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Unidentified; Nathaniel - Energy From Divinington - Energy - Jul 06; Jul 13, 2007 - Andover MN 56 & 57

2 Transcriptions follow:

Unidentified - Love Energy From Divinington - Jul 06, 2007 - Andover MN 56

Andover, MN TeaM

July 6, 2007

Session #56

Teacher (T/R): Unidentified (Leoma)


  1. Love Energy from Divinington
  2. The Vibrations of Love and Peace
  3. Sending Love-peace Energy to Prepare for Fire the Grid

We read paper 111 in the UB about the Adjuster and the Soul. We discussed the Fire the Grid event happening soon (7/17/07; 11:11 GMT). We then continued with stillness, toned, connected to the merkaba, sent light energy to the grid around Urantia and prayed for peace.

= = = = = = =

Prayer: We say a prayer of thanksgiving Father for bringing us together again, for another lesson and interaction with our fellows here on this planet. May we go on about our lives knowing that each time that we come together with those that we love that our experience of love is expanded, and that somewhere somehow that it may be useful to our own lives and to the furthering of your kingdom. We seek the kingdom of God here on Urantia.

Unidentified: It is the breath of spirit which contacts you now, breathing on you from on high, brining in the energies which you have contacted through your focused intention and will, and connecting your desire with the realization, the actualization of that desire to be connected directly with spirit.

Feel this connection being strengthened and expanded until you are one. You are united by the light carried by the merkaba, and connected, conjoined by the energy grid constructed around it. This compounds the energy potentialities beyond your present comprehension. Feel the heart beat of the planet beneath your feet. Feel the pulsation of her energies supporting and giving life to all her inhabitants freely without reservation or judgments, giving to all equally, though not received by all equally.

You are receiving energies now filtered down directly from Divinington, raising your bodily vibrations. This is the vibration which you call love. It is manifested in all things, for it is the foundation of all creation. It is the building material for all that is. In your outer concepts of peace there is a minimal understanding of the containment within peace of the element of love. The two are conjoined. One does not exist without the other. They are similar vibrations.

Now attune yourselves to these vibrations of love-peace. These vibrations are being stored as memory in yourselves. This memory will remain with you for all of eternity if you so choose. The power of this cell memory can not be underestimated. The power potential energy quotient is exponentially enormous.

So now you will use this potential that has been created to add to the energy grid around the planet. Yes, you are thinking of the event called Fire the Grid. This is in preparation for that event, that point in time in your near future. This energy you will now send will begin that process and be held in potential for the appropriate moment. With your collective intent, focusing without judgment for the highest good of all, let us release this energy potential to the world… now. [Pause.]

It is accomplished. Thank you dear ones for your effort. Thank you for your contributions, which is far greater than you can estimate. Your sheer desire and force of love has contributed beyond your ability to measure to the unfolding of events which will in eventuality lead to the days of light and life. They are long in coming. Yet what you accomplish here will not soon be forgotten.

It is with our sincere appreciation and thanks to the Creator of us all for this union of minds, for this gathering of energy, for this joining of souls for common purpose. We take our leave.


Nathaniel - Light Energy - Giving Without Expectation - Jul 13, 2007 - Andover, MN 57

Andover, MN TeaM

July 13, 2007

Session #57

Teacher (T/R): Nathaniel (Leoma)


  1. Associated Personalities and the Merkaba
  2. Sending Light Energy Flavored with the Fruits of the Spirit
  3. Continuing to Add to the Light Work over Time
  4. Giving Without Expectation

We read in the UB about Personality Survival (112:0-4). We then continued with stillness and chose to record both our effective prayer / light worker and TR sessions.

= = = = = = =

Prayer: Father, every day more and more of us come to understand that the intent is very important in this world. The intent to demonstrate love and intent to experience love is because we are first loved. We ask that as we learn how to serve You that we experience the joys of the love that is so strong that there is never a doubt in those that need us. We have something that they might want to receive: this gift from You to us all. We thank You for bringing us together for another sharing of Your blessings, of Your words of wisdom.

Randy: As we perceive the merkaba around us. Remember in the reading (Ed note: UB 112:1.17) that three or more personalities that work together can be associated as a system, which has individuality as a whole. As we come together with like intention our personalities are laid on top of and intertwined with our merkaba. Together they are an identity, even an entity of itself. They are our combined identity as we work, play and "be" together. This system is separate from our individual personality identities. [Pause.]

