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Councils of Unity - The Con Job - Jun 15, 2007 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
The Con Job
T/R Helenita

Confluence: (Origin - Latin confluentia 'act of flowing together.’ ) A flowing together of two or more streams, rivers, or the like; a coming together of people or things.

Construction: (Origin - Latin constructionem, from construere ‘pile up together, build’) A structure, such as a building, framework; something fashioned or devised systematically; arrangement of words to form a meaningful phrase.

Confusion: (Origin - 1290, French ‘overthrow, ruin;’ Latin confusionem, from confundere ‘to pour together;’ while that of ‘mental perplexity’ is from 1596) Disorder; upheaval, tumult, chaos resulting from a failure to behave predictably; perplexity; bewilderment. Psychology: impaired orientation with respect to time, place, or person.

These three words were channeled by a friend and you laughed, realizing the reference to a Con Job. Humor does come through, but you wondered about the order of the words. They seemed backward in that you thought Confusion would have come first, but look again as we try to clarify.

The duality on earth was reflected in two streams of thought plus you added a third, a higher spiritual plane that some labeled heaven. This was thought of as a single dimension (3D) as opposed to an omni-present existence. Evolving, first you came to realize that they were actually one stream that was split, which has been outlined and described in various ways by different channels. In some form, you perceived a process of merging the two. Hence you became aware of a Confluence of flow.

As you measure linear time, this was followed by a long period of Construction, where thought had to be adapted and integrated in order to build a strong base of sturdy support for the earth experiment. This period started right after the Atlantian phase ended so has lasted thousands of your earth years.

Now you have moved into the Confusion stage, which you were foretold would lead to harmony. However, rather than peace, we have observed great confusion in your daily life especially referencing the psychology definition from above. The turmoil continues even though you also feel connected, much loved and nurtured. You get so lost in the trying and waiting and wanting that you miss the opportunity to see everything from a different perspective. Your earth consciousness understands, but you are just not quite there, yet.

Perhaps a visual would help. An Oreoä cookie – what would it be without the icing in the middle? This center part holds the two chocolate cookies together. It is not confused about its purpose. The whole is indeed made up of two cookies plus the icing. It is the icing, however, that holds it together! This so-called confused state you are in is necessary for the holodeck experience of the two extremes of duality, which you may see reflected individually as personality aspects.

Continuing with the Oreoä analogy, your materialistic world even "double-stuffed" them and added mint flavoring and green color to make them ‘better.’ Then there were bite-size ones, too. Your technology provided the machinery to do this, but did that really improve them? Or, just create more of the same? Whatever you do and how you react in your personal situations reflects a similar development. Your analysis of what is wrong or how to make it better only adds more icing to the middle. There are still two sides being held together, only now with added icing, i.e. confusion, inbetween.

With all this talk of Oreosä , do you feel an urge to get a glass of milk? You can further understand how you personally deal with the oneness and confusion—now using the cookie issue—by looking at how you eat them or even if you eat them. This also can (con-) show you more about how you deal with confusion. Do you dunk or submerge your cookie? Take it apart, eat the icing first then the cookies? Or, take a bite and then a sip of milk or coffee or tea? Your clues are indeed right in front of you in something as childlike and pleasant as eating a cookie. You may also note that the Italians have been dunking their biscotti for centuries. What does that tell you about this culture and how it deals with the confluence of thought? They are well-known for expressing strong emotions.

Look again at what the Con job started with… confluence. The two sides were really one, space was separated for the purpose of the experiment with time provided in order for growth to be measured. Confluence happened or was realized before you went into the construction phase, which is now moving into completion (some refer to 2012 as an end date). What you are beginning to understand and trying to cope with is the utter confusion of not knowing the answers or even the right questions to ask, let alone the answers. The now time, all at once, does appear as confusion to humans only because that was what the earth experiment was all about—separation to deal with the extremes of duality and provide growth at the soul level.

Look at one of the ways that a confluence of thought was integrated in the construction phase. Again and again you received and/or listened to the message of a split of some type. You petted it, stroked it, were warmed by it, and then thought you could just recede back into the oneness, to before. Remember, this only reflected the earth perspective. The spiral of existence, though, actually recycled every-thing, every-time on a more-aware plane. Understanding this aspect of recycling was closed off to you; not really hidden but just not shown either. In this way you could say that the construction stage was bumped up a notch or went up a rung in your evolutionary ladder. But this was only the reflection from a dualistic view. There really is no ladder to climb, no movement up or down; just to exist.

Gradually you will expand your awareness and also gradually you will gain experience through this confusion of opposites to see more clearly your place in the spiral. You saw the need for the construction phase only because understanding the confluence of all the dimensional streams into a great river forming one spirit world did not fit your reality. It took your scientists to discover wormholes, tube horus shape from collapsing stars and intergalactic tunnels before you would believe there was a core, one heart at the center.

Confluence, Construction, Confusion all have a common word from the root of their definitions… together. The Con Job still has far to go… "miles to go before you…" Eventually you will understand and internalize the Medieval prayer popularized in the musical, Godspell: "See thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly, day by day."

P.S. from Helenita after writing this article: They never once referred to our being hoodwinked or swindled as they moved the three shells around with the con’s hidden underneath. Interesting.

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