirit authority anyway, and so you might as well say, "Please pass the sugar." "Would you like one lump or two?"

Was there something else, in particular, that you wanted to talk about today?

Reneau: Do you have any personal thoughts or do you know much about what is going on in my office and stuff that that I would ask you about?

MERIUM: I don't care what goes on in your office.

Reneau: (Laughter) [Indistinguishable commentary]

MERIUM: Perhaps you need to think in terms of becoming a transmitter in your work environment. That would mean you need to train, as the transmitters do (as the T/Rs do) to stay out of the way in order for the teacher to prevail. If Linda stays out of the way and allows the nurse to operate, then Linda can live in her little pond happily and the nurse can represent the professional standards that are expected from the institution.

This is a challenge. It involves the subjugation of your own personality expression, allowing only for that in you, which is divine, to manifest. That may manifest in service, as a representative of the health profession, and as merciful ministry to those you would help. But it does require a curtailment of your attitudes and prejudices, your humor, your sarcasm, sloth, resentments, and your desire to go above and beyond the call of duty in a sense of expectation for some unnamed reward.

So while I do not urge you to humble yourself before hospital administration, you would do well to reflect a humble attitude in your works such that the administrators could observe it [your humility]. Your humility is for God and before God and in the work you would do for Him. So to the extent that the administrator / administration wants you to bow down to them, render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God the things that are God's.

Reneau: And do the paperwork.

MERIUM: It's all about paperwork! That's what institutions are for: paperwork. There is also a critical matter of personality expression, and many times institutions are unfriendly toward personality manifestations over which they do not have control. And since you are "out of control" they keep a suspicious eye on you, and you feel paranoid as a result, yes. So the task is yours, not theirs, since you are aware. You are conscious of consciousness.

Set yourself aside. In this way you will have so much more freedom. Yes, you will have to do the bloody job. (Laughter) But if you quit fighting it, it really is much easier.

Reneau: [Inaudible]

MERIUM: And it's only temporary.

You need to develop what they call an attitude of gratitude. It will help you if you can begin to thank God for everything, including your overbearing administrators and the restraints of the working environment, the absurd rules and regulations in effect that you are required to abide by. You need to be glad about and grateful for the machinery, which churns on like a large clock, having far too many moveable parts but nonetheless keeping time and broadcasting its existence far and wide.

Be grateful that a hospital represents Healing, that the work that you do and that your co-workers are engaged in was motivated by a desire to heal and/or relieve the suffering of the sick and those in pain. It is a field founded on compassion, fathered in mercy.

NEBADONIA: The work environment is a little kingdom where Michael and I rule -- his mercy and my compassion. Allow us to come through. Envision us in the inherent infrastructure of the place you work. We are your employers, and those who are doing the job of administrating the task of healing are like children at a tea party, playing grown up, doing what they feel they need to do as they grow into their potential.

Bring with you a spirit of encouragement, of sanction, of cooperation, and impress upon them in your attitude and in your performance how dedicated you are to serving in the field of your choice. They may or may not recognize that you do this for Me. You do not need to worship them. You only need to acknowledge their position at the table, at the tea party you are attending. Can this be helpful?

Reneau: Yes, thank you. We're going to have a tea party on Wednesday morning. I will invite you to be there.

MERIUM: Is it a staff meeting?

Reneau: Yeah. The boss [indistinguishable]

MERIUM: And so what is it they are going to do? "Off with her head!"

Reneau: Sometimes she thinks I have an attitude, but … I'll think about that. [Indistinguishable] … just little cogs in the wheel.

MERIUM: Understood. It is flawed. I understand that.

Reneau: Naturally, I wouldn't want to have to do her job.

MERIUM: Then, come back with your attitude of gratitude and give her flowers for taking on the responsibility of doing what she feels she can do best to keep the clock ticking, keeping the heart of medicine pumping, and the gears of your workplace on time. Assume she seeks to serve Me, and know that the angels of health are involved in all you do.

