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Nebadonia; Building & Realizing Harmony - Nov 26, 2006 - CCC

Center for Christ Consciousness

T/R Donna D’Ingilo


November 26, 2006

My little children, come into your Mother’s embrace. Turn your thoughts to me and center your intention to become harmonized in my love, by my love, through my love. Harmony is a unifying force in the universe. It brings into balance and unity those disparate energies of individuality that keep you apart from others. You cannot build heaven on earth and peace among humanity without the energies of HARMONY.

Center yourselves in this intention to become harmonized with your fellows. Center yourselves in your desires to cooperate more lovingly, more trustingly, more patiently with your brothers and sisters. I will move in you and create more space within your being to become more harmonized with others and less self-focused. Sit in this intention and ask me now to move in you.

With great love and care I weave you into the harmonics of the universe. There is a great orchestration of energies, of thought, of feeling, of being that is occurring on your world. By allowing me to build these harmonic energies within you, you will grow and expand your abilities to love others and handle the conflicts that arise between you and others with more kindness and patience, tolerance and compassion. This is the way of Spirit, my children. Resonate in harmony with me and you will indeed sing the songs of the universe!