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Councils of Unity - More than Gratitude - Nov 01, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

Printed in the November 2006 issue of The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Councils of Unity
Subject: More Than Gratitude
T/R: Helenita
November 01, 2006

Returning unto thy life you have come to many things, many truths, many fears. But much is assuaged with gratitude by being thankful for all that was and is presented to you now and evermore. This month we come from a different place, information released within your world to be part of more… gratitude and more.

You have heard of Simple Abundance in each day. It is the glue that holds you present and connects you to the structure that you build, creating a level and balanced form. The realization that this glue is like mortar composed of particles mirrors your earth’s evolution as you grew to understand the interaction of nature through trial and error. Many cultures discovered components to mortar that added strength, which they held secret and then forgot as empires rose and fell like the rise and fall of your breath.

The volcanic ash from Vesuvius mixed with the mortar of the builders of the Roman coliseum remained a mystery until your science was able to discern its make up. In Newport, Rhode Island, rice was the bonding agent that made the tower stay upright through centuries of varied uses from lighthouse to mill. Your modern analysis thus confirmed past construction, therefore necessitating new conclusions of world history. You are rediscovering these components due to advanced scientific techniques much as you are rediscovering spiritual truths and proving them to have merit.

Development of Mortar

Allow yourself to compare the development of mortar to the deepening understanding of your connection to a spiritual force.

Construction began with small blocks for flexibility; you could build almost anything with them. But it was the mortar that held them together. What made up its components? Materials were combined in the ‘right’ consistency with sand / earth and water / life. This mortar determined the character of cities around your world. It was the thing that made the building of something stand up—from a simple fireplace hearth to the Great Wall of China, an arch over a window to flying buttresses at Chartres, not to mention the greatest masonry structures of all, the Egyptian pyramids. The glorious history of mortar first held together mud bricks then superb fitted stones as in vaults and domes.

What you did, over time, was to develop a system, not just a material. Cement mortar and the many ingenious reinforcing methods were developed to add tensile strength to masonry. Mortar did several things: spread the load so there were no stress concentrations to cause cracking; acted as a lubricant making it easier to slide one block against another; tied the parts together; and also sealed the joints so that water, air and bugs couldn't get through. You had to determine the amount of water needed, develop the tools to mix and carry the mortar, and then apply it properly to horizontal and vertical joints.

Old and new, the stones speak and they are eloquent. Glass is not needed for a mirror on your world: stone, brick, and mortar reflect their makers from Babylon, Egypt, Japan and Greece to your present time. They tell you who built with them and when, how the builders looked at the world, where they lived and what their society was like. Some built for their gods, others like Pharaohs for themselves alone, and some as the Romans for circuses to please the crowds. The simplicity and integrity of masonry provids power and texture, color and warmth, and sheer mass, weight and capacity for work that holds things up with it’s ability to serve without rest.

Mortar of Gratitude

Similar to building masonry, thr mortar of your spiritual building blocks are allheld together in the humanheart. Much is revealed in a simple yet necessary masonry construction. Also therein is the mortar of gratitude. It has held you together as reinforced by teachers and mystics through your eons from cavemen to now. Of what is gratitude constructed? You might reply, love of course, happiness, compassion, acceptance. But in the duality of the earth experience, they all refer back to their opposites: fear, sadness, anger, rejection. Is it beneficial for you to be bounced back to what is missing, to lack? Is it really the mortar of thankfulness that holds you together and makes you strong so you can withstand storms and earthquakes?

As science discovered the hidden components of building mortar, so your quantum projections now reveal the eternal spiral of time as it collapses onto itself. You are held together with more than opposites, so why do you verbalize gratitude for awareness of something that was there all the time? Can you see how this created and still creates a limited perspective?

What comprises the hidden component? First, remember that nothing was ever hidden, just provided when appropriate like a time-release medication. Second, that as science reflects advanced thought, so too does your mystical journey. Because compression is the force that mortar utilizes, ancient buildings still stand. Similarly, the mortar of your life compresses together all it’s ingredients, including gratitude to hold together your building blocks. Therefore you realize the hidden ingredient is more than the sum of the whole. When you factor in duality, gratitude synergistically expands as you acknowledge all potential.

Gratitude for what you thought was missing and now you see, has opened the door to the possibility that it was there all along. Your childhood prayer, "Angels, angels, angels bright, be with me through the night. Angels, angels with your songs, sing to me all night long," awakens you to the awareness that the ‘songs’ are without limit and include everything within the great expanse of all possibilities and more importantly, have always been there!

You have come full circle, reconnecting to the engineers of Rome, Greece, Egypt, and China to reclaim the process of holding the building blocks together, balanced and straight and strong. Through challenging times, you also know your soul connection is the mortar that holds together the building blocks of all possibilities. Realizing it is only by understanding that you are taking advantage of the possibilities interwoven in the strength of the time matrix, do you then acknowledge you have already been doing so. Gratitude is just one of the components like lime, gypsum, sand and water are parts of mortar. After all, if there is too much water, the mortar runs out and doesn’t set properly. The formation of the mixture dictates that ‘thank you’ is thus transformed into, "I am taking advantage of all possibilities." There is nothing to be thankful for since you know everything is already available.

The cord of gratitude, which is the awareness of something you now have or now see or now understand, is severed. With the initiation into adulthood, the bond between parent and child is no longer necessary… nice while you had it but redundant as you step over the threshold out of the childhood home. And as challenging as the responsibility of adulthood is to step into, we also recognize your journey from gratitude into the ‘advantage of all potential’ is equally so. Your mind’s eye visualizes the childhood place of safety and function even if it was sometimes serving the opposite. You may still lean on ‘gratitude’ thinking it is the only necessary ingredient in your mortar. That is okay. But recognize the latent power released with the words that include the complete mixture statement: "I am taking advantage of all possibilities."

You are now putting together the soul fragments of your signature knowing that ‘all possibilities’ are already present within your earth structure whether you are building something simple like a garden wall or complex one like a bridge over a deep gorge with rapids. Either way, the keystone of your existence is secure being held together in your heart by spiritual mortar. Now aware of the complete mixture, you begin to use this mortar consciously as you build with the potential of all possibilities.


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