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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group


  1. Urantia A Grand Sand Castle,
  2. Go To The Inner Self,
  3. "We Are Children Of God",
  4. Contacting Your Inner Voice.

Teachers: Elyon, Monjoronson, Nebadonia, The Voice.

August 27, 2006

* Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. Urantia for ages has been like a mountain of sand, apparently formless. The evolution of your civilization has appeared haphazard, undirected, but you who are developing your universe understanding of your planet's purpose and your personal role are coming to see that you are not merely a formless mound of sand. But Urantia is becoming a grand sand castle, revealing the artistry of our Creator Son, slowly in every detail the beauty of his purpose. Never will the waves of rebellion destroy the progress your world is making again. Each of you holds to one another those in your proximity and trusts the efforts of others far across this beautiful work of art to cling to each other there and in mutual support stand as a great accomplishment of Michael and Mother in the rearing up from a formlessness of physical energy to the beautiful artwork of spiritual beings. I remain in your presence. I have many friends in this entourage who wish to speak.

* Monjoronson (Mark): I am Monjoronson here once again to grab any opportunity that becomes available to me to be with you to simply enjoy each other's presence. I would take this opportunity to build a little on Elyon's sand castle.

It is quite true that you all are engaged in this process, this creative endeavor, by your own individual being and subsequently the use of your individual vehicles to facilitate your expressions, that is, your desires to create and to be creative are your internal driving force and you therefore direct your hands to move, your feet to move, your mouths to move to express your creative tendencies. Every artist seeks for inspiration. Everyone who would create desires for that flash of inspiration on what to create. Then it becomes merely a material challenge to facilitate such a creation. How do the hands move? Where is the sand taken away and where is it added to create what is the internal vision or inspiration from within?

I think you know where I am going with this analogy, and while many of you are quite concerned with what you might do in these times of creative expansion, the first place we must look, the first place we must go, the first place we must be, is that place within where we know, where inspiration is, where idealism resides. This process of going to the inner self for inspiration is perhaps the most significant avenue of exploration now available to you. If you are to be artists in action you will need to maintain connectivity with the source of inspiration, the confirmation of ideals.

To expand your ability to go to this well is your Supreme opportunity to expand your awareness that this is a component of yourself, it is your divine prospect. To then function in awareness and in unison with your source of inspiration is what makes each of you master craftsman in the material plane. Therefore while it may seem contrary to your idea of what being useful and helpful may entail, I declare that to be the most useful, the maximum benefit, the most helpful in your desire to be of service and your desire to manifest that which you know to be beautiful, truthful, and good, to do all these things most effectively it is required that you work to open that channel within, to seek that inspiration, to find that connection because it all starts there. Once that circuit is insured you may then quite easily and naturally begin to manifest through the use of your mind and your body begin to manifest that which you are driven or inspired to bring into this life.

But for years now you have been advised of the benefits of stillness, and I will once again reinforce the validity of these teachings. It is through the process of stillness that you also will open up these avenues of connection with your Father Fragment. In these ways you will prove yourselves master artists and craftsmen of the material plane, as you will command this material plane to transform into how you would have it in your minds' eye, in your idealistic vision.

We are engaged, as you are becoming aware, in a number of pursuits simultaneously, and yes, you all are engaged in making your energy contributions which will be utilized to the maximum benefit, and yet you all are engaged in your individual ministries to all those who come into your spheres of influence, and yes as well you are each one engaged in your internal pursuits, your seeking for unity with your divine presence. Where you see yourselves as uncertain or unable there is a part of you which certainly is certain, and certainly is able, and in union with this part you are able to manifest idealism and greatness upon this world.

We have many tasks before us, but they are not burdens; they are privileges, as I am privileged to be here with you now to help you navigate the path before us as we make our ascension further up the side of the mountain. Thank you, each one, for being such willing participants to hook onto our line and be about this process wherever it may lead, externally or internally. I have faith and trust in all of you as does the Father. Now you have faith and trust in you as does the Father. Together we will be about this task in great joy. Thank you, I remain with you in attendance.

* Nebadonia (Sheila): I am your mother. There is so very much beauty being created at this time with the help and intention and willingness of our children. On your world you have defined family in many, many ways, and now with the creation of the new order of children the definition of family has been enhanced. We often hear you saying with grace and love that "we are children of God", and when these words are spoken it is a tone and vibration and color that automatically attaches itself to the purest circuit of the Father and Creator of one source. I, children, I want you to know and to be familiar with the fact that act one of you is permanently attached to this one great circuit. Therefore there need not be any doubt whatsoever of the power and purity that flows through you. It is now just a matter of direction.

As you well know it is through your thoughts and intentions that this pure energy is directed and has been . .. creating new life. It can be consciously used in your artistic creativity to enhance all the beauty that you see and that you desire.

Children, do not look past your own beauty. Turn your heads toward what others must live for their own experiences. I petition you to look for every beautiful thing you can find and breathe through it to enhance its life so that it may flourish. As the new being of this new world it will be your honor to enhance its beauty, its life, and its love. Again, as directors of this pure source, allow yourself the freedom to create and enhance all the beauty that is of you and around you. When I look at the beautiful new beings you have created there is no doubt in my mind who is in charge of this new world. Children, be free. Direct your pure energy through those eyes and see more beauty. Direct this energy from your hands and make more beauty. Let this energy come through your arms and feel more love. Give it freely to all.

There is no doubt in the minds of all who watch so eagerly who the new beings of this new world are. Where this . ... My children, I adore you and I walk with you and I talk with you. and I shower you with the next new ideas of creation. Put your wings on and fly. Do this for me, children, do this for our Father. Do this for every person you see, for those who have lost their hope. Send to them the pure energy of intent that you have so masterfully become. I thank you from the depths of my heart, and I too inhale the purist and send with my breath to you all possibilities. Thank you.

Mark: I know this is going long but I got my voice that would like to address this crowd. I'm going to make way for this to happen.

* Mark's Thought Adjuster (Mark): I greet you. I am this one's voice, or you might call me Thought Adjuster, Father Fragment, indwelling spirit, me, I am, pilot light, or any other word symbol you might use in your attempt to describe me. Therein, my friends, lies part of our difficulty in finding each other. Your human nature demands a new description and identification before it can accept, before you can accept.

How does one describe something so pervasive as a presence that has been with you since your earliest memories? I desired to come here today to clear up some gaps in perception that I have been made aware of by virtue of the circuits existing amongst the other voices in this group. Even so, I had to struggle to make my way through my partner who even in this hour considers the acknowledgment of me to be too lofty to be accepted. But I am grateful that he has pushed past this barrier to allow me through. I desire to make some clarifications in an attempt to use more of your limited word symbols once again to try to describe the indescribable.

I perceive that where we may be missing the mark is that, when you consider going within and contacting your inner voice, you are in fact going to this meeting place, because, my friends, not only does your voice wait for you there, but you bring yourself there as well, you bring your composition of personality and soul to this meeting place. When you are successful at having made this contact you feel enriched, you feel confirmed, you feel a spiritual certainty. At this point I believe you may err in trying to distinguish as separate from yourself this inner presence, for in fact it is the goal of this entire process that there be an intertwining, a communion, a joining, a fusion of this meeting between what you bring to this arena and what your Father Fragment brings to this arena. But it appears as though the human mind would want you to distinguish the one from the other, and therefore there is separation. There is distinction. This is in contrast to the desired recognition of union.

If you could switch your perspective that every time you have a good thought, a truthful thought, a beautiful experience, if you could realize that at these times you are there in this arena with your internal fragment rather than attempt to see a separate division of energy between you and something other than you, if you could realize that at all these times, at every time that you are exalted with idealism, that you are flushed with confirmation, that you have a great idea, that you are in fact acting in unison with that very part of you that you are seeking and searching to find somewhere else.

My dear friends, you are already there. It is for you to allow your intellectual framework to provide you access, and I have been made aware that the active process of searching, seeking, and identifying may be more of an obstacle for you than an approach.

We must relieve ourselves of the concept that this is not somehow a complete partnership, that is, the union of partners, your indwelling fragment and, yes, you, individually, yourself. There is a great hesitancy to embrace this union because it implies divinity, but it is the plan. You are designed to embrace divinity.

It is only up to you to choose when. These are wondrous times, and many things never known or seen on this world are occurring and you now have access to choose to partner with your divine fragment as never before. I encourage you to accept such an invitation and to permit yourselves to fulfill the destiny of your purpose to become as divine as your parents. It is your birthright; it is your privilege; it is your journey. Let us make it light.

I thank you all for this opportunity to address more clarification and we will continue to seek and search for word symbols to express values and meanings, but in the end you will find these values and meanings on your own and they will have their own names of recognition to you, and that is as it should be. I respect your journeys. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Farewell.