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Councils of Unity - Firewalls & Firebreaks - Mar 01, 2006 - Helenita, York, Pa

Councils of Unity
Subject: Firewalls & Firebreaks
T/R: Helenita
March 01, 2006

Strength and courage are only part of what is required as you continue on your journey. You also, of necessity, are required to process information flowing to/through you. How is this flow expanded for fuller revelation? How do you move beyond the limitations you imposed?

As shown by technical aspects of computer firewalls and forest firebreaks, you have internal and external limitations firmly locked in place. You came to this earth experience with a specific, even rigid, game plan that was to be completed only when your body stopped and you ‘died’. You decided to keep full knowledge from reaching you, no matter what. No matter what!

So now in the new energy you’ve created, you are directly confronted with this conundrum, this Catch 22 of your existence. You set in place that no way, no how were you ever going to access beyond that format until the death-do-we-part kicked in. Like two ends of a magnet, they are repelling each other... the limit on full disclosure and no access until your current life is over. But your energy signature is the magnet, drawing both to you. Many have given you various methodologies reflecting the death scenario, so we wish to address the information portal.

Internal Firewalls:

Basically, a firewall is an internal barrier to keep destructive (more information) away from your property (you). With the installation of a firewall your PC became a gateway for the entry of messages, but you are in the process of keeping this gateway intact while also uninstalling it. A firewall program filters the information coming through the internet connection into your private computer system by applying the security rules you set in place when you installed it, which means before incarnation. In the old energy the content of a message was scanned to determine if it was deliverable or not, and even newer methods compared certain key parts to a database of trusted information as outlined in your predetermined game plan. Information traveling from inside the firewall to the outside was monitored for specific defining characteristics, then incoming information was compared to these characteristics. If the comparison yielded a reasonable match, the information was allowed through. Otherwise it was discarded.

But wait, these firewalls are customizable. This means that you can add or remove filters based on several conditions. Your technical world is showing you this very emphatically. A computer (you) is considered a gateway because it provides the only point of access between your home network (your current life) and the internet (the well of complete information). So you know it can be modified, but how? This is directly affected by the external aspect which can be understood by looking at the corresponding physical barrier utilized in containing forest fires.

External Firebreaks:

Your thirst for more information like is a raging forest fire. You have been well-trained in fire suppression by understanding fire behavior (your life plan) through the three elements that are required for it to burn: heat, oxygen and fuel (transpose these to your life however they best fit). Without all three of these elements of the "fire triangle" (pyramid), the fire will go out. Further there are three main classifications of fires: smoldering fire, flaming combustion and glowing combustion; and, where it is located: ground, surface [1-3 meters] and crown fires; with the additional fact that several aspects can happen simultaneously. You can see the easy comparison to the "fires" in your life, where they occur and how severe they can become.

There is also the effects of natural fires and ‘man-made’ ones. Some you create through your human choices and some were programmed into your game plan. The fire fighters, however, will tell you that the natural fires cause the most damage since they can burn for many hours before being detected. So your ‘man-made’ ones can be dealt with and your computer’s firewall can be easily modified to accommodate them. It is the friction between "the limit on full disclosure and no access until you die" fight that causes the natural fire to smolder because you don’t know it is burning or even that heat is building up.

Then the most important aspect in fighting these types of forest fires, and game-plan fires, is communication! With forest fires this entails getting manpower to the scene; with you it is realizing what is playing out. Do you go into attack mode, dumping buckets of water and retardants on the fire? In the case of ‘ground’ fires, if you detect them early, you can dig trenches deep into the soil layer. These trenches and larger firebreaks of cleared woodland act to contain the fire until all the fuel is consumed. Therefore external firebreaks compartmentalize the fire (the information to your human system) and they allow for quick, easy accessibility for the fighters (thoughts) to get to the fire.

In your human system, firebreaks may look like open pathways twisting throughout, but remember they were created by removal of a combustible substance. You worked long and hard as you evolved and became who you are to hone this type of prevention to eliminate your fires. Your "fire insurance" involved establishing and maintaining these firebreaks like building serpentine highway bypasses with their free-flowing, seamless entrances and exits. This took a lot of work and may have even drained your finances. Are you still being served by these time-consuming methods?

There is always a technical ‘discovery’ for you to peruse and so also in this comparison. In many places, China for example, firebreaks are being constructed with retardant species: plants whose resistibility to fire is due to a difference in their density that blocks light creating lower temperatures and higher humidity therefore changing the environment. The rather easy (present) planting provides long-term results.

There is nothing you can do to actually prevent the natural fires from occurring since the set up of your game plan is butting heads with changing internal definitions precipitated by your emerging from the death spiral. Do you wait for the ‘unknown’ fire to be discovered and then isolate yourself behind firewalls and firebreaks, as you may have done in past lives in a monastery, while the fuel is consumed in order to purify your soul? Or do you dampen potential fuel with buckets of water rendering part of your sustenance unusable? In both methods you are rejecting part of yourself.

Even though you may have rejected some of these lower ‘density’ parts, you could create a "Great Green Wall" of fire retardant species by inviting back all aspects of yourself which would allow a melding process to be established. This would reciprocate into your own gentle rain to prevent the smoldering embers from becoming roaring flames. This melding process will happen one way or another anyhow as exemplified by plastic products of all imaginable shapes and sizes melting into globs of plastic substance and releasing gases with the application of heat.

You have changed the direction of earth and you are determined to break through the programmed firewalls, in essence over-riding your computer systems. You may just have pushed that confident self behind the firewall. Wouldn’t it be nice to allow it to grow in a nurturing environment? It is your choice which external computer browser you use. Does green mean something different to you now?


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