Is anyone getting any inspiration for an energy exercise?

Leoma: I just perceive that the light anchor is reaching very high, and is well anchored deep within the earth. It is somehow extended from what it has been before.

JoAnn: I just think that we should add more energy to the merkaba. [Pause.]

Randy: The love of the Father comes into each of us from wherever your imagination perceives it coming from. We have perceived it coming through our crown and root chakras. But irregardless, His light comes to each of you. Let’s take it from ourselves and place it in the collective, our merkaba energy construct. Let it flow from where it comes from, then through you, and then you choose to place it from you to the merkaba, the collective "us". [Pause.]

You can choose to let it come through you without you adding to it at all, being open to the will of the Father. In addition you can chose to add flavoring to it, fruits of the spirit flavoring. I choose to add the peace that passes all understanding.

Richard: I would choose to add humor and good nature.

Leoma: I would add compassion.

JoAnn: I would add a reminder for love of all.

Jayne: Dedication.

Randy: So as this flavored love energy comes through and from you, to have the greatest effect through your mortal body you must feel your chosen attribute. Feel it as if it has already happened and you are looking back from the end result with gratitude and thankfulness. With your intent place that thought-emotion feeling with the Father’s love energy in our collective merkaba. Feel that attribute that you have chosen in the most real way; pull from your life experiences. You know the feeling of your attribute. Live it as the Father’s love passes through you and it will be carried to the merkaba. [Pause.]

Now it is our intention to take this energy gift in this merkaba that we have created here and have it used for the highest good where ever it is needed most on this planet. We send this now; so be it.

Leoma: I see it rising up the light anchor (agreement; still flowing). [Long pause.] We ask our very dear celestial friends to boost the energy as it rises. [Pause.]

Nathaniel: This is Nathaniel (greetings). This light energy of love, peace, compassion, dedication and humor is being held suspended for a few days to be released with all of the energies collecting for what you call the Fire the Grid event (Ed note: Praying peace / light working on 17 July 2007, 11:11 GMT). Feel the truth of this in your body.

What you have created here by your collective intent, and indeed by the joining of your personalities to create something new within this merkaba construct, is an energy system if you like, that has not existed in exactly the same configuration prior to this night’s meeting. It has existed as an energy form, but tonight it takes on new meaning as you have more intentionally associated your personality within the merkaba.

By adding the elements individually of the fruits of the spirit you have conjoined the personality element through this action which added another layer of effectiveness to your work. You have added, as it was put, flavorings, additional aspects carried on the waves of light. When released on July 17th they will touch human kind where needed with these aspects of the spirit of a fruitful life where persons have not previously known such aspects could exist within themselves or be expressed from them as gifts from the Father to be given to humanity. These are like additional energy signatures that will be carried on the light to be picked up, perceived and identified with by those needing those aspects most. Those aspects as they have been presented within your merkaba support one another in their energies, increasing the quotient that your intention provides. This is exciting and marvelous work, effective beyond your human measures and you abilities to quantify what you have done.

We would encourage you at this point, between this moment and the moment that you gather again on the 17th to spend time as you so desire adding your own intent and attention to what you have created here tonight. As I have said it is being held in reserve to be released at the proper moment. So you have the ability and the opportunity to continue to add to this energy to be released later. If you so choose to spend your time and attention in this way you will add more than you could comprehend.

You will reap the benefits of the spirit-mind connections. It is not a one-way street, you know. What you give is returned to you in greater measure. This too is part of the lesson: to be willing and open to receive the benefits while not anticipating them, or doing the work in order to be rewarded. This is true altruism, to send your light and good intentions for use where ever it is needed without attachment or thought of return.

We thank you most heartily for your gift of attention and of intention that has been collected and used so creatively in co-creation with your fellows and your unseen friends, as you call them. The blessings of such work are enormous and beyond your sight to see now. But one day you will.

As you leave this place recall that your merkaba has also been over-arched by an additional energy grid (Ed. note: explained in a recent session). When you leave this physical space you remain attached with this merkaba, walking in this light and this protection. When you come together physically again you "lock in" much more easily, as though you never left the physical space.

Good night dear friends. I take my leave (good night).