Across the globe, angels of health -- Mother's angels, Father's angels, your angels -- are busy engaging in the healing arts. Not only in making people feel better physically, but in helping them in their transitions -- not only to the next life but the next phase of their mortal life, for "growing old is not for sissies" and learning how to live with disease, learning how to face infirmity and death is an incredibly powerful ministry.

I have spoken to you before about hospice work. If you are working closely with these people who are approaching a transition of any kind, your work with them is invaluable. You do indeed act as "a soul on the job" when you allow your personality expression and your Adjuster's expression to come together in the soulful ministry of the healing arts to which you have dedicated your life.

Be ever grateful to those folks you serve. And be patient with their fears as they fall apart, with their anger as they grapple with their own demise. Help them along their path as they lose their faculties, even their minds in the process of letting go of their dependence on the material framework and making that leap, bridging that gap into the next dimension, always appreciating, understanding and respecting that what they feel they are approaching is perhaps not at all what you know to be true.

But here, Child, is where you can pretend to be a Reserve Corps of Destiny, hall-marking the decisions and choices that these mortals make as they lay dying, as they confront their mortality and their human frailty in ways that most people have denied exist, or have not had to look at until now. You have a tremendous responsibility.

You have been nursing for so many years it is second nature to you. You are quite blasé about it, on certain days cavalier, about the fact that you go in and do a few medical procedures and say a few words and fill out a few papers and go onto the next one. Muster up a new appreciation for the value that you provide that institution, and rather than begrudge what you do, uphold what you do. Represent Mother, the Divine Minister.

Bring dignity to your duty, that the administrators may take delight in you rather than be disturbed by you, thinking you may try to get away with something, or cannot wait to get away, or look for something to criticize, or generally disdain the way they do it. This comes from familiarity. It comes from having done it for so long. You have become weary. You take yourself and your efforts for granted, and when you forget how important the work is, you forget to allow the light to shine upon it.

You want the light to shine on you, instead, for being so long-suffering. And that is understandable! You need to treat yourself well. You need to devote time, energy, expense and whatever it takes to nurturing you when it is your turn, when it is your time.

Render to Caesar and render to God, and when you render to God, render to Reneau as well, for that is in part who you are becoming. Nurture that in you which is divine.

Not to say you are to overlook the creature comforts of the animal, no. But understand that it takes more than physical and emotional nurturance. It also requires psychic and spiritual nurturance. Give the spirit first position and let spirit take care of you such that you can take care of your animal nature. Get your personal priorities in order so as to improve the quality of your own life. As you improve the quality of your own life, you improve the quality of the lives of those around you.

You begin to co-create with divinity the new dispensation, the new epoch, the new world, the new spiritual realm for humanity, the new tea party.

Reneau: Thank you, Merium

MERIUM: Yes. I see also a truckload of stuff here I would do well to discuss with Gerdean. She would do well, however, to attend a group where she can be ministered to by someone outside of herself and her own immediate frame of reference.

Therefore, Gerdean, I am going to suggest to you that you formulate your concerns into a question and submit the question to your trusted teachers in other teacher bases. Teacher Daniel would be happy to counsel you again. Abraham would also be privileged to address your needs. There are others whom you trust that would not abuse you, even as they are able to cut through to the truth of your being.

Yes, I know that your favorite T/R friends are dying … dying out. But we Teachers are not dying out. We are still here and yearning to serve you and your soul needs in your growth. You cannot see the forest for the trees. You don't have to put it on TML. You can receive private counsel.

Gerdean: Yes, I could.

Reneau: It sounds like a good idea.

Gerdean: It does. Sounds like a good idea.

MERIUM: Because, yes, it does affect you as a personality in your TeaM community and your co-dependence concerns. Yes. You fight very hard to rebuke victimization, but you confuse it with vulnerability. In the context of the development of the movement, you are feeling impacted in ways you would do well to have counsel about. [Pause] Isaac can't help you. There are others who can. Go pour some tea and cheer up.

Reneau: Fear not! Be glad! Rejoice!

MERIUM: I'll be in the wings if you want to come back after Intermission. We have had some good discussion today, but if there is more, and if there is time, I'll certainly be